If I Could Address Autism One….

If I spoke at Autism One This Year, this is what I would say…

Opinion by KP Stoller, MD, www.incurable-me.com

Autism One is a nonprofit, parent-driven organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis.  This year it is being held from May 24th through the 28th, 2017 at the Hotel Elegante in Colorado Springs, CO.

They hold a conference once a year and it has been almost a decade since I last spoke at one of them, but I have a hankering to speak again because after all these years, and all the real science that has come to the fore, we are no closer to preventing the so-called autism epidemic then we were a decade ago.

But we COULD be…

I was tied up, this year, on a million different projects, and I forgot to put my name in to be a speaker for the Autism One conference in time to get on the speaker list – so they have me on the back-up list, in case someone can’t make it.  So I MIGHT see you there.

But, be there, or not, here’s what I’d tell you…

I say “so-called” autism epidemic because I don’t like to use the word “autism” at all.

It means nothing – it is a made-up word by those that didn’t understand that autism is (for the most part, because there are always exceptions), an environmentally triggered brain injury.

And if that is what it is, then that is what it should be called – so children can have at least half a chance of getting interventions that might help them.

An environmentally triggered neuro-gastroimmune encephalopathy?

Yes.  That is what “autism” should be called – not a name that doesn’t give a clue as to what is causing the brain injury.

Be that as it may, saying “environmentally triggered neuro-gastroimmune encephalopathy” is a mouthful, so, for now, I will still use the inappropriate descriptor – “autism.”

Polio vs Autism…

Some background…

The Polio epidemic was not caused by a virus. There was a virus in the mix, and there would have been no epidemic without the virus, but the trigger of the Polio epidemic of the last century was pesticides, specifically DDT because without the pesticide’s pernicious effect on the immune and nervous system of the human body the virus would never have been able to cause paralysis.

It is not a secret that DDT was the trigger for the Polio epidemic unless you ask those who should know that was the trigger. There was a great deal of money, reputation and politics at stake to blame a virus and create a vaccine that would work. There was no interest in entertaining the possibility that a co-toxicant was the lynch pin in the disorder.

Look at India… so proud they have eradicated the poliovirus from the subcontinent.   But why are their actual rates of Polio (nonpolio acute flaccid paralysis) going up every year – tens of thousands of cases. India manufactures and uses the most DDT of any other country on earth and there are hundreds of viruses in the family in which the poliovirus belongs, so removing one member of that family does not solve the problem.

DDT is used to control Malaria but its use is expensive, and unsustainable (especially in light of less expensive, less toxic and more efficacious alternatives such as non-DDT treated bed netting). But bed netting won’t make a big chemical company any money, and money is what it is all about and spreading it around so people look the other way and politicians… well, we all know what politicians do for money.

What is it I would tell the Autism One audience?

I would let them know that the FDA and the CDC have been bled out from the inside by Big Pharma and in fact the CDC owns patents on vaccines or vaccine technology.

Our government is in the business of selling and profiting from vaccines directly or indirectly. They can no longer be counted on for providing unbiased recommendations and no longer have any business addressing safety issues as they have unclean hands – never mind the CDC whistle blower Dr. Thompson who came right out and said the CDC shreds data that confirms any association between vaccines and autism.

So, the FDA is as broken as the FDA is dependent on Big Pharma for their operating budget, and the CDC (the Infectious Disease Division) will do nothing vaccine manufacturers don’t want them to do. This should not be an agency whose recommendations have the power of law behind them – they have been co-opted by corporations.

These agencies already know vaccines cause autism, and the CDC generates junk tobacco science to cover it up – the same people who denied Agent Orange was harmful are doing it now at the CDC with vaccines and autism. That is why they are there – they were hand picked to obfuscate.

Essentially, there has been a scientific coup in this arena in conventional medicine, throughout academic medicine and at many of our federal agencies.

We are in a scientific Dark Age – not a technological Dark Age, but a scientific one and there is a difference.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a pharma front group, in a letter to President Trump said they had “unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines.”

I resigned from the AAP almost a decade ago for their duplicitous support for using mercury in vaccines. You see, I unequivocally support safe vaccines. Notice the difference between what I said and what the AAP said.

The AAP’s position is they will say vaccines are safe come hell or high water regardless of whether they are or not. After all, they are responsible for publishing some the most fraudulent science on vaccine issues because they do the bidding of Big Pharma and their running dogs at the CDC. The AAP used to be just a trade union for pediatricians but now they are a propaganda organ of Big Pharma.

What is a parent to do to mitigate the risk of the “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines – after all that is what the Supreme Court opined – that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe?

Well, you don’t force unavoidably unsafe down the throats of anyone if you are in compliance with the Constitution of the United States. That is why any law that denies children an education if they are not vaccinated will be found to be unconstitutional (eventually). But what about today… what are parents to do?

First and foremost, they need to recognize and understand the problem….

We can’t move the needle on this gauge if everyone just marches lock step to get vaccinated as if they were in a fluoridated water trance. (There is so much science on fluoride being a cancer-causing neurotoxin that lowers everyone’s IQ and yet the government still pushes it. Why?)

You can’t fight a machine that has the kind of financial resources of the government and Big Pharma but you can pull their pants down and let the public judge for themselves. This is their great fear, so they are in a panic and are pushing draconian legislation in most states to coerce people into getting vaccinated. This will back fire on them, for it is raising suspicions in those who were previously asleep and are now waking up.

False Flag Coming?

They have to hurry and I would not put it past them to create a false-flag infectious disease problem to regain the control they are losing. They know if they are caught they will be in very big trouble so it is important they create a distraction. There have been several feeble attempts to do this already but they have back fired for the most part.

How does one mitigate risk when the risk is not known?

Take the Meningitis vaccine…. for example, the manufacturer states that 1000 children will become seriously ill for every 100,000 vaccinated and the CDC says 3 out of those 1000 will die – all to prevent one child from getting the illness. That risk does not add up, you don’t kill three children to prevent one child from getting a disease. If the public actually knew this was the risk would they allow their children to get this vaccine?… I don’t think so; therefore, the risk must be hidden from the public.

We have become the enemy, we must be scared, lied to, cajoled and coerced into buying into what they are selling. This has to stop and it has to stop now.

This so-called autism epidemic, never mind all the collateral damage in other children who managed to escape getting brain damaged, has gone on for almost two decades longer than it needed to go on, but decisions were made to cover up the problems with vaccines because it seemed too much was at stake in so many areas.

I know it feels good to think that some entity that seems to be powerful has our best interest at heart, and realizing they don’t is anxiety provoking, but we will need to live with a little anxiety if this is to change, because we are that change.

There is no stopping the change that is coming, and it isn’t off in some distant future. The SHTF day will come, but the corrupt will be corrupt till the very end because that is all they can do now – they are stuck, they drank the Kool aide.

We are not stuck and they know it.

It is time to choose sides.

Advocate for the safety of children or live with the consequences.

Are we going to continue to allow the out-of-control use of pesticides to continue? Are we going to allow unsafe public health interventions to continue?

We all have a part to play in this. If you are reading this you are part of the solution.

 Opinion by KP Stoller, MD, www.incurable-me.com

Kenneth Stoller MD, a practicing doctor in California Bay Area, is the author of the book “Incurable Me – Why the Best Medical Research Does Not make it Into clinical Practice.”


5 thoughts on “If I Could Address Autism One….”

  1. Hello, I have read several times that the CDC owns patents on certain vaccines – is there any place I can find this information? I have searched and have come up empty so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks very much for posting this. I live in Quintana Roo, Mexico, now. Hyperbaric therapy is available here because of all the divers. I am a cancer and TBI survivor, 66, and I moved here for many reasons. Medical freedom was a big one. I am hoping Q. Roo will become a replication place for the medical-freedom centers just over the border in Tijuana. I understand there are regular buses from the San Diego airport to take people to the different clinics. It is so very sad that the best world therapies for many serious challenges are not available inside the U.S. and that the free will of a person is disrespected while they argue on their proprietary sites about how to get compliance and adherence with snooping and hired help. I used to be a social worker.

  3. Another fantastic Bolen Report! The only thing that I can add is that the OPV (oral polio vaccine) causes paralysis, ie: accute flaccid paralysis; vaccine-derived paralytic polio, etc. According to reports from India, hundreds of children have been paralyzed by the vaccine.

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