Pro-Vaxxer Senator Robert Menendez Under Federal Indictment For 22 Counts of Corruption…

Greed, Arrogance, and Sleaze Define the 2017 Democratic Party.  Is it Time For America to Just Shut it Down?…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

On November 8th, 2016 the people of the United States came out to their Voting Places to make change in the direction of their country.

Despite MASSIVE Democratic Party voter fraud they were able to elect Populist candidate Donald Trump – rejecting globalist Hillary Clinton.

Some estimates suggest that as many as twenty million dead people, nationwide, voted for Hillary Clinton giving new definition to the term “Absentee Ballot.”

In California, liberal Democrats, in a frenzy to keep control over their territory, and provide votes for Clinton, passed a law authorizing Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens.  All it takes to register  to vote in California is a valid Drivers License.  Some say that between five to ten million new Illegal Alien California voters entered the lists prior to the 2016 election process.

The words “Corruption” and “Democratic Party” are synonyms.

Enough is enough.

Sometimes Some Things Just Cannot Be Fixed…

We are, right now, for all practical purposes, a One-Party nation.  The Democrats, in a swirl of negative reaction nationwide, have been significantly removed from Public Office.


They are completely disconnected from American reality.  Despite almost laughable attempts to mock REAL Americans into submission arrogantly using threats of violence in the streets, an insulting mainstream media, and set-in-place saboteurs in government positions, the Democrats have almost disappeared from the power structure.

And America is relieved.

Just below is a very short (54 seconds) video that pretty much shows the entirety of what the Democratic Party has become – among other things a TOTAL TOADY to Big Pharma.

Watch the video, and then read why Democratic Party Senator Menendez (New Jersey) is under Federal Indictment.  More, this guy is SO crooked he was indicted under the Obama Administration.  What was he Indicted for?  Basically he tried to interfere in, and STOP, an investigation of a friend of his, being prosecuted for massive Medical Billing Fraud.

“Do Vaccines Cause Autism?” Video …

This guy is TYPICAL of how Democrats treat the problems and issues, in America – they ONLY listen to the money….

According to the Justice Department:

“Menendez received nearly $1 million worth of gifts and campaign contributions from Melgen. In turn, Menendez allegedly intervened on Melgen’s behalf in a multimillion-dollar billing dispute with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and attempted to enforce a $500 million port security contract with the Dominican Republic, as well as obtaining visa applications for several of Melgen’s girlfriends.”

New Jersey, Menendez’s State is Big Pharma Central.  Parents of vaccine injured children will NOT be surprised to find out that TOP DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERSHIP considers their concerns about their damaged children to be, as Menendez says is: “alternate universes of people’s views…”

Surely there is a Federal prison with some cells deep down in the bottom where we can let this guy finish his arrogant life?

Final Note…

Pay attention to Tom Price’s answer to Menendez.  Read between the lines.  Tom was APPROVED to head DHHS.  Big Pharma is on its way to becoming Little Pharma…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

3 thoughts on “Pro-Vaxxer Senator Robert Menendez Under Federal Indictment For 22 Counts of Corruption…”

  1. Plenty of evidence of election fraud: In all the battleground states the deviation of the exit polls from the final tally was close to 5% – uniformly in the Republican’s favor, whereas in non-battleground it was the typically valid 1%. Btw, the same process was used to promote the weaker candidate Hillary against Bernie in the primaries. But where is all the evidence of voter fraud? We’d all like to see it. There is enough corruption going around in both parties that we dont need to invent any.

  2. [quote from article above:]Some estimates suggest that as many as twenty million dead people, nationwide, voted for Hillary Clinton giving new definition to the term “Absentee Ballot.”[end quote]

    That’s probably how dems can claim she also won the popular vote! You’d have to be brain dead to have voted for her.

    Wasn’t Menendez also the guy who was, a few years ago, charged with some sort of sexually based allegations??

    If so, yeah, he’s a real winner. We really need him asking questions . . . as if he understands anything other than $$. Tom Price should have told him to take a long walk off a short pier.

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