Whoever Makes Your Medical Decisions Owns You…

The single most important issue in HEALTH CARE REFORM today is NOT how the bill is paid but WHAT WE ARE BUYING.

Opinion By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


US Health Care Reform?…

In that regard, the Number One, Numero Uno, #1 issue is vaccines.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must know that there is a “battle royale” going on about how vaccines are the cause of autism, and more.

You will notice I didn’t say “IF.”

If you are still one of the millions of Americans who shudder with fear imagining a world without vaccines and all you see is death and destruction as the result, then this article is meant especially for you.

Know this…

There are four basic opinions about vaccines.

(1) Those who think they are God’s gift to mankind and everyone MUST take them, no exceptions.

(2)  The second group also sees vaccines as miracle drugs but have the odd idea that we have an inherent right to make our own decisions about what we put in our bodies, and that that inherent right extends to the idea that parents are in charge of caring for their children – not some government bureaucrat running a village bypassing parental participation.

(3)  The third group believes the jury is still out on vaccine safety and effectiveness.

(4)  The fourth group, rarely mentioned, are those who aren’t sold on why people should resort to vaccinating at all because there are other time tested and proven ways of staving off epidemics and death from various diseases.

The discussion about vaccinations is so explosive, it is taboo to have a rational discussion in the media about them.

If something happens to hit the airwaves, like comments made by MDs Rand Paul and Ben Carson, who basically said they had issues with the schedule of children’s mandated shots, media commentators reminded their audiences that vaccines had been proven perfectly safe and these two doctors must be misinformed. In fact any discussion in public must start with “I believe in vaccinations, I vaccinated all my kids” just to get any traction at all.

Only Donald Trump has dared to speak his mind.

He explained how he’d helped raise millions of dollars for research for autism groups to find the cause of autism and he couldn’t figure out why they were ignoring the obvious – vaccines cause autism.

While the press carped on his opinion as they carp on every thing he says, I think millions of voters heard exactly what he said and voted for him. I might add that his opinion about why he has no truck with flu shots is a classic Trumpism, also. He doesn’t like bad stuff put in his body.

The reality of mainstream media…

In a conversation I saw on a closed circuit broadcast recently, Robert Kennedy commented that an old family friend, Roger Ailes, late of Fox News, said he would fire anybody who interviewed Kennedy on the air about this issue. Why? Because 70% of the advertising revenues for news departments comes from Big Pharma.

The interview took place just days before Kennedy and Trump met at the Tower and talked about how they should organize a commission to dig up the bodies in the swamp to make sure the science backing vaccines was credible.

The effort to vilify “anybody who deviates from the script” provides a feeding frenzy for vax-defenders. Take Andy Wakefield, for example. He and twelve other highly respected gastrointestinal researchers took a quick look at several kids with autism who also had major gut problems. They pondered the possibly that there MIGHT be some kind of connection and suggested that some actual research into the issue aughta be done.

Once the paper was published, the roof fell in on ol’ Andy. The paper was withdrawn, his medical license was revoked and he is now public enemy Number One. Even Bill Gates says so.

However, maybe Gates shouldn’t have shot off his mouth so quickly.

The Gates Foundation has just been kicked out of India for fraud in some medical testfing for hpv, another controversial vaccine that, as Gates found out, wasn’t all that was cracked up to be.  Excerpt of article below:

India Bans Bill Gates Foundation Over Vaccine Fears

India has shut down the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation’s operations and kicked its management out of the country after grave concerns were raised about the non-government organization’s immunization policies and close ties to Big Pharma.

India’s concerns reportedly centered around the Bill Gates foundation’s “ties” with pharmaceutical companies, and the influence this exerted on their vaccination policy.

In another interesting article:

Bill Gates’ Philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine

(NaturalNews) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praised for its philanthropy around the world, but much of the foundation’s good deeds are merely no-consent vaccine experiments carried out on the poor. Under the pretense of providing healthcare to third world countries, the Gates Foundation instead coerces tens of thousands of children to test out various vaccines for pharmaceutical companies.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Click on the photo to buy it…

If you are still not convinced there really is a problem with vaccines, check out the VAXXED: Coverup to Catastrophe movie.  I also recommend watching this YouTube interview that lets you get to know why Del Bigtree left a successful TV show to throw in his lot with Wakefield.

Just so you know, Trump spent some quality time with the makers of VAXXED during the campaign and knows this story well.

Back to the Story…

In my last BolenReport article I wrote about how an influential Oklahoma pediatrician was telling fellow doctors how she’d just slip a non-mandated flu shot in with the rest of the shots during a routine well baby visit to avoid telling the parents the possible risks. Folks in Indiana have a bigger problem. They have at least one tyrant who threatens parents with reporting them to the Child Welfare Services if they don’t say “yes” even though they have the legal right to say “no” to vaccinating their kids.

The bottom line for pediatricians is about how many vaccines they can pump into a child while they have them in the office. 14 in one visit could very well be a lethal dose for some children. Vaccines are a prime source of income for pediatricians.


Sad to say, from corrupt science at the CDC and elsewhere, all the way down to forcibly jabbing kids with toxic drug products in the name of health all the while promoting the glories of vaccines, has turned into a cash-o-rama of mammoth proportions and has corrupted everyone in the supply chain.

Author Harris Coulter…

Just so you know, I had the good fortune of crossing paths with the late Harris Coulter, Ph.D., when I was coming out of my stupor from dental amalgam poisoning.

A highly- respected historian, Coulter wrote Divided Legacy, a four volume series of well- documented discussion on the evolution of Western medicine from Ancient Greece to the present day. Volume Four (over 750 pages) he called Twentieth-Century Medicines: The Bacteriological Era.

In it he provides a wealth of information about the fights over which germ theory was right… there were several. He also discusses the frustration of those who were looking at inventing patentable drugs for international trade in the face of the superior and well- supported results homeopathic doctors were getting from nontoxic and nonpatentable products. These kinds of results still stand even today, wherever homeopathy flourishes. Take note. Even the British Medical journal says so. 

Meanwhile, here in the States…

Meanwhile, here in the States, where Big Pharma owns the franchise, the FTC is making every effort to throw cold water on the virtues of homeopathy.

Harris Coulter PhD

Coulter became my mentor and over the years I have grown evermore appreciative of what he has done to help me understand a much bigger picture about how Western medicine evolved.

As a result, my vision for the future of American medicine is to see a multi-model medical system in place where each healing art, based on its own merits, can be accorded the respect it deserves and not be condemned by applying phony and deliberately inappropriate scientific “studies” to prove its unworthiness.

What I learned in Coulter’s history of vaccines is that the all-too-human desire for power, money and prestige has always been central to the race to see who would be first to invent the most patentable vaccines for international trade. Since the beginning vaccines have often been touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread on the flimsiest if not extremely fraudulent science, including Louis Pasteur’s.

If Harris Coulter’s name rings a bell, it was he who co-wrote DPT: A Shot in the Dark! with Barbara Loe Fisher, head of National Vaccine Information Center.

They both testified in Congress and helped pass the law creating the Vaccine Court so parents “might” and I say “might” on purpose, get financial compensation for damaged and dead children.

What most people may not know, that Harris told me in a private conversation, was that it was he who figured out that it was the thimerisol in the vaccines that was a big part of the problem. He then told Dr. Bernard Rimland of his thoughts.

Dr Bernard Rimland

Rimland, whose autistic son was the model for the film, “The Rainman,” was the first to work with parents to crack the code on what was really going on with their kids. These were not the “cold refrigerator” moms who caused the distant behavior of their kids, which was the official explanation for decades, but neurological problems caused by mercury and other known toxins to mental and physical functions.

Harris was able to figure it out because he was a homeopath and knew that the lavish use of mercury for hundreds of years by allopaths was what prompted Samuel Hahnemann to break away and become the father of homeopathy. Homeopaths have been able to spot and treat mercury poisoning for over 200 years.

Chiropractors and Polio…

I also have had many interesting conversations with chiropractors who practiced during the polio epidemic and since I actually visited kids in iron lungs with my Brownie Scout troop, what these chiros told me hit home in a big way. To a man, they all told of how the big mistake the allopaths made in treating polio was that they quickly immobilized the patient instead of getting the patient moving toxins out of the body before the toxins did any damage. Sister Kenny believed this also.   The book about Sister Kenny says:

“During World War II, polio epidemics in the United States were viewed as the country’s “other war at home”: they could be neither predicted nor contained, and paralyzed patients faced disability in a world unfriendly to the disabled. These realities were exacerbated by the medical community’s enforced orthodoxy in treating the disease, treatments that generally consisted of ineffective therapies.”

It was after the polio epidemic and the development of the polio vaccine that the AMA started their secret campaign to destroy chiropractic.

I have no evidence, thus far, to show that the two events are related but I do know that in the 1880s, after vaccines were developed, the campaign against homeopathy began and continues today, here in America.

I mention my private musings about so-called “alternative” medicine and point out that we have all seen, during this last election cycle, what level of bilge can get spewed out through mainstream media.

Spilling bilge is not news to those of us in the health freedom movement. It’s been a way of life about medical competition since the 1840s and the founding of the American Medical Association. It picked up steam after the Civil War with the drug industry figuring out how to use lavish advertising funds and biased if not completely bogus scientific studies to take over the medical industry so they could have us patients all to themselves.

More about how they did it in a future column and what we can do about it.

And, one final tidbit of historical information…..

From the first medical book written for the first students at Johns Hopkins Medical School, the very model of modern American, allopathic-only, medicine, Dr. William Osler said this about vaccinations in 1892…

“A question of special importance with reference to vaccination is the transmission of other diseases. For a time physicians were unwilling to acknowledge that constitutional disorders could be transmitted by vaccination, but it is now universally recognized that such transmission could take place, and this has emphasized the scrupulous care which should be taken in the performance of the operation.”

The disease he was talking about was syphilis and his medical book goes on for several pages talking tech about what to do about “vaccino-syphilis” vs the inherited kind. Then the next topics discussed were the virtues of the various vaccines.

We can hope the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, might free us from the bondage of Big Pharma.

He’s been a longtime member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. The AAPS takes no money from Big Pharma or anyone else. They focus on protecting patient rights and the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship. They support vaccinations and aggressively reject mandates.

Opinion By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


4 thoughts on “Whoever Makes Your Medical Decisions Owns You…”

  1. For the history-minded researcher, there was an internist or chest specialist (Dr Frederick Robert Klenner) with his ties to Duke University and his avid interest in the work on ascorbic acid, of recent-then nobel prize fame. This fine MD was successful in curing 60 out of 60 polio cases in his NC clinic before the polio vax, by using a body-size dosing with intravenous C… even after the stages of paralysis had started.

    When this wonderful news was shared at a medical conference at the time, all the response was MIA, as everyone was gossiping about the possibility of vaxxes for polio. And so it went with all the other successes with C in appropriately sized and delivered doses. And a study of all the counter ‘studies’ on C that claimed failure, showed that the protocols used were never copied from Klenner’s work so what was the point of such ‘research’ to test the *repeatability* of success?

    Clearly some orchestration of this obvious discrepancy in peer reviewing and testing of repeatability must have been in play. Same pattern as the above author’s uncovered histories.

    Thank you for that other history data. Interesting tidbits from the chiropractors achieving reduction in paralysis will be tucked into my own relaying of the treachery of the official drug lords.

    I wonder if that local sheriff’s detective ever followed up on our suggestion that he ask the parents of the 5 mo old baby, who died suddenly in our small rural town, whether that baby had been recently vaxxed. The intake desk person seemed skeptical about whether she should even connect my call to that detective even though the SO had put a request for ideas in the paper. Oh well.

  2. Tim,
    Thank you for really waking me up on vaccines! Keep up the great work!

    Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed by Anthony Samsel


    Moms & Scientists Demand FDA & CDC Test Vaccines for Glyphosate


    page 27 Autism chart
    GE Crops, Glyphosate, and the Deterioration of Health in the US


  3. Your observation that Fox News gets 70% of its of advertising revenues from pharmaceutical companies does not surprise me.

    I have also heard it said that Pharma is now the biggest spending lobby group on the US Federal scene- having overtaken Oil and Gas interests.

    However, you would be doing us all a service if you were able to reference that figure about the advertising revenues better. So many people wish to bury their heads in the sand and claim that these sorts of observations are conspiracy theories– when all they are is they obvious outworking of financial interests in a world where a very small group of people own most of the major assets.

  4. Harris Coulter was a great researcher. I recommend that everyone read his short book “The Controlled Clinical Trial”. It debunks the “gold standard” of the controlled clinical trial which is abused to justify most medical treatments.

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