Trump Bashing – Hollywood’s Newest Version of the “Casting Couch…”

Don’t for a minute think that everyone in Hollywood, or on network television, SUDDENLY  became a “Trump Hater.”  

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

All that Trump HATRED and MOCKERY, is scripted – and people like Jennifer Lopez, in her speech at the Grammys, have no choice but to play the role they are given – or their career is over.

And Big Pharma is behind it.


Big Pharma accounts for almost 70% of network TV news’ advertising budget.  And they are at war with the President Trump and the people of the United States.  Why are they at war?  Trump made it clear what has to be done about them.  Pharma is the biggest part of the US health care problem.  Pharma is ONLY about murderous greed.

And “murder” is the word Trump uses about them…

47 year old Jennifer Lopez wearing a $25,000 Prom Dress more suited for an 18 year old…

Forty-seven year old Lopez is one bag of chocolate chip cookies away from yesterday’s news – perfect to deliver an anti-Trump message on a network TV appearance on another BORING music awards show. Who watches that crap? (yawn).

She was given her script.  The Producers and Directors were in on it, and so were the advertisers.  Those shows are pIanned down to the split-second.

It wasn’t so much an assault on Trump as an attack on America.

Casting Couch?

Of course – it happens ALL of the time to men, women, and children that want to be on camera.  There are way more actors than there are roles.  The “Casting Couch” is just part of the Hollywood  “Decision Tree.”  The message is simple “Want to be on screen – take off your pants, and arrange yourself on the couch…”

So, are all these actors, and “pretend  news deliverers” playing a “Trump Hater” role?


It is all just one ongoing street theater production.  A whisper in an anchorman/woman, or a struggling actor’s, ear and they are playing the role for the cameras. Their career survives for another day.  Disobey, or even hint at disagreement with the script – and bad photos of them appear in the paparazzi-fed supermarket-checkout-line mags.

And Big Pharma is running that show…

What Can We Do About It?

There is a simple solution available – Stop Pharma from advertising Directly to Consumers (DTCA).

What?  Don’t they have the right to do that?

Nope. Two points:

(1)  The United States and New Zealand are the ONLY two countries on Planet Earth that allow them to do this.  All other nations have rejected that DTCA idea for good reason.  Just a few years ago the European Union was approached to allow DTCA and their response was not only “no, but “hell no.”

(2) “We the People” of the United States ALLOWED them to do that, somewhat, with legislation back in 1938.  Then, what they could do, and say, was VERY limited   But, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was given oversight over the project.

As you can guess,  with the incentives offered to FDA employees by the drug-industry with a revolving door, triple-your-salary, policy, over the years they loosened up what drug companies could do.

Now, of course, the drug lords dominate our media, and hence, our nation.  Trump is the first American leader to seriously question them.

About the Hollywood and Mainstream Media Influence…

I’ll let you watch Mike Dice, on a short two minute video, summarize the situation for us, in simple terms:

How can we reverse Big Pharma’s stranglehold on our media and our Congress?

Very simply…

Since the DTCA policy is a function of the FDA, and the FDA is part of Trump appointed, and approved by Congress, Tom Price’s DHHS, the answer is simple – a Presidential Executive Order NOT ALLOWING ANY drug company Direct To Consumer Advertising.

And, we are done with the drug lord assholes, and the bought-and-paid-for whiney media types.

What About the legality of such an action?

Yes, the US Supreme Court has ruled that there are rights to commercial advertising under free speech provisions – BUT, we got rid of tobacco advertising didn’t we?

It is time.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “Trump Bashing – Hollywood’s Newest Version of the “Casting Couch…””

  1. Yes we need that executive order asap to get a more honest media! Let’s tweet @POTUS I am not sure I agree with JLo being Bought but if journalists could really write about vaccines some would!

  2. It’s not just the principle, it’s the content of the advertising.
    We don’t get to see much of such things in Europe but, in the pre-Obama bin Barak years I was in the US quite frequently. As he has done everything possible to push America into a civil war, I decided that the risk was too great to continue. Maybe when Mr. Trump has restored some law and order I will ask to visit again.

    I do recall very clearly an ad for something for retirees. It showed a film of a retired couple walking stronhly along some country trail. The “medication” was supposed to make this possible.
    Amongst the rapidly read out list of possible side effects, was “sudden death”!!!

    The mind boggles!

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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