The Scientific Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, and Their Repression…

The FDA LITERALLY Burned His Books…

By James DeMeo, PhD – Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab


Around 1970, during my studies at the university, I became intrigued with the writings of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich on the controversial subjects of “biological energy” and his thesis that blocked emotions and sexual repression led to mental illness, neurosis and social violence.

I met and studied with some of the scientists who had worked with Reich, experienced the orgone therapy Reich had developed, undertook simple experiments, and eventually became the first student at a mainstream American university to earn a PhD for scientifically testing Reich’s ideas.

Wilhelm Reich was part of Sigmund Freud’s inner circle…

Dr Wilhelm Reich

For those who don’t know, Reich was one of Freud’s inner circle — some say he was being groomed to take over leadership of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) — but he was ultimately thrown out of that organization for his social reform and anti-Nazi work.

Historians have since documented the general capitulation of German psychoanalysis to the Nazis, but not so Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian-Ukranian of Jewish background.

Freud’s early work strongly suggested emotions and sexuality were expressions of a tangible energetic “something”, but it was Reich who provided the clearest evidence that the Freudian libido was a real energy, discharged during emotional expression and sexual orgasm.

Real energy?

According to Reich – Parental or social punishments against the youthful expression of emotion, or of sexual love, led to internalized repression — but this was accomplished only by literally tightening one’s muscles, binding the energy down within the body and creating a powerful conflict of internal bioenergetic tension.

If repression became chronic, the consequent chronic internal tension formed a neuro-muscular armoring (much like the metal armor of a Medieval knight) by which the individual protectively walled themself off from an outer world of painful experiences. But the biophysical armor also blocked people’s emotions and capacity for pleasure and happiness in life, including or especially their capacity for sexual excitation and pleasurable orgastic release.

Reich developed therapeutic methods to help people give up their emotional armor, to become more emotionally alive; but he also approached the problem from the social and political side of things, working to pass laws against child abuse, opposing the rigid sex-repressions and legal powers of the Church, to give women equal rights and pay, and to make divorce and contraceptives more freely available. He openly criticized the Nazis and the Communist Party for their power-mongering and threats against individual freedoms. For this he was severely attacked from all quarters.

He was NOT popular with German mainstream thinking of the time…

By the mid-1930s, Reich had been kicked out of the IPA, his books attacked and burned by the Nazis and German Communist Party, who also put his name on their respective death-lists. He fled to Denmark, and later to Scandinavia; while there, he undertook some of the first bioelectrical experiments on the subject of human sexuality and emotional expression.

Reich’s bioelectrical experiments proved that human emotion, sexual excitation and orgastic discharge were measurable phenomena. It was a breakthrough discovery in the field of human sexuality and psychology — but the first of a series of discoveries that would increasingly put him at odds with the prevailing academic/scientific and medical status quo of his time, and of the present time as well. Science of the 1930s was intolerant of open discussion of “orgasm”, and Reich’s books uncompromisingly focused upon such issues: The Function of the Orgasm, The Sexual Revolution, People in Trouble, and The Mass Psychology of Fascism are classics rarely mention within the mainstream — except with ridicule — even today.

Reich’s later microscopical experiments with ameba would produce other breakthroughs in the biological sciences, in the discovery of the specific process of bionous decay of tissues, which lay at the basis of cancer cell formation.

Reich’s findings on cancer are directly observable, and not just some speculative theory — his observations on pre-cancerous cellular processes significantly predated those of George Papanicolaou (of “Pap-test” fame), and Reich believed his scientific priority had in fact been stolen.

Today, bionous decay is confirmed in the modern concept of “apoptosis”, but don’t look for any mention of Reich’s discovery and book on The Bion Experiments in the mainstream literature.

Unlike conventional medicine, Reich’s discovery also revealed the role of emotional-sexual energy in the psychosomatic process. What at first appeared to be only “bioelectricity” was later clarified by Reich as a much more powerful bioenergetic force — a form of life-energy at work within living organisms, expressing itself as emotion and sexuality, but also directly observable in the microscope as a bluish-glowing field around living blood cells and other substances.

Orgone energy…

This bluish-glowing energy, which he eventually called orgone energy (to preserve its relationship with living processes), was later observed as a blue-glowing aura-like phenomenon radiating from animals and people, from trees and even mountain ranges. The blue orgone also exists in a free form within the atmosphere — Reich wrote about an “envelope” of blue-glowing energy surrounding the Earth long before the first satellite photos confirmed it.

Orgone energy in the atmosphere was a physical phenomenon similar to the older ideas of “vital force” and “cosmic ether” combined. It behaves lawfully, fills all space, expands and contracts in pulsatory rhythm, and interacts differently with different material substances: every kind of matter appears to attract the orgone, but at different rates of speed.

Water strongly attracts the orgone, or life-energy, giving rise to the phenomenon of living water (described classically as “activated” or “structured” water”) which is fundamental to life processes, and to the Earth’s weather as well..

Orgone was also demonstrated in high vacuum (as with “zero-point” vacuum fluctuation, etc.) proving it filled all space much as a cosmic ether. Reich’s experiments in these directions led to even more controversy: new methods for ending drought and greening deserts, and potential new approaches to the problem of nuclear waste detoxification. His experiments suggested a new source of pollution-free energy, which some day might propel humankind to the stars.

Fantastic? Certainly!

But nevertheless solidly founded upon new experimental proofs and empirical observations in the best tradition of the natural sciences (and not to be confused with the “orgone” insanity found all over the internet – see here).)

The Orgone Energy Accumulator

Blueprints from plans for constructing an orgone energy accumulator published by the Wilhelm Reich Museum, derived from the original design by Wilhelm Reich (1940)

During the course of Reich’s investigations, he developed a special metal-lined enclosure which attracted a high charge of orgone energy inside itself, directly from the atmosphere: the orgone energy accumulator. The orgone accumulator was proven to charge seeds and increase garden plant growth, speed the healing of burns and cuts.

There are a number of experiments which demonstrate anomalous physical phenomena inside the accumulator. Reich observed that certain kinds of low-energy illness, such as cancer, would respond to and, in some cases yield to careful application of the orgone accumulator.  His experiments with cancer mice indicated a three-fold extension of the orgone-treated groups over the control groups, something that other physician-experimenters have replicated in the years after his death.

Scientists back up Reich’s Work

Several double-blind controlled experiments have been undertaken at European universities demonstrating the orgone accumulator has a clear physiological energy-boosting effect on humans, notably in a stimulus of the parasympathetic nervous system.

All of this, of course, goes against generations of medical dogma, and is why one of Reich’s associates, Dr. Theodore Wolfe, called the orgone accumulator “The most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none.”

Reich treated people experimentally with his combined emotional/orgone-energetic approach, and began offering the orgone accumulator to a small number of patients of his physician trainees, taking a careful approach by which to apply the new discoveries in an optimally life-beneficial manner.

No good deed goes unpunished…

Within a few years, however, Reich was attacked in the “Lying Press” or “Fake Media” of his time, and later by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , both of whom were at that time of the late 1940s and 1950s, in an all-out war against inexpensive and effective natural healing methods.  (The repression of natural healing methods has always been a major agenda of the FDA.)

The FDA LITERALLY burned his books…

The FDA obtained a court injunction which ordered the banning and burning of Reich’s books — any book containing the forbidden word “orgone” was ordered destroyed, even his classics on human sexuality which only mentioned orgone energy in the preface!

The FDA and the fraudulently manipulated US Courts factually burned Reich’s books and journals on several occasions (most recently in 1962), and ordered a total ban on the interstate transportation of both the orgone accumulator and any book describing it, or mentioning it!

Reich was given a 2-year jail sentence for a misdemeanor technicality, dying in prison in 1957.  To me, the FDA’s attack against Reich constituted a fraud upon the courts and the American people.

The Reich legal case continues to overshadow the better-known Scopes Monkey Trial in constitutional significance, in that an American court authorized the burning of scholarly books and the jailing of scientists for maintaining unorthodox viewpoints.

It was the most astonishing and unconstitutional episode of book-burning in American history.

But which is hardly mentioned today in either the academic-medical and mainstream (Lying) media, except to express the most malicious slanders of Reich, acting like cheer-leaders for the book-burning.

What makes the FDA’s attack, and the unethical judicial malpractice they stimulated and which led to the book-burning, all the more outrageous is the equally breakthrough nature of Reich’s last years of research.

His later work into the properties of the orgone energy suggested new methods for detoxifying radioactive waste, something that came as an insight from his Oranur Experiment.

He also developed the Orgone Motor, a small electrical motor which ran directly from the background ocean of orgone energy.

Reich with Cloudbuster

He developed a new understanding of weather based upon orgone energy charge variations in the atmosphere, and a new technological approach, via Cosmic Orgone Engineering (CORE) or Cloudbusting (again, not to be confused with the insanity found all over the internet – see here), by which copious rains could be triggered, droughts and forest fires ended, and deserts greened.

He made observations of silent UFOs while engaged in a desert-greening project near Tucson, Arizona, speculating they were powered by the same cosmic energy which silently turned his orgone motor. And that led him towards an orgonomic understanding of gravitation.

It has all been scientifically verified since…

Most all of Reich’s experimental work has been scientifically verified, some of it at my own institute, the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon on the West Coast USA.

Reich’s original discoveries, apparatus and documents are also preserved by the Wilhelm Reich Museum and Trust on the East Coast, in Rangeley Maine. Reich’s original discoveries are also presented, without compromise or dilution, in various summer educational laboratory seminars offered periodically by OBRL.

In particular, we welcome younger scientists and students to take an open-minded look at this important body of discovery. In addition, there are many books available on these subjects – here.


During my lifetime study of Reich’s discoveries and protocols, I met individuals and physicians who combined use of the orgone energy accumulator with various other natural healing and detoxification methods — such as the Gerson coffee enemas, healthy organic foods and clean water, vitamins and herbs — to much synergistic benefit.

While those other natural health or detox methods are highly beneficial in their own right, they often lack the powerful energy-boosting effects one gets from a properly-constructed and applied orgone accumulator.  By various reports, the accumulator can reduce or eliminate the dependency upon pain-killers in various degenerative diseases, and work towards reversal of those problems in a stronger manner than merely lifestyle or emotional changes alone.

On the other hand, the accumulator must be used with care on certain overcharge biopathies, where a person has too much energy.  It may cause a breakdown of tumor masses inside the body, which have no easy way to discharge their breakdown debris and toxins, thereby overwhelming the kidneys or liver.  It must be used with inteligence and care, and therefore is not a “cure all” or “miracle box” as Reich’s critics often claim.  (Nor is it an “orgasm box” as their dirty-minds have contemptuously ridiculed.)

Reich was careful to never claim the orgone accumulator was a “cure for cancer”, only an experimental approach.  However, he did discover and understand the bioenergetic process by which the cancer cell originated, and that cancer was a systemic disease with bioenergetic roots that developed years before tumors appeared.

He made discovery of observable changes in living blood which could be observed in the microscope, and was a pioneer in that method of diagnosis. As with nearly all forms of therapy, if one waited until the end stages of a disease process, the accumulator might have only limited benefits, related to relaxation and pain-reduction.

What I think…

I am convinced that every family should have several orgone blankets and a large orgone accumulator in their home, by which small cuts and injuries could be treated and healed, and the immune system boosted to strength.  Instructions for beneficial use and applications are given in my Orgone Accumulator Handbook, written for the educated layperson, and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the orgone energy, or life-energy, or the accumulator.  It is an excellent method by which the health of individuals, families and the nation, could be greatly benefited, and in a most economical way.

Here is a Video you should enjoy:

It is short, interesting and to the point.

You’ll find more information by clicking on my name below.

Thank you…

By James DeMeo, PhD – Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

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  1. Personally, I am VERY tired of Big Pharma’s influence on health care in the US.

    Big Pharma needs to be Little Pharma…

  2. It is very good to see that Reich’s important work is being introduced to a new generation of health freedom advocates. The FDA crime committed against Reich and science must be recognized and reversed.

  3. Credit is also due Dr. Reich for his inventions and applied technology that was just used in 2017 for breaking the worst drought in California history. With apologies to some few areas where it worked too well.

  4. Great report on Dr. Wilhem Reich scientific discoveries, reporting the essentials of his work in a way that only James DeMeo can do. Reading this report, gives me some hope that young students and scientist can get interested, study it deeply, and get Orgonomy available in the Universities, so in the short future, Humanity can take advantage of WR work. Thank you very much.

  5. very basic report on Reich findings, for beginners. However, the most important ones were left out, i.e. the spacegun, the orur (oranur radium), oranur (pre-atomic) chemistry, to name few, and all their extraordinary applications. In my view orgonomy starts here.

  6. So much wonderful “discoveries” we can now find out about, who knows what Humanity missed in the dark ages? Well one more Tesla out of that area, a jew who did not get media as many non deserving ones got so much of. Not interesting for slavery I guess.

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