It’s Raining in California – Trump Cancels “Fake Climate Change…”

Let’s Get Right To It…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The “fake drought” in California, over the last eight years of the Obama “Sustained Development (Agenda 21 globalism)” Regime damaged California in horrible ways – and it was intentional.

And it’s over.  Trump stopped it.

USA Today Said it Best…

On February 16th, 2017 the publication said:

The “biggest storm of the winter” is poised to slam into southern California on Friday and Saturday, bringing drenching rain, heavy mountain snow and howling winds — and also taking a massive chunk out of the region’s lingering drought.

Floods, mudslides, rockslides, travel delays and power outages are all possible, the National Weather Service warned.

It will likely be the strongest storm in the past six years and potentially as far back as 2004 or 1995, the weather service in Los Angeles wrote in an online forecast.

“This is not a typical storm,” said Kathy Hoxsie, a weather service meteorologist.

There is a silver lining to the storm —it will take another big chunk out of the drought over Southern California, AccuWeather said. “The storm is good news for California, except for the flooding,” said NOAA meteorologist Anthony Artusa.

The winter has already been one for the record books in the state. Since Oct. 1, it’s been the second-wettest water year to date in California, according to Paul Iñiguez, a weather service meteorologist in Phoenix. California’s “water year” runs from October through September. The weekend storm could easily push it to the wettest water year on record, Iñiguez tweeted.

The “Fake Drought” Nearly Destroyed California…

The Globalists arranged it all.  EVERYONE saw the airplanes overhead almost EVERY DAY, spraying ObamaDust over the entire State.

For eight years it never stopped.  Every morning the planes came, spraying for hours, until an oily chemical haze covered California.  EVERY DAY.  And, the rain stopped.

WHY Was This Being Done?

Globalism – the intentional destruction of the US economy in favor of other countries’ interests.  Let me give you an example.

The Publication TakePart wrote a 2014 article that says it all about what happened to the California Avocado Industry.

In an article titled “Kiss Your Guacamole Good-Bye: Drought-Stricken California Farmers Stop Growing Avocados” it explains:

When Chipotle warned investors back in March that it might suspend serving guacamole at its restaurants if avocado prices rose because of the California drought, climate change hit home for chip-and-dip lovers, who took to Twitter in distress.

Things have not gotten better since then.

It takes 74 gallons of water to produce one pound of avocados—and drought-stricken California produces 95 percent of the avocados grown in the United States. No wonder Chipotle’s bean counters are worried.

One-third of the state’s avocados are grown in San Diego County, which has some of the highest water prices in the state. In Valley Center, a town that is home to many family farms, avocado growers have seen water rates rise steeply in recent years—so much so that irrigating their groves has become more expensive than the price they get for selling their avocados.

Water isn’t the only challenge. University of California Cooperative Extension farm adviser Gary Bender points out that avocado growers have been hit by a triple whammy: rising fertilizer costs, spikes in water rates, and stagnant wholesale prices owing to competition from cheap imports from Peru, Chile, and Mexico.

This has forced many small farmers to shut off the water and let their groves go dry.

Cheap Imports From Peru, Chile, and Mexico?

2016 brought us three dollar ($3.00) avocados, ugly little things, grown only-god-knows-where, and probably sprayed with DDT (other countries DO NOT have our rules).

Not surprising to me is that San Diego County, and California Farmers in general, are Republicans in a liberal Democrat controlled State.  Would the liberals cut off income for Republicans?

In a heartbeat.  They are already trying to take control of their children away with Senate Bill 18 – so they can put them into socialist schools and train them to explore the thirty four different genders they offer “safe spaces” for.

I’m Fed Up with Agenda 21 Promoters…

I like America.  Like Donald, I’m NOT interested in lowering American’s standard of living to accommodate the wants and needs of the elite.

I live in California.  I DO NOT like what the liberal Democrats have done here, and across the nation.

We have just started to do what needs to be done to repair America.  Now, we need to point fingers and name names – and criminally prosecute.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “It’s Raining in California – Trump Cancels “Fake Climate Change…””

  1. The other 5% of avocados are at my house. There is no shortage here!! They are big, beautiful and delicious!
    I might mention, completely organic, as this tree is the jewel of my garden!!!
    Go TRUMP!

  2. The “official” explanation is that they do not exist – and those that see them, and ask about them, are “conspiracy theorists.”

    So, America, I guess, according to the globalists, has tens of millions of “conspiracy theorists.”

  3. I, too, live in California, and I, too, am disgusted with what the Dems are doing. However, I have an avocado tree. I would advise everyone to plant one. Easy to grow, relatively frost-hardy, beautiful, and the fruit is delicious. Chemtrails are real. They’re called “geo-engineering.” As I understand it, some of what they spray are aluminum nano particles, like nearly all pediatric vaccines contain. Highly neurotoxic. Who is doing this? DOD? CIA?

  4. I have a feeling we are about to find out what this “ObamaDust” is all about, and we are NOT going to like what we find.

    I think it was, and is, all about globalism.

  5. Those trails in the sky, geoengineering, (chemtrails, more commonly called) are what the government admits to. They have patents for the crap they’re spraying and “they own the weather.” We get hammered most days here on the east coast in this liberal hell-hole. That stuff they spray is loaded with aluminum, barium, strontium and who knows what else. Watch “What in the World Are They Spraying” and Why in the World Are They Spraying?” on youtube.

  6. Truthfully, I think it not so much the Chem trail crap they spray but that with HAARP that redirects the Jetstream which has been suspectingly low across the US. CT`s(aerosols) set up the `plasma` for the frequencies to perform the evil intent.

  7. Record rain in the west, record snow in the Northeast. and I’m 40 miles west of Minneapolis laying in my back yard in my leather thong. Even the sap in the maple trees have been running for a couple weeks.
    The last couple weeks they’ve been spraying us like roaches here!

  8. My baby has autism because of ObamaDust. Obama will have hell to pay for my baby’s autism. I knew when I voted for Trump there was something to this, but I did not know how deep the rabbit hole went.

    I think it is and was all about (((Globalism))).

  9. Oh BS!! Trump hasn’t stopped Geoengineering they’re spraying us like bugs every day!! As much as when Obooboo was the puppet!! If it’s raining>then it’s man made and the aerosol poisoning hasn’t stopped a bit …What are you the new Disinformation outlet!!

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