CALIFORNIA – We need to Shut Down the Globalists Completely…

Here are Five Reasons Why We Need to Do That…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


California, over the next few years, is going to be a battle-ground. Why?  It is almost a communist State right now – completely at odds with an American perspective.

The corruption here, in California, is worse than anywhere else nationwide.  It is legendary.   Would it surprise you to find out that Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband got the contract for the first billion dollars for the government funded (so far) “Bullet Train?”

California Voter Fraud alone, is massive.  Dead people and Illegal Aliens represent the biggest voting blocks – and, surprise, surprise, they all vote a straight Democratic Party ticket.

Trump is going to cut California’s funding to the bone.  He is going to make an example out of Sanctuary Cities – and I absolutely agree.

There is no question that America awoke for General Election 2016 and wrested control of America away from the liberal Democrat Globalists.

We did that and more.  We elected a man with an “America First” plan – Donald Trump, and he is proceeding with his campaign promises.

Amen, brother…

And, it just might be that we are much closer than we thought to solving California’s problems.

Trump’s Plan for America was recently described by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in a Press Conference just a few days ago at the CPAC meeting.

Bannon said:

There are three pillars of Trump’s plan

“I kind of break it up into three verticals of three buckets,” 
Steve Bannon

The first is kind of national security and sovereignty and that’s your intelligence, the Defense Department, Homeland Security.

 The second line of work is what I refer to as ‘economic nationalism’ and that is Wilbur Ross at Commerce, Steven Mnuchin at Treasury, (Robert) Lighthizer at Trade, (National Trade Council head) Peter Navarro, (adviser) Stephen Miller, these people that are rethinking how we’re gonna reconstruct our trade arrangements around the world.
The third, broadly, line of work is what is ‘deconstruction’ of the administrative state.”

There are still some defiant Globalist areas – the biggest of which is California. 

Here, in California, we need to finish the job. And, it is NOT going to be as hard as we thought.  Why?  Trump, and his people are already on top of MANY of California’s significant issues.  I will show you those issues below, and explain what has ALREADY STARTED.

It is time to act, with Trump, to shut down the globalist operations in California.  Completely.

What Issues?

(1)  California mandatory vaccine issue – Since the BolenReport is basically a health care newsletter let’s start with that problem.

EVERYONE knows that vaccines are total crap, and help no one except the promoters, including those legislative scum-bags like Senator Dicky Pan..

The anti-vaxxers are storming across the world with the TRUTH.

As I predicted, we made vaccines a major issue in the presidential election, and frankly, it was the anti-vax movement that swung the election to Donald.  No question.

Trump’s appointments at DHHS are anathema to the pro-vaxxers.  The Vaccine Safety Commission will simply finish the job.

The reason that the liberal media doesn’t want any Vaccine Safety Commission is patently obvious – the US Vaccine Program CANNOT withstand competent investigation.

The online videos that documented the liberal Democrat so-called “protests” were very telling.  Alex Jones, covering the Washington march organized by a “Muslim Feminist,” made an important observation.  He said:  “I have never seen so many BETA MALES in one place in my whole life.”

It is obvious what the vaccine program has been doing.  Autism, ADHD, etc., aren’t the only results of an intensive Childhood Vaccine Program.

It looks to me like young, self-styled liberal Democrats, especially in California, have for all practical purposes, via vaccines, been chemically neutered in accordance with globalist Agenda 21 guidelines. I am not joking.  Watch the videos of the so-called demonstrators – what you see is obvious vaccine injury.

Could it be, during election 2016, that a big batch of vaccine damaged Beta Males were looking for a Mommy-Figure, like Hillary Clinton, to tell them how to fold their silk underwear?

Trump’s ideas about the vaccine issue are no secret.

(2) Weather Control in California – there is no argument to say it isn’t happening. Anyone, and everyone, in California that doesn’t live under a coastal haze, can step outside any morning and see the airplanes spraying ObamaDust.  EVERY DAY.

 The creation of a “fake drought” in California was simply a globalist effort to wipe out California’s private industry economic base by:

(a)  destroying California’s Farming Industry in favor of foreign imports controlled by globalists,

(b)  destroying the California Forests so as to devastate Timber Production, Recreation, Tourism, and mining,

(c)  make California’s Forests and landscape BURN so as to drain public fire-fighting coffers,

(d) use the “drought” argument to shut down whole rural communities in accordance with Agenda 21 guidelines.

Then there are the adverse health effects of spraying all of those chemicals on Californians every day.

Trump stopped it all within a few weeks of taking over the White House.

(3) The so-called “Bullet Train” was, and is, to me, simply a Democratic Party land grab, “eminent domaining” a forty-mile-wide swath right through California’s farming heartland.  You can bet that land would end up owned by foreign interests that donated to Hillary’s Presidential Campaign after the dust settled.

No one was surprised to find out that the first of the billion-dollar contracts for the “Bullet Train” ended up in Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband’s hands. Obama was behind the whole thing.

This half-vast project is dependent on federal money – smile here.  It ain’t gonna happen…  

(4)  The so-called California “Sanctuary Cities” are a total scam. The liberal Democrats would have us all believe that those “sanctuaries” are there to protect immigrant children from Trump “white supremacists” or some other nonsense-of-the-moment manufactured at DNC Central.

The REALITY is that those cities are acting to protect the Mexican Drug Cartel operatives from being rounded up by the Feds.  Why?  Liberal Democrats need illegal imported drugs in circulation for a number of reasons.

(a)  According to Author Peter Schweizer of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution  “Liberal Democrats consume illegal drugs at an 8-1 ratio over Republicans.”

(b) Liberal Democrats are into creating more, and more, near-useless government agencies, some of which deal with the problems created by drug abusers.  Stopping the drug flow would stop the need for more government agencies and force massive employee cutbacks in existing ones.

(c)  Liberal Democrat leaders NEED their constituency to be STONED and STUPID so they DO NOT question what those leaders, like “Empress” Hillary, are actually doing.

Trump is going to make an example out of “Sanctuary Cities.”  I can’t wait to hear the lay-down-on-the-floor-and kick-their-feet liberal Democrats’ whine-screaming.

Members of the late Jamiel Shaw’s family join members of Los Angeles Tea Party, and conservative citizens holding rally against the Los Angeles City Council’s vote to boycott Arizona because of its illegal immigration law, outside the Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Jamiel Andre’ Shaw, 17 was killed on March 2, 2008 by a a known documented gang member who had been released from jail on the day before, instead of being deported. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

(4)   “The Wall” – of course the globalist liberal Democrats are against a solid border for a number of reasons.

(1) Hillary Clinton made it obvious she wanted “open borders.”  Why would she think they that was a good idea?  Well, obviously they fit the needs of the one-worlder, destroy America, scumbags.

How?  According to the authoritative National Economics Editorial publication Illegal Immigration Costs California $30.3 Billion A Year—17.7% Of State Budget.”   California, which is home to an estimated 27% of America’s illegal aliens, is at major risk.

The LAST THING we need is a hoard of young Muslim males, like what is happening in Europe, and in some places in the US, raping and burning their way across the California landscape.

 What better way to destroy the California economy than to overload it with illegal immigrants it can’t handle?

(2)  “The Wall”  would literally stop the drug trade.  Democrats, across California, would go into LITERAL drug withdrawal.

But Trump is insistent on providing Americans with an impenetrable safe border.

(5)  Voter Fraud – Just cannot be denied in California.  A full investigation will end in indictments – there is no question.    Democrats live in corruption – look at the DNC emails revealed by Wikileaks.

Trump has already ordered the beginnings of a thorough investigation.

So, What Do Californian’s need to Do Next to Save us All From Globalists?

Gather information.  Take names.  Watch what Trump, and his Washington Teams are doing every day.  Get ready to piggy-back.

Pay close attention to who Trump appoints as the California Federal Prosecutors – not just in Sacramento, but in every California federal jurisdiction.  Read up on how Grand Juries operate.

Read up on how the prison system works, both State and Federal. Pick a place where you think Dicky Pan should end his days – a place where we can all write to the other prisoners informing them of what “Dicky” did to their children while they were locked up…

And, Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen




10 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA – We need to Shut Down the Globalists Completely…”

  1. Happiness would be Pan in the SHU at Pelican Bay, along with the bigwigs from the state department of “health.”

  2. Obama may have continued an ongoing program, but he did not stat it or target California or Florida. Art Bell had a page on contrails, dating back to at least Nov 27th, 1999.  Available on*/
    …The web site was registered on May 6th, 2000, about a year after the “chemtrail” idea was created. The earliest archived page from there indicates a lot of local media involvement, and their archive indicates nothing before 4/24/2000

  3. We’re with you all the way, Tim and friends.
    In a few months’ time, here in Germany, we get another chance to get rid of our “Hilary”. Unfortunately, there’s no visible Donald at the moment.
    Do you have a spare we could use?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  4. I’ve lived in California all my life. The chemtrails you speak of were here well before the Obama Administration. I know. I saw them. They started around the late 90’s… maybe the early 2000’s.

    As far as the rain goes… we’ve had a lot here in this new year. We are almost out of the drought. If Trump is responsible for manipulating the so called Weather Control to put an end to the drought … thank you Trump!

    As far as the chemtrails go… the planes are still spraying here. So for the record, that is something that has NOT been stopped. Will Trump put an end to that? I hope so.

    I look forward to seeing an end to mandatory vaccines.

  5. The globalists are terrified of Trump. Weather Control has been one of their tools.

    California Farmers, and the Forests are NOW getting water and rain – like we used to get ALL OF THE TIME.

    There is spraying, and there is spraying.

    Tim Bolen

  6. Last year starting in March a nationwide spraying program was conducted where they systematically sprayed across the north and south borders, up the west and east coasts, and across the midwest. All over the country people were flooding doctor’s offices and hospitals with flu-like symptoms in the spring: upper respiratory issues with sweating but no fever or body aches i.e. Chemflu. The only thing that relieved my symptoms were cleansing herbs and staying inside with the air filters and diffusing air-purifying essential oils. In California it was the worst I’d ever seen, the entire sky over the High Desert was systematically sprayed, literally blocking out the sun. We were supposed to have a record El Niño year and we got almost nothing. has satellite weather videos showing what they did to break up
    storms rolling off the Pacific and how the spraying pushed the moisture around Southern California, dumping it on Texas and neighboring states which resulted in record level rains and flooding.

    This year we had a completely different weather pattern, a polar vortex from the north, and current man-made interference is no match for such a force. I believe they were forced to pause their activities since they can only spray effectively when the skies are clear and temperatures are warm.

    I did see them spraying a few weeks ago in between storms but nothing like last year. Right now the California Inland Empire air is fresh and the skies are deep blue with neither cloud nor chemtrail in sight. But I don’t think Trump has issued any order to halt the program, I think they had to stop because their public excuse for spraying is either “cloud seeding” or “preventing higher ground temperatures by blocking sunlight to offset drought conditions due to global warming”. With the cooler temps persisting in California along with enough rainfall and snowpack which will force Governer Moonbeam to officially “end the drought” they’ve run out of excuses to spray without bringing mass scrutiny to their agenda.

    Another factor that will throw a wrench in the global warming agenda is the mounting evidence that we are actually headed for a mini ice age based on sunspot activity. Ice ages are historically preceded by periods of warming, which release vast amounts of water previously held captive in the polar ice caps into the oceans and atmosphere, followed by cooling and lots of precipitation.

    I wouldn’t rejoice the end of the spraying program until we get through the spring with no chemtrails. If we notice them ramping up again we need to hit the White House hard with an aggressive, well-organized awareness and protest campaign.

  7. Re: George – and there you have it – no decrease in areas where weather currently permits.

    Trump is not Superman or Jesus. He is not going to save us. He is a part of the establishment backed by casino and mafia money. The idea that the globalists are terrified of him is ridiculous. Believing that somehow everything from here on out is rainbows and unicorns just because Trump won is naive.

    The only thing that will run the globalists out of town is hundreds of millions of informed, awake, and organized citizens of the world, pitchforks and torches in hand, relentlessly battering down the walls of corruption.

  8. They’ve started spraying regularly again here in the Inland Empire. Chemtrails all over the sky. Trump hasn’t done sh*t to stop them. Time to break out the pitchforks and start calling your reps and signing petitions demanding a cease and desist as well as full disclosure of the program.

  9. It’s happening in England too chem trails block the sun it hasn’t rained for 56days… No rain??? In England??? For 56 days??? Baking at 30 degrees all summer god help us all

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