REAL Health Care Reform is on its Way – Dr. Tom Price is Secretary of DHHS…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


When I woke up the day after the Presidential election, I could hardly breathe.  I realized that for the first time in my adult life, I could dare hope that we would have REAL health care reform.

During the campaign, Donald Trump had repeatedly said that he thought vaccines caused autism.   For me, US vaccination policy and laws are the most dangerous, most invasive and most oppressive (read un-American) part of our failing medical system.  I’ll have a lot more to say about infectious disease policy in later articles, but for now, I want to focus on the implications of appointing Tom Price, MD, to the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

What is SO Important About the American Association of American Physicians (AAPS)?

When Dr. Price, an orthopedic surgeon, was confirmed by the Senate, headlines across America pointed out (gleefully  and insultingly)  that he was a member of some whacko medical group that fell far outside of mainstream medical thinking.  Damn Right!  This odd duck group actually believes some weird things like the idea that the doctor/patient relationship is a private one that government bureaucrats ought not be involved with.

The  AAPS takes not one dime of money from Big Pharma for any reason whatsoever.  That’s subversive, right there.  They can’t be bought and are thus, way out of step with most of the rest of the medical industry.  Even more heretical is that they routinely sue the government any time it looks like it might try to run doctors’ offices or interfere with the patients’ unalienable right to make medical decisions on their own without Hillary’s village horning in.

Now, this story is going to get REALLY interesting…

The first time I became aware of the American Association of American Physicians (AAPS), was during the campaign against what I called “Hillary’s Nightmare.”  I was an active member of Ross Perot’s political reform  group, United We Stand America (UWSA), which later morphed into the Reform Party.

UWSA campaigned against Hillary’s Nightmare (the first Affordable Care Act) and after it was defeated, the AAPS sued Hillary to get their hands on the box loads of her secret documents.   The AAPS won the lawsuit and my Fifth District Congressman, Ernest Istook, got his hands on all of them and his staff officially read ‘em all.  In margin notes and various memos, it was quickly learned that in the event the Nightmare didn’t pass, there was a plot afoot to put the village in charge, incrementally, when the Republicans weren’t looking.

FYI, just so you know how outside the drug industry-controlled and financed mainstream medical thought AAPS members are, below is a review of one of the hot items they read about in their official medical journal.

Mandatory Influenza Vaccination for Medical Workers:  A Critique

Dr. Jane Orient to Join Dr. Tom Price and Ben Carson in Receiving Ed Annis Medical Freedom Award.

Jane Orient, MD., longtime AAPS Executive Director wrote an in depth article about what’s wrong with forcing adults to take a flu shot to keep their jobs, especially medical people.   In it, she basically covers the central issues AAPS doctors philosophically support regards the practice of medicine and the issue of vaccinating people.

To practice Hippocratic medicine (the kind espoused  by AAPS members), a doctor is focused ONLY on what is good for the patient.  The patient’s outcome is the physician’s only concern.  Such a doctor is not  counting how much money he or she might make shooting up the patient with an array of profitable vaccines  on some government “recommended” list.  And most certainly such a doctor is not encouraging vaccination procedures just because it might, theoretically, protect somebody somewhere  else in the village.

The Nuremberg Code…

The Nuremberg Code is also a hot issue among AAPS members.   In short, you have to have true voluntary consent before any vaccinating or anything else medically can be done.  Within that parameter, the patient has to have genuine free power of choice, have been informed of ALL possible benefits and possible bad outcomes, and not be in a situation where force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion exists.

AAPS members also question whether or not sufficient scientific study has been done to justify the claim flu vaccines are actually a fully-tested drug product.

Dr. Orient brought up two biggies in my mind.  First, we know that flu vaccines contain a boatload of mercury, something I would avoid at all costs due to my lifetime of illness from mercury toxicity.  The question is, if you had a flu shot every year, which the government is recommending, just how much mercury would be in your system by the time you are 75?

I can assure you from personal experience, mercury quickly collects in your brain and does terrible things to your ability to think straight.  That is why they took thimerisol (mercury) out of children’s mandated vaccines.  So, in the looney way government bureaucrats think, they are now “recommending”, not “mandating”, flu shots for children starting at six months of age and pediatricians all over the country are eagerly vaccinating-for-profit, countless  tiny children with enough mercury to make me, a full grown adult, sick again.

The other biggie Dr. Orient brings up in her article is that nobody has done any long term studies on just what happens to somebody’s immune system if they take flu shots every year.

Keep in mind, every year the flu shot is designed to address yet another variety of germs.  Ergo, you might end up junked up with all manner of germs you were exposed to thanks to that shot and they are all now having a field day in your body.

For me, my immune system, under normal exposure to naturally-occurring germs, does very well, thank you, but with the flu shot, the normal defenses a body has built in to deal with germs, is bypassed by shooting all that muck directly into the interior of a person’s body.  Dr. O does mention that there is evidence to indicate seasonal flu vaccines actually do make you more vulnerable to a novel virus.

There is no oversight of this process…

The whole issue of being able to claim safety for these products by methodically collecting data when something bad happens, is basically non-existent.  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has never worked.  Everybody admits only 10 percent of the adverse events are reported and often by the parents of children or adult victims of severe damage or death .  Doctors and others either have no idea they should be reporting suspected adverse reactions or are instructed not to do so.  Since drug companies are totally protected from liability they don’t care and could be putting pig poop in all those shots and nobody would be the wiser.

Dr. Orient points out another aspect of this matter is that even government planners are immune from  accountability when they arrange liability waivers under the 2006 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA).  This protection racket came up after the Swine Flu disaster of 1976 when thousands of lawsuits were filed resulting in $3.5 billion in damages we taxpayers had to pay.   In 2009, when everybody thought another pig pandemic was on its way, they were glad they’d be resolved of all liability for bad decision making.

Dr. Orient’s report is lengthy and chock full of juicy information every doctor and everybody else should know about.  There have been colossal blunders in vaccine programs that are never discussed in the press, thanks to Big Pharma’s control of the media via big advertising dollars.

Dr. Orient was good enough to inform her own colleagues key information everyone should have at their fingertips as well.  In regards a report she discusses by the Cochrane Collaboration, for example, that reviewed flu vaccine studies, she quotes, “….authors warn that reliable information on influenza vaccine is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies.’”

They also note that “authors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘clearly do not weight interpretation of quality of the evidence, but quote anything that supports their theory.’”

The Bottom Line…

Bottom line, the plot thickens in regards what President Trump has in mind about the vaccine issue.  He’s got Bobby Kennedy out there causing panic in the medical establishment demanding  proof that thimerisol is safe.  Then he selects Tom Price as his secretary of Health and Human Services , whose fellow doctors at the AAPS see things without the aid of payola from Big Pharma.

I urge you to download Dr. Orient’s lengthy and detailed critique of flu vaccines and give copies to your  medical people as well as your elected officials, not to mention your mom who might be urging you to take your  flu shot.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to pop popcorn so I can watch the show.  I can’t wait to see who gets to be top dog at the CDC and the FDA.  Prior heads were the nothing more than marionettes for big pharma.

For anyone who lives in California, you might want to attend the first meeting of Physicians for Informed Consent’s  Major Vaccine Safety Conference.   From the looks of things, everybody who is anybody will be there, so why shouldn’t you be there, too.  Put March 12, 2017, on your calendar.

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst



5 thoughts on “REAL Health Care Reform is on its Way – Dr. Tom Price is Secretary of DHHS…”

  1. Dr. Price is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, not the American Association of American Physicians, as you state in the article.

    Otherwise, good stuff! Thanks for doing the footwork for the rest of us.

  2. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover somebody that really knows
    what they’re talking about on the net. You actually
    realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    A lot more people really need to check this out and understand
    this side of the story. I can’t believe you are not more popular because you surely possess the gift.

  3. Well, the wedge seems to be in the door at last.
    Although it is some years now since I published The Flu Fairy Tale (website of the same name) which shows, I would maintain, incontrovertably that Influenza is a natural healing process and not a disease at all, the strangelhold of the vaccine con men is only now being broken.
    I wonder whether they’ll get up enough steam to repeal the Eli-Lilly Act.

    Further, via Dr. Stefan Lanka, a very substancial reward for proof that viruses actually exist has been on offer for some years. To date, no takers!

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  4. This is an outstanding article which should be read by everyone. The Bolen Reports always were good, they are now becoming even better, essential reading for both public and practitioners concerned with major health issues.

    Government coercion of formerly optional medical treatments is a dangerous trend towards what I call “Medical Fascism”. It is a certainty that if given one such power, the government will immediately seek others. It is as dangerous medically as it is politically.

    We are emerging from a long nightmare of quasi-statism, not only in medical issues but in other aspects of our lives. The welcome collapse of Obamacare paves the way for genuine health care reforms so badly needed by the American people. I shall read the flu article by Dr. Orient with great interest.

    I look forward to more interesting Bolen Report articles, particularly the continued exposure of the activities of a real piece of work government “agency” called the CDC, aptly called by RFK Jr., a “Cesspool of Corruption”.

    I will contact my Congressional representatives and Senators regarding these issues and warnings.

    Thanks !

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