Is Trump Tweeting About Our Book?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

So much is happening around my new book with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, that I’m having trouble keeping up.

A few days ago, Dr. Mikovits did an interview with America’s Daily Report and it got published on YouTube.

Yes, I was very happy because Judy is finally getting the level of exposure she deserves.

That’s in addition to a  long interview with Patrick Bet-David which has received more than a million views, and it probably going to top out at somewhere north of three million views.

That in addition to our books beating the living crap out of everything else in the Virology section of Amazon, with the various versions of our two books, PLAGUE and PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION occupying the TOP FIVE SPOTS!!!

Pretty good considering we haven’t received a book review in a single publication, even though our publisher sent it out to all of them, right?

It gets better…

Two different sources, Michael Moore aka Thomas Paine of True Pundit has been saying that President Trump has started watching interviews of Dr. Judy Mikovits. A second well-placed source told me the same thing.

I try to be calm about these things, knowing that when an issue gets hot there will be a lot of misinformation.  People just get things wrong.  No bad intentions.  For example, I’ve seen Judy referred to as an “assistant doctor” (what the hell is that?) and that she spent “five years in jail without any charges being brought against her” when in reality she spent “five days in jail without any charges being brought against her.”

So, Trump interested in our story? 

Yeah, I WANT TO BELIEVE THAT!  But let me stay a little bit reserved on that one.

Then on Sunday morning, May 3, 2020 (today) he goes and tweets this:

….And then came a Plague, a great and powerful Plague, and the World was never to be the same again!  But America rose from this death and destruction, always remembering its many lost souls, and the lost souls all over the World, and became greater than ever before!

Am I seriously freaked out?  Yes, I am.

We might be on the verge of bringing down the entire corrupt system, folks.

Stay tuned . . .

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively, JD

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plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing, in 2014 and is now available in paperback with NEW material.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.

11 thoughts on “Is Trump Tweeting About Our Book?”

  1. Wow..that’s what I was told 5 years in jail but did not know for sure. Thank you for that correction. I never intentionally print disinformation. I always ask people to use their own discernment cos we all have been fooled at times.

  2. What kind of significance are you giving to President Trump’s tweet about “a great and powerful Plague”. Are you implying he read the book. I am confused. Sorry to be so dense but I want to share in your glee that it has great significance to our movement.

  3. Kent, I am SO happy for you all. I’m sure that she’s tired of telling this story over and over again (I see her misquoted a lot as well) but I haven’t gotten tired of listening to her because there’s so much to learn.

    I have no intention on voting for Trump or Biden but if Trump goes after this crew it would probably be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a president do. I saw his plague tweet and thought the same thing.

  4. I am with Judy and others (Dr. Scott Atlas, Erickson, etc) who come across as 100% non-liars. They need to be interviewed live WITH the fraudsters so they can be revealed better.
    Plus you have to look at a person’s “motivation” . Who amongst them have a financial history with vaccines related to genocide?
    Fauci & Birx have motivation alright.
    How can Trump not know about these two from his advisors and STILL have them on our payroll is the big question. Of all bosses in the world, he is famous for being able to quickly getting rid of the dead weight. Why has he not said : “Fauci, Birx, you are fired!”

    Time is ticking. What we need- yesterday- is to re-open all the schools, nail & hair salons etc etc Lets open it all up everywhere, lets throw away the masks and the 6′ weirdness and finish getting our herd immunity.

    As Judy Mikovits said in an interview,
    people are dying WITH this flu, not because of it.
    When have we ever had a time when someone did not die? People die everyday. Now we live in a time when anybody that dies, we check to see if this flu is in their system and if it is, declare that the cause of death w/out looking at anything else? Why not check for measles or TB or related to the heart disease they had for the past 20 years. So insane that its being carried on this long.
    What is the motivation for this kind of fraud? Deadly disgusting vaccines for all us “free” paid for by Bill & Melinda Gates, how thoughtful of them, they wont even take one because they want you to have it.

  5. The video is David’s rock that hit Goliath Pharma in the head. Its all downhill from here, I will be alive to see Big Pharma’s head cut off.

    I pray for all you pioneers who began this war. It reminds me of bitcoin. First the banks ignored it, then they laughed at it, worked with their corporate media to discredit it, but now they privately invest in it.

    In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I prophesy a revolution in healthcare that will make the next generation healthier and safer. While our children will look back in disbelief at the level of corruption in high places , they will be more in awe at the level of courage in the parents, teachers, scientists, lawyers who went to the front line to decapitate Goliath.

  6. Yesterday i got word that there’s a WHITEHOUSE PETITION to demand TRUMP call Dr Mitkovitz to testify before Congress on the Dr Fauci corruption
    It was just started so we still needed about 90,000 signatures BEFORE JUNE 5th…… about 10,000 so far then…..

    Someone just now posted that the petition is at 28,000 YAY, and if this hits the fan, maybe we can get Dr Andrew Saul and ISOM Doctors on the stand — to detail the date Mar 3rd when their team had already confirmed results on saving 100% of serious&critical ICU patients [IVC] SO TOTALLY SAFE yet Fauci stonewalled it totally, pontificating about NO HOPE OF ANY SAFE SOLUTIONS so MUST SHUT DOWN… no safe drugs… and China wasn’t keeping it hidden… and how uphill it was to get the word out in spite of Fauci/Birx/CDC/WHO and FB/YT….

    Fauci’s pattern will be clear, long standing as well as 2020 election year, dragging us down with his treachery and treason……..

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