Covid-19 – The Bigger Picture?

There is no argument that this plague is real, miserable, and in some cases, deadly.

But what is really happening here?

By Sharon Anshaw

A biological terrorist attack? Certainly. Manipulation of Fear? Certainly. A government Coup? Most definitely.

For a moment, take off your rose colored glasses and let’s approach it from a socialist’s perspective. What a wonderful opportunity to seize control. What a wonderful opportunity to seize power.  As long as the people are already broke, vulnerable, in a panic,  locked at home, unable to support themselves, pay their bills, put food on the table, plus fed a 24/7 diet of anxiety by a totally corrupt and perverted media what better time to take over the country? A golden opportunity for the taking.

No, I’m not a PHD, but it sure doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer – to coin a phrase –  to see what is happening and continues to happen to our country.

Was this virus attack a jumping off point to turn our country socialist? Yes, socialist!

I believe that is what this country’s elites are hoping for. What else do you call this oligarch control we are now under? It certainly is not allowed by the highest law of the land. The United States Constitution.

Our country’s governor’s now have a taste of honey in their mouths and are gleefully embracing this newfound power. Many to the point of abuse. All in the name of “for the good of the people”.  Stay home “for the good of the people”. Social distance “for the good of the people.” Give what you have to them “for the good of the people”.

I, like many others, have questions…

…many questions that the media refuses to ask. Questions that demand answers from the very people who are supposed to Serve Us!  Straight immediate answers that are not made up and fed to everyone so they are all on the same page in their answers.

Questions like;

How come they knew this plague was out there and made no advance plans? Oh yes they saw it. Everyone did, via reports on the internet, if not in communications. Europe was riddled with it.

Why did our government fund the lab where it was “created” in China?

Are you telling me that, still, the doctors don’t know how to fight this?  The officials don’t have a plan to combat this and are stumbling for ideas?  They expect us to believe this type of event was never considered a possibility?  Where is homeland security? Have they been sitting on their hands doing nothing since 9-11? Don’t they have any plans to protect and guard the USA.?

Why are all our medicines manufactured in a foreign country. Have we given our country up to another’s control?

Why are our hospitals closing, our doctors laid off if this plague is so devastating?

Why are you sending infected people into nursing homes, killing our most vulnerable?

If this so contagious, why aren’t the garbage collectors dropping like flies? Same with the medical personnel? Same with the homeless. Why is congress allowed to stay home and still collect their full pay while doing nothing?


Or,….. wait…. Was this maybe the plan all along?

Hmmm now there’s a thought. One really can’t help but wonder if this all isn’t part of a bigger plan. Let’s start looking at some truths before they use double speak to justify what they have done and modify history’s telling of it.

We have all heard of Stay IN “for the better good”, “Stop the spread”, “Flatten the curve”, and my personal favorite “protect the most vulnerable” (have much guilt anyone?). All those clever catch phrases used to get us on board with the idea that we will all be so much better if we shelter in place, become one people meaning we obey and let the government elites do whatever they want. After all they only want to take care of us. Right? We certainly could not do it ourselves. We certainly couldn’t monitor ourselves. They can’t let us assume responsibility for ourselves. After all, that is what the government is for, right?  To control us. Absolve us of all responsibility so we are thankful and genuflect to them and willingly give ourselves to them completely?

You have to admit, they were certainly ready to exploit this…

Their news media expect us to listen to television and movie personalities -paid actors who make believe – in order for us to get the information we need to survive. Keep in mind, these are the same people claiming zombies and vampires really exist and expect us to believe reality tv is truth. They pay the way to get their kids into ivy league schools. I never saw so many signs, so many commercials, so many catch phrases created and circulated so quickly. So many officials jump on the panic lock-down idea.

This is the same government, who takes our money, decides how to spend it, ignores our wishes, then takes away our jobs and our freedoms in the name of itself.

Think about that. We get penalized, we lose everything in some cases and those government workers still have their multiple mansions.  Flaunt their expensive refrigerators filled with designer ice cream.  The same government that is and has been paying itself exorbitant sums, even through all this.  But we should be grateful to them. Be thankful for the crumbs we get, while they eat cake.

I don’t know about you, but this is starting to remind me of the story of the French Revolution. Seems to me, that didn’t turn out so good for those elites…

The only elected person – who is not a politician – who has not gotten a paycheck or compensation is our President. The one, who has all along, worked only for the good of the people.  The only President that refused to take a salary, ever! Who has Sworn and implemented putting the welfare of the American public and America ahead of any other. Make America great again. That slogan that has become a battle cry for the little guy. Even though the press has certainly criminalized that type of thinking from the beginning with the all-out attacks of anything he does 24/7/365 , times all 4 years. And counting!

Now the press is broadcasting their latest ideas. Bail out. Stimulus monies. Have we already forgotten the previous administration? Didn’t we learn our lesson when the big banks and the former president spent so much of Our money that they threw a large portion of the country out of work? Many families also lost their homes. Went hungry. Couldn’t get any kind of work. Even “essential” jobs that the elite still sneer at. Huge sums of monies were given to enemies. Our health care was decimated. But of course, Their salaries continued to raise.

Then, when most have started to get on their feet again from the previous administration debacle, a plague attacks us, and what does the government do? Make loans to each other we will never get paid off. (It is OUR money after all.) Holding off money to the neediest to support their cronies. Allowing universities, art centers, and other elite projects to get unneeded funds while forcing the average person to stay home and not allowing them access to the bail out funds supposedly released to help the people. Starve the masses while they eat cake.

“We are all in this together” they preach.  Umm.. “No. It seems that we are not…”

And what say the American people? Well, being the kind spirited lot that we are, we gave them the benefit of the doubt and everyone stayed home. Everyone willing wanted to do the “right thing”. Everyone listened to the recommendations to “social distance”, catchy phrase that one, and to shelter for the good of all. (definitely a communist idea) It was accepted, without question.

After all, our children for generations have been damaged with medicines said to be beneficial and that are forced onto them by government laws. Then the government-run mandatory schools have manipulated learning so to remove American history or distort it so much to put blame on the USA instead of pride in a country that all others look up to. So much so, they risk death to join us. The curriculums are now dictated. No longer made up by inspirational teachers. They have been predisposed to socialist thinking.

The “leaders” have used this virus, this plague to their advantage. But the People are now seeing that all their recommendations were mostly unnecessary. That the “models” from all the so called “experts” have been wrong.

Very wrong.

Now after all this time, people are starting to realize only certain people had to shelter…

Most food stores remained open the entire time. Most gas stations remained open. Car repair shops, garbage pickup, mail & delivery services to name a few. They used shortages to inflict a panic. To ramp up the fear factor. Good try media. We are also now seeing how the “elites” have been able to do whatever they want during this “lock down”. They golf, go to the beauty salons, go out to eat, swim in their pools, no need for masks while they are out, they must be immune.

Well that’s odd.

Conspiracy theories? No. These are facts…

No matter how they try to manipulate the broadcast of these facts, they are getting out. Getting into the hands of the people. Older generations see these theories and are attacked for speaking out and questioning them. Younger generations just accept them. Why? They do not have the power to reason and think on their own anymore. When once it was 4 vaccines during childhood are now hundreds. How can you put so many chemicals into a body and not have it respond negatively? Harsh? Not really. Test out the theory. Try to see if a millennial can read past the first couple sentences. Have them sit through a movie that isn’t a cartoon take off. Ask them about the truth of American history.
Planned? Well, if you have a society that cannot concentrate or pay attention to all that is going on around them that is an open door for manipulation.

The “conspiracy theories” are time and time again being proven correct now. The  W.H.O. has sided with known attackers. Groups set up by billionaires to tear down countries and ideals and focus on a “one world order” where they are at the top of the pyramid. Money has corrupted them all.

These types of attacks on our country and on the people are becoming more and more frequent…

Along with ideas that are meant to socialize people. These are reinforced in many ways to make them accepted, either by guilt, mob rule, or just overexposure to the point of “just go along with it, it’s easier”.

Using the media groups as their spokespersons certain government persons shamelessly are using this crisis to their benefit to remove our liberties and pad their pockets.

Warning elites; We see the evil forces in place. We see what you are trying to do.

If there is one bright spot in this, NO matter how toxic the media continues to be. NO matter how they try to manipulate the public, the American spirit is alive and well. Even thriving during a government lock-down. The American people are showing that American spirit isn’t geographical. It isn’t held within our borders. It comes from within a person. From living in a country where freedoms are not given, freedoms are a god given right. From existing with that freedom. From breathing that freedom for generations. They may control the airwaves, they may try to dampen our spirits, but they have not completed their control of the people’s minds.


All this is just my observation, but If I can see this, a relative nobody, a Jane Doe, don’t you think many others do also?

Remember; Always question leaders who want to take power from the people.

Do I have a great distrust of the Media and the Government?  Yes, yes I do.

I think the greater question is;

What exactly have They done to earn my trust?

That’s my 2 cents.

By Sharon Anshaw


8 thoughts on “Covid-19 – The Bigger Picture?”

  1. She fails to mention the elephant in the room. The Municipal government is in the 90 day liquidation phase of bankruptcy. Convenient cover.

  2. “There is no argument that this plague is real, miserable, and in some cases, deadly.”? You must be kidding. This whole pandemic is entirely fake, made up of fake science and fake numbers. Unless you blindly believe China when they say that they have found a new virus in patients with very common toxic-air-induced pneumonia. Have you ever wondered why they even looked for a new virus? Three patients with a disease that is so common that every hospital doctor can recognise it within a minute. With a very well-known cause.

    Even if you believe that viruses exist, the fake of this pandemic is so clear that only people who are determined to believe in this new virus will believe in it.

  3. Actually, now that you mention this, Rixta, I realize that I somehow glossed over that intro comment for I was most impressed by the content that followed.
    However, I do agree that it is what I am finding (and therefore basing an OPINION on…) is that this who COVID nonsense is a total lie from the beginning and even master-schemed to roll out this way.
    So, with that caveat, I would like to weigh in that my previous comment is with that condition.
    Still, Sharon, I thought that your other points were well made…

  4. Hydroxychloroquine at very low dose ( Schweps Tonic Water) with zinc should be more properly be classed as a preventative to time and severity of getting and recovering from the “virus”. There are studies done CDC FDA in the early 2000’s on this very thing. There is no profit for Pharma CDC or FDA in this (could mean billions of profits lost and scare the hell out of them re pharma based investment and pension funds that Politicians, Doctors, MSM and other insiders in. )
    Looks like WHO advice may destroy the above mentioned jobs, investments and pensions by their very own brain washed stupidity.

    Look at Indias use of very low dose quinine and zinc as preventative protection for its health care workers.

  5. Sounds like a lame attempt at justification of political prejudice to me.

    Despite being a socialist myself I praise Donald Trump for refusing to be taken in by the blandishments of big pharma. Like probably most Bolen Report readers I see Trump as the best chance to end the dominance of big pharma in social policy. That said, I’m not holding my breath.

    When it comes to Covid19, lockdown has been escaped by Sweden, a country that for years has been regarded as socialist, whilst here in the UK, a Conservative government has gone for draconian anti Covid19 policies. Early on during this crisis, a Conservative MP called for laws that would have prosecuted anyone publishing ‘fake news’ on Covid19 and that would no doubt have included allegations of a connection between Covid19 and 5G or indeed the claimed beneficial effects of Hydroxychloroquine.

    Here in the UK, Imperial College, the university college in the pocket of the drug companies, has the ear of all governments whether left or right. In 2001, our government was socialist and Imperial’s recommendations during our last foot and mouth outbreak led to many fit animals being shot and several farmers committing suicide. Now we see Imperial advising a Conservative government over Covid19 and warnings of the serious implications of such policies being ignored in the scramble to wish to be seen to be doing something.

    Neither political right nor political left is free from allegations of bullying behaviour especially when panic is involved and the population has been whipped up into a state of fear by our corporate media. As the late Frank Zappa pointed out all those years ago, one of the major influences in the world is stupidity. Refuse to accept my word for it if you want, but many of the nonsensical moves during the current panic have more to do with panic and stupidity than socialism.

  6. “We are all in this together.” ?????
    -Who is in it with the people so stressed by this lockdown that they commit suicide?
    -Who is in it with the kids who are verbally and physically abused because parents are so stressed over this lockdown?
    -Who is in it with the business owners whose businesses have failed and they lost their homes due to this lockdown?
    -Who is in it with the families who supported themselves before but now sit in lineups hoping to be given enough food to feed their families?
    -Who is ever going to write an article about all those people?

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