What Group Does Governor “Gruesome Newsome” Plan To Use To Seize Californian’s Guns?

The California Democratic Party, a political party made up of an eclectic collection of societies’ cast-offs, with a strong emphasis on Secular Humanism, has so far, using the fake Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis, managed to shut down jobs, Churches, social events, and just about anything and everything that would encourage Judeo-Christian heterosexual activities…

So, we have to ask – What’s next?

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The answer is obvious.  They’ll be coming after Californians’ firearms.  They’ll need to do that so as to make the steps after that easier.  What would be next after that?

Well, just like in China – (1) Massive mandatory vaccinations of the entire California population, with micro-chips included, so everyone can be tracked, (2)  Cameras in dissidents’ homes, (3)  massive property seizures in rural areas (Climate Change) forcing people into the inner cities.  (4)  Re-education camps.

Is this real?  Yup.  The Democrats are talking about this openly, even in the media.

So let’s ask that question asked above once again. “What Group Does Governor “Gruesome Newsome” Plan To Use To Seize Californian’s Guns?

Why is this important?  Because there is going to be much more resistance to seizing guns, even using a fake CoronaVirus Crisis.  The City of New Orleans used a Crisis to seize fireams during Hurrican Katrina.  They did it, but they paid for it in the long run.  California plans to win up front.

So let’s look at this.

The Choices:  California National Guard, State Police,  Public Employee Union Thugs, ANTIFA Thuglets, Chinese Troops, Drug Cartel Operatives?

Let’s not even discuss whether, or not, the elected(?) California government (Democrats) wants to outlaw guns in the hands of the citizens.  Oh yes, they do.  Very, very much.  Their recent legislative actions say it all.  Democrat legislators obviously drizzle their panties in excitememt when new gun legislation comes up for a vote.

Taking guns away from Americans in California is second in importance ONLY to force-vaccinating California’s children with seventy-four, or more, vaccines per child, so as to destroy their brains, making them the “Deltas” the Democrats need for the next generations.

And as we all know, the California Democrats already won that battle with Senate Bill SB277 .

So, who will it be?

California National Guard – No, it won’t be them.  Why?  Trump would simply nationalize them immediately and ship them off to Texas.  Besides, National Guard people are volunteers and generally understand and follow the US constiturion.

State Police/Highway Patrol?  No, not them either.  There are not enough of them, and they too, have a sense of responsibility to the US Constitution.

Public Employee Union thugs – No, I don’t see them being used either.  It’s not their thing.  They are mainly for carrying big boxes of fake election ballots around between the California precincts.

ANTIFA Thuglets?  – No, I don’t think so.  Why?  Once they were legally unmasked they pretty much lost their courage.

Just imagine one of the USUAL masked ANTIFA creaplet groups approaching the door of  an old couple of Vietnam War era vintage, now in their white-haired early seventies, and demanding their guns.  “Grandma Susie” a three tour combat nurse would calmly whip out her Ruger Super Blackhawk 454 Casull, and fire one magnum round right through the lead ANTIFA thuglet’s mask point.  The effect, of  course of such a magnum round, would instantly separate the thuglet’s head from his/her shoulders, flip it thirty feet into the air, spraying blood over a  fifty foot area, and, of course generate the instant smell of shit as the rest of the thuglets discharged profusely from their anal cavities. “Grandpa Bart” would be calmly standing there fondling his AA-12 combat shotgun, waiting, as it were, to do any cleanup that “Grandma Susie” missed.

No, it won’t be ANTIFA…

Chinese Troops?  –  No, not going to happen even though you would think, considering California leadership’s love affair with Communist Mainland China, that THIS would be the very first choice.  After all, it is well known that California leadership very much wants  to exist as one more Chinese Province.

Why not?  Well, there is this guy named “President Trump” who would see a flotilla of Chinese Troop Ships heading towards the West Coast as a threat to national security.  He would turn to his left, smile at a couple old guys in uniform, who would smile back, nod his head, and they’d all head down to the Situation Room to watch the video of the low-yield nuclear-tipped missles making a small, but effective, and lightly radioactive, hole in the ocean where those Chinese Troop Ships were a few seconds ago.

Nope, it isn’t going to be the Chinese.

So, who is left, you say?

Drug Cartels – Of course.  It is completely logical. After all, in California leadership’s minds the Drug Cartels “owe them” since California has been openly protecting them, and their operations, in the California Sanctuary Cities.  Then too, the cartels have the trained soldiers, well armed by Obama (Fast and Furious).

All California Governor  “Gruesome Newsome” would have to do is deputize them.

Sarcasm intended…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


2 thoughts on “What Group Does Governor “Gruesome Newsome” Plan To Use To Seize Californian’s Guns?”

  1. Some time ago I “saw” how this will end, non-violently, constitutionally but with armed patriots. The coronavirus plannedemic showed us where the jackboot of tyranny has gotten its firmest foothold in society: It is entrenched in Big Pharma and “public health”. I “saw” masses of armed patriots “reading the riot act” in front of such places as public health (vaccine) clinics. The terms: All “public health” types need to leave the premises and not involve themselves in human health “care” again. They leave with their lives and a chance to find other useful employment, but no pensions. Any resources left after such an operation should be used to compensate vaccine injured people and other victims.

  2. Newsom will use the “state guard” (calif. state military reserve) the member do NOT have to be citizens, only sign a federal form N300 to declare intent to be a citizen. Look it up. So illegal aliens will likely make up the majority of the State Guard and their leaders will be “americans” who are really progressive socialist communists.

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