FDA’s 2017 Attack On “Vitamin C Foundation” Has Far Broader Agenda…

Linus Pauling discovered, and patented, a Vitamin C cure for heart disease – that works.

But the Obama-Nation’s “HOLDOVER FDA” won’t let the Vitamin C Foundation, OR ANYONE ELSE, tell you about it…

EVERYTHING that competes for Big Pharma dollars is blocked…

And THAT is Just Plain WRONG…


Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The United States Supreme Court has said of the FDA:

Bans against truthful, nonmisleading commercial speech . . . usually rest solely on the offensive assumption that the public will respond “irrationally” to the truth. The First Amendment directs us to be especially skeptical of regulations that seek to keep people in the dark for what the government perceives to be their own good.”

In the same Supreme Court decision

“The Court further admonished the agency to quit trying to protect favored markets by suppressing information.”

Despite that situation rogue elements of the FDA continue:

to protect favored markets by suppressing information.”

Cherries and Oranges…

William “Bill” Faloon, the head of the famous Life Extension Foundation, and BolenReport Author, published a story back in 2005 about the FDA’s attack on the US Cherry Industry.  He said:

“George Washington cut down one tree. Bureaucrats in Washington, DC, are trying to pull up the whole orchard. On October 17, 2005, letters went out from the Food and Drug Administration warning cherry purveyors that they had better quit telling people that cherries have health benefits or dire things are going to happen. The lucky recipients were warned that it’s illegal to say things like, “The same chemicals that give tart cherries their color may relieve pain better than aspirin and ibuprofen.” estimonials such as “I no longer take any drugs!” had better cease-or else.”

The Cherry article went on to point out that:

“Incredible as it seems, part of the information on cherries that the FDA wants to censor was funded by a different governmental agency. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave the cherry industry a $141,210 grant to investigate the health benefits of cherries so the industry could increase its sales. Tom Dorr, special assistant to the Secretary of the USDA, had high hopes when he handed over the funds that were used to explore the nutritional and nutraceutical aspects of the berry, enthusing that cherry growers “know how to best develop new markets for the cherry industry.”

The FDA does not want the cherry industry to tell people that recent studies show that cherries contain substances that are potentially 10 times stronger than aspirin or ibuprofen for relieving pain. It does not want the public to know that substances in cherries may kill cancer cells and prevent cancer. It makes no difference whether these statements are true. What’s important is that the public not be told that a natural substance (cherries) has been shown to work as well as or better than an unnatural one (ibuprofen). Only drugs, according to the FDA’s legal doctrine, can prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure disease. If something does those things, it’s a drug. And if it’s a drug, it has to be tested for its ability to do those things. In this double-speak world, no natural substance can do anything significant against disease-that is, unless it undergoes testing as a drug. Attempts at slaying this many-headed monster of convoluted truths have only made it grow new heads.”

We Are NEVER Going to Have a Real Health Care situation in America Until We STOP This FDA Activity…

Owen Fonorow, the head of the Vitamin C Foundation, writes in his book “Practicing Medicine without a License…”

“The cost of Healthcare has grown to more than 17% of the entire GDP of the U.S.A.  Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans with an annual death toll over 800,000.

Owen points out that:

Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling said in his last interview

Linus Pauling

“I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of (vitamin C and lysine) … even cure it.”

According to the CDC “Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of these, 525,000 are a first heart attack and 210,000 happen in people who have already had a heart attack.”


Vitamin C is something that virtually EVERY PERSON on Planet Earth has heard about, no matter what language they speak.  A quick search on Google Scholar with the search term “Vitamin C Studies” brings up 2,810,000 results.

In other words two million eight hundred and ten thousand peer-reviewed scientific papers have been written about the benefits of Vitamin C.  But, according to held-over from the Obama-Nation FDA employees, that means nothing.

FDA employees, knowing “We the People” want and need real health care, threaten to jail anyone who tells Americans that they can AVOID a heart attack, or heart disease (and a whole lot more) by understanding, and using Vitamin C regularly.  The human body NEEDS Vitamin C.

The FDA says that Vitamin C must go through twelve years of testing, spending an average of 1.8 billion dollars to “prove” its effectiveness for each claim – like its effect on preventing and turning back heart disease.  And, Vitamin C effects way more than heart disease.

Since Vitamin C cannot be patented no company can, or will, go through this expensive and time-consuming, process.

Can You Imagine How Much Damage These FDA people have Done to Americans?

“We the People” need to take control of the Federal Agencies and fire, or re-assign, current FDA, CDC, NIH, etc. employees.

The DHHS/FDA/CDC/NIH/Big Pharma revolving-door needs to be slammed shut.  Then permanently welded shut…

The “Deep State” knows full well that that is EXACTLY where Donald Trump, on behalf of “We the People” is headed – and they are terrified.

Big Pharma is in a panic.  So, using their minions (while they still have them) in Federal Agencies like the FDA, they arrange these kinds of attacks on manifestations of REAL HEALTH CARE like the Vitamin C Foundation…

But things are about to change…

Enter from Stage Right – Donald Trump…

Several of us, behind the scenes, are advising the Trump Administration on how to get better health care without having to go though a Congress bought off by Big Pharma.

Yes, that’s right, we are….

Robert Scott Bell and Jonathan Emord

Just below is a three minute segment of a radio interview done by my friend Robert Scott Bell.  He is interviewing another friend of mine attorney Jonathan Emord who we have featured often here on the BolenReport.

What we are talking about here is the simple fact that Trump can reverse this Vitamin C assault with a phone call.  Jonathan explains the legal mechanism.  Listen just below.

Life is about to get interesting…

Why Trump Hasn’t been able to do this Already…

No president in the history of America, other than Donald Trump, has had so much opposition to getting their appointees in office so as to proceed to run the US government according to the wishes of those that elected him.


Because “The Donald” promised to “Drain the Swamp.”  And the swamp does not want to be drained.

Big Pharma has spent a fortune buying members of the US Congress, and it owns the liberal media outright.  Trump, working with segments of “We the People,” in the form of 48 of the individual States Attorney Generals, is giving Big Pharma an enema in the court system – both Civil and Criminal over the Opioid Crisis and the “Generic” issue.

Now, Big Pharma’s last ditch hope is to try to SLOW Trump’s appointments to Federal Agencies – for when we get our own people in things are going to change – radically.

“We the People” DO NOT NEED Congress to revise US health care.  We’ve got Donald Trump…

I am going to use the Vitamin C story as an example of what we need to do, and where we need to go, in US health care.

In short, obviously, we need to move COMPLETELY away from pharmaceuticals in US health care.  They cause more problems than they address, much less solve.

What we need is to teach Americans how to become, and stay healthy, and happy.  Our current health care system does the opposite.  It focuses on masking symptoms LONG AFTER there is a problem.

President Donald Trump is seventy-one (71) years old and he is running not only the United States but the entire free-world.  EVERY day the sleaze-oid media throws more things at him.  But, Trump just shrugs it off.  Why?  How?  Because he lives in the REAL HEALTH CARE WORLD  – the one we are heading the entire US towards.

We’ll be telling you all about this REAL HEALTH CARE WORLD right here on the BolenReport.

Yes, we are talking about PREVENTION, and more.  And don’t even start to tell me that “vaccines are prevention.”  They are nothing of the sort.  They have NEVER done anything – the science proves it.  That argument is settled.

The Vitamin C Story…

Vitamin C positive facts have not been reported by a major media outlet for more than twenty years, probably because of the high percentage of advertising revenue the major media receive from pharmaceutical advertising.

This is an atrocity…

Why is this an atrocity?

The cost of Healthcare has grown to more than 17% of the entire GDP of the U.S.A.  Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans with an annual death toll over 800,000.

Take a look at these 2014 annual death statistics:

Major Cardiovascular Diseases [MCD] 803,227
   – Cerebrovascular Diseases [subset of MCD]    133,103
   – Essential Hypertension and Hypertensive Renal Disease [subset of MCD]    30,221
Malignant Neoplasms [Cancer] 591,699
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 147,101
Accidents (Unintentional Injuries) [Total] 136,053
   – Motor Vehicle Accidents [subset of Total Accidents]    35,398
Alzheimer’s Disease 93,541
Diabetes Mellitus 76,488
Influenza and Pneumonia 55,227

But wait, there’s more. Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of these, 525,000 are a first heart attack and 210,000 happen in people who have already had a heart attack.2 https://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/facts.htm

The 735,000 people who die needlessly every year are those who heed their cardiologists advice. The American Heart Association estimates that 63 million Americans suffer cardiovascular disease. More than one million undergo some form of heart operation, and over 15 million are taking statin cholesterol lowering drugs on the advice of their doctor. These popular statin drugs are known to deplete CoQ10 and probably cause heart failure.

If the Pauling genie ever gets out of the bottle… (and we intend to see that it does)…

As Owen Fonorow says: “It is not hyperbole to suggest that within 30 days, 40% of health care dollars spent on cardiovascular disease would dry up.”

Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling

The nonprofit 501(c)(3) Vitamin C Foundation has been promoting Linus Pauling vitamin C research findings for twenty years.

Thousands of lives have been impacted, creating hundreds of testimonials.  

Last March 2017, the non-profit was sent a warning letter from the FDA for posting information about Pauling’s discovery.

(Interestingly, the FDA warning letter deliberately misspelled Linus Pauling’s name as “Lunes Payling” showing that this 2-time Nobel Prize winner is still considered a threat.)

The FDA action effectively forced the Foundation to remove 20 years worth of testimony, as well as links to hundreds of scientific studies, because the FDA considers these links “qualified health claims.”

Unfortunately for all Americans, this vitally important health information about vitamin C is hard to find, and it is not taught in medical schools.

Client:  “You mean if we sold chicken soup and had a study about chicken soup on our web site that found chicken soup was good for the common cold, the FDA could then regulate chicken soup as a drug? 

Attorney:  “Yes.

The Great Suppression

How has this news that an effective, non toxic low cost cure for American’s #1 killer been kept secret? 

Few outside this readership know that it is a federal crime in America for a company to tell people about cures for major disease, if they also sell a product to implement that cure.  Only “drugs” are allowed to prevent, mitigate, treat, cure or diagnosis a disease.

Vitamin C is not a drug, until a company tells the truth about it.

Even so, why would the Federal government attack the tiny Vitamin Foundation now?  I believe it has to do not just with Vitamin C’s effect on Heart Disease, but with Vitamin C’s effect on Cancer…

We’ll tell you about that some other time.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

15 thoughts on “FDA’s 2017 Attack On “Vitamin C Foundation” Has Far Broader Agenda…”

  1. Bravo! Just ordered a fresh batch (I stir 1/2 tsp. of the powder, which is made in Scotland, not China) into 8 oz. of mineral water, and sip it throughout the day. Tastes delicious, like 7-Up without the sugar (When I was growing up 7-Up was the only soda pop allowed in the house, and only used as “medicine” when we were sick, which wasn’t too often). This is about 2g, but more is even better. The FDA is apparently unaware of the existence of PubMed, which is where I learned much of what I know about vitamin C. Our tax money paying for research by one agency, while other tax money is spent to ignore this wealth of research by a different agency. Globalist, fascist swine they are. They are currently attempting to make camel milk unavailable, too.

  2. The very first thing I recall the FDA attacking was walnuts, probably back in about 2000 or so. I could not believe what I was reading/hearing at that time, and it’s only gotten more and more bizarre.

  3. if you really want to end the life-stealing pharmaceutical industry, and especially to anyone who thinks Trump hasn’t already opened the door for us to deal the FDA frankensteins a terminal blow, I am wondering if Trump and Rand Paul’s latest scheme in that Executive Order doesn’t do it….
    It was opening the doors for associations to have their own policy, so just imagine if WE of the natural medical community were to form our own ‘association’ and engage a group of talents to write such a plan that covers us for Ortho-natural-functional medicine first and only.

    I note that the Society of Actuaries had an expert on Blue Zones as their featured speaker for the annual meeting of health actuaries. So far the contact for them has not answered my query, so I don’t know if some insurer has contacted them to wonder about such a possibility. Don’t you wish we had that crystal ball…..

    Looking at the kaiser foundation stats for health insurance claims, which is likely what Tim is doing, it’s clear that such a policy would cost HALF of what the usual policy would cost. Imagine the whirlwind of interest that would erupt in the competitive marketplace…. People are launched on stuff like organic, so seeing such a competition could propel all kinds of turmoil… hospitals would suddenly wake up to serve the bandwagon of followers with coverage and add specialties like we would have no individual power to demand……. maybe that’s why Rand Paul was so excited and Trump seemed gleeful…..

    I can’t wait to see what Tim has up his sleeve on cancer claims and C…. and to top it off, i was just reading Irwin Stone’s work on the use of IV-C as part of the Morbidity Index, that would get us life-saving IV-C the second the EMT walks in the door because that would raise the survival prospects of the accident victim (emergency patient) and complete the all round success that natural medicine has in chronic cases……… ttyl

  4. Short of a libertarian America where the market provides the remedies consumers demand, we need to address the serious harm the existence of the FDA causes. Ron Paul once said that giving FDA power is giving it “power to abuse.” Over the sorry history of the agency it has been divested of some of its power twice: when the EPA and DEA were formed. It’s time and more that FDA were divested of its power over our food. Maybe back in the ’30s when most medications came from foods there was some reason for a Food and Drug agency; now though, we must free our natural remedies from the Fraud and Death Administration!

  5. This is music to my ears. Can’t wait for big pharma to get its comeupence.Linus Paulings protocol is fabulous. Ive been on it for 10mths as a preventative, my BP has come down significantly 155/85 to 117/75 and so too have friends of ours 22/119 to 135/75 in 6 weeks. Amazing stuff vit C .

  6. Dear Tim,

    Thanks for an update on our God-Almighty FDA, and their agreeable profiteers in the Pharmo-Medical Industry.

    I learned of Linus Pauling and the benefits of high-dose Vit.C decades ago, as a university student studying cross-cultural aspects of health care. I watched in horror as a young man as one relative after another went into the hospitals, and came out in a box, often for minor complaints that were exacerbated into life-threatening problems by Medical bungling or deliberate “treatments” with drugs whose deadly side-effects were far better proven out than their supposed “benefits”.

    When travelling overseas, I always took a large bottle of 1 gm. Vit.C capsules that could be ingested, or opened up into powder for a drink. Getting the flu from cramped airline travel or sickened by bad water in third-world nations, I found the Vit.C to be a quick recovery. I’ve ingested as much as 100 gm orally, and know physicians who treat severe influenza and other infectious disorders with IV drips of that or higher amounts. I learned of Pauling’s cancer treatment methods and was very impressed with his logic and data, but was horrified by the abusive treatment he got from the National Cancer Institute, FDA and the whole pharmo-medical industry. Had he not been a Nobel Prize winning scientist, he most surely would have been put into prison by the FDA, which uses SWAT teams to raid non-conforming independent physicians with important new discovery — such as the late Wilhelm Reich, MD, whose books and research journals on his cosmic orgone energy discovery were hauled off to incinerators for burning by FDA goon-squads. Not content to merely throw him into prison for having a new idea, but to actually burn his books. Never in the history of science or medicine have really stupid books or deadly books been banned and burned, only the important books get burned.

    Thanks for your good work educating the public on these matters.

    James DeMeo, PhD
    Author of “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook” and “In Defense of Wilhelm Reich”.

  7. I think the thing to do is not to wait for Trump, but to countersue the FDA for civil rights violation. What do people have to lose after they have lost everything from FDA abuse, other than huge damage awards that could put a total halt to FDA abuse?

  8. Mr Bolen, your claim that vaccines “have never done anything” is preposterous, how can you say this when it is clear that vaccines have caused autism and many other debilitating conditions [obviously I am being facetious] Perhaps it would be better to say they have never done anything good !!!

  9. This morning on my iPhone using Google Chrome and Google search engine I type simply “Vitamin C” no trace or no answer for the Vitamin C foundation OK I typed it fully “Vitamin C foundation” answer: the request URL was not found on this server, OK I will try with my computer…same! OK I will change the search engine DuckDuckgo…one second the page was found…I have no conclusion but read an article on Natural HealthNews about the new algorithms of Google about the natural health links and BigPharma links it is almost hard to believe and a real shame for Google!

  10. I must absolutely add a remark concerning my answer a minute ago
    my search engine on my MacBook is Google so as I said I found the page with DuckDuckdo, I wrote my answer click send, unbelievable…impossible; this page cannot be found… so impossible to post an answer! I took DuckDuckdo again copy paste the URL of the page, copy paste my answer, click send, one second later I saw my answer… Did Google possibly started with such a Mafia’s Behaviour…I hope not but it seems so! (to please BigPharma who probably hates VitaminC foundation?)

  11. I repeated your initial test and before I got all the way through typing the ‘vitamin c foun’, the google search engine had the rest of the last word filled in as a choice…

    And hitting go, the full big display of the vcf featured items from their front page of the vitamin c foundation listing appeared, then next, a 2017 warning listing of the FDA’s complaining right under the big main foundation display,… Then a lot of vcf stuff, plus its facebook page, a couple of its youtube videos, including stuff on Cathcart and Levy and the China-free C, etc… then last on the page the Amazon ads…..

    Now I do access natural health info frequently on my relatively recent Dell, running Windows 7, only that oldie, as I am resistant to upgrade trashy ideas…. So I challenge any other reader to test this themselves to see to what extent there is a problem. ttyl

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