The Politics of the OPIOID CRISIS Is Hilarious…

(Laugh Here)  The Liberal Media Couldn’t Wait to Quote Some Brainless Democrat’s Criticism of President Trumps’s BRILLIANT Handling of the Opioid Crisis…

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The Vaccine and Opioid Crises are very similar, in that the cost to society is horrendous, not only in dollars, but in damage to life and lives.  It seems, on the surface that more people die quicker from the Opioid problem, but Vaccines certainly cause more lifetime damage requiring lifetime care.

For sure American society does not need either problem.  The simple fact is that the same industry, because of greed, has caused both.  Worse, “We The People” have allowed Big Pharma to get away with this activity for far too long.

Taking Back Control of Our Government…

The Obama-Nation, to my mind, CREATED the Opioid Crisis when they let the then head of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg, and her husband, make hundreds of millions of dollars on Big Pharma stock the greater part of which was a pain-killer she approved against the advice of 11 out of 13 top FDA scientists.

Big Pharma’s opioid peddlers, under the Obama-Nation, had free reign – and they addicted millions of innocent Americans.

Now, to hear political nitwits like Nancy Pelosi talk, the answer is to throw lots of money at the Opioid problem in several different forms – ALL of which DO NOT solve the problem, BUT, would certainly reward the drug companies with more product sales, and would, as ALL Democrats love, CREATE massive new Public Agencies, with millions more employees, which would NEVER go away.

Yeah, you read that right.  Pelosi wants to throw MORE drugs and more money at the Opioid Crisis.

What’s the Money For?

(1)  Democrats want to inject mountains of cash into the existing failed ObamaCare system letting that system buy more drugs to counter the opioids, from the SAME people who pushed the opioids on America.  This isn’t a joke…

It is simply a formula to create a single-payer health care system where everyone gets the same overpriced, nearly useless, health care offering.  These IDIOTS want Trump to use FEMA (natural disaster) money to prop up ObamaCare.

(2)  They also want to create more MASSIVE and UNIONIZED, State and Federal Agencies…

The OPIOID Reality is…

According to a CNN story:

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 33,000 lives were lost to opioid overdose in 2015, nearly half of those involving a prescription opioid. In fact, three of four new heroin users start with legal narcotics, such as oxycodone or hydrocodone. These legal painkillers are chemically similar to or derived from the poppy plant, like heroin.
Opioid overdoses have quadrupled in the United States since 1999. Drug overdoses, most of them from opioids, are the leading cause of accidental death, killing more people than cars or guns.

The move by these chief law enforcement officers comes more than two weeks after Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a lawsuit against five drug companies, accusing them of misleading physicians about the risks of opioid medications. “

According to CNN once again:

“The state of Ohio is suing five drug companies, accusing them of fueling the opioid crisis there by misleading doctors about the risks of addiction.

“The lawsuit names Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, and four other manufacturers of opioids: Teva Pharmaceuticals, Allergan, Endo Health Solutions and Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).

“These drug manufacturers led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive, that addiction was an easy thing to overcome, or that addiction could actually be treated by taking even more opioids,” Attorney General Mike DeWine said in a statement.

They knew they were wrong, but they did it anyway — and they continue to do it,” he added.

The lawsuit likens drugmakers to tobacco companies, setting up supposedly impartial outside organizations to conceal the danger of their products.

“And these groups, of course, were promoting the product and saying it’s not very addicting,” DeWine told CNN’s Poppy Harlow and John Berman. “Their sales reps were going out and telling doctors this is really not very addicting.”

All this pushy Pharma activity should sound VERY FAMILIAR to anti-vaccine activists.

But Trump is Standing Firm…

According to political pundits Trump had two choices, two different directions to go, to begin to solve the Opioid problem.

(1)  The first was to declare the Opioid Crisis to be a National Emergency.  This would make FEMA funds available.  Billions, if not Trillions of dollars could be printed up (like under Obama) poured into funding some wild-eyed spending spree.  Our National Debt would go from twenty trillion to two-hundred-forty trillion overnight.  Drug company income would soar – bringing in the fox to guard the henhouse…

(2)  The second was to declare the Opioid Crisis to be a National “Public Health” Emergency.  This approach just freed up some Public Health Money – a re-allocation of funds, as it were.

So what Public Health money could be re-allocated?  Why, the childhood Vaccine program looks to me like a good place to start.  We could re-direct billions of dollars AWAY from vaccines and solve the Opioid problem at the same time

Two Birds with One Stone?…

Trump is taking the State Attorney General approach and putting the blame RIGHT WHERE it belongs – on Big Pharma.

Breathe a sigh of relief…

We have a REAL President in the White House…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


5 thoughts on “The Politics of the OPIOID CRISIS Is Hilarious…”

  1. 1st
    Deplorable Tim,Thank you for putting a name on who ruined my marriage. I already know how my boy got ADHD!
    Margaret Hamburg, shouldn’t we throw GMO’s in this? Remember when the beetle had sex with a cigarette for the wonderful swine flue vaccine? Round up already in all the vaccines. Dicamba very soon, and in the near future 2,4-D.
    Pelosi. Don’t read a contract before you sign it. You almost made me black out from laughing.
    Thank God for Trump and the “Basket of Deplorable’s.
    I think the vaccine and GMO people need to unite. Double the numbers of organized people over night.

  2. I don’t know whether this distracts or confirms our image of government regulators as unethical and willing to do massive harm to unknowing people as guinea pigs but the book published recently (titled BEHIND THE FOG by Martino-taylor) has aroused some USReps Clay, Sherman and Cooper to claim they want an investigation of the Cold War experiments the military did… which would raise people’s view of govt providing healthcare to poor children and pregnant women when they were actually guinea pigs………

    Visions of injecting radiation laced chemicals or giving radiation-laced medicines should make people’s skin crawl and resonate with the vax scandal if the furor gets any notice by the yet-unbelievers…

    while looking around the health insurance areas, i saw that at the latest health insurance actuaries annual meeting, they had a featured speaker on,,, drum roll .. BLUE ZONES… an idea that how you live and what you eat and access to natural care does allow people in such places (a couple Mediterranean, one taiwan, Calif 7th Day Adventists, etc) to live active, pleasant lives past 90 in 33% or more of the population….. Now does that mean the Society of Actuaries has some openly thought about ideas that our USA life, food and health care are bad medicine……

    I really want to see whether an ‘association policy’ and ‘across statelines’ could be put together where we specify only ortho-bluezone-functional medical care would be covered, which would fit Trump’s EXECUTIVE ORDER to get around the Obamacare mess with Sen Paul’s idea to COMPETE!! with the openly recognized-as-failed USA medical hegemony..


  3. has anyone tried Iboga or Ibogaine? a one hit wonder to get off addictions without withdrawal symptoms. sounds amazing. read 1st chapter of The Noble Lie, or go on line and get the manual.

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