Black Lives Do Matter – Take Action…

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

To me the single most important health issue in America today is that vaccines are causing such collateral damage to our children.  We are facing a health calamity that will not go away until ALL AMERICANS stand up and demand a full investigation.

According to Barbara Loe Fisher, head of National Vaccine Information Center:

We want government officials to explain to us why our country, which spends the most on health care and has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, is crippled by a chronic disease and disability epidemic that costs more than two trillion dollars a year and has created the sickest child and young adult population in America’s history:

1 child in 6 learning disabled; 

1 in 9 with asthma;

1 in 10 diagnosed with a mental disorder;

1 in 13 severely allergic to food;

1 in 20 epileptic;

1 in 50 developing autism;

1 in 400 with diabetes

and millions more struggling with other kinds of brain and immune system damage marked by chronic inflammation in the body.

Here at The BolenReport we have made it plain that unless we ALL stand up, nothing will change…

Here is my challenge to ALL black organizations who really want to prove they believe BLACK LIVES MATTER.

NFL Players – stand up and hold up signs that say, “Black Lives Matter – Investigate why Black children suffer more death and disability from vaccines than all other children by far!”

Members of Black Lives Matter – why are you still silent about the crisis in your own community regarding vaccines?  I see nothing on your website or in your social media messages about this human calamity.

NAACP – Where were you when the CDC was caught red-handed targeting black children here in the US and abroad to secretly test a new vaccine without parental consent.  And, where are you now?

FACE FACTS:  The relative risk of severe autism is 152% higher among U.S. born blacks as compared to U.S. born whites, and an astonishing 263% higher among foreign-born blacks.

From what I can see, the only large black organization that has ever cared about the health of Black children is the Nation of Islam. 

And, please note this:  All the rest of us NON-Black people who not only carry a heavy load to protect both Black and non-Black children from dangerous and sometimes deadly vaccines, get a lot of insults thrown in our direction for our efforts!

President Trump’s appointee to clean up the vaccine swamp, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., issued his weekly report. 

Here it is.  Please circulate it to everyone you know including your elected officials.  See instructions at the end of Kennedy’s article.

Parents’ Rational Concerns About Vaccine Safety – by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A note from the World Mercury Project Team:

In June of this year, at the invitation of the Rochester Minnesota Post-Bulletin, World Mercury Project Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. submitted the following article for publication. The newspaper had invited Mr. Kennedy to submit an editorial after he complained about inaccuracies in the paper’s reports on the Somali measles outbreak.

While initially agreeing to publish the article, Post-Bulletin executive editor Jay Furst ultimately declined to run the piece. The paper made the decision in late September following almost four months of revisions, discussions and email exchanges with Mr. Kennedy. Furst explained that after five months of trying, the publication had been unable to find any public health official or pro-vaccine advocate willing to write a rebuttal or refute the facts outlined by Mr. Kennedy. 

Mr. Furst explained that Minnesota public health officials shown the article had made a generalized complaint that it was inaccurate, but that they refused to be specific about their claims or to provide citations.

None of the many public health officials and vaccine advocates contacted by the newspaper were willing to go on record or to provide a rebuttal editorial. Nevertheless, Mr. Furst explained that because of the controversial nature of this issue, the editors felt that they could not run the article without a companion rebuttal piece.

Once again, public debate regarding the safety of the $46 billion vaccine industry has been muzzled. Mr. Kennedy says that Mr. Furst was genial, diligent, and professional in all their interactions, and genuinely apologetic about the outcome. According to a Minnesota Department of Health press release, the state’s measles outbreak was over by the end of August with 79 confirmed measles cases and no reported deaths or disabilities.

This winter, Minneapolis area health officials reported 76 measles cases among Somali-Americans. Mainstream media outlets, most recently, John Oliver in a 28 minute rant, vilified Somali-Americans for low vaccine rates and blamed Andrew Wakefield, MD and the so-called “anti-vaccine movement” for misleading Somalis about vaccine safety. Like most other journalists, Oliver never explained the story behind this story; the children of Minneapolis’s Somalis suffer  the highest known rate of severe autism in the world—one in 32, according to University of Minnesota researchers.

Many Somalis believe that their children’s injuries are related to vaccines. “My perfectly healthy son started having seizures within minutes after his 18-month vaccines,” Abdulkadir Osman Hassan told me in June “and the seizures have never stopped.”  Hassan’s boy, now 14, is severely autistic. “I quickly determined I was not alone.”

Somali parents had already started a support group and were sharing with each other the terrible reactions their children were having to vaccines. “We don’t have a word for autism in the Somali language,” explains Hassan, who has an Associate’s Degree in Childhood Development.   “We never saw it in our country. We never heard of it. The adults in our community don’t have it, only our children.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. met with Somali American families in Minneapolis this past June to discuss vaccine safety concerns within the community. Pictured clockwise starting left: Ikram Mohamed, Mr. Kennedy, Abdulkadir Osman Hassan, Suhur Abdi, and Abdirahman Abdi.

Hassan immersed himself in the science trying to understand what had happened to his son. “We researched vaccine safety long before we knew there was an ‘anti-vaccine movement’. I read the scholarly studies and I read 14 books and I cried every time I finished a book because it’s exactly what happened to us.”  Hassan complains that, despite a decade of pleading from his community, public health officials have refused to investigate the high occurrence of autism in their community or to explain whether Somalis have increased susceptibility to neurodevelopmental injuries from vaccines.

. . . is baffled that no one seems to be reading the science, “We can read the science ourselves. Why is nobody reading the science?

Hassan says he is baffled that no one seems to be reading the science,We can read the science ourselves. Why is nobody reading the science?  The media insults us by claiming we were misled, and that we don’t know what we saw with our own eyes.”

The Minnesota Somali parents’ concerns are not unfounded. Both science and anecdotal evidence suggest that Africans and African Americans may be particularly vulnerable to vaccine injuries including autism:

On February 29th, a Danish government study by a prestigious team of Scandinavian scientists found that the DTP vaccine, the world’s most widely-used immunization, while protecting African children from Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, was wreaking havoc with their immune systems. Vaccinated children were dying at up to 10 times the rate of unvaccinated children.

In August 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a CDC senior vaccine safety scientist, confessed that his bosses at CDC ordered him and three other scientists to destroy data showing that black boys who received the MMR vaccine prior to three years old, as the CDC recommends – were 3.36 times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than those who waited. This effect was not observed in other race categories. Nevertheless, when the CDC published the study results in Pediatrics in 2004, the agency omitted the destroyed data, fraudulently declaring it found no risk of autism from the MMR vaccination.

A recent Mayo Clinic study shows that Somalis’ antibody response to the rubella component of the MMR vaccine is twice as high as among Caucasians. That finding may support parental reports of regression of Somali children into autism after vaccination.

A 2014 study published in Pediatrics, showed higher rates of autistic disorder among African Americans in Los Angeles County compared to Caucasians. The relative risk of severe autism was 152% higher among U.S. born blacks as compared to U.S. born whites, and an astonishing 263% higher among foreign-born blacks.

Perhaps most tellingly, a 2010 study in Stockholm, Sweden, replicated an earlier study by the same team showing a 4 to 5 times increased risk of severe autism in Somali children compared to non-Somali children. The Minnesota Somali parents’ concerns about increased autism risk are not unfounded.

There has only been one confirmed measles death in the US since 2003, an immune-suppressed female hospital patient who suffered complications from subsequent pneumonia. A 1983 French study of 4.2 million people, when measles vaccination rates were less than 20%, showed the risk of death from measles was 1 in 1,785,000 and the risk of disability from measles was 1 in 2,083,000.

Maybe it’s time to stop vilifying them and start listening.

Somalis, frustrated by the indifference of public health officials and wondering whether to vaccinate their children, might reasonably calculate that contracting measles in a Western country has low odds of a serious outcome. Clearly, the odds of death or disability from measles must seem better than 1 in 32 odds of getting autism. Maybe it’s time to stop vilifying them and start listening.

Here is how to get in touch with your state and federal officials:

 Remember:  Actions speak louder than words!

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst







9 thoughts on “Black Lives Do Matter – Take Action…”

  1. Elissa, wish it were true, but let’s be real, more accurately NO LIVES MATTER, at least to the soulless and bought, only perhaps in the amount of $$$ they represent. With House resolution 327 (vaccine fairy tale bill) being introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff (Prostitute-Burbank,CA), whom Trump too KINDLY calls ‘sleazy and biased’. and 33 of Schiff’s Washington Brothel partners it clearly shows what this nation of caring individuals is up against in this vaccine Holocaust. Dollars matter, not lives, Black OR white or any other color, only the color of GREEN in big denominations!

  2. Definitely, No Lives Matter to these California prostitutes who are now proposing to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, per Schiff and his California contingent behind that ‘vaccine fairy tale bill’, backing up psychiatric bimbo Rep Jackie Speier claiming Trump is acting erratically. How much longer til we have no support for RFK, Jr’s agenda.

    For those who haven’t seen the fairy tale, here’s a link and gist:
    Introduced in House (05/16/2017) Rep Adam B Schiff (D-CA-28)

    Commends the international community, health organizations, the private sector, school and community leaders, and faith-based organizations for bolstering health through vaccination.

    Recognizes that the lack of vaccination can cause a public health crisis and that there is no credible evidence that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults.

    Encourages a continued commitment to research to improve vaccines and develop new vaccines.

    Urges parents to follow the scientific evidence and consensus of medical experts in favor of timely vaccinations to protect their children and their community
    Makes you want to gag…..
    One third of the co-sponsors are CA, 36 total. NY 5, otherwise sparse per state.

    We may need to deal with the fantasy of psychiatric diagnostics currently sanctified by FDA/etc as thoroughly false and with no verifiably testable symptoms in their diagnoses compared to the functional medical tests and orthomolecular clinical and research bases, now explored by the autistic and vaccine injured community with major nutrient and gut-brain axis mostly confirmed.

    We hold the key to demolish the attack on our lone support in the White House. Are you ready?


  3. I’m feeling hopeful after listening to our First Lady speak about the young man suffering from ADAHD and other issues take his life at 21! She will be the one to bring Pharma to their knees… slowly coming through the back door, you watch mark my words …. Repeal the 1986 vaccine bill !!!

  4. Elissa Meininger

    Excellent article. I wrote a letter yesterday that I didn’t send to my Big Pharma whores in Washington and in Minnesota. The reason I didn’t send it (thank God) was because I thought it would bring the Feds crashing though my doors and windows. Rappaport and Bolen really lit my fuse! I know I pushed the envelope with my call the other day on why there asses aren’t in gear about Thompson yet?

    Those so called representatives don’t give a damn about any lives. All they give a shit is how much blood they can suck out of the tax payers.

    I’m a big football fan. I love to go to the bar and watch the games with my friends. Them cry baby millionaires are just jumping on the wagon. If they really gave a rats ass, they’d be on this site and waking up. I think the season is about 1/2 over. I seen one game and don’t really give a rats ass if I see any more.

    “I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.”
    Edward Everett Hale

  5. Fat chance on repealing the 1986 law compared to the idea that ‘other’ countries don’t allow drug advertising direct to consumers, so NOW THAT WE HAVE AN OPIOID EPIDEMIC, PERHAPS WE SHOULD ELIMINATE THOSE PHARMACEUTICAL ADS, LIKE Y’ALL DID TO CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL…… as our main message, loud and straightforward and immediately urgent in all the media and political players’ radar

    And while we’re at it, this message highlights the psycho-fraud ‘science’ that prescribes opioids for everything their ‘science’ FAILS TO UNDERSTAND….. and thereby protect our support in the WhiteHouse from the california vax attack, claiming Trump is non compos mentis under the psycho-fraud diagnosis of ‘erratic behavior’ in their fantasy opinions..

    Two big ones with one stone….

  6. How about this a simple step. Why can’t Kennedy Jr. and those docs in the know etc., help us all organize advertisements to be ran on T.V. alerting the public to the TRUE amount of damage being done by vaccines and how we can all make them at LEAST safer. (remove toxic adjuvants as a FIRST step).Yes I know it costs $$$, but I and many others would likely donate to the fund IF we could see real results. Commercials by Citizens for Vaccine Safety might be a good starting pioint to help overcome the lies and distortions being dumped on an unsuspecting public by the Profiteers.

  7. W.Kabler

    I don’t watch TV much anymore. Especially the news, but wasn’t 4 out of 5 ads by big pharma.

    But maybe a late night infomercial sponsored by a bunch of lawyers, and a class action lawsuit for victims of autism against the MMR vaccine? We have Dr. Wakefield’s work, Dr. Swanson’s finding a bulls eye correlation with Autism and glyphosate, Dr. Thompson’s whistle blowing about the CDC MMR study in 2004, and Drs. Seneff’s and Samsel’s finding’s of how much round up in vaccines. MMR was the worst. All the collusion, coercion, and corruption is coming out now.

    The MMR was really high in glyphosate. In my opinion I think they glyphosate angle could fly. After that Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague last year, Europe is in a major stink over it.

    Now with the law suits in 15 states over dicamba ready crops drift killing round up ready crops. This could be several birds with one shot.

    Glyphosate isn’t even listed on the label of any of them vaccines. I know there use to be a truth in labelling law. I know 2,4-D is already in the works now.

    Maybe have congress pass a law to force them to have an agent orange enema every year to kill all the round up ready bacteria up there ass? After all, we want our lawmakers to stay safe!

    Just my two cents. We all know how lawyers love the smell of blood. Opiods now have round up in now thanks to Al-CIA-duh

  8. One more piece of the picture of where we are and going… apparently Trump’s DOJ is filing charges against the major drug ceo and a half dozen of his top executives with prison possibilities for their rico crimes in pushing an opioid to MDs (fentynyl) that is prone to overdose deaths. Rather relevant to the mood changing in ‘medicine’ and ‘law’…… It would seem logical to wonder what role the fda had and why no heads are rolling there since iirc the head of the fda approved that drug over significant opposition — both internal and external…..

    And there’s the class action lawsuit in Ohio against an opioid manufacturer as well as the Federal one..

    So I say again where are the pink slips or worse at the FDA, etc,,,,, is the attack on the corporations a govt-protecting-their-own game by sacrificing a targeted regulatee? as if the regulator was diligent but outrun.. total lie.

    What’s your take on what’s going on, as a response to major death rates from opioids and public outcry supposedly pushing for reform..? Do we fit the media appetite or would we be diminished in the shadow of their hanging show pieces.? just Imitators?


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