TRUMP Smacks Big Pharma AGAIN – Two In a Row…

Big Pharma is the ENEMY of America…

To me the average Big Pharma CEO should die in a prison in a cell deep down underground beneath a leaking sewer line coming from the leprosy ward.

From what I am seeing lately, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and about 48 of the 50 individual State’s Attorney Generals agree with me….

Big Pharma has earned this…

Let’s get to it.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Big Pharma greed has backfired.  It started,  I think, in California, when Big Pharma funded for election a State Senator named Richard Pan MD whose SOLE PURPOSE was to carry legislation (SB 277) making Childhood Vaccines mandatory in California ignoring the reality of vaccine damage.

When aghast California parents went to the State Capitol, Sacramento, with vaccine damaged children in tow to point out the problem of vaccines, the liberal Democratic Party controlled legislature SHUT DOWN in their faces to celebrate “Gay Pride.” 

That California legislature DID PASS SB 277 – and in doing so caused two things to happen – (1)  A small anti-vaccine movement became a HUGE WORLDWIDE anti-vaccine movement, almost overnight, and (2) both the California and the National Democratic Party leadership “Came Out Of the Closet” so-to-speak right in front of the American Public.

That “Coming Out Of the Closet” gave Americans CLEAR CHOICES for November 8th, presidential election 2016.


Big Pharma Controls the Liberal Media…

How well is THAT working for them?  (Snort here)…

70% of the advertising during the Main Stream Media (MSM) is from Big Pharma.  There is no question that Big Pharma controls every subject, concept, word, gesture, point, background imagery, etc. of the Nightly News.  They do.

All that negativity is intentional.

It is Big Pharma that directs the constant attack on president Trump, and hence, on the American people who elected him to fix problems, including health care.

Let’s shut them down completely.

How Trump is Dealing With Big Pharma…

Congress CERTAINLY IS NOT HELPING.  399 of 435 US Representatives, and 97 of 100 US Senators WALLOW in 2016 election cycle Big Pharma cash.

As president Trump says of Big Pharma: “They contribute massive amounts of money to political people,” Trump said during an impromptu news conference, turning to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was standing to his side. “I don’t know, Mitch, maybe even to you.”

So what does Trump do?  He goes out to the States and enlists their Attorney General’s help to FORCE Big Pharma to its knees delivering a new message – “There’s a New Sheriff in Town.”

When you get 48 of 50 State Attorney Generals to sue the same companies all at once, Big Pharma gets the message.  In fact, there are then 49 new Sheriffs in town.  And when you raid their offices, and homes, with Agents and Police, even Big Pharma gets the idea that all that money spent on Congress and the liberal media isn’t going to protect them now.  The jig is up…

Right about now there are Big Pharma Executives wondering how much Trump knows about their own participation in the liberal media “Trump Bashing” – wondering what countries out there do NOT have an Extradition Treaty with the US – and what life might be like living there.

The “Generic” Issue…

First the Opioid issue – now Generics.  Guess what comes next…

Fox News tells us in their October 31, 2017 article titled:

Jepsen Expands Investigation Into ‘Pervasive’ Price-Fixing By Drug Companies

Connecticut and 45 other states are expanding their investigations into alleged conspiracy and price gouging by at least 18 generic drug companies, state Attorney General George Jepsen said Tuesday.

The latest legal actions include lawsuits against 12 additional drug companies — bringing the number of generic firms involved to 18. Jepsen said that, for the first time in the multi-state probe being led by his office, two drug company executives have been targeted as defendants in lawsuits.

Jepsen said the number of generic drugs involved in the investigations has also risen, from the original two medicines to 15. He said the collusion among companies increased some generic drug prices for consumers by as much as 1,000 percent.

Consumers “have been paying exorbitant prices they shouldn’t have to pay,” said Jepsen. He said many of the drugs involved provide “significant help to people to live.”

Generic drugs are a $75 billion-a-year industry in the U.S.

The original state lawsuits alleged that the companies involved “entered into illegal conspiracies in order to unreasonably restrain trade, artificially inflate and manipulate prices and reduce competition” for two drugs: doxycycline hyclate delayed-release, an antibiotic, and glyburide, an oral medication for diabetes.

“We allege in this [new] complaint that the defendant companies’ collusion was so pervasive that it essentially eliminated competition from the market for these 15 drugs in its entirety,” Jepsen said. “Every time we kick a door in, we make new discoveries.”

You can watch Connecticut Attorney General George Jepson on a one minute video explaining the issue by clicking on the link just below

As I Have Said Before…

“We the People” Do NOT Need Congress to revise US health Care.  There are perfectly good OTHER WAYS.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “TRUMP Smacks Big Pharma AGAIN – Two In a Row…”

  1. I just heard this morning MN Atty Gen. Swanson is going after 6 drug companies! The house of cards is falling! Good work Tim and all the rest! Were kicking some serious ass now!

    Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filed a lawsuit with 19 other states against six prescription drug manufacturers. Swanson says industry watchers noticed something was wrong because generic drugs increased in price 373 percent between 2010 and 2014.

  2. But what about vaccines? After all this time in office, why hasn’t Trump done anything about vaccines? As far as I can tell, there is no commission examining them, there appears to be zero action taken.

  3. Bill – I do know what is going on. I\ll be doing a story about that soon. And, YES, there is good stuff happening in the background.

    Tim Bolen

  4. wipe the crooks out –no more payola to DRS and send pan to korea–sick of what the profession has become and yes I am a DR

  5. We need to replace Jeff Sessions, however. He is trying to have marijuana completely regulated under FEDERAL law, where it is still considered a Class 1 drug and it’s a felony to possess it. How is that going to help anyone who uses it medicinally, and how is that ever ever ever going to help empty the jails of people who are in there on penny-ante, trumped up charges? Does Sessions own part of the prison system or what is his deal? He is blind to the realities of this “herb” which should not even be classified as a drug anymore.

  6. President Trump, despite his knowledge that vaccines are injuring thousands of children, has yet to act in response to Counsel Kent Heckenlively’s White House and FDA Petitions. Please let Trump know here:

    At the beginning of the Trump presidency his administration had a special link to receive information and recommendations. This well-researched White Paper was presented to the new Administration. We have yet to hear back:

    We remain hopeful that President Trump will act as he promised during the campaign. Please share the link to keep the pressure on the Administration!

  7. A very informative article. Some of us dont understand how things work until Tim Bolen explains it in his incomparable manner. thankyou very much Time.

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