The Anti-Vax Side Needs a Master Persuader…

Trump Would be Best, But Scott Adams Could Also Do the Job…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

If we want to prevent a world-wide collapse of the human species from vaccine damage we need to figure out some better messaging.

Please do not take this as criticism of what others have done in the past. If government, industry and the public health authorities had responded in a reasonable manner, none of what I am about to say would be necessary.

We need a master persuader who can blow a hole in the commonly accepted belief that vaccines are the only thing holding back a tidal wave of infectious diseases which would decimate humanity.

Scott Adams and Dilbert

About two years ago I was introduced to the work of Scott Adams. Adams is best known as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, but is becoming known as one of the few people to forecast the rise of Donald Trump.

Adams does not credit the rise of Trump to fears about immigration, economic uncertainty, or the continuing threat of terrorism, but to the simple fact that Donald Trump is a master persuader. He has a new book out, Win Bigly, which is about the rules of persuasion that Trump used so well in the last election.

Probably the most important observation that Adams makes is that a master persuader understands that people do not make their decisions based on facts, but rather on emotion.

Once that “emotional” decision has been made, they find the facts to justify their position.

Think about how you came to your current “anti-vax” or “pro-vaccine safety” position. You probably took your previously healthy child to a well-baby visit, thought nothing about them getting their vaccines, then when you child suddenly changed, you had an emotional reaction. I know I did.

Adams makes the claim that 90% of our decisions are based on emotion. We find the facts to support what we feel later. In fact, it’s only in the 10% of the decisions we make in our life that have no emotion attached, that we actually review the facts and come to what would normally be thought of as an informed choice.

In his new book, Win Bigly, Adams recalls how Trump so masterfully won the immigration argument. He used EMOTION FIRST. He talked about Mexico “not sending their best people” and said that among them were “rapists and murderers” and “probably some good people.”

I only had to think of driving down to my local Home Depot store, and seeing the group of Hispanic men waiting outside for somebody to pick them up for a day of labor to cement that image in my mind. So many ideas spring to my mind when I see those men.

On the one hand I think of how horrible it is that they are being taken advantage of by the dominant society. Another thought is more personal. Would I ever pick up one of these men and let them work around my family? No way. This entire scenario is what would be called a cluster-**ck. How does our society allow this to happen?

Trump had emotionally moved me, then provided the answer.

A BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT. Has there ever been a simpler solution?

Now, I know what some of you are thinking…

Trump is a demagogue. How will he ever round up all those people and deport them? This is where the insight of Scott Adams is so valuable. A master persuader is interested in moving you to a certain position. Emotion is the fuel. The details will come later.

Now, will there be a wall across the entire southern border? No. But there will be more barriers. And there will be a new appreciation among those that are thinking about making the trip that maybe it’s not such a good idea. As I understand it, illegal border crossings are already down 70%.

This has made some people proclaim, TRUMP IS THE WALL.

Are we going to deport all the illegal aliens? No. Will we deport the violent and criminal ones? Probably. There have already been many more such deportations. Do you see how simply talking about an issue in the right way can so clearly move the discussion?

When I read Scott Adams, it makes me realize that the MESSAGING ABOUT VACCINES HAS BEEN ATROCIOUS.

We want to sound reasonable, and so we say we’re not against vaccines, just don’t force them on us.


They don’t use a factual argument against us.  They say WE WILL CAUSE KIDS TO DIE.  We say, do the appropriate research.

We bring a knife to the fight, and they bring Godzilla.  We lose that battle every time.  We need to get smart and tough.

What we need to be saying is VACCINES POSE A THREAT TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE HUMAN SPECIES. That is weapons-grade persuasion.  I know there will be the doubters who say that if that’s our messaging, the networks will never let us speak.

Who cares? They don’t let us speak anyway.

But if we say something as bold as VACCINES POSE A THREAT TO THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE, that’s a message which will stick in people’s minds. It doesn’t matter if the networks allow us to present that message. That message will go viral with every person who hears it.

It sets up a dynamic in a person’s mind. If I say to you, VACCINES POSE A THREAT TO THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE, you have to respond to it. It moves people to action, just like Trump saying, MEXICO ISN’T SENDING THEIR BEST PEOPLE.

People need to be thinking about the claim that VACCINES POSE A THREAT TO THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE. We need to make people pick sides, then defend them.

You cannot go into any school in America today, talk to the nurse about the health of her students, and say we are in the golden age of children’s health. If you are so bold to make that investigation, you will clearly see we have entered the Dark Ages.

Trump is the Master Persuader.

Given his background, there is no logical reason he should be President of the United States. But people don’t work on logic. They work on emotion. Now, emotion needs to be supported by reason, but that comes later.

Trump defeated sixteen well-qualified candidates in the GOP primary, Hillary Clinton, one of the most well-qualified people to every run for the Presidency, the establishment of both parties, the media (except for InfoWars and a few other good places like The Bolen Report), and is well on his way to defeating ISIS, and the NFL.


He has publicly stated that he has NEVER HAD A FLU SHOT, and he KNOWS THAT VACCINE DAMAGE IS REAL.

Along with the need to dismantle the pharmaceutical industry for promoting the opioid crisis, Trump needs to bring them down for the vaccine injury epidemic.

TRUMP Needs To Turn “BIG PHARMA” Into “little pharma.”

If Trump does not heed my call, I’m going to start bugging Scott Adams. He only lives about five miles away from me in the gated community of Blackhawk. Maybe I’ll start hanging out at the front gate. Scott, I drive a burgundy red Honda Accord, if you’re interested. I will be your apprentice. Or maybe you can be mine. I’m not really sure how this would all go. We’d have to talk.

Now, I want to persuade Scott Adams that getting to know me would be a good thing.

Let me begin by saying Scott, that you look like one of my long-time friends, who is an economics professor. (Do you see how I’m persuading Scott Adams?) I’m letting him know he looks like a friend I already have, and that friend is REALLY smart. I’m establishing a connection.  That other smart person doesn’t run away from me.  Scott doesn’t need to worry about me.  Not really.  You see, that’s “strategic ambiguity.”  Scott will see what he wants to see.

Here’s some more Master Persuader Mojo for Scott Adams.

Hey Scott, you live in Blackhawk Country Club, but I grew up in Roundhill Country Club.  Scott will know that Roundhill was “the” country club to belong to in our area before Blackhawk was built.  Scott will think to himself that must mean I am “old-money,” which is always interesting to people like Scott who are “new money.”  I am also always open to a game of golf, at either Blackhawk or Roundhill, although I must tell you that when I played on the junior golf team at Roundhill, we kicked Blackhawk’s butt.

I don’t know whether Scott Adams is a vaxxer or an anti-vaxxer, and I don’t really care.

I think he is an adrenaline junkie and will find the prospect of talking to the WORLD’s #1 ANTI-VAXXER and somebody who has been BANNED FROM AUSTRALIA, unbearable to resist.

Seriously, after beating all of the media and political pundits about Trump’s election and success, what mountain is there left to climb?

I recently heard Adams say there is no such thing as a person who is “anti-science.”  He says that there are people who question whether the science was done correctly, whether it is biased or corrupted by the people who funded the study.  But there is no serious person who is “anti-science.”  I like people who analyze things in that way.

After successfully predicting the Presidential election, Adams is now focused on changing the discussion about climate change.  He doesn’t like to let the grass grow under his feet.

I think Adams would be open to hearing about the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and the revelations of CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson.  Maybe I’d even give him a copy of the movie, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, or my book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, so we could have an informed discussion.

I offer Scott Adams the option of meeting me any Saturday night at the Starbucks in Blackhawk Plaza or the Blackhawk Grill for dinner. I’m doing this for you, Scott. The rest of your life is likely to be boring if you don’t take up my offer.

Just think of how much fun you will have taking on a fifty billion dollar a year industry which has no legal liability and is threatening the very survival of the human race.


We can start our very own JUSTICE LEAGUE. They said the Age of Heroes would never come again. They were wrong.  I’ll even let you be Superman.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD
plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE is being released by Skyhorse Publishing, which also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&


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12 thoughts on “The Anti-Vax Side Needs a Master Persuader…”

  1. Brilliant analysis Kent! There is a term that General Bert, late founder of Natural Solutions Foundation coined to describe how vaccines are destroying the human species: Genomicide — the intentional destruction of the human genome through what he called the “Genomicidal Technologies” — prime among them, vaccination.

  2. Sounds better than suing the FDA / CDC and wrangling with crooked biased judges for UMPTY YEARS with little to help save kids for all those years since the media will swallow their tongue, like they did with the court case to challenge the veracity of the Dem Primaries, while the challenger lawyers run and duck for fear of reprisals after watching related witnesses and others involved meet UNTIMELY SUICIDES IN QUESTIONABLE CIRCUMSTANCES…… go for it…..


  4. Oh, my goodness, Kent. You sooooo rock. What a brilliant idea, what a star-studded well written treatise.

    I WILL be passing this on and on…as much as I can. Yes, my man, you ROCK.

  5. Go for it Kent! Dilbert is one of the only comics I read in the Sunday paper.

    As far as the climate change thing. We can all agree that carbon is melting the ice pack in Greenland. There for we can all agree that campfires from a few 100,000 Indians melted the ice pack over what is now North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The ice there was 1 mile thick at one time.

    I for one don’t want a mile thick glacier on my house!

    Frankly I think we should put more pressure on RFK Jr.

    Then there’s the Round-Up in all the vaccines. Which will soon be replaced with Dicamba, and in the not to distant future Agent Orange!

    Dioxin enemas for all in Congress! We want them to be safe from any wild and bizarre bacterium that the CDC come up with and spring onto humanity.

    “I’m going to build a wall, and Obama and Hillary are going to pay for it!”


  6. Kent: Great ideas. I think many of us now realize that the judicial system, like Congress, is not going to come to the aid of our suffering children, not now, and not ever. Too ignorant and cowardly.

  7. I think people will come aboard with emotional responses when they notice that Gary Matsumoto predicted the use of squalene in vaccines for the general public in his book “Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment thats Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are only the First Victims”. The Fluad vaccine is “adjuvated” (manufacturer’s term) with squalene for those over 65. (Hmm… why 65? I guess because the immune system magically changes the moment you hit 65. It couldn’t possibly have to do with the age most of us start collecting social security and drawing down our retirement accounts. The government NEVER wants to take our money or deny us benefits. Not ever!!) If you look at the on-line ad for the vaccine it is pretty easy to see that it is practically DESIGNED to cause life-threatening autoimmunity. GSK is careful to explain how squalene is found all over our bodies. It is a NATURAL part of us. Yet…it is the adjuvant (immune stimulating compound) in the vaccine. Not too far fetched to see that it is quite plausible that this natural substance, INJECTED directly into the tissues would provoke a huge immune the self-same squalene found everywhere in the body. Unlike childhood vaccines, FLUAD is subject to liability claims since it was designed for adults. Maybe the families of all the mysteriously, suddenly dead elderly can take some legal action. It will expose the real agenda, anyway.

  8. Nope. No dice, the vaxxers have you already figured out, because they know that when you are past 65 you are not supporting much of anyone for much longer so the precedents in court settlements will not be earth-shaking enough to get lawyers to take the case since such ‘medical’ cases are lengthy and expensive in lawyer dollars… the jury settlements are based on the victim’s earnings-potential-history and on jury’s sympathy for the destitute dependents length of needs… so unmarried males just starting their work lives are never defended in medical malpractice sorts of cases…. and neither are the elderly…..

    Hence the clearly calculated harm intended in the over-65 rule……

  9. Wow. Yes I think you are right about the ultimate futility of trying to see successful legal action in terms of financial verdicts. However, if the truth (which is that this vaccine appears to have been designed to kill the “useless” elderly) is widely known it might shake people’s confidence in the entire vaccine dogma. When I look through Gary Matsumoto’s book and then compare his well researched hypotheses with the Fluad advertising I can’t draw any other conclusion than that, at least at some level, the purpose of the vaccine is actually to reduce the population of people over 65. Or at least the manufacturer and regulators don’t care if the vaccinated die from the shot, providing additional revenues to hospitals, health care “professionals” and pharmaceutical companies on their way out. Normal, decent people cannot conceive of this level of evil because they are decent. These are the people that need to see the evidence before they can believe it.

  10. I think there is another tricky game afoot in the vaxxing ad.. pretending that the squalene produced by your body is the same **NATURAL** substance as what they inject into you… That is definitely targeting our own widely promoted anti-drug agenda showing that natural supplements in therapeutic doses can cure what drugs only stifle symptoms while adding side effects…. The pharma ad is clearly aimed at us who have loudly listed the horrible un-natural things in their favored drugs……

    Yet clearly the animal studies cited at
    shows that *injected* squalene is toxic to animals where their own body produces safe stuff… Somehow the body KNOWS the difference…..

    Can the liver or skin produced squalene ‘tag’ those molecules? how is this credible… and yet we see that similar runaway auto-immune responses are shut down by cannabis and in searching for how that was done, the biology knowledge took a huge leap to discover that our bodies make our own cannabis that can serve as a key to fit a network of receptors that controls the HOMEOSTASIS functioning of the body… major news, recently explored in the Townsend Letters…..

    I have the feeling that there must be some tag or some endocannabinoid that is simultaneously produced to control the squalene’s effect…… pure speculation but some way to introduce to the public an explanation for this otherwise unthoughtof difference in injection vs internal production and presence needs to be on people’s radar……. maybe the simple fact that marijuana research has uncovered this before-unknown whole system of endocannabinoids and related receptors and their role in the mysterious world of homeostasis in body functioning is adequate awakening to the realization that WE CANNOT TRUST THE FDA AND THEIR FRANKENSTEIN HUBRISTIC SCIENTISTS TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING…. maybe the Cannabis movement is a silent ally to show that our trust in govt ‘regulated science’ is totally misplaced…

    Instead WE HAVE TO DIG FOR ANY AND ALL RESEARCH AVAILABLE THAT TEMPERS OR CONTRADICTS WHAT WE ARE TOLD BY THESE ‘SCIENTISTS’ AND ‘REGULATORS’ who have a major REVOLVING DOOR and horribly CONFLICTING INTERESTS in the SUPPOSEDLY REGULATED PHARMA-DRUG INDUSTRY…. sorry for all the caps, but I just feel like this squalene threat is really terribly dangerous on many fronts..

    Certainly the unethical use on soldiers with no informed consent should be made a major deal to back up the false-flag ad of “all-natural squalene” as if they should be trusted now….. yet our troops and those in Canada, UK and Australia are the proof that THE DRUG LORDS ARE STILL DECEIVING with their false-flag of ‘we’re so natural and safe’ while fully aware of the harm done in their use on the troops as a mirror of the predictive results of harm in animals……..

    ttyl and thanks for the heads up on this ‘natural’ adjuvant agenda about to spring on us

  11. Have you read my document Kent? I have stated precisely this principle for several years and I have the document that explains the rhetoric that we need.

  12. Was just learning about HeLa Cells (living cells for culture) yesterday – ala Henrietta Lacks. They are not human! They are in all vaccines. They are immortal. IMMORTAL. They are fed MSG. They can survive and continue mitosis outside of a petridish is they have an attached food source. They are airborne. They cause cancer. There are two genomes – one traces back to Henrietta (1950’s) and one to the 1940’s – a military experiement in developing a Hep E vaccine. Was Henrietta (a black woman who died of cervical cancer) implanted? DMSO stops their mitosis. MMS shatters their field and they fall apart. These are the only two things that will kill them. The FDA appears to be covering their approved ‘desperately needed’ carcinogenic vax ingredients arsenals with public statements applauding their scientific initiatives in looking for ‘safer’ ‘novel’ cell cultures. Redwashing:

    I might do a ‘novel’ survey at the local preschool to ask how many mums have read this FDA statement in their spare time. Kent, while learning about HeLa, I was forming an internal statement that mirrors yours VACCINES POSE A THREAT TO THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE HUMAN RACE. Since HeLa is airborne (not withstanding that live viruses have been found in ‘geoengineering’ – humanengineering – trails), those of us electing no vax still have no immunity to them. This is genocide. See you live or on the other side…

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