CALIPHARMA – Big Pharma’s Final Solution…

By Elissa Meininger – historian and health policy analyst

Folks, understand this…..the Anti-Vax Movement is now at ground zero in the global fight for preserving our individual sovereignty as human beings.  For the first time, the true colors of Big Pharma and their partners, the Marxists, have been revealed.  This past week, all was laid bare by Del Bigtree in his TV show called High Wire.  The episode called “Calipharma” is a must watch.  It is available for viewing here:

This episode covers the key elements of what we are up against.

The California legislature has just passed an even more draconian law to force all parents to vaccinate their kids without any way out.  Standing in the wings is legislation to force all adults to be fully vaccinated or they will not be able to get drivers licenses or conduct business of any kind where you are required to show an ID.

On Del’s show, you will see highlights of the demonstrations of ordinary people trying a last ditch effort to stop the bill.  You will also see an extended interview with a mother whose child died from a vaccine and how the Minnesota public health department is trying to intimidate her and refuses to provide autopsy evidence so she can go to Vaccine Court to make a claim.

Del has a lengthy interview with Jefferey Jaxen of the Jaxen Report going over the key details regarding all the lawsuits being brought against Opioid drug manufacturers.  Dozens of states attorneys general are suing and forcing huge settlements and/or bankruptcies for lying about the safety of these drugs.  Purdue Pharma, a family held company, is declaring bankruptcy and the Sackler family who control Purdue are also being sued.  You can google for major stories covered by mainstream press for even more details.  Reuters and The Washington Post are just two.

Del also included the press briefing on the game changing lawsuit the Oklahoma Attorney General, Mike Hunter, has just won against the Johnson & Johnson drug company, the kingpin source of Opioid ingredients for drug makers selling Opioid drugs.

While the great wall of silence about the dangers of vaccines still exists in the public square, it too, may fall soon.

Del included a short out-take of a public meeting called by Oklahoma legislators to force a public discussion about the safety of vaccines.  You’ll see Del confronting health department officials with the lies they have been telling to promote vaccine mandates.  Yes, I said, public discussion with Del speaking truth!!!!!  AT THE OK CAPITOL! In front of God and everybody!

Just so you know, Oklahoma is unique in this country due to our state constitution.

People here have much more power than in other states. In 1920, this situation provided ordinary Oklahoma citizens an opportunity to reject an attempt by Big Pharma, through its drug-promoting medical trade group, the American Medical Association, to create a monopoly like they have in all other states.

The politics of this referendum started with the first legislature in 1908 and through various political twists and turns over the years, anti-monopoly forces never gave up.  It took 12 years to win the fight.   By statewide referendum, the people of Oklahoma voted, by over 46,000 votes, to reject Big Pharma. The essence of the argument was and still is as follows:

Said bill is the natural progeny of a gigantic “trust” that by fastening its tentacles, octopus-like, upon the very vitals of society, dominates the religious life and the policies of the country, largely, and without whose kindly (?) office and ministrations none DARE to be born, hope to live or presume to die.  Under this bill, if it becomes law, the people of Oklahoma cannot live, move nor have any sort of being, without the control, absolute domination, of the “Allopath Medical Trust.”

Since then, Chiropractors and all other Drugless Practitioners as they were called back then, have been freed from the grip of Big Pharma and its trade group, the AMA.  We Okies are blessed with open access to all the drugless healing modalities anybody could possibly want, including Indian Medicine Men some of whom have offices on main street for people of all cultures to consult.

One of the topics Del discussed is the role of the Democratic Party as being the promoters of Big Pharma’s drive to create ironclad vaccine mandates state by state.

A lifelong and passionate Democrat, he has now joined with Robert Kennedy, Jr., in condemning the Democratic Party for being on the wrong side of this issue.  As you know, Bobby has provided a complete report,  per President Trump’s request, on how the vaccine industry is entirely corrupt and his report provides key information for Congress and everyone else where to dig in the Swamp.

Here at the BolenReport, over the years, we have taken the lead in reporting how Big Pharma (and other global corporations) have bonded to take over our bodies via health laws and policies.  We’ve also reported how Marxism, in league with global corporations like Rockefeller and Carnegie, took over America’s public school system at the turn of the 20th Century to turn every school kid’s mind into mush.

Our detailed report about the Marxist school takeover is entitled, TRUMP OPENS DOOR SO WE CAN PURGE MARXISM FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS

The Thrive Movement summarizes it this way:

The Origin of Compulsory Schooling

“In our dream we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.  We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science.  We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters.  We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians.  Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply.” – Rev. Frederick T. Gates, Business Advisor to John D. Rockefeller Sr., 1913 [1]

The current American school system took root around the turn of the century.

In 1903, John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board, which provided major funding for schools across the country and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public school movement.

Rockefeller Education Board, 1915 (PIX CAPTION)

The General Education Board was not interested in encouraging critical thinking. Rather, its focus was on organizing children and creating reliable, predictable, obedient citizens.  As award-winning former teacher John Gatto puts it, “school was looked upon from the first part of the 20th Century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance.”   The Rockefellers, along with other financial elite and their philanthropic organizations (such as the Gates, Carnegies, and Vanderbilts) have been able to mold society by funding and pushing compulsory state schooling for the masses.

We also reported, in detail, how Marxism embedded itself into the very fabric of the American way of life as a means to destroy us.  In our report, ITS TIME TO PULL THE PLUG ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS we documented, in detail, the history of how Marxism, and particularly the political activities of Sigmund Freud, set the wheels in motion to manipulate the public mind.  In the 1920s, Freud, a Marxist who hated America, and his psychiatric colleagues, organized the Frankfort Institute to develop ways for the colleges and universities to take the lead in transforming society to a Marxist Utopia .

The goal of Freud and his fellow travellers was to draw up a list of key values of Western Civilization to destroy public faith in them.  They listed what any clear-eyed grandma would know to be stabilizing goals and basic values on how to provide a stable home in which to raise healthy, confident and able adults with tools to achieve goals in order to live a successful life.   They wanted to convince the “masses” that they were confused victims of the rich guy on the hill and needed to destroy the system that kept the “masses” enslaved.  The Marxist aim was to so destabilize society by creating complete chaos, so Marxists could via the ballot box execute a soft coup in order to seize the assets of the “elites” and take over the government by autocratic rule.

We also, covered in detail, how Freud’s favorite nephew, Edward Bernays, used his uncle’s knowledge of the subconscious mind, to create the so-called public relations industry.  Bernays made no bones about it.

Bernays wrote books about his strategies and worked with corporate clients to capture (subliminally) the minds and hearts of all Americans.  In his book, Propaganda,  Bernays explained the real purpose of the public relations and advertising business this way:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.  This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic  is organized. ”

In his famous essay, Engineering Consent, he itemizes all the communications outlets propagandists needed to control:

Almost 1,800 daily newspapers in the United States have a combined circulation of around 44,000,000. There are approximately 10,000 weekly newspapers and almost 6,000 magazines. Approximately 2,000 radio stations of various types broadcast to the Nation’s 60,000,000 receiving sets. Approximately 16,500 motion picture houses have a capacity of almost 10,500,000. A deluge of books and pamphlets is published annually. The country is blanketed with billboards, handbills, throwaways, and direct mail advertising. Round tables, panels and forums, classrooms and legislative assemblies, and public platforms—any and all media, day after day, spread the word, someone’s word.

His idea was to make sure to control ALL outlets of communication in order to create campaigns to sell anything and everything to the unsuspecting public using a total immersion brainwashing strategy.  If you wonder why every airhead in Hollywood is suddenly a political expert, you can thank Bernays.  He used “stars” to sell his ideas from his very first propaganda campaign to sell cigarettes to women.  You can thank him as well, telling all his advertising/propaganda business colleagues to require their corporate clients to hire psychiatrists to help them figure out ways to manipulate their potential customers using Freudian subliminal methods.

For those of us who are long distance runners in the race to protect natural healing arts…

…you can thank Bernays for helping Big Pharma and others create name-calling tricks to paint drugless healing arts with names like “snake oil salesmen”, “quacks”, or “unscientific”.  The terms “complementary and alternative” are also designed to diminish the value of drugless healing arts in comparison to “modern scientific” (aka allopathic or biomedical) medicine.

A lot of the modern interest in all these drugless healing arts has been prompted by public demand.  The whole vaccine mandate issue has also been a dogfight in each state where the public seeks protection from forced injection of often unproven and dangerous substances into infants for purposes only the biomedical industry can justify.

After over 100 years from propaganda to justify forced vaccinations, for the first time, a new avenue of manipulating the public mind has emerged…..The internet. 

There is now tangible proof that Google, Facebook and Twitter, in particular, are party to manipulating the public mind via the way they control the flow of information.  We all know any discussion about vaccines is already taboo on every public means of communication.  We now know a new control of information has just now been revealed.   In a hearing before the U.S. Judiciary Committee this past June shocking news of how Google, Facebook and Twitter controlled information was presented by a prominent psychologist, Robert Epstein, PhD.

Epstein is Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT) and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine. A Ph.D. of Harvard University, he has published 15 books on artificial intelligence, parenting, and other topics, as well as more than 300 scientific and popular articles. His 2015 report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on the “Search Engine Manipulation Effect” (SEME) describes one o f the largest effects ever discovered in the behavioral sciences, and because SEME is invisible as a source of influence, it is an especially dangerous form of influence. Dr. Epstein’s research suggests that SEME is currently determining the outcomes of upwards of 25 percent of the world’s national elections and that it is affecting a wide range of opinions, not just voting preferences. SEME is one of eight powerful new online manipulations he has discovered and is studying. A thought leader in the behavioral sciences, Dr. Epstein is typically interviewed by journalists more than 50 times a year. He is currently working on a book called Technoslavery: Invisible Influence in the Internet Age and Beyond.

See  for a wealth of details including his technical paper on “Search Engine Manipulation Effect” as referenced in the bio info above.

It is important to note Dr. Epstein was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton and decided, as he often now states, he is first and foremost and American and has an interest in protecting our way of life, so he did not cover up what he found.

A six minute video of his testimony in Congress covers the highlights is here:

The transcript of his testimony is here:

Epoch Times offers two articles of interest:

And, if that is not enough to convince you of the seriousness of Google’s behavior in the world at large, Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and current board member of Facebook has called for an investigation of Google for treason.  

His concern for Google’s business relationship with the Chinese government is the focus of his alert.

It is important to note, the hallmark of Marxist thinking is to encourage “the masses” to see themselves as victims. 

Gone is any belief in the lessons one can learn from history about the courage and humanity of those who are responsible for the well-honed pillars of spiritual and economic stability Western Civilization represents.    Gone is the value of encouraging individual initiative or even being curious about anything outside of a brief, mindless and pessimistic posting on some social media page.

It is no wonder psychologist Jordan Peterson, author of The 12 Rules of Life an Antidote to Chaos  has become an international sensation.  He is, in fact, everyone’s nurturing parent, filling in the void left by several generations of the Marxist efforts to create chaos in their campaign to destroy Western Civilization.

Peterson is a true intellectual who has spent a lifetime studying human nature and how to help people become functioning human beings.  He is well-schooled in the ideas of Freud, but is a major advocate of Carl Jung, a psychiatrist who rejected Freud’s ideas, which caused Freud to write Jung a letter diagnosing Jung as mentally ill and closing out a longtime professional relationship.

At odds with Freud, Jung saw the value in encouraging cultural ideas and spent a lifetime cataloging archetypes from ancient myths that illustrated all the characteristics of human nature and how people could ultimately triumph.  He also believed that by identifying the dark side of us all, we could heal ourselves of deep seated emotional issues so we could become whole.  Freud only wanted to declare these feeling as evidence of one sort of neurosis or another with no way out.  Belief in God, looking to historical stories of a culture for meaning such as those in religious texts, trusting in the authority of parents were all were signs of mental illness to Freud.

Peterson has made a career of exploring great ideas, great books, great cultural myths and specifically, the Bible, as windows of opportunity to become enriched and whole human beings.  While not a Christian, but a devotee of Jung, Peterson recognizes the Bible as the central source of information about the values of Western Civilization.  Many of the stories in the Bible are thousands of years old and ended up written down for modern use by Jews and Christians in more recent times in the history of the human race.  His several lecture series on the Bible are available free on his website.  He is equally adept at talking about the meaning of Pinocchio, a cultural icon for children.  Pinocchio’s journey from being just a wooden marionette into becoming a “real boy” is a splendid story for children to learn integrity, honesty and generosity.

Peterson has posted hundreds of lectures on his Youtube channel and provided free access to a course to help individuals explore their inner spirit for the purpose of refocusing their lives.  It is no wonder he has sold three million copies of his book and has packed houses during his 22 country tour.   He has become an international superstar in every way.


Understand that the 2020 election may very well be our last chance to maintain control of our own country. 

This election is not about party or Trump.  It is about getting enough people in Congress and in every statehouse in the country who are not already beholden to Marxist/drug industry political forces.  As Del Bigtree explained, as Robert Kennedy Jr. said before him, it is the Democratic Party that is committed to this vaccine juggernaut.  He explained how, even if the Governor of California did not agree with the latest law just passed, he would be forced to sign it by the powers that put him in office.  This kind of pressure is going on in your statehouse and in Congress as well.

Even if you have been a lifelong liberal Democrat know that, now, however few rational liberals are left, they are being  overwhelmed by an army of Marxists who have taken over the party and want to take over the country in a soft coup via the voting booth.

Consequently, even if there are Democrats running for office who are perfectly sane, sober and fair minded human beings who sincerely want to represent the liberal leanings of their constituents, they are not free to do so.  Sad!

Understand, also, all the promises of free health care, cancellation of student debt and an assortment of other emotion-packed issues, are all a means of keeping several generations of Millennials distracted and programmed to vote for Bernie Sanders’ brand of Socialism.  Trashing Trump and everyone around him and the daily deluge of fake news is also part of the mind-numbing strategy to create chaos.

If there is any hope of putting a stop to the Big Pharma/Marxist plan, is to use the ballot box in 2020.

By Elissa Meininger – historian and health policy analyst

4 thoughts on “CALIPHARMA – Big Pharma’s Final Solution…”

  1. Elissa,
    You have summarized the pharma/marxist connection and the proper antidote to both of them and their unholy agenda. Good job.

    The exact same analysis can apply to our brothers- in-arms, the climate change deniers. They are facing the same unholy alliance with its identical agenda.

    Let’s learn from their recent wins
    in court, using well-known legal rights in a brilliant way. I have referenced them in the latest Bolen report. Together we are all stronger.

    Charles De Gaul rallied the French by saying, “a people can be defeated if they will accept defeat, and I am not one of them”.

  2. Is anyone else tired of our corrupt / ignorant politicians enacting laws that they themselves will never comply with?

    Let’s Start Enacting “YOU FIRST” Laws!

    Since our corrupt legislators insist on taking away our vaccine ‘freedom of choice’ rights, let’s take theirs away first.

    Let’s have our choice-friendly legislators enact “You First” laws, where any legislator who proposes a mandatory vaccine bill would have to submit to the requirements of their own mandatory vaccine bill first—shot for shot—to show that they‘re truly committed to their own bill.

    The “You First” law would require the legislator, their children, spouse, and pharma lobbyists* to take those vaccines before the general population has to.

    *Since pharma lobbyists actually write these mandatory vaccine bills, they should be required to comply with these laws as well.

  3. I regularly read a blog called “Richard Rider Rants. He tells it like it is about California with amazing facts. In short, California is WAY worse off than anyone suspects.

    Go glance though his last five articles here and get a glimpse of HOW REALLY BAD the socialists are damaging California –

  4. It is one thing to fight the pro-vaxers online or in court. It is another thing to fight that fight one person @ a time: the mother.

    Mothers are the first and final word and make the health decisions regarding the kids. Up-educating mothers is crucial to helping them make informed decisions about vaccination.

    Getting their kids into daycare or public (government controlled) schools is the biggest concern for every young mother. Fighting that fight with the school nurse is the based-challenge for the mom. The option of home-schooling or like-minded groups does not occur to the “average” American mom.

    Sadly, the dangers & ineffectiveness of vaccination are not their primary concern. Only after their kid is vaccine-damaged do they force themselves to study the data.

    Fathers need to take responsibility to up-educate on the subject of vaccination BEFORE the decision is made for them by the medical doctors & nurses. Fathers should communicate and voice their convictions to their wives & medics. Furthermore, educating the grandparents & the Sisterhood (Moms, Mother-in-Laws, Sisters, Aunts, Girlfriends, co-workers) is important to help the young Mother defend her decisions not to vaccinate her baby.

    Young parents need to be informed, yet also supported in their personal health care decisions for their babies.

    page crow DC

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