Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up?

MK Ultra, Manchurian Candidate, Lilly Waves, The Voice Of God – Pick One – They All Exist…

Which One Is Bernie?…

From Germany By Karma Singh

Although this has been staring me in the face for a long time, I have held myself back from writing about it as it is not only “invisible” to many but also “unthinkable” to many more.

What is to me very obvious and should, by their actions, be very obvious to others but, for some rationalisation, appears not to be.

I know that it’s probably not very helpful to mention it here but, in Germany, I’ve done this several times on television just before an election:

From a photo, without a name, I have been able to accurately describe the character, abilities and suitability for office of political candidates. Such is one of the “normal” abilities which everyone possesses but, through religious indoctrination, suppresses. It’s not that you have to learn anything new in order to do it; you only need to forget that you can’t do it and then practice, practice, practice.

Almost exclusively amongst Democrats whom, you will note, make the most ridiculous assertions and promote policies that would kill millions and destroy the livelihood of many millions more is this very visible.

The (to me) plain fact is that these people are not themselves.

In earlier times, it would be said that they are suffering from “demonic possession”, more modern the highly misleading label “schizophrenia” would be applied but I harbour the suspicion, primarily because it is so wide-spread amongst Democrats, that it has something to do with the MK-Ultra Mind-Control programme initiated by the CIA in the 1960’s.

Officially, MK-Ultra has been abandoned but I have reason to believe that its official status has simply been changed from “Top Secret” to “that doesn’t exist”. Under the FOIA act, certain MK-Ultra documents have been released and you can download them here: http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/mkultra/MKULTRA3/DOC_0000017382/DOC_0000017382.pdf
I would specifically advise you to download it in case it is made to “disappear”.

As a side note, you will discern on page 26 that the ideal level of CO2 for human life is 5% of the entire atmosphere – more than TEN TIMES the present level! As this gas is essential for the metabolism of all life forms, it is readily understandable why this should have been found to be the healthiest level.

The clues which lead to the MK-Ultra supposition are:-

1) The espousing of obviously unworkable policies and an apparent inability to grasp the enormous damage they would cause to everyone.

2) The last two Democrat presidents were involved in first moving MK-Ultra “underground” and then stifling all opposition to an obvious “willfully incompetent”: Some few years ago when Obama bin Barak came to Berlin, there was a sort of “bell-housing” just over a mile in diameter, consisting of very dark energy, centred over him.

3) A very high percentage of Democrats appear to be affected by this but almost no Republicans. We know from the Comey etc. revelations that the “Evil Witch” was their president of choice but now their programme appears to have been switched to a combination of “pie in the sky” promises with catastrophic consequences combined with spurious “impeachment proceedings” based, or so it appears to me, on nothing more than President Trump’s very reasonable exclamation that he finds it very unpalatable to be first illegally spied upon and then fabricated “evidence” used to run a two year long “investigation” into something that never happened. Apparently, only Republicans find this very fishy whereas Democrats find no problem accepting and working towards totally illogical and pointless objectives.

4) (This is the bit that requires a lot of practice). The obvious suppression of normal brain activity and control from elsewhere. Classical “Black Magic” or “demonic possession” which has been refined into a high-tech tool by the CIA MK-Ultra project.

5) The very large numbers affected and being driven in the same direction. This is simply not possible using more traditional “black magic” or Voodoo techniques.

The next question which arises is, “why do Democrats appear to be much more susceptible to this “Mind Control” than are Republicans?”

What I observe from “over here” is that many Democrats appear to have developed a herd, sheep-like mentality whereas Republicans tend to be of much more independent mind. Controlling a herd, as any shepherd or cowboy will tell you, is much easier then controlling a group of individuals.

I would suppose that, given their objectives, it is of zero interest to the users of this technology which party does their bidding; the main thing is that one of them does it.

It is, of course, theoretically possible to “rescue” the Democrats but, at this moment, I simply don’t have sufficient information about the MK-Ultra technology to work out counter-measures. My hope is that readers of this article will be able to add to my knowledge.

On a side note and referring to my television appearances mentioned above, I’ve taken a look at the two Republican challengers who have recently appeared.

The first, William Weld, is well-meaning but too limited in his scope. As a state governor he appears to have performed quite well but take him out of his fairly narrow mental horizons onto the world stage and he would be completely out of his depth: A brave, well-meaning, president without the needed mental breadth to do the job.

The second, Mike Sanford, is an excellent administrator, i.e. just so long as someone else gives him instructions, he will do an excellent job. He does not, however, have the necessary imagination to work out solutions for himself: A good adjutant but never a general.

Blessed be

From Germany By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

10 thoughts on “Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up?”

  1. The communist party folded its political tent back in FDR’s days because it was unproductive in the extreme to compete with a socialistic party with massive wealth. We’ll ignore the racial agenda of the FDR administration/supporters for the moment. As a strategy they simply tore up their party badges and joined the democrats.. Simple enough, they were an energetic crowd with even more dreamed up socialist ideas and did the grunt work and the platform developing as well…

    Enter the CIA and eventually the MKUltra agendas and it became clear how to hone that democrat tool. Set the agendas and serve on committees and favor candidates to match the communist party ideas. One puppet complete, and all that you need to do is the occasional offing of some voices of reason, like various Kennedys and other assorted leadership potentials..

    The genius move to control the Republicans was to get the CIA-Bossman in charge, which they had to do by crushing the engineer-with-no-streetsmarts, kennedy-look-alike who wanted to get us off foreign oil and such ideas. Of course that boss-man was extremely unelectable so they had to resort to the VP-subterfuge.. and surround him with the NEOCONS…..

    The Russians almost spoiled the game by GLASNOST… but the CIA had their Arkancide crowd ready, to offset the stodgy warmongers… so the pedophile-powered contingent of the CIA kept their promises while ramping up the PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY for 9-11… etc etc

    So we’re left with one remaining Kennedy and a bunch of shocked, barely awake Republicans working their tails off trying to save what’s left of our Constitutional LIMITED-INTENDED Government with careful strategically framed Bill of Rights.

    The demorat side are the honed puppets that are well skilled in communist tactics and academically frantic over their crushing defeat of ‘the TOKENS’, watching the one get trounced in spite of demorat massive cheating, and watching Trump dismantle the corrupted mess left by the prior TOKEN in spite of all their insane tactical coup attempts.

    That’s how it looks from my side of the pond, as these are our fish. What we can’t figure out is how your side of the pond is going to get out of your own socialistic messes.

  2. Karma,

    I suggest you take a look at Neon Revolt’s recent posts about this subject. To some extent I think we are slowly being “deprogrammed” here in the USA. The vaccine agenda against humanity is a great red pill. Do you pay attention to “Q”, The HighWire, or 8chan (currently “offline”)? Ed Buck’s arrest seems to mark an acceleration in “white hat” action against the deep state, in my opinion. While “religious indoctrination” can be a problem, faith in God has been very helpful to me. You are right about many people’s discernment being clouded, especially, it seems, among Christians. Mark Taylor’s “official” YouTube channel has been very helpful for me in “counteracting” this. He seems to understand how some of the programming works through churches and seminaries. Thanks for your writings about these critical topics.

  3. Tim Bolen, so the assignment of a large contingent of the KY National Guard to work at Guantanamo last month was in anticipation of a large influx of coup-planners, eh? interesting thought…

    On the side of sneak attacks, it appears that all those ‘mysterious’ unidentified towers going up around Cincinnati [in spite of local suspicions opposing 5G] are actually part of a network of ’emergency responders communications’ towers.. or so the latest scoop is suggesting.. so that they can get the control systems in place as a ‘safety’ network [who could oppose ‘safety’] — with no announcements to challenge in local govt and in spite of the history of earlier demands by a firefighters union to take such antennae down [close to the firehouse, wasn’t that in Calif] because it was causing head problems for the men on duty…

    Verizon was denying that the mystery towers were their 5G towers though they admitted they were in the process of installation preparations. Verizon of course could simply rent space on the pole for their own antennae. [The cable that snakes up inside the pole had their name on it]…. Sneak attack in progress, watch your own firehouse/police activities. TTYL

  4. Good, thought provoking article Karma. Thank you. Just with personal experience it seems like the hypnotized individuals think with what they think is the majority. It a broader sense, if they still think media, scientific research, govt organizations, medical industry, etc., etc. are all working in their interest, they are more likely to be sheep-like and not think for themselves. The only hope is for them to be surrounded with independent thinkers. The more the better. However, as I’m typing this I wonder, wouldn’t they then just be following the majority again? Just a different majority. I honestly don’t know what it takes to unhypnotize anyone. Maybe they have to do it for themselves, and by themselves. I am very interested to read other ideas about this. It’s been something I’ve been troubled about for a few years now.

    On another (sort of related) subject, Do any readers here know how to increase CO2? For health reasons, I’m also interested in learning more about that.

  5. Once again, I can’t actually see the posts – here it says there haven’t been any so far – so I’m working from the email copies which Tim kindly sent me.

    Dr. Raichyk:
    We’re working on it. It is, however, at times an uphill climb but, as the old crumbles, it gets easier. Here in the UK, where I am at the moment, there’s a very good chance that the new Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage himself will, at least, hold the balance of power in Parliament even if they don’t take Downing Street itself. Unclear whether there will be a snap election in November or early next year but there is a tremendous momentum which is gaining ground every day.
    In Germany the AfD has made such inroads that all of the other (banker controlled) parties have banded together to try to prevent their advance. In the recent state elections there was so much blatant election fraud (some claim that more than 20% of the AfD votes were counted for the Greens) that many lawsuits have been entered.

    Some time before I became aware of the Bolen Report but I will follow up the links in that report. Thank you for sharing it again.

    Would that I had the time to view all possible sources but my day would then be about 50 hours long. All that I can do is focus upon what I want to achieve and let natural resonance bring to me that which I need to know. Seems to work very well.
    You’ve given me an interesting idea ‘though; a “de-programming transmission” along the lines of the Healing Transmissions that you’ll find on http://www.karmasingh.tv.
    I’ll carry out some experiments and let you know.

    Dr. Raichyk II:
    Please take a look at the recent action on https://youtube.com/karmahealer
    I don’t, as yet, know fully how effective this was and what we have to do next. I hope to know by the weekend.

    As almost all of the world’s CO2 is locked up in ocean waters, we need a few hundred years of increased world temperatures to release it. Normal delay between temperature rise and the following CO2 increase is around 800 years. So, if we can get another 2 – 3 degrees warmer (don’t know how because the temperature has remained constant since 2005) then by the mid twenty-seventh century, we should have a satisfactory CO2 level.
    One thing we can do, i.e. the opposite of what the climate scare was invented for, is to encourage Africa to use its coal and oil to industrialise: Will give a small increase in CO2 whilst greatly reducing poverty in Africa.
    I don’t know of any way of making people think for themselves because it requires choice and effort, i.e. it must come from them and can’t be done for them.

    Blessed be


  6. Nice article indeed. Thank you, Karma!

    @Sunshine: Increasing CO2 is as easy as breathing into a bag. Or meditating to slow down/balance your breath and thus your exhalation of CO2.

  7. MKUltra programming in full force. No one on the worldstage who hasnt been through such a program and somehow deeply compromised.
    Hiliary, Bill, Obama now all replaced by Synth/RTIntel/Ai Robots. Expect this to happen to any political figures who pose a threat to the establishment such as has already happened with Bernie.
    For the rest people are now completed hypnotized by their devices.
    Yet human consciousness will expand and prevail.

  8. Sunshine, bouncing on a mini-trampoline (aka rebounder) is amazing for oxygenating the tissues. It also tends to work out most kinks. That is if you do it right: initially in brief, easy increments, and only if nothing hurts; stay below any pain threshold. It often helps with pains.

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