Is Britain about to do a Trump?

Britain “Brexit” Defies the Big Pharma/Banker Globalists…

From Britain By Karma Singh…

The main theme here is “Brexit” which the Big Pharma/banking cartel is fighting tooth and nail to prevent. Despite the majority decision in the 2016 referendum, many politicians appear to be of the opinion that this is of little importance and that they “know the true will of the people” much better than do they themselves.

Just over 23 weeks ago, the Brexit party, under the leadership of Nigel Farage, was formed. A few weeks later, it won a landslide victory in the elections to the European Parliament and the Brexit Party is the largest single party in that body. This victory, although impressive, does not confer any power onto the Brexit Party because the European Parliament does not have any power to confer! It is a talking shop with no power to make or break legislation – this is the exclusive domain of the banker appointed Council.

The European Parliament is a sham; a mockery of democracy designed to mislead the public that they have some say in European matters – we have none whatsoever!

Boris Johnson

A few weeks later, a concatenation of events including much pressure from the Brexit Party finally forced that banker stooge Theresa May to resign and opened the way for a staunch Brexiteer, Boris Johnson, to become prime minister. He tried to out-manoeuvre the British Parliament in order to force through a hard Brexit on the 31st October. Certain “Remainers” then asked for and received an injunction from the English Supreme Court negating Boris’s action. They then went on to pass a resolution in the lower House of Parliament prohibiting a clean-break Brexit.

As Nigel Farage predicted, Boris has now little choice but to go to the country and to call a general election…

The only unknown matter at this moment is when the election will be. When the Prime Minister has been specifically told by Parliament that he is forbidden to carry out the will of the people then his only recourse is to ask the people to replace those who are thwarting their will.

Nigel and friends have built the Brexit Party up to the point where it is capable of challenging almost every parliamentary seat. He has offered Boris a deal: The Brexit Party will leave Conservative Party seats where the incumbent is pro Brexit unchallenged and focus its activities upon those attempting to deny the people their choice. Already there is a groundswell of opinion even in areas which have been “automatically” Labour Party seats for more than half a century to vote for the Brexit Party or pro-Brexit Conservatives. More than 3 million voters in two Northern areas have indicated that they would do so for this election.

Now, the Brexit Party is not a single issue Party but one which seeks to bring about very significant change upon the British political scene.

In many ways, it is like the Trump regime with its objective of “draining the swamp”. The Brexit Party seeks to bring about a realignment of government with the people and to force those who believe that they are empowered to ignore the will and the needs of the British people out of office.

Nigel Farage

There is much ado in the press and elsewhere about the conflicting merits of the “hard” and the “soft” Brexit. As Nigel Farage has pointed out, there is no such thing. Brexit is either a clean break or it is not Brexit. You cannot leave the EU whilst simultaneously partially being a member. The “soft” Brexit is a banker tool with the sole intent of persuading the British people to accept a fictitious “Brexit in name only” whilst actually continuing to be governed by banker appointed Eureaucrats in Brussels.

The clean (or “hard”) Brexit is that which the bankers most fear because it not only sets a precedent but also has the potential to create a “safe haven” to where entrepreneurs can go to escape the bankers’ plans to tax the small and medium businesses out of existence, leaving the cartels in charge of everything.

I have written a small pamphlet to help better understand this challenge; you can download it for free here:-

Three days ago, as I was just starting a two day drive…

…I fleetingly heard a news item claiming that the British Parliament had passed a law compelling a soft Brexit, i.e. Brexit in name only – Britain would still be governed by the bankers’ stooges but would no longer even have a voice in the European Parliament let alone anywhere else.

To put this into an American context; it would be like the Democrats passing a resolution in the House and claiming that to be the law whilst completely ignoring the prerogatives of both the Senate and the Executive (the President).

In the Parliament in London, the Lower House (the Commons) proposes legislation which then goes to the Upper House (the Lords) and, if they approve, it then goes back to the Commons who pass it along to the Prime Minister’s office to present to the Queen for the Royal Assent. Only when she has signed it, is it law. (It is actually more complex than this but these are the ground rules.)

What certain members of Parliament have done is to…

…draft a letter to the EU which proclaims either a soft Brexit or applies for a further extension to the deadline of the October 31. Upon pain of a vote of no confidence which would (probably) force a general election, these MPs have demanded that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, sign this letter and send it off to Brussels.

Shortly after this, the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair – the man who has done most since the Roman invasion to destroy the very fabric of British society for which he was rewarded with a very highly paid sinecure in the EU – stood up and announced that this is the last possible opportunity to rescue Britain from the impending doom of Brexit. (Britain’s economy is in very good shape and, quoting Nigel Farage, “There is a wall of investment money waiting for Britain to complete Brexit”.) So, a Trump-like economic boom is that which lies before us and that which the EU is doing its utmost to prevent.

All of this shows how very desperate the Bankers are to prevent freedom and democracy returning to Britain and setting Europe afire with a rallying cry.

Blessed be

From Britain By Karma Singh…

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

6 thoughts on “Is Britain about to do a Trump?”

  1. Speaking as a proud Brexiteer who still hopes we depart on All Souls Day, agreement or not, I have to say that Big Pharma had no influence whatsoever on my decision to vote to exit Europe in 2016 and frankly, I doubt it will have influenced many if any. My concern was the lack of democracy, whilst a majority seems to have been swayed by the immigration issue.

    There is a real danger that on leaving Europe’s deathly grasp, it will be replaced by an American one and with it an even stronger big pharma influence, but lacking the sort of monomania that boils everything down to big pharma, I prefer see freedom from a corrupt and economic basket case, Brussels as even more important than freedom from pharmaceutical medicine.

    After all, on that issue I do have a choice.

  2. @KevinMorris… so pharma isn’t Brit’s concern since you still have some control of naturopathy, homeopathy, etc.. and presumably you haven’t challenged the Farage idea that there’s a ‘wall of investment money’ poised to cross into Britain once the Brits are free of the Eurocrats, as your proud Brexit leader claims… but in that case WHY WOULD THE BANKERS BE OPPOSED TO BREXIT, unless they are traitors to Britain….

    I’m figuring — with your focus on democracy — that you are supportive of HONG KONG? vs Communist China…

    Where do your bankers keep their money…… or gold…. ttyl

  3. THANK YOU for this simplified explanation. I’ve been trying to figure this out for months.

  4. Hi Kevin and MJ,
    sometimes editors change the original script to emphasise some point which he/she considers to be important. Such is the case here.
    I didn’t mention the pharma-cartel’s stranglehold on the British people because I prefer to fight my battles one at a time. Tim added it in because the Bolen Report is primarily about health care or the lack of it. As a healer, my involvement in politics has to do with the fact that, in most European countries, it is forbidden by law to be healthy. It is only when the cancer of modern politics has been healed that personal health can become permissible.

    The banking cartel may control a very large part of the money “out there” but by no means all of it (at present). There are many, many millionaires and not a few billionaires who are business orientated instead of the control addiction of the ruling banker families. These are the ones waiting for a free Britain.

    I wonder what Boris will do next week.

    Blessed be

  5. Most of this politics and economics goes way over my head. All I know is, some of us have been toiling in abject poverty for forty-five years with no sign of relief on the horizon. I have seen with my own eyes public/private sector corruption and racketeering at the local level, but as it has also been apparent to me that the corruption spreads downwards, I assume it only gets worse as you go up – to the Eurocrats in Brussels, on the public side, and to Big Pharma on the private sector. I have long been convinced that it is all-pervasive corruption that is causing poverty and starvation in Britain (not to mention Greece etc.) which fits, Karma, with your description of the lack of democracy in Brussels. I believe this was the main reason for the majority of Brexit votes, which the remoaners have chosen to interpret as xenophobia. Europe has been imposing a punitive class system which is getting worse, and will be its downfall, probably sooner than we all think. Thanks for this great article.

  6. Very true Grace.
    We don’t have a plethora of problems; mostly we have only one – the banking cartel who set out at every turn to create poverty, homelessness, unemployment, disorder, violence and criminality.
    I’ve actually written a whole book on this but, at the moment, it’s only available in German – I’ve only just started the English translation.
    The best that I can offer you at the moment is to download the free pamphlet that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. The download link is in the article itself.

    Blessed be

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