“Empress” Hillary – Of “What USED TO BE Called America…”

Of course the Democrats are in a rage over OUR election of Donald Trump.  They had PLANS for our country. PLANS we would NOT like.   “WE” the Trump Team pulled America from the edge of the Abyss…

And we have no intention of going back…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Obama had started the process of cancelling “Western Civilization” and Hillary was supposed to finish it.  Under the Democrats America itself was doomed.

But here we are, with Donald Trump, basking in the best economy in the history of Western Civilization – jobs everywhere, people coming from all over the world trying to climb over our border fences to get a piece of what “Western Civilization success looks like.

Now, the Democratic Party Marxists nitwits are screaming “Impeachment…”

Democrats who were FURIOUS after Election 2016 are now “over-the-top frothing at the mouth.” 

They simply cannot accept the idea that Americans, especially those they considered to be toothless “deplorables” would rise up and say “NO” to a one-world government run by secular humanist “globalists.”  They thought they had America “in the bag…”

Instead, America played its Trump Card…

The Democratic Party has abandoned NORMAL Americans…

It used to be that the Democratic Party represented working people – people with a Judeo/Christian Ethic..  But that idea was abandoned long ago.  These days, as Obama showed us all, primary Democratic Party interest is in promoting “transgender” and “pro-pedophilia” ideas.  As influential World Net Daily (WND) quoting Dr. Judith Reisman, author ofSexual Sabotage,” says:

Who is ‘transgender?’

Under Obama’s new rules, a male student does not have to be undergoing hormone treatment or surgeries to be considered “transgender.” Any boy can qualify by merely walking into the principal’s office at his school and declaring himself a girl.

What’s more, a student’s gender “identity” is considered “fluid,” so he could consider himself a boy one day and a girl the next. The burden is on the school to adapt and accommodate.

The fact that the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division signed the new guidelines along with the U.S. Department of Education sends a message to schools. Comply or be sued. The guidelines are riddled with words like “must” and “obligations” with regard to fulfilling federal Title IX requirements.

Title IX was passed by Congress and signed into law in 1972 by President Richard Nixon. It was meant to prevent discrimination against girls in any educational programs offered by schools that receive federal funding. But the law is now being rewritten by Obama to include a new class of protected individuals whose gender is “fluid” and changeable by the day or even the hour.

So far, eight states have vowed to ignore Obama’s guidelines. The governors of Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana have urged schools to reject the order on the basis that it endangers pupils.

But the language is clear that the term “transgender” is defined as fluid and subject to change at any given moment.”

And then Dr. Judith Reisman, author of “Sexual Sabotage,” says:

What’s next on left’s sexual agenda?

Next on the agenda of the far left is legalizing pedophilia, she predicts.

“In other words, to legalize sex between adults and children. This is already going on in the media, particularly in Salon.com, that has posted a couple of articles about pedophiles not being ‘monsters.’ There has been a longstanding effort on the part of pedophiles to normalize their deviancy – even renaming themselves ‘minor-attracted persons,'” Reisman said.

“They have been lobbying the American Psychological Association to change definitions,” she said. This effort has been spearheaded by Dr. Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

It was also reported Monday that Obama is threatening hospitals with the loss of federal funding if they refuse to provide sex-change operations. The new rule to the Affordable Care Act showed up last week on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

The final rule states that, under Title IX, any hospital receiving funding from HHS must “treat individuals consistent with their gender identity.” The rule provides no religious exemption.”

To get a sense for the reality of the Obama administration watch this very short interview with Dr. Judith Reisman, author of “Sexual Sabotage.

As Famous David Horowitz said in a NewsMax article:

“Which American president changed the White House Christmas cards from being about Christmas or faith to cards featuring the family dogs and similar non-Christmas related subjects?

Which president decorated the White House Christmas tree with ornaments that included figures such as Mao Zedong and a drag queen?

Which president excluded pro-life groups from attending a White House-sponsored healthcare summit?

Which president nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican?

Which president speaking at Georgetown University ordered a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name covered while he was delivering his speech?

Which president made a practice of deliberately omitting the phrase about “the Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence?

Which president opposed the inclusion of President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous D-Day Prayer in the WWII Memorial?

Which presidential administration announced that it would forgive student loans in exchange for public service, but that it would no longer forgive student loans if the public service was related to religion?

The answer of course is President Barack Obama, the most extreme leftwing figure ever to occupy the White House. Obama’s attacks on Christians earned him the title of “America’s Most Biblically Hostile President” from the website Wallbuilders, which listed these incidents.

Of course these constitute only a partial list of Obama’s attacks on Christians, and religious communities in general.”

I could go on with thousands of words explaining problems America was suffering under Obama…

Hillary was going to be even worse…

So let’s look at What Hillary was going to do…

Remember when Hillary was asked aboutAgenda 21″ – the plan to reduce Planet Earth’s population by 95% by the year 2021??  She said “Well, we have to reschedule it to 2030…”

“Agenda 21” was and is the cancellation of “Western Civilization” in favor of a Big Pharma/Banker controlled new world order.  Just below, Liberal Democrat Rosa Koire explains it all succinctly in a twenty minute video.

And Hillary planned to be Planet Earth;’s first Empress…

OUR election of Donald Trump stopped all of this dead in its tracks. 

It isn’t Donald the Democrats want to impeach – it’s us – every American citizen that dares to oppose them…

Liberals weep on television screaming out the nonsense that the world will come to an end in twelve years unless we all “Impeach Trump” and embrace the Green New Deal…

But the reality of alternative energy is VERY different – and not just in the fact that it costs a fortune to accomplish almost nothing.  Watch this two minute CBS video just below.  Make sure the point registers that “hundreds of thousands of birds are killed, each year, by wind farms” and that solar fries birds in mid-air.

According to “California Housing Statistics” there are 12,214,549 homes in California.  If this one solar plant serves 140,000 homes (as they claim) we would have to have 87 of these solar plants (bye, bye birdies…) just for the daytime – and I guess we’d have to light candles at night.

It was author C J Box, in his Joe Pickett series that put me on to a major scandal being covered up by the liberal media – the simple fact that a significant number of America’s raptor population was being killed, and the facts covered up, by the wind farm industry in Montana, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.

So-called “environmentalists” (snort here), hard-pushing for federal funding for wind-farms, “to save the world from fossil fuels (snort again)” COMPLETELY IGNORED a fact that EVERYONE knows – that birds migrate from north to south and back.  But, unlike those so-called “environmentalists” (snort here) who travel in their private jets at 41,000 feet, those migrating birds have to fly through the same windy mountain passes where the crack-brained Obama-ites put their windmills – those with 136 foot whirling blades.  What did the wind-farms do?  They hid the facts about the birds…

Why trouble the American public with the reality of so-called alternative energy, right?


Hillary Was Going To Bring In 16,500,000 Young “War Trained” Muslim Men Into The US As “Refugees”

How do I know that?  Easy.  5.5% of Europe is NOW of that category.  That’s the percentage that Germany’s Andrea Merkel forced on all of Europe as “refugees.”  Hillary and Andrea belong to the same club.  5.5% of America’s 330,000,000 population is 16,500,000…

Hillary BRAGGED about taking American’s guns away from them.  Notice how All of the “lefties” proclaim that EVERY Trump supporter is a “White Supremacist?”

Hillary Was going to Destroy America’s Energy Industry….

The New York Post said it best in a March 2016 article called “Hillary’s vow to kill coal miners’ jobs finishes a vast Democratic betrayal…”  They said:

Here’s a novelty: Hillary Clinton told the truth. Oops!

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” Clinton said Sunday night while boasting about her clean energy program — and with a big smile on her face.

In fact, this is standard Democratic policy: President Obama’s been throwing coal miners out of work for seven years now, aiming to deliver on his 2008 pledge to “bankrupt” the coal industry.

But most Dems have the sense to pretend they’re just protecting the environment — and bashing business, ’natch.

Fine, Clinton quickly followed with a vow to dole out $30 billion for job retraining and to cover early-retirement costs for the workers she’ll get fired.

But retrain for what? Name a single working-class industry that the modern Democratic Party actually favors. (And, no, “green jobs” don’t count: They exist almost exclusively in liberal rhetoric.)

In fact, if Clinton keeps up with the honesty, she’ll tell the voters of other industries she means to destroy — oil, for sure, and probably natural gas, too. (Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s already led the way there with his ban on fracking.) And, hey, aren’t those evil Koch brothers big in (ick!) manufacturing?

No, coal’s not the perfect fuel — nothing is. But the industry has invested billions in getting cleaner — only to find Democrats (or their green masters) always raising the bar.”

Why would she do this?  Answer – take a look at how much money was given to the Clinton Foundation by COMPETITORS to America’s Energy industry – like Saudi Arabia…

Hillary’s “Wildlands Project…”

Obama and Hillary’s, and the liberal Democrats, totally whack-job “Wildlands Project.”

This is something you will NEVER see discussed in Main Stream Media (MSM).  But, it is all VERY true – and was proceeding carefully under Obama, and was going to explode under Hillary.   EVERYTHING was being set in place to do this.  Electing Trump STOPPED all of this from happening.

Look carefully at the map below.

Everything in red was slated to be “Human Exclusion Zones.”

Everything in yellow was slated for “Limited Use”

Everything in light blue was slated for “Normal Use.”

The Plan here was to seize all privately held land and move the population to the light blue areas.  Notice that there are NO light blue areas in Montana, Wyoming, and surrounding States?

This map was compiled from documents at the United Nation’s Geneva Headquarters in 1994. It was produced and shown to The United States Senate as they prepared to vote on the Global Bio-Diversity Treaty. The Global Bio-Diversity treaty was ready to pass until Congress saw the map above. The treaty failed because it could not be brought to the floor for a vote. The good news is that the treaty failed…The bad news is this program is being implemented aggressively through ICLEI as Sustainable Development/Conservation Programs by unelected bureaucrats.

Hillary’s Health Care Plan For America…

Hard to predict.  The plan would probably be fluid depending on which provider(s) contributed the most money to the Clinton Foundation.  For sure Big Pharma would be in the cat-bird-seat.  The CDC recommended Vaccines would be mandatory for everyone – especially Seniors.

Why Seniors?  Because Seniors are generally politically conservative.  Hillary could, literally, kill two birds with one stone here – flu shots kill Seniors every day.  Hillary could use that Social Security money, from dead Seniors, to fund Alinsky oriented ANTIFA projects.

Hillary Would Be Seizing America’s Guns…

I don’t need to elaborate on this.  Facts are facts.  Empresses are Empresses.

Hillary’s Chemtrails…

Of course.  She wouldn’t let Obama have all of the fun.

Prime tool for population control.

Of Course There’d Be No BolenReport…

Everyone associated with it would have “disappeared” into an Arkansas rice paddy in the first few months of her regime…

But, hey, “We The People” went in a different direction….

And we are not turning back…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


9 thoughts on ““Empress” Hillary – Of “What USED TO BE Called America…””

  1. The collapse of the coal industry has continued unabated under Trump thankfully. Economic factors have had and continue to have much more impact on that than any president could possibly have. Its not economically viable and not environmentally desirable, unless you feel that getting rid of mountains wholesale and burning them to release the coal ash and heavy metals is a good idea.

  2. Claiming that the “LEFT” is in favor of legalizing pedophilia is just delusional. Who is the “LEFT”? Were all the politicians on the Lolita express and all the defense department and military men with child porn on their computers members of the “LEFT”? Cut the hyperbole and get back to reality. If you want to name names and identify perpetrators thats one thing, but just attacking the amorphous “LEFT” is just like citing the Boogy Man or Reds Under the Bed. It serves no purpose but to divide people, which doesnt accomplish your goals, which I presume is to build an opposition movement.

  3. Roger – the US coal industry has not collapsed. It is doing quite well. Other fuel sources are providing competition in a very good way. That’s the nature of things.

    However, the “wild-eyed leftist” quasi-environmentalists stomping around in their own needles and feces streets of San Francisco’s view of coal is just typical of the left.

    With Trump we have commons sense – something COMPLETELY missing with the left.

  4. It all seems to depend on MEDICINALDRUGS and ENERGY…. so..


    History.. some test nukes of this general type were run [yes, RUN ] all the way back in the early days of the COLDWAR… but these nukes did NOT produce WEAPONIZABLE OUTPUT….. so…. who needs it, eh?

    Just because it’s impossible for them TO MELT DOWN

    Just because they do not produce thoroughly YUCCA MOUNTAINS OF INHUMANELY MANAGEABLE TOXIC WASTE..

    Just because Thorium is not as expensive to mine, is abundant worldwide as well as here……..
    …but hey… WEAPONS ARE KING…

    But the wildcard gets better… there’s been renewed interest in these nukes [NOT FOR US, BUT FOR NASA’s MOON MISSION]… but the guy [Kirk Sorensen] working on that was so ‘taken’ by the power in this idea that he dropped out of NASA and eventually started his own COMPANY which named FLIBE.. hunh? because he sees a way to modify the designing on the books [using fluoride/lithium/berylium = flibe] that would BURN THE EXISTING NUCLEAR WASTE AS PART OF THE FUEL….. boom…..

    And because they are so safe, they can be built MODULARLY AND SMALL SCALE so that they provide factory jobs AND the modules could be CONTAINER SIZE AND TRANSPORTABLE WHEREVER THE WASTE IS….. [no transpoting toxics needed = public safe]…

    The fortune we would’ve spent on securely storing toxic waste would nicely pay for the expenses of running them til the waste is gone… betcha….

    And the amount of thorium needed to power your home IN PERPETUITY OF YOUR LIFETIME is about the size of a GRAPE… [see this video from Denmark’s enthusiasts, Thomas Jam Petersen, engineer and the Copenhagen Atomics… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHO1ebNxhVI ]

    SO why is no one yelling about it… why are all the federal nuclear energy MONEY / FUNDING / ETC going to more of the damn uranium nukes? LIKE HERE IN OHIO… they claimed they feared for the time period when Ohio would be near totally dependent on other states’ electric power [waiting for Flibe’s] if we shut down the 2 nukes near Cleveland that are decrepit, one nearly went melt down in 2002, and the company is BANKRUPT… so we taxpayers/ratepayers bailed them out instead of putting all our trust in FLIBE who is lucky to get a paltry couple million for development and tests…. and there’s always China, Iran, North Korea and the Saudi/ISRAELI insane middle east….


    At the moment Flibe is looking at a single processing design that would take raw mined thorium ore, do the fluoride/lithium/berylium step and roll the output right into the generator.

    TMSN…For Americans… and even TRUMP’s SpaceForce’s moonbase…. and the rest of the world can follow us.. Denmark’s engineer has the EU to battle…..

    Who knows?
    ttyl, because we already are on the march for the ‘reforming’ of the medical side of the battles.
    see ya later.

  5. IMPO, she doesn’t stand a chance. Trump has 4 times the energy for his age, this woman has nothing to offer us except corruption. She may be popular amongst the criminal element within our CONgressional halls, but she’s not one bit popular with the people of this country. If she thinks she is, she’s lying to herself.

    Personally, she wouldn’t get my vote for dog catcher. Let her clean out portable out houses, that’s more her style.

  6. The NWO Cabal has us well on our way to Moloch Worship, complete with child and blood sacrifices. All in the name of ‘religious freedom’

  7. The NWO Cabal has us well on the way to Moloch worship, complete with child and blood sacrifices all in the name of freedom of religion.

  8. …ON THE MEDICAL SIDE…. we would agree that those paedophiles SHOULD be in ‘treatment’. So we’d suggest that the DOCTOR SHOULD BE TOLD that — like the ol AA people — YOU CAN’T GET HELP UNTIL YOU ADMIT YOU ARE SICK… SICK, like schizophrenics are sick BUT can be cured [80% cure rate with Hoffer’s protocols].. so we do not DECRIMINALIZE THE VIOLENCE DONE BY A SCHIZOPHRENIC ON A RAMPAGE….. same logic applies, NO DECRIMINALIZING, Doc, ever….

    So now let’s reach out to OUR GROUP’S EXPERTS… why is there no CURE FOR SICK AND DANGEROUS PEOPLE like paedophiles… Hasn’t anyone tried the ADDICTION CURES like Libby & Stone’s pilot study for drug/alcohol addicts… or maybe Hoffer’s cure for psychopathy… surely we can do better than mainstream medicine……. ttyl

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