“Global Warming” is “International Marxism” Not Science…

It is now some years since the “Global Warming” scare originated with a railway engineer…

…(since arrested and charged with the sexual abuse of a young boy in India), and his paymasters at the United Nations.

From Europe By Karma Singh

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also known as the IPCC – (please note “intergovernmental” not international) – was created as a political lobby to sell the concept of man-made global warming to the world at large. Whilst it pretended to have a large body of top-notch climate scientists behind it, many of these “2500 world class scientists” were, in fact, students, journalists, commentators, bureaucrats and others.

Just below is the entire one hour sixteen minute “The Great Global Warning Swindle” produced by HONEST scientists…

The “climate change concept which they were trying to sell…

..is based upon a suggestion from a Swedish scientist in the 1960’s when the changes in the world temperature led many to fear that we were heading for a new Ice Age. His suggestion was that if we could burn a lot more coal and oil then we just might be able to produce so much CO2 that we could create a sort of “greenhouse effect” and stave off the global cooling. It must be noted that this was a time in which the rapid expansion in the production and use of consumer goods (including cars) had already given rise to an increase in CO2 produced by we humans but this was nowhere near the levels needed for his proposed greenhouse effect. Human activity currently produces about six per cent of all CO2. To get the effect he proposed, we would have to increase this to more than 30%, i.e. more than FIVE TIMES the present level. Fortunately, just as human produced CO2 actually fell off due to the oil crisis in 1973/74, sun spot activity, which had almost stopped in the early 1950’s, resumed and temperatures began to rise again.

Subsequently the NASA released, in the year 2000…

…data which it had collected in 1958 proving the Milankovitch theory of climate changes. Both of these demonstrate that 100% of climate variations throughout Earth’s history have been due to a slight eccentricity in Earth’s orbit around the sun, i.e. sometimes we’re closer and it’s warmer and sometimes we’re further away and it’s cooler.

Further satellite data from NASA shows that, between 1982 and 2015, there has been a dramatic increase in plant growth (and, therefore, food-crop production) as plants have made use of the slight increase in the availability of that, to them, essential nutrient CO2 plus additional warmth to expand growth by an average of 25% across the globe, i.e. they have not left any CO2 over to produce any global warming but have given us extra food instead.

This is why, historically, warmer periods have always been a time of great prosperity, relative peace and intellectual and artistic flourishing. The last warm period, the Medieval Warm Period from about 830 to 1300 AD saw the construction of most of our great monumental buildings, the establishment of stable countries, an expansion of learning, the Pilgrimage custom and more but also the Crusades and the Papal Empire, Genghis Khan, etc.. The much longer and much warmer period before that saw the birth of civilisation and agriculture as we know them and when it ended with a new cold period, it brought about the collapse of the Roman Empire.

The cold period, called the Little Ice Age, from about 1300 to 1850, that we’re just climbing out of engendered a series of European wars and, later, forced the Europeans to plunder the orient in search of the plenty which the cold denied them at home.

In short; warm times = good times and cold times = bad times.

Actually, as the true temperature increase from 1870 to 2005 (since when it has remained unchanged) is only 0.8°C, we are still, technically, in the Little Ice Age – we don’t really have a warm period as yet. It’s warm enough to partially melt some of the Little Ice Age glaciers (Mendenhall, for example) which occupy land which was forest 700 years ago but not yet warm enough to enable European farmers to double crop as they did in the Medieval Warm Period. The coastal plains of Greenland do not yet sport the lush forests which had enabled the Vikings to maintain a city there. Polar bear populations have increased from 1980 to 2017 by an average of 25% lending credence to the stories of the Vikings hunting them for their pelts and oil. It stands to reason, of course, that when food is available in greater abundance, the numbers of the top predators will also increase.

The “crowning glory” to the “Climate Change Hoax” is the new Winter weather forecast from the British Metrological Office.

Their prognosis is the coldest Winter for 30 years, with temperatures as low as minus 14°C (-57°F). This is the logical consequence of the great expansion of the Polar Ice Sheet which has taken place this year which may well result in Arctic winds being able to reach well into the temperate zones. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that they base this prognosis exclusively upon reduced sun spot activity revealing that even the government weather office doesn’t believe the CO2 fairy tale either!

In my next article, I will detail who is running the hoax and why, i.e. what are their objectives?

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

9 thoughts on ““Global Warming” is “International Marxism” Not Science…”

  1. I will be interested to see what you think will happen next (beyond this winter). Do you believe it will continue to get colder? Will the “Little Ice Age” continue, get colder or warm some what? I’m not sure I can place the video I saw on line, but if I recall correctly a Russian scientist has had success with a climate model she derived from looking at solar activity. I believe she is forecasting cold and decreasing food production.

  2. It might well be a swindle but I get rather tired about the ‘it’s the Marxists’ nonsense.

    The person speaking most sense on so called global warming is Piers Corbyn- a socialist and elder brother of Jeremy Corbyn the UK Labour Party leader. He predicted last winter’s cold weather in the US and the ‘Beast from the East’ in the UK. He knows all too well that the climate is getting colder, not hotter and he knows too that temperature has nothing to do with CO2.

    This is the wealthy who want an even greater share of wealth. Their plan is to convince everyone that the world is in danger, then persuade us that the only way to develop technologies that will save the planet is to raid our pension funds.

    If you want to look at the guilty, go back to the Club of Rome, the World Wildlife Fund, both preserves of the extremely wealthy. Their belief is that there are too many people and so most of us must be culled. Prior to them took at the eugenics movement which was the preserve of wealthy US industrialists such as Rockerfeller. Bill Gates comes from a eugenics family and needless to say he is all over that plan too.

    Nothing whatsoever to do with the left. The right are all over this, although sadly people of all political persuasion are being conned. All being well, when it continues to get cooler, the penny might drop.

  3. I live in the northern great plains of the USA where in the summers, frequently, it gets so hot you can’t touch an outside door handle and the winters get so cold and snowy that we sometimes cannot get out of the house for days. We have 4 seasons here, we always have, so the idea of global warming or global cooling just doesn’t make sense to us! Summers are warm/hot, winters are cold/freezing. That’s just the way it is and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    What concerns me more than ever now, though, is the fact that the USA is in the business of selling vast acreages of land here in the middle part of the country – – to CHINA. What are the Chinese going to do with it? Well, it’s a sure thing they aren’t going to be farming it or having huge cattle ranches as it once was. It will likely be used for SOMETHING military, and to be honest, THAT concerns me much more than whether it’s warming or cooling. God is in charge of that and man, much as he would like to, cannot change that. But man is the critter who is in charge of selling off the USA to foreigners – – at the speed of light.

  4. Kevin:
    My next major column will cover the history of where the climate change hoax came from, who’s behind it and why. Don’t get caught up with all the science arguments. They are a distraction from the issue. The fact is, the Club of Rome, a Rockefeller group of globalists and self-promoters, is the source of the hoax. A guy named Maurice Strong came from that group to execute what they had in mind. Global control of the population under the control of the UN. The UN is global government and Marxism deluxe. NO individual rights and NO property rights. We just live where they tell us to live and do what they tell us to do.

    To manipulate governments into moving into the UN sphere, Maurice had to cook up a crisis that could panic everyone into not thinking clearly. The world was coming to an end if we didn’t stop human sourced CO2 from increasing. He offered a solution, incremental “sustainable development” strategies (under the authority of the UN) to save the planet. The trick is to get all nations to cooperate and in the process give up their national independence right down to your city council members’ ability to decide what to do to renovate that great pond in the middle of town.

    One of their key targets are those countries that are capitalist. Capitalist countries run on cheap energy from fossil fuels . Blame fossil fuels for CO2 emissions. Bottom line, CO2 is what makes plants grow. Warm climate makes things grow even faster. During warm CO2 rich periods in global history is when civilizations flourish. Colder, CO2 poor moments are basically the ice ages that make life on earth tough. Duh.

    Maurice was a big cheese at the UN all these years and orchestrated various global treaty meetings culminating in the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Summit That was the birth of Agenda 21. All smoke and mirrors.

    I spent several days at an Agenda 21 conference hosted by American Policy Center. https://americanpolicy.org/ I also spent several years as Vice President of a Canadian-based health freedom group trying to protect vitamins from the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission. http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/codex-alimentarius.html The UN is a rigged deck run by Marxists and global corporations.

  5. D Smith, yes. Well, take a look at the Australian experience. A huge amount of land and business in and around Darwin is Chinese owned. And guess what: Darwin is becoming a smart city effectively, complete with facial recognition, social credit scoring and absolute surveillance. No doubt they ‘have to’ do it to encourage this investment.

  6. This morning, the first three comments appeared here.
    In my emails, I see that there are (at least) three further comments.

    Hi Alexis,
    I simply don’t know – sunspots tend to go in cycles but sometimes they just stop and I have no idea why. If they stop it will get colder. If they don’t, it won’t. However, as the temperature seems to be stuck since 2005 and is still well below the medium for the last 10,000 years (since the last Ice Age) it’s anybody’s guess as we don’t havethe data upon which to make a reasoned projection.

    Hi Kevin,
    sometimes editors modify what a journalist has written. In this case, the editor has added “Marxist” to my original text.
    As those behind the “Climate Change” scam are amongst the wealthiest upon the planet, I don’t see much in the way of Marxist ideology here. Instead, I perceive an oligarchy of bankers attempting to achieve their publicly stated aim of being the owners of the entire planet and the rest of humanity.

    and Tim. Have you got any more details of this?
    Who is authorising this and why?

    my feeling is that this bubble is about to pop.
    The question is, “Will there be gaol time for those (Al Gore, for example) who perpetrated and profited from this swindle?”

    Hi Elissa,
    look forward to reading it and to seeing how far it gells with what I know. I wouldn’t say the UN was Marxist, ‘though; it was established with the help of Fritz te Mer and friends from IG Farbenindustrie as part of Operation Paperclip. Many of the Nazi “Big Wigs” were brought into the US by Rockefeller and friends in order to establish this and other tools of the banker world government.

    Blessed be


  7. Karma
    Agreed. The bankers go to the places where they can gain most influence. Since the advent of the United Nations and the globalist agenda, they are all over those. A globalist agenda doesn’t make a person a Marxist- all the more so when those pursuing that agenda happen to be the wealthiest and most influential people on this earth.

    I’m most certainly not a Marxist but I have serious concerns at the way things are being presented on Bolen. I’m UK and Labour voting but I support Brexit and I certainly supported Trump as against Hilary. Many left wingers are young and fail to understand what is going on with the world, hence their adherence to scams like Extinction Rebellion, but this recent trend of trying to turn the whole vaccine issue as one foisted upon the god fearing right by the left strikes me as utterly counterproductive. I most certainly hope Donald TRump comes up with a vaccination embargo but I haven’t seen many signs so far.

    A coalition of all interested parties- of the right and of the left is what we need rather than the basest of dog whistle politics.

  8. Karma, yes, there ought to be serious repercussions for those who cry wolf over climate crises, disease pandemics, or anything else that could cause mass behaviour changes on a false pretext. The classic example is the WHO and the 2009 swine flu non-demic. If I shouted ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre I’d expect some consequences. What is amazing is that they do this repeatedly. While it hardly seems to hurt their official standing, it sure does dent their credibility. Everyone knows what happened to the boy who cried wolf in the end.

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