“Political Correctness” is the central tactic used to try to silence The Anti-Vax Movement…

…and if America goes Marxist, as Bernie Sanders is promoting (he calls it Social Democracy), our concerns about safety, and our desire for choice not to vaccinate. will be silenced forever….

By Elissa Meininger –  Historian and Health Policy Analyst

If you read my article  Trump Opens Door So We Can Purge Marxism From Public Schools on how Marxists actively took over America’s public schools to teach students not to think critically, it was the first of several forthcoming articles about how the Marxist movement has insinuated mind-numbing Marxist thinking into many other spheres of public life here in the U.S. – like honest discussions about health care.

This article focuses on how “Political Correctness” came into being and why we need to put a stop to it to restore order.  As you will learn, “Political Correctness” is a well-developed method of mind control designed to herd people with low self-esteem into “following orders”.

Karl Marx – A Man Filled With Self-Loathing…

Karl Marx

Back when Karl Marx was alive and started to write, he was already a sick man. While his middle class parents tried to teach him personal discipline like eating right and getting regular exercise and other middle class self-discipline values, Marx was clearly a misfit.  When he went off to college, he was charged with drunken and disorderly behavior, carried guns, squandered his money and was otherwise a wild kid, out of control.  His father even moved him from Bonn to Berlin, where he finally finished his university studies.

According to medical experts, Marx suffered from a lifelong  condition called hidradenitis, a skin disease that is known to create psychological problems including self-loathing and alienation.  Victims suffer from horrible and painful boils under the armpits and in the groin.  The disease also causes widespread infection resulting in painful swelling in other parts of his body.  Marx also suffered from hemorrhoids.

To add to his low self esteem was that Marx had a thick accent and lisped.  That, along with suffering eye problems that caused red eyes and the open sores on his face from other ailments, he must have been quite a sight.  After his studies were over, he took to writing and over the years his angry and hostile articles justified officials in France, Germany and Belgium to throw him out of their countries, so he spent the rest of his life living in self-imposed poverty, living off handouts from a rich uncle and his pal Friedrich Engels.  During his years in the slums of London, Marx continued to smoke and drink too much and suffered from a variety of ailments associated with living in filth and poverty.  Several bouts of depression were prompted by the deaths of several of his seven children who died of diseases brought on by poverty. His ever-present worry was to have enough cash to buy potatoes and bread, the main diet of the entire family.

To tell the truth, Marx never worked a day in his life, instead spending every day at the library writing hateful articles and books telling people how the world was bad and that everyone ought to revolt.

What Marx Believed…

Marx saw the world as made up of two kinds of people – Those who owned all the wealth and those who were not only forced to work for a living but even forced to compete against each other to get low-paying meaningless jobs from the wealthy.  He believed people who worked for others were basically serfs locked into the drudgery of work that gave them no time to be free spirits pondering the wonders of the universe.

Marx, a lifelong atheist, believed that a belief in God and the teachings of Christianity were a way to lull workers in being satisfied with their lot in life.  He called religion “the opiate of the masses” because he was convinced that it was the wealthy who encouraged the practice of religion to keep everyone in line. Besides, Christianity had too many restrictive rules on how to live your life.

While he never held a job, preferring to spew out writings full of hate year after year, his main political goal was to convince people to overthrow the rich industrialists  so their wealth, like the spoils of war, could be given away to the masses. He didn’t care what happened next and to this day, Marxists never offer a blueprint about what to do next, once the Capitalist government has been overthrown.  They live in a Never Never land like Peter Pan, who never grew up.

Workers Of The World Unite For All Out War…

What Marx and his followers hoped for was a workers’ revolt to basically overthrow all the governments in Europe to destroy Capitalism.

When such an event didn’t happen after WWI, Marxists of that day decided that workers were way too happy with Capitalism and teachings of the church as a rudder to guide them in the stable society in which they lived.  Keep in mind, Capitalism and Christianity are central to the values of Western civilization.  High self esteem, personal prosperity and hard work are valued.

Two of the more prominent Marxists at the time, an Italian philosopher named Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs, a literary philosopher from Hungary, came to the conclusion that in order to promote a successful economic revolution they’d have to destroy all the key values of Western civilization.  They had to create a cultural revolution.

In order to do so, they made a list of the key cultural values of Capitalism that needed to be destroyed.

They included:

      1. Belief in God referenced in our Declaration of Independence as “Our Creator” where we got our inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
      2. Belief in Christian values like “love your neighbor, help people who need help, live a virtuous life, work hard, value success, feel good about yourself and feel good about your community.”
      3. Belief in normal family relationships of a father and mother who are responsible for raising children, making sure to teach them honesty, personal character, proper behavior and useful lessons on how to set personal goals, think for themselves and lead a successful life.
      4. Have a firm idea about history, learn from it and build on it.
      5. Learn useful skills in order to make a good living.

Gramsci was thrown in jail by Mussolini in 1926 because he thought Gramsci’s Marxist ideas were the enemy of his Fascist regime.  Gramsci spent the rest of his days writing his “prison notebooks” exploring how, by subversive tactics,  the promoters of Marxism could overrun the pillars of Capitalism in stages.

Georg Lukacs was appointed Minister of Culture in the short- lived Hungarian Soviet Republic.  In charge of education, he introduced some of the first sex education classes designed to destroy family values, the stabilizing centerpiece of Western culture.   Strange but true, here in the US there are now public schools that start sex education classes in the first grade, actively promote transgenderism, teach the techniques and virtues of what religious people call “sodomy” and assist children in obtaining sex change operations without their parents knowledge or consent.

This particular campaign, to my mind, is the most corrosive of all the Marxist strategies.  Sexuality is basic to all human existence.  It is how the human race continues and the creating and raising of the next generation is central to all cultures.  The idea that parents, who are already forced to surrender their children to state authorities for long hours each day, should be particularly concerned.  Here in America, some parents are able to avoid surrendering their children to state authorities by being able to either home school or send their children to private schools where they have control of the content of the education.  See my article about Marxism in the public school.

Whatever your beliefs are about matters of sex and/or sexuality is not the issue here.

It is about whether or not the state has the right to make irreversible decisions about children without the knowledge or consent of their parents. 

What is going on here is that children are subjected to values that may be against what they are being taught at home during their impressionable years when they are too young to comprehend what the implications are.  Think of all the tomboys in America who enjoyed their boyish ways and later grew up to be happy wives of masculine husbands and raising children in a loving home.  What if some well-meaning teacher, seeing the boyish ways of some 9 year old girl decided to help her become  a “real” boy and arranged a secret sex change medical procedure.

According to Psychological Association’s manual of disorders, it calls this desire to medically change sexes, “gender dysphoria”. The association states that as a mental illness that if left alone, results in 75-95% of children diagnosed with this sexual confusion, once through puberty without any transgender treatments, grow up perfectly normal.  Dr. Paul McHugh, former lead psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital put a stop to the hospital’s sex-reassignment surgeries on the basis that such surgeries were “fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness” and Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, says it is “institutionalized child abuse.”

Despite all this, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi got into the act

She has introduced legislation this year, that would force insurance companies to pay for sex change medical treatment and the doctors who provide them.  The bill also would add sexual orientation and gender identity as a disenfranchised minority group to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Just so you know, the articles below describe how sex change procedures can be ordered without parental consent in what is becoming part of ordinary American public school life.  It demonstrates just how much Marxist ideology has taken over our country.

 IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL: Classroom Sexual Abuse of Minors

Public School Helps Child Get Sex Change Without Parental Approval

New California Law Allows Children to Get Transgender Treatments Without Parental Consent

Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Now Available To Oregon Minors Without Parental Consent

Other evidence of Marxist strategy to break up the family unit and capture the minds and hearts of children…

…is by encouraging them to defy parental authority regarding the issue of vaccination.  Safety and effectiveness of vaccines is highly contested, yet many states now have laws to encourage children to get them without the knowledge or consent of their parents.  In the current politically- correct world, mainstream media discussion of safety and effectiveness of vaccines is forbidden.

Sigmund Freud – Another Marxist, Was Just As Screwed Up As Karl Marx.                                                                                

Freud was a pioneering psychiatrist focused on developing theories about what goes on in people’s subconscious minds and how it effects behavior.  He was particularly fascinated with how instinct and sex drive play a part in people’s self esteem and behavior as adults.

A new biography about Freud, Freud: Making of an Illusion, by Frederick Crews, is based in part on newly available information.  It provides a devastating blow to any idea that what Freud had to say was valid.

While many biographies reveal Freud to be a strange man (and sloppy in his methods of research with a habit of making up facts and/or lying about conclusions he drew), Crews provides major details to flesh out what others have already said.  While Freud’s ideas about the unconscious mind remain interesting to think about while studying the field of psychology, one has to first take into account that Freud was addicted to cocaine and promoted its use for all kinds of ailments despite evidence it was highly addictive.  This drug addiction may explain Freud’s behavior, thought process and sloppiness in his research.

Crews summarized his findings that Freud, aside from not being scientific in his methods of inquiry, was fixated on matters of sex. 

Freud’s main thing about women started with his personal belief they were inferior people, filled with penis envy and a desire to gain the power that Freud thought they perceived men had.  On that issue, he and many of his followers admitted he never really understood women even though he published a number of “authoritative papers” explaining how they ticked.  Even women followers of Freud were particularly aware he was screwed up about women.

It is important to understand the impact of Freud’s ideas on the development of “Political Correctness” and the destruction of Capitalism on the way to creating an atheistic Marxist world.


Like Marx, Freud was a Jew who lived in Germany at a time Jews were alienated from the larger Catholic and Protestant community.  Actual hatred of Jews erupted into action with the election of Hitler in the 1930s and Hitler’s holocaust to kill all the Jews and everyone else the Fuhrer didn’t like.

During his career, Freud, through, his cocaine-fogged brain, published an array of books and papers to discuss his various ideas about God, religion, women, family life and whatever else he deemed normal and abnormal in human beings.  He was, in fact, preaching that all the values central to the Judeo-Christian values of western culture were actually one neurosis or another.

In his last book, published In the year of his death, Moses and Monotheism, he stated that Moses, the most important prophet in Judaism, was actually a priest of the pharaoh Akahenaten, forced to flee Egypt after the pharaoh’s death.  As Freud described it, Moses was then murdered by his followers who later regretted it so they made up the story about expecting his return as their Messiah.  It was his followers who joined forces with another monotheistic tribe who worshipped a volcano god they called Yahweh.

Freud himself  believed that religion was an illusion which represented a defense against nature.  He was convinced that dogmatic religious training contributed to a weakness of intellect.  He listed belief in God and religious beliefs in general as part of his long list of neuroses.   It is interesting that Freud chose to write about Moses at the end of his life.  The existence of both Moses and Jesus have been debated for centuries.  These men are foundational figures for Judeo-Christian Ethos. 

It is equally interesting that the management of  the New York Times, a leftist newspaper, chose to publish an article some years ago entitled In Sinai desert, no trace of Moses on the eve of Passover, a Jewish holiday celebrating how Moses lead his people out of Egypt and out of slavery. The Times is the key newspaper in New York City, home to the largest population of Jewish people outside of Israel.

In a recent article published in Psychology Today, the author postulated Freud hated America and everything it stood for.  Before WWI he was invited to the States to talk about his theories and made it known that he thought we Yanks were money-grubbing, narrow-minded, anti-intellectual, uncultured, overly pious, mediocre culturally and too competitive.  It drove him crazy that people insisted on calling him by his first name, and instead of enjoying being a tourist in an exotic land, he described with disgust that at a friendly barbecue in somebody’s back yard, he had to eat a steak cooked over an open fire by “savages”.  After the war, Austria was in economic ruin.  Even though he sought out and was totally dependent on rich Americans who came to seek his services, he held these people in contempt.

The Birth Of “Political Correctness…”

Freud and his pals knew that if they could merge the ideas of Marx and Freud they could manipulate people’s minds into giving up their belief in God and all the stabilizing  values of Capitalist culture.  They could then fill those minds up with Marxist drivel to create the social unrest we now have.

According to Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, in his book The Vanishing American Adult, 30% of all college students drop out after the first year and only 40% graduate, a third of all 18 to 34-year olds still live with their parents and most kids over 13 spend more than 60% of their waking hours consuming media.

Freud and his cronies organized the Frankfort Institute in 1923 as their Plan B. 

One key project was to convince the intelligentsia running all the universities across Europe and the U.S. to promote the Cultural Marxist ideas since Plan A, an out-and-out physical revolt against the Capitalist governments themselves had failed.

They tasked these people, who needed to publish or perish, into mindfucking all manner of issues related to Marxist ideology.  (Yes, mindfucking is a real word that means  to intentionally destabilize, confuse or manipulate the mind of another person”).

These academics are why American history and civics aren’t taught in school any more because of the belief that too many privileged white men ran the show back in the old days.  It is also why college humanities departments have mushroomed in size and why someone can spend years living on student loans studying such critical issues such as “women’s studies” or “multi-cultural studies” and wonder why, after earning an expensive PhD, they have no marketable skills  or any idea of what they want to do in life.  As a result they are burdened with a huge student loan bill they’ll never be able to repay.

Worse yet, students are now encouraged to panic over hearing something they don’t agree with and need to run to a safe room for milk and cookies and access to a therapy dog to pet in order to calm down.   More aggressive students are encouraged to shout down anyone who comes to campus that might say something they don’t agree with.  Or, better yet, they are encouraged to resort to physical violence to drive people with politically-incorrect ideas off campus altogether – all with the support and encouragement of the administration.

Other odd things are going on at colleges these days based on all manner of political correctness being imposed. 

At Oberlin College, one of the oldest colleges in America, shoplifting seems to be a past time condoned in a big way by the administration.  In an article posted on the net by a student at Oberlin, following a lawsuit the college lost to a local town bakery, tells the whole sorry story.  As it happened, several students were caught shoplifting (they confessed) so the students of Oberlin decided to launch a campaign to shut down the bakery in retaliation.  The bakery sued and won a $25 million settlement.   

In the article below, it is obvious the campus life of old no longer exists.

Posted by William A. Jacobson    Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 9:40pm

“[W]e uncovered a sad truth: That the majority of shoplifting in Oberlin is carried out by students…. [because] students just felt like it” — Puts in context testimony that the college wanted a special procedure for student shoplifters and feared backing the bakery would “trigger” a negative student reaction.

 We have covered Oberlin College at least since 2013, when we wrote extensively about The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013.

Classes were cancelled in favor of campus-wide forums to address white supremacy and systemic racism after racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic flyers were posted around campus. The campus almost melted down when a student spotted someone walking at night in a Ku Klux Klan robe. It turned out not to be the Klan, but likely a student walking at night wrapped in a blanket for warmth.

Even the flyers turned out not to be what they seemed – it turned out they were placed around campus by a white liberal student who sought to start a conversation on campus. The entire 2013 racial meltdown was the result of a hoax, and those details were known by the college administration. But rather than address that reality, the administration used the controversy to agree to student demands for increased social justice indoctrination, including during freshman orientation.

The campus atmosphere turned Oberlin College “social justice” activism into self-parody. The black student union protested that the Africana House dining hall did not regularly serve fried chicken (seriously). Other students protested dining hall cultural appropriation of Asian food, noting as to the dining-hall version of General Tso’s Chicken, “[i]nstead of deep-fried chicken with ginger-garlic soy sauce, the chicken was steamed with a substitute sauce.” Once again, the administration sought to placate the activists, with the Director of Dining Services confessing that “we recently fell short in the execution of several dishes in a manner that was culturally insensitive.”

In December 2014, students led by the black student union issued a 14-point set of demands seeking to “deconstruct imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and a cissexist heteropatriarchy” and to divest from Israel. The demands including hiring and promotion of faculty based on race. The inclusion of divesting from Israel was no happenstance, Oberlin had a particularly toxic form of “intersectional” activism, in which Israel was so relentlessly demonized as the center of intersecting systems of oppression that a coalition of alumni signed a statement demanding administration action. Though the administration did not heed the demands for (illegal) hiring and promotion based on race, little action was taken to change the campus climate.

So when the Gibson’s Bakery fiasco happened, it was not entirely surprising. What was surprising were some of the details that came out during the case that cast an even darker shadow on activism at Oberlin College.

 Freud’s Favorite Nephew Creates America’s “PROPAGANDA INDUSTRY...”

While Freud hated everything America stood for, his favorite nephew Edward Bernays came here and became the guy who made a fortune creating the propaganda industry.

Using Uncle Sigmund’s ideas of how the subconscious mind worked,  Bernays was hired by President Wilson to sell the participation of the US in WWI to the American public.  He quickly parlayed that experience into building the massive industry it is today.  His first order of business was to name this new business “advertising and public relations” as the word “propaganda” had a bad connotation.  The second thing he did was to consult with Dr. A.A. Brill, one of his uncle’s former students, so he could learn the ins and outs of how to manipulate people’s subconscious minds.

Bernays set about writing books and working with corporate clients to capture the minds and hearts of all Americans.  In his book, Propaganda,  Bernays explained the ultimate goal of the advertising and public relations business:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.  This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic  is organized. ”  Propaganda (1928)

In his famous essay, Engineering Consent, he itemizes all the communications outlets propagandists needed to control:

Almost 1,800 daily newspapers in the United States have a combined circulation of around 44,000,000. There are approximately 10,000 weekly newspapers and almost 6,000 magazines. Approximately 2,000 radio stations of various types broadcast to the Nation’s 60,000,000 receiving sets. Approximately 16,500 motion picture houses have a capacity of almost 10,500,000. A deluge of books and pamphlets is published annually. The country is blanketed with billboards, handbills, throwaways, and direct mail advertising. Round tables, panels and forums, classrooms and legislative assemblies, and public platforms—any and all media, day after day, spread the word, someone’s word.

His idea was to make sure to control ALL outlets of communication in order to construct campaigns to sell anything and everything to the unsuspecting public using a total immersion brainwashing strategy.

Just as the Marxist professors who took over the colleges and universities, propaganda professionals rapidly took over all areas of the entertainment industry (making movie stars spokespeople for Marxist propaganda), all news outlets including radio, tv and printed media instructed to spew out the party line subliminally, even when selling soap.   And, let us not forget, Marxists already had control of the public schools thanks to the support of Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations who wanted only mindless and obedient workers.

After Bernays or other marketing guy was hired by some big corporation to promote the company’s new widget, he required them to hire a Freudian psychiatrist to help them develop advertising campaigns appealing to the public’s unconscious minds.  Advertising and promotion is basically in the business of convincing people the need for some product or service they never heard of before and probably didn’t need, by selling them on why they needed it and how they’d feel after they bought it or didn’t buy it.  The first stage of this manipulation, in many cases, was to create a cultural climate where it was the thing to do or buy whatever it was.

Why Women Smoke Tobacco Penises…

One of Bernays’ most famous advertising campaigns, and used as an example of how to change the subconscious minds of society at large in order to sell a product, is the one to sell smoking cigarettes to women.

When Bernays started there was a long-held taboo for women to smoke cigarettes in public.  Why would they?  To smoke a handful of tobacco rolled into a thin tight tube held together with pure white paper just to inhale the smoke, seems pointless and, frankly, disgusting.  But, according to Bernays’ psychiatric consultant, Uncle Sigmund’s assessment of women was that they believed they were weaker than men.  They envied and wanted to have power over men and anything in the shape of a penis was a phallic symbol representing the power and superiority of men.  Penis envy was the name of the actual neurosis.

Cigarettes were a great phallic symbol that would give women the idea they could symbolically consume men and the power men had every time they inhaled a cigarette.   Try using the same tobacco wrapped in an ugly cigar leaf or stuffing it in a pipe for a smoke to create the subliminal message.  Those visual images just don’t have the same effect.

The first part of Bernay’s cigarette campaign was to create a way to convince women that smoking cigarettes was the fashionable thing to do.  So he got the names of a number of society women in New York, hired them to smoke in public and then went about staging his campaign.  These women were all decked out in their finest flapper outfits and as a group marched in the famous Easter Parade on fashionable 5th Avenue in New York City.  At the appointed moment, Bernays signaled them to daintily pull up the hem of their skirts to reveal a pack of cigarettes tucked in their garters.  They would then slip one cigarette out of the pack and conspicuously light up.

To guaranty maximum impact, he tipped off the press telling them they’d have a hell of a story if they lined up their cameras at the appointed spot.  What flashed across the front pages of newspapers across America was the story about how women could now smoke “Torches of Freedom” and damn the taboo.  Bernays forever bonded the symbol of the women’s liberation movement with the smoking of cigarettes.

CENTURY OF SELF – How Freud’s Ideas Helped Capture A Whole Civilization…

There is a spectacular four-part documentary series first broadcast on BBC that covers the history of how Freud’s knowledge of the unconscious mind was used by his nephew Edward Bernays to gain control of the hearts and minds of the masses.

While it is loaded with all kinds of information on how Bernays pulled it off, my burning question for years had been why  large corporations were so eager to support Marxism.  It is really quite obvious.  Corporations want to peddle their wares to a captive audience that can be brainwashed into buying the stuff no questions asked.

I urge you to view all four parts of this series on Youtube.

The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

The Century of the Self – Part 2: “The Engineering of Consent”

The Century of the Self – Part 3: “There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed.”

The Century of the Self – Part 4: “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering”

Wikipedia, in this case, also is a great source of information about the extent of Bernays’ influence.

Saul Alinsky – Teaches Marxists How To Create Chaos

 A lot has been written about Saul Alinsky, as he was the guy who figured out how poor and powerless people could be organized to gain power.    He wrote two major books on the subject.  Reveille for Radicals (1946) and Rules for Radicals (1971).  His principle contribution to moving Marxism forward into the community at large was his creation of “Community Organizers”.

Radio commentator John Loeffler says this about Community Organizers:

Saul Alinsky, a radical liberal and agnostic, wrote the blueprint on how to introduce chaos through community organizing in hopes of overthrowing the government of the United States by undermining its foundational systems: government, public education, media, and the church.  His book Rules For Radicals spells out how people should organize and force change through misinformation and intimidation. In his book he acknowledges the “first radical known to man: Lucifer.”

 Rules for Radicals was once endorsed as recommended reading for teachers on the National Education Association website. The influence of Alinsky is being felt in every aspect of our society today. Hillary Clinton was an admirer of Saul Alinsky, embracing his goals and methods only to find herself “out Alinskied” by Bernie Sanders who captured the fantasies of American youth in the 2016 presidential election.

Loeffler also points out Alinsky and his followers exploit the weaknesses of the system itself and make a point to oppose independent, morally strong, educated people because these people, especially in groups, can’t be manipulated easily.  Instead, Alinsky’s followers use convoluted logic to create chaos in order to destabilize society.

Hillary Clinton was a great fan of Alinsky’s and as a rabble rouser herself, she wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on his ideas.  He even tried to hire her but she declined.  Perhaps the most famous community organizer is former President Barach Obama. His career before becoming President was three terms in the Illinois legislature and half a term as a U.S. Senator, following his years teaching the fine art of using Alinsky’s strategies to create chaos.

National Review has an excellent rundown on Obama’s career as a community organizer, an activity he has returned to since leaving the White House.

Below is an excerpt from Loeffler’s article.


Perhaps the simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money. Organizers like to call that “direct action.”

Obama As A Community Organizer…

One of the more disturbing strategies Alinsky talks a lot about is the ethics of lying to get to your goal.

In an earlier article here at The Bolen Report  Liar Liar Obama’s Pants on Fire I wrote in detail how the Alinsky methods were central to President Obama’s White House years.  In another article entitled Political Correctness I reviewed the highlights of Alinsky and the entire idea of political correctness that has taken over the American landscape for the purpose of destroying Capitalism.  And in still another article I called  Hillary Joins  the Resistance  I described the arrival of two more Marxists – two sociologists from Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  This husband and wife pair provided both President Bill Clinton and President Obama with strategies to so overload the U.S. economy with social programs that so they would bankrupt this country and then collapse Capitalism.

In the past year, Trump has been plagued with an out-of-control migration of people coming up through our southern border. 

All that anyone ever mentions is that they think it is a Democratic Party plan to bring in millions of new voters so they can get back in power.  While that may be true, the REAL reason is that the Marxists want to break down the borders to destroy Capitalist America.  Capitalist countries require defined borders so the number and quality of those who enter can be screened  to make sure they will be able to assimilate and become a harmonious part of the host country.  Cultural stability is key to a successful, well-run country.  America has had rules about who can enter the U.S. since the beginning changing from time to time to adjust to new issues.

The caravan strategy we are seeing now is being organized and funded by a Marxist group in Chicago as a means of breaking down our southern border.  Billionaire financier, George Soros, working on creating a Marxist world, who has been thrown out of several countries for his part in destroying nationalism by promoting massive migration of Muslims into Europe  is behind this caravan project here in America, as well.

In Europe The idea is that since many Muslims have no intention of assimilating, European countries are at risk of losing their cultural identities with so many unassimilated Muslims over running their country.

Here in the states, the first part of the game plan was for the Democrats to ignore there was a problem and let the crisis build so overcrowding became the issues.  Meanwhile Alinsky-style chaos strategies, mostly “impeach Trump” were being launched on a daily basis.  When to border detention situation started reaching a crisis, news of people having been told to drink out of the toilets hit the headlines.  The reality of what was happening is shown below:

Environmentally designed toilet systems with clean sinks above the toilet bowl so the excess drinking water could be caught in the toilet bowl below to be flushed away when needed.

How A Barmaid From Queens Became The Captain Of The US Houses’s Marxist Bear Baiting Team

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her job as candidate for the U.S. House via a cattle call put out nationwide by a new political action group called Justice Democrats.   They were looking for fresh faces to bankroll and promote for office and then control them once elected.  The JD’s goal is to pick off middle of the road Democrats and all the Republicans to transform Congress into one big all-powerful Marxist family.

Justice Democrats are about as Marxist as you can get.  A quick perusal of their issues will show you what they have in mind.   While there are many issues that many Capitalists would like to see dealt with in an appropriate way, the problem here is that with the Marxist philosophy, there is no way but their way.

In dealing with anything AOC and her three girlfriends Reps. Ilham Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or Ayanna Pressley spout out, you have to remember, AOC and they (also underwritten by Justice Democrats) are basically hired guns to keep things stirred up. Their job is to follow the Saul Alinsky Community Organizer playbook – create chaos and keep it up until people get bored with that topic and go to the next.

Omar and Tlaib spout out anti-Semitic commentary while Pressley demands Black elected officials be “real” Black people and only worry about issues of concern from the perspective of “real” Blacks.   AOC’s biggy is the Green New Deal which we will cover in an upcoming article.  AOC also headlines all manner of hot button topics particularly about the problems with illegal aliens at the border.  She relishes her role as star of the U.S. House Punch and Judy show and loves to debut the next headline topic to keep things all stirred up.  The excitement that happens next predictably prevents both the public and our elected officials from pondering who is pulling her strings and what the heck her latest pronouncement really means.

A quick perusal of the Wikipedia rundown will tell you in some detail who the Justice Democrats are and who they bankrolled and promoted in the 2018 elections.  You may have people in your state who dance to their drummer instead of yours and, keep in mind, the JDs have already sent out their cattle call for the 2020 campaign.

One way to not get sucked in to the excitement of AOC’s and her girlfriends’ grand pronouncements is to keep in mind, that they are merely Punch and Judy marionettes.  What one puppet might be acting out on stage that you can see, it is who is pulling the strings behind the curtain and why you need to worry about. In an upcoming article, for example, we’ll review in great detail about the AOC’s favorite song and dance, the Green New Deal, what it is really all about, who some of the marionette handlers are and why.  Stay tuned.

Ben Carson Says –  “I Refuse To Participate In Political Correctness…”

 We can, too!

If ever there is anyone who has lived the American Dream to its fullest, it is Dr. Ben Carson.  Raised in the racial turmoil of the 1960s in public housing by a single, illiterate mother, Carson rose to become one of the great surgeons of the world with his miraculous surgical techniques.  A movie and several documentaries about him were broadcast long before he ran for President.  His Presidential campaign was centered was around getting rid of political correctness.  He explained that political correctness was designed to control people and to intimidate them into not talking about serious matters that need to be discussed.  As Carson says, participating in political correctness is, in fact, against everything America stands for.  Watch his one minute video just below:

Carson’s advice to people is to speak your truth as clearly and respectfully as possible.  If someone takes offense, realize that since you were not trying to be offensive, their reaction is their responsibility, not yours.

If you have any doubt that you can be anything you want to be in our Capitalist America, watch how he explains his feelings about Political Correctness and then check out some of the inspiring books he has written to help people successfully get on with their lives the way he did.

Ben Carson’s Books

By Elissa Meininger –  Historian and Health Policy Analyst

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