LIAR LIAR – Obama’s Pants On Fire…

I Wish We Could Just Settle Down and Fix US Health Care, Including the Diabolical Vaccine Program, But There Are a Few Problems We Need To Solve FIRST…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

While the focus of the media is on how Facebook and other social media platforms are using algorhythms and human-censor-teams to silence conservative (including the BolenReport) thinking, we need to keep in mind there are other channels of conservative communication that are on the ropes as well.

In recent days we have learned that MasterCard and Visa are being used to shut off the means of funding of well respected think tanks with a conservative point of view.

David Horowitz

The latest target is David Horowitz and his venerable Freedom Center, a group that has published books and other information for decades to expose the people and organizations on the left who work 24/7 to condemn conservative ideas.

The timing of this particular shutdown is interesting…

…because Barack Obama has just stepped out of the shadows and declared his intention to dethrone his successor, President Donald Trump. This is the first time in the history of our country that a former president has stepped out of retirement to become politically active again.

Obama, whose limited experience outside of his life as an elected official was as a “community organizer”, a mission focused on using the tactics of radical Saul Alinsky, to organize anti-government activity.

Obama’s intentions were obvious from the day he left the White House. 

Rather than move back to Chicago, he and Michelle bought a pricey 8,200 square foot mansion just a few blocks from the White House so he could conveniently run his anti-American cell of leftist revolutionaries to efficiently orchestrate the chaos they plan to wreak on America..

Obama’s 8.1 million dollar Washington mansion
Valerie Jarrett

Obama’s band of Chicago-based leftist revolutionaries is actually led by Valerie Jarrett, political consultant, who lived in the WhiteHouse with the Obamas (and is rumored to be living in the new mansion) who has a blue ribbon family tree of anti-American relatives, giving her bona fide credentials as a card-carrying member of anti-American political activists.

Jarrett’s father, a member of the radical medical group, the Association of Interns and Medical Students, had a thick FBI file thanks to his association with known Soviet spies who fled to Russia to avoid arrest.

Her mother was one of the founders of the radical Erikson Institute, where she hobnobbed with Bernadine Dohrn, wife of Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground.  The Weathermen were an American militant, radical, left-wing organization whose claim to fame included bombing the State Department, the Pentagon and the Capitol buildings.  Their stated goal was to overthrow the government and establish communism here in America.

Obama’s own leftist credentials are no less notable.

Before he started his life as an elected official in the Illinois legislature, he hung around with various leftist organizations known collectively as ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). These organizations were created to pose as local non-profit groups dedicated to helping the poor, all the while fleecing the Federal Government of taxpayer money to finance their anti-capitalist political agenda.

It was here in this group where Obama honed Hillary Clinton’s friend, Saul Alinsky’s political techniques as a “community organizer” and helped spread the hostile poison that we now endure in the public airwaves.

Saul Alinsky’ book, Rules for Radicals, is the key instruction manual on how to manipulate large numbers of people into demonstrating against the government as a means to destroy it.

It is important to note that the central goal of all these organizations (and others like them) is not to improve America, but to cause massive chaos in order to turn the sleeping public into left wing radicals in order to take down the government.

Obama’s re-emergence as a community organizer…

…now comes on the heels of the political actions of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a law firm that used to be a respected group who deemed the KKK as a hate group but in recent years even the FBI has determined to be unreliable

According to the Capital Research Center, SPLC is basically a money machine that exaggerates the scope of racism in America to scare people into making large donations which often end up in off shore accounts.

According to an expose in the Washington Free Beacon  which tracked the off shore financial dea­lings of SPLC, there is an array of questionable foreign ties for a group supposedly focused on domestic concerns about right wing bigotry.

The article also pointed out that the liberal press chooses to support the SPLC as a reliable source of information so they can name “hate groups” whose political leanings do not measure up to the leftist leanings of its management.  Such is the case of SPLC’s recent actions against the aforementioned David Horowitz and his 30-year-old Freedom Center.

Deemed a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC convinced both Mastercard and Visa to stop providing credit card services to the Freedom Center in an attempt to put the Freedom Center out of business.  Complaints about this action were so immediate and so widespread disaster was averted by an immediate rev­ersal of the action.

While Horowitz and his colleagues have a long list of books and other publications that detail all manner of people, organizations and activities of the radical left, it is one small book that I call to your attention.  It is Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution:  The Alinsky Model. To make the point clear, the front cover includes pictures of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Obama.

It makes interesting reading as Horowitz captures the essence of Alinsky and how Obama adapted the rules.  Horowitz also captured the essence of Alinsky’s “rules” in simple themes which I’d like to borrow to cover what is happening right now.

The essence of five of the major “rules for radicals” in the Obama book include the following:

(1)  Politics is all about power relations; but to advance one’s power, one must couch one’s position in the language of morality.

Sen. Cory Booker’s grandstanding play at the Supreme Court Hearings for Judge Kavanaugh this past week is a classic example.  Cory painted himself as a modern day Spartacus, a hero willing to sacrifice his seat in the Senate for the good of the people.  His personal goal was to make himself a household name as he plans to run for the Oval Office in 2020.  His political message was to suggest all the little guys must rise up, like Spartacus, against the oppressor (Trump) to save America by blocking Kavanaugh’s appointment.

(2) There are only three kinds of people in the world: rich and powerful oppressors, the poor and disenfranchised oppressed, and the middle-class whose apathy perpetuates the status quo.

While the rich and powerful have now bonded with the poor and disenfranchised to create the controlled society now running the Washington swamp, the apathetic middle class rose up and voted for Trump, a wild card from outside political circles. They saw him as having the vision and the skill set to restore the original intent our Founding Fathers had established.

In short, the heretofore silent middle class working man voted to rid America of anti-American power grabbers who were destroying our way of life.  Trump had already demonstrated his ability to think big, manage huge projects, deal with the most powerful people in the world, and get them to cooperate with him for the common good.  He wanted to help restore America to its former greatness and he didn’t owe anything to anybody.

(3) Change is brought about through relentless agitation and “trouble making” of a kind that radically disrupts society as it is.

It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of people at demonstrations camped out in the streets for weeks like “Occupy Wall Street” bankrolled by ACORN, or  ordinary individual people being coached to harass employees of the Trump administration in restaurants with their families for a quiet dinner.  Any public gathering is fair game, even if it costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide police protection to maintain order such as those on college campuses when a conservative speaker comes to speak.   The authenticity of many of these demonstrations is questionable when participants are asked what they are protesting and they haven’t a clue even if they are holding picket signs.  The goal of these demonstrations is to stir up those angers, frustrations, fears and resentments that will hopefully lead to confusion and disorganization of the old ways.

(4) There can be no conversation between the organizer and his opponents. The latter must be depicted as evil.

Here is the key.  These left wing agitators are not interested in working with more moderate people to build a better society.  They are only interested in destroying the one we have.  They have no plan to implement if they actually succeed in destroying our current system of government.  Their one and only objective is destruction of capitalism all the while trying to gain individual power for themselves in the process. They promote socialism and when asked, have no explanation as to how the high cost programs they want to put into place, will be paid for.

On college campuses in particular, if a speaker is able to actually show up to speak, it is routine for these agitators to use all means possible to make it impossible to actually make a speech.  Setting off fire alarms, non-stop yelling, using loud horns, cow bells and any other way to drown out the speaker’s voice is standard operating procedure.  The absurdity of this is that, in days gone by, college campuses were alive with debates from all sides of an issue.  That was a central function of college life….debate!

To characterize the opponent as evil is another aspect of silencing debate.  Worse yet, coloring your opponent as evil casts a dark shadow over the entire situation and as we can see in the media Trump, the principle “enemy of the people”, is characterized as some evil and dangerous man.  Never mind the facts of the matter.  Like noting his many historic successes…..

(5) The organizer can never focus on just a single issue. He must move inexhaustibly from one issue to the next.

You will notice that every day or so the hot headline moves from topic to topic so the topics don’t get stale and bore people.  One day, Trump is mentally ill and is a danger to the public.  Another day, Trump is responsible for all the divisiveness.  Then he’s against gays, blacks, Hispanics and other racial minorities.  Then he hates immigrants and most especially wants to separate children from their parents at the border.  Then he wants to be friends with Putin and the President of North Korea.

It goes round and round and not one news outlet ever digs beneath the surface of that day’s blaring and meaningless “news” headline. 

One bugaboo I have is that…

…nobody, including news people or the public in general, has any interest in actually looking into the depth of the story.

One thing that particularly bugs me is the story about how children are being ripped from the arms of their mothers at the border and everyone is horrified at such cruelty.  Well, just so you know, as a former probation counselor, I know for a fact that any time parents are arrested for breaking the law, the children are taken into custody.  If relatives are not available to take care of them for the time being, they are placed in foster homes, group homes or other institutions where they are clothed, fed, schooled and enjoy the same creature comforts any average child in America would expect.

Key here is that most of these border children usually come from abject poverty, may not have had regular meals, their own clothes, a bed of their own and other basics they receive while in the care of the U.S. government.  While it is upsetting to be separated from your parents, it is far from the trauma depicted by leftists who want to make Trump look like an old meany.

Another aspect of this border dispute is the fact that many children who come are with single men who are not a relative, so the question becomes who are these children and where are their parents?  Nobody talks about the prostitution rings that bring over children.  This practice is called “human trafficking” and is also a significant part of who shows up at the border.

This human trafficking aspect came to my attention due to a change in the laws in Oklahoma regarding massage therapy.  In an effort to keep human traffickers out of the state who were setting up massage parlors with these children, laws were passed that are so screwed up that many legitimate massage therapists can no longer practice. We are only now trying to clean up this legal mess.

I can’t speak to other aspects of the border problems, as I’m not directly involved with criminal gangs that apparently solicit new members from the kids coming over with non-parent escorts.  If we had a news media like we used to, I’ll bet there are plenty of meaty stories that could be reported and we’d have the facts of the matter.

All Trump (and the rest of us working stiffs) wants is a border that helps keep illegal people on the outside until we can legally process those we want to welcome on the inside with open arms.

As for Trump’s fitness for office…

…his only flaw that I can see is that he talks tough like a typical construction guy I used to hear when I walked passed construction sites in New York City.  His quirks, that are most certainly not what you find in the DC swamp, are those you often find in the board rooms of corporations created and run by uncommonly talented and visionary people.

In my eight years with Perot in Perot’s Reform Party, and in other spheres of my life, I often see business executive oddities that Washington politicians would have found hard to understand.  Why?  Because high-powered businessmen march to a different drummer and don’t spend a lot of time sucking up to weak-kneed politicians trying to get some convoluted piece of legislation fit for passage.  Politicians don’t like to call a spade a spade.  They like to keep things murky so they can slither behind the scenes to cut sweetheart deals for themselves.

Trump is NOT mentally ill. 

He can stand in front of 50,000 people and explain all kinds of stuff your typical politician has no clue about.  His massive accomplishments show a clarity of mind rarely seen in a public figure.

He is not unfit for office.  He is used to employing thousands of people and having hundreds strewn around the globe moving multiple projects forward that made the Trump organization the powerhouse that it is. He is a multi-tasker deluxe, hard to keep up with for the people who claim his high speed management style must mean he’s crazy.

His list of historic accomplishments, often achievements left undone for decades by his many predecessors, are just what many of us hoped he would do.  He IS cleaning up the swamp, just like we want him to do, and the swamp critters are screaming to save their lives.

For me, all the gossip and rumors that float out of and around the White House could be stopped. 

Trump is treating everyone as honorable adults, unlike Obama, who regularly had all his people take lie-detector tests, prosecuted leakers and shut out the media.   Consequently, juicy gossip leaks out of Trump’s office to a hungry press 24/7 creating an opportunity to paint him as some crazy person about to blow up the world.  That’s what you get with transparency.

My burning issue is to find out how James Comey and Robert Mueller, cronies of long standing, divvied up the $30 million in stock options and $6M payment Comey got from Lockheed Martin when the FBI signed an exclusive contract with Lockheed.

Just so you know:  Lockheed Martin is listed as the largest U.S. government contractor and “ranks third for number of incidents, and twenty-first for size of settlements on the ‘contractor misconduct’ database maintained by the Project on Government Oversight, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group.” Since 1995, the company has agreed to pay $606 million to settle 59 instances of misconduct.

The FBI is just one of the many agencies in Washington…

…where government contracts result in millions of dollars in payola to the top brass of those agencies, not to mention some of our elected officials as well. 

I urge you to dig deep into understanding why establishment Washington wants to run Trump out of town.

Crony deals are rampant in every agency in the swamp and Trump wants to get rid of all of them.)

Do I think we will see the press return to its former respected position in American society any time soon?  Nope.  They are firmly under the control of George Soros, the same fellow who bankrolls and encourages violence in the streets and mischief in all kinds of high places.

FOLKS – We here at BolenReport…

…will continue to provide you with first class information about what is going on in the Health Care Swamp.

Just keep in mind, those who want to preserve the Swamp, have spent years setting things up so you and I don’t have a chance to participate in how our country is run.  The level of just plain lying and baldfaced trickery has reached such a level, one of the strategies being used now is to just plain wear us out.

We must not waver.  We are close to the finish line and we need to keep our eye on the ballot box and get as many people who want honest government and a republic to be proud of TO VOTE.

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst




6 thoughts on “LIAR LIAR – Obama’s Pants On Fire…”

  1. Does anyone care that there are camo-clad troops coming in organized groups, armed with semi-autos through the outback of a large ranch in AZ on the border?

    Everyone seems so focused on some mental asylum-worthy female enlisted by a chinese-spy-favoring ‘senator’ and her made up fiction about her by-now famous rape case in which she names a candidate for supreme court…

    Doesn’t anyone wonder what was in those EMP-suitcase size bundles on their backs? i guess it’s too much fun counting lies… can’t even get an email through to the so-called whitehouse, but a few senators have had the message in their staff’s hands, maybe…

    i really expected the WALL issue to launch with some credible occupancy by American troops… maybe I was asleep too long ago and this has been going on so long that it’s boring.. don’t think so, as i’ve been ‘awake’ for many years… what do you make of this….


  2. If Trump is so intent on draining the swamp — why does he keep resurrecting such neoconservative Toxic Avengers as John Bolton, Nikki Haley and yes — David Horowitz (not the consumer activist)? Seems to me these are just the folks hell-bent (yes, that’s where we’re headed) on pushing the same global hegemonic big-money empire around the world. And doesn’t that also include plenty of vaccines? In fact when they claimed to bag Bin Laden, that was actually used as some kind of bizarre pretext. But I suspect he had bitten the big one well before that. So let’s not re-energize old demons — and concentrate on liberating kids and adults from an inherently-oppressive medical system engineered by Rockefeller and other swamp creatures. Join forces with good people across the world who genuinely believe in the naturally-healthy way of life!

  3. More name-calling, propaganda, conspiracy theory, ad hominem attacks, straw man arguments. The number of verifiable lies and misleading statements told during the Obama years totaled eight while Trump is at 5,000 and counting in 19 months in office (source Washington Post, New York Times).

    Ms. Meininger, please cite your sources.

    Exactly how can Trump be “treating everyone as honorable adults” when he completely cut off Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the vaccine investigation group Kennedy was supposed to head more than a year ago?

    In the meantime, there’s plenty of stories to investigate regarding the vaccine movement.

    How about a review of the latest pro-vaccine book, Michael Kinch’s “Between Hope and Fear: a History of Vaccines and Human Immunity.”

  4. K Christensen, we will be seeing soon the extent of the Obama and Clinton lies now that the FISA declass has started. Oh and what lies! Treason! While you’re counting make sure to note Obsma’s use of the word I.

  5. K. Christensen – The Obama-Nation will go down in time as the worst period in American history. Historians will shake their heads in wonder saying “what were they thinking to let that happen?”

    Fortunately we are able to clean up the mess quickly – and thoroughly.

    But, the question now arises “what are we going to do to rebuild the Democratic Party into something useful for Americans?”

    Also I am thinking of suggesting to Donald that we contract with the North Koreans for “Retraining Camps” for the American Agenda 21 globalists – so we can give them a strong taste of what they wanted to turn America into.

  6. Even the BMJ is saying there is smthg amiss NOW :

    Pandemrix vaccine: why was the public not told of early warning signs?

    In documents obtained through the pretrial discovery process (see supplementary data on, prosecutors suing the Irish Minister of Health, Health Service Executive, Health Products Regulatory Authority, and GSK have found a string of GSK postmarketing safety reports that show a striking difference in the number and frequency of adverse events reported for three GSK pandemic vaccines approved and used across the world: Pandemrix, Arepanrix, a similar H1N1 vaccine that also contained AS03 adjuvant, and an H1N1 vaccine without adjuvant (no brand name is given).

    The BMJ learnt of the reports from my colleague Tom Jefferson, a medically trained epidemiologist who was hired as an expert witness by the solicitors representing Aoife Bennett, an Irish woman who developed narcolepsy after vaccination with Pandemrix in 2009. Jefferson took on the case in 2015, and last year the lawyers received a copy of the GSK safety reports that had been emailed within the company and to at least one regulator (Ireland). Adverse event tables embedded in nine reports spanning the four months between December 2009 and March 2010 offer a glimpse into the vaccines’ safety profiles.

    “When I saw those tables, I just fell off the chair. A consumer can figure out what’s going on here,” Jefferson told me

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