Will “Real.ID” Be the End of The US Democratic Party?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Yes, I criticize US Democrats almost endlessly, and in almost every way, in this Health Care newsletter.  Why?  Because Democrats are BLOCKING any change to the US Health Care System – insisting on preserving Big Pharma’s one-size-fits-all ObamaCare system – and Trump and the Republicans want change.  ‘

Trump has a plan.  I have a real good idea where he is going with it, and, so far, I approve.

If, and when, I do not approve I let Donald know almost immediately.

So, let’s talk some more about the necessary destruction of the 2018 Democratic Party.  Who knows, maybe one day they’ll wake up and start thinking about the needs of Americans again…

Will “Real.ID” Show That California Is Already a “Red State?”

“Real.ID” is, in essence, a national ID card that meets Homeland Security guidelines.  It will soon become required to vote, get on airplanes, enter Federal buildings, etc.  It will be a very important tool to eliminate Voter Fraud.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2012 showed that Illinois, specifically Chicago, was the third most corrupt State, concerning “Voter Fraud,” in the United States.

Chicago was passed only by New York and California…

Isn’t THAT interesting?

More, the source of this information was NOT a conservative publication.  It came from the ultra-liberal, normally narcissistic, girly-boy-panty-waving, Hillary Apologist Salon magazine.

Apparently EVEN the liberal media is aware, and completely comfortable with, the US Democratic Party’s descent into absolute corruption and debauchery.

Well, Well, Well…

Remember when President Trump created an election fraud commission and the Democratic Party went into triple-screech mode, wailing nationally that “no such thing could ever happen?”  Blue States went into orbit and began to sue the commission to stop its investigations.  Knowing he had struck an important nerve, Trump laughed, shut down the commission, and turned the investigation over to Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ).

NONE of that has gone away.  It is all right here in front of us and is about to explode in the US Democratic Party’s face.

Why?  Because it is obvious that the US Democratic Party would cease to exist without “Voter Fraud.”  It is THAT prevalent.

Before We Get Into This Subject Let’s Look At The Big Picture…

I’ll make this simple – the TOP THREE “Voter Fraud” areas in the United States are New York, California, and Chicago – The lairs of Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emanuel.


One plus one equals two, two plus two equals four, and Democrats and ballot boxes equals “Voter Fraud.”

From that Salon article comes:

“Election fraud Chicago style: Illinois’ decades-old notoriety for election corruption is legendary

“A political scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago concluded, “The Chicago metropolitan region has been the most corrupt area in the country since 1976,” in an obdurate race to the bottom with Louisiana’s record. According to that 2012 study, Illinois is the third-most corrupt state in the union, after New York and California.

“Illinois’s decades-old notoriety for election corruption is legendary. Many people still remember stories about the first Mayor Richard A. Daley rigging the presidential election of John F. Kennedy in 1960, for example, but even in those times, electoral fraud was probably common in local elections. In fact, the bigger news in the 1960 election was that State’s Attorney Benjamin Adamowski, a Republican running for reelection, was posed to run against Richard J. Daley in the next mayoral race. Common knowledge attributed his loss most definitely to fraud.” 

“Despite the most highly publicized trials and convictions for election fraud in city history, the cases are reminiscent of the consequences that came with reversing the course of the Chicago River, the state’s celebrated public works project of 1900. Then, the city’s sewer and water workers built a giant shipping canal to prevent human, meatpacking, and other industrial wastes from contaminating Lake Michigan. But by sending the effluvia downstate, the “great wonder” also created an opportunity for invasive Asian carp to move freely through the Sanitary and Ship Canal into the Mississippi River to Louisiana. Reversing the river also meant sending huge amounts of pollutants toward St. Louis rather than into Lake Michigan. (This may be why the Cubs vs. Cardinals rivalry endures.) Webb may have exposed many of the tricks used to commit election fraud, but political operatives and patronage-dependent city workers created new channels to keep their bosses in office.”

In other words Election Fraud in Chicago is a “Constant Flow”…

Yes, to this day Chicago’s sewage flows down the Mississippi River, passing though most of the MidWest, and ends up in the Gulf of Mexico.

And then they sent Obama to Washington as our President, didn’t they?  Very similar…

It Was the Bernie Sanders People That First Brought Up California’s election rigging…

It was patently obvious to Bernie Sanders supporters what happened in California – the fix was in.

In an authoritative article in the Justice Gazette:

Bernie Sanders Wins California Landslide BUT 2/3 of his Votes Aren’t Counted…

“Poll workers in Los Angeles and Orange County report that Bernie won the electronic votes in their precincts by well over a 2 to 1 margin, the opposite of the result of the vote count.  ​The contrast between this and the outcome is indicative of vote-flipping.  Also the outcome.. outcome does not match what anyone who has conducted polling in this state knows:  Below the election night video is a video about black box voting (Hacking Democracy) ,   The Democratic Party has essentially endorsed this video, showing it at various conventions and another video of a computer programmer confessing to creating a vote-flipping program.” 

“The Justice Gazette has conducted considerable polling and the official results reflect the opposite of how people said they were going to vote.  At​ the California Democratic Convention most of the elected delegates were “Bernie or Bust.”  Ask yourself, when Sanders gets enthusiastic crowds of thousands in California (sixty thousand according to police in Oakland alone) compared to laid- back crowds of hundreds for Clinton, who voted for Clinton?”

But, as we know, Sanders supporters were wimps, who failed to follow up on these issues, thereby allowing “Crooked Hillary” to win the primaries.

Republicans, However, Are Not Sissies…

Says a Breitbart article titled:

California’s Recipe for Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale…

“Treat anyone who proposes a Voter ID bill like [Saul] Alinsky would — shame them, shun them, ridicule, then repeat.

Make access so easy that you can register to vote online up to 15 days prior to Election Day and still vote. (They pushed for same day voter registration so that people who “forgot” to register could still register & “participate” as late as Election Day).

Make a major push to move as many voters as possible to mail-in ballots (permanent absentee ballots).

Spend millions of taxpayer dollars handing out Drivers Licenses to millions of people illegally present in the state (with an asterisk stating, “Federal Limits Apply”).

Pass a law requiring everyone who has a California Drivers License to be “automatically” registered to vote—including illegal aliens.

“If the voter does not check either the “Yes” or “No” box (for whether or not they are US Citizen), and the registration is otherwise complete, the registration should be processed normally and entered on the voter rolls.” (See screenshot of official publication below on California Secretary of State Website regarding CA compliance with National Voting Rights Act.

Never update statewide voter database with any information that ever disqualifies a voter — especially county coroner lists of the newly deceased.

When you look at what California has done to protect the ruling class of Democrat politicians and powerful public sector unions who represent the legions of bureaucrats, it’s diabolically simple and diabolically clever.

And easy to understand why.

Hundreds of millions in contracts and pay increases for tens of thousands of public sector unions and permanent political careers for politicians are at stake, and as long as the unions keep their cronies in power, the gravy train continues.

All you have to do is follow the money.

They created a system where it was virtually impossible to ever catch anyone cheating, removed all verification processes, automatically register[ed] all drivers license holders — whether they like it or not, and then launch[ed] that program immediately after granting every one of the untold millions of illegal aliens in California a driver[‘s] license.

When the Election Integrity Project brought forth a report on documented voter fraud, the LA Times and other publications slamming Mr. Trump — you guessed it — (yawn) ignored the facts.”

Is Requiring “Real.Id” The Answer?

Nope – not this time.  California politicians spend night and day finding ways to protect their voting system.  For now we just have to accept the fact that corruption exists in Sacramento.

What we need is a massive criminal investigation – and I think we are having one proceed very quietly.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

One thought on “Will “Real.ID” Be the End of The US Democratic Party?”

  1. More government is NEVER the answer. Illegal aliens shouldn’t get driver’s licenses or any other privileges meant only for actual American citizens The total end of the DemoRat Party would be sensational.

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