Elijah Cummings and Trump: The Tentacles of the Pharma Deep State…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Recently President Trump attacked Congressman Elijah Cummings over the condition of the city of Baltimore, which Cummings represents.

Trump’s tweet from July 27, 2019 read:

“Rep, Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA . . . As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is clean, efficient & well run, just very crowded. Cummings District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”

Of course, the news media has exploded in condemnation, calling Trump a racist for the millionth time, even though Trump also added Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco to the list of poorly run Democratic cities.

However, this wasn’t the first time I’d run across Congressman Elijah Cummings.  In my book, INOCULATED: How Sciences Lost its Soul in Autism I recounted the story told to me by Minister Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.

The “Inoculated” book dealt with the revelations of Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC (Center for Disease Control) scientist, who revealed the agency had covered up a link between earlier administration of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine and the development of autism in African-American boys.  (The effect was pronounced in ALL groups, but especially strong among African-American males.)

Cummings Come-Uppance…

Here’s a brief section from the INOCULATED: How Sciences Lost its Soul in Autism book (published in 2016) about Congressman Elijah Cummings, and how powerful forces prevented him from doing his job, even when the matter was harming his own constituents.

Minister Muhammad had recently been instrumental in setting up a meeting between Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Brian Hooker, and Minister Farrakhan to discuss the allegations of great harm being done to the African-American community by vaccines and determining if a common plan of action could be created.

After the meeting, Minister Farrakhan discussed the issue with Tony Muhammad and suggested he call up his old friend, Elijah Cummings, the powerful African-American Congressman from Baltimore, Maryland and ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which had authority over the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC)

Tony made the call and Cummings was happy to hear from him and asked how he could help.  Tony told the congressman about the Thompson situation, what it meant specifically to black children, and asked for his help.

“Brother, we just had some of those CDC people up here and I kinda felt like they was lying to us,” said Congressman Cummings.  “I’m gonna look into this.  I give you my word, Brother Mohammed.”

Three days later, Congressman Cummings called back.  “Brother Mohammed?” he said.

“Yes sir?” replied Minister Tony.

“Look, I’m for vaccines, man.  And I don’t think I can deal with this.”

Minister Tony immediately felt his blood pressure rise.  “Wait a minute.  I didn’t tell you to be against vaccines, sir.  That’s not what we talked about.  Good, I want you to be for vaccines.  But don’t you want them to be safe?”

“Look, we dealt with this.  That man has been debunked.”

“Who’s been debunked?”

“Dr. William Thompson,” declared Congressman Cummings.

“No, he hasn’t!  He hasn’t spoke to nobody.  He wants to be subpoenaed by you!  Elijah, what happened?”

“I’m for vaccines and I’m not going to deal with this issue.  I don’t mean you no harm.  You just have to tell the Minister that I’m not dealing with this.”

Tony knew his anger was being felt on the other end of the line.  “You sure?  You sure you want me to tell THAT to the Minister?”

The next thing Tony heard was the sound of Congressman Elijah Cummings, his old friend, hanging up on him.

Minister Tony immediately contacted Minister Farrakhan and told him what had happened.  Farrakhan was disappointed, but not surprised.  “There’s no telling what they’ve got on him.  This is what they do to our black politicians and our black leaders who can’t see they’re being used.  They invite many of them to high-level parties, get them into these compromising positions, whether it’s drugs or infidelity, get all kinds of data and information, and use it against them.  Or they give them so much money, and record that, so if they ever turn on them, they can threaten them with exposing it.”

Both of them knew that the FBI had done the same thing with Martin Luther King, Jr., tape-recording his infidelities with other women, then sending the recordings to his wife, Coretta, and even going so far as sending him a letter telling King that he should kill himself.  King hadn’t let himself be bullied by the FBI, but he was the rare black leader who didn’t succumb to the intimidation.

Farrakhan’s remarks became a little more philosophical, believing that justice would eventually arrive.  “This act is so criminal.  When the American people find out the truth about what’s going on at the CDC, I feel sorry for all the white and black politicians.  Brother, you are dealing with people’s children.  You ain’t seen Caucasians get angry.  They will go into the statehouses, grab these politicians, tie them to the back of a truck, and drag them down the street.  The American people are at a boiling point.  They’d better tell the truth while they have a chance.  Because if the truth comes out in any other way, it could tear up this country.  This truly is something that could tear up this country.”

Minister Tony Muhammad felt he finally understood the enormity of this problem and the power of the pharmaceutical industry.  He’d known Congressman Cummings for decades, considered him a friend and a fellow warrior for African-Americans, and they’d turned his head around in the space of a few days.  This really was a fight against the dragon.  This was a monstrous evil and it was harming children on a daily basis.  Was there ever a more worthy fight than defending the babies?

The experience with Congressman Cummings is reflective…

…of what many of our activists have found when they’ve tried to engage members of congress.  Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a powerful Republican congressman was extensively briefed on the Thompson situation, promised to bring Thompson before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, then resigned a few months later to become a contributor on Fox News.  Every time I see Chaffetz on television I want to throw a shoe at the screen.

The swamp has deep tentacles from pharma and needs good people of both parties who are courageously willing to fight it.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD


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15 thoughts on “Elijah Cummings and Trump: The Tentacles of the Pharma Deep State…”

  1. Tim, the page with the 11 pages of that decent judge’s slapping the out-of-control maryland medical board for failing to abide by the rules of due process, is AWOL aka 404 or maybe MIA… darn, would so love to hear such a slapping in broad daylight and full ‘color’ [of law].. and i bet a lot of other spectators would also….

    I wonder if that judge is still there somewhere… potential avenue, except it’s impossible to gage his work in the ‘robingroom’ where the evaluations are clearly divided strongly based on whether the speaker won/lost… maybe other evaluation websites would be more useful….. he is still there til 2021, apparently…. ttyl

  2. This, unhappily, has been going on since the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds became involved in Americas bigphrma system in the early 1900’s, possibly even a bit before that. Those two families have had over a century to change our health industry from life-saving to life-taking. New medicines and vaccines that kill rather than cure, and that is their goal. Is this population control? I have no clue what the end game is but it’s not going to be pretty.

    Watch the 3 hour youtube presentation called Marketing of Madness (I broke it up into 10 to 15 minute sessions so I could watch the whole thing more conveniently) but do it however you wish. It really is a “don’t miss” item to save to your favorites and watch as you can.

    Here’s my favorite quote, which I found just recently.
    “With phRMaceuticals, the first disaster is if you kill people;
    the second disaster is if you cure them.” – FDA/phRMa employee (unidentified, of course, or that person would be pushing up daisies by now).

  3. The President is totally correct at how awful Baltimore is. Yet it’s all Democratic-run cities. He should pick on Philadelphia next. There’s a white Mayor so at least he wouldn’t be called a racist.

  4. Kent I thank you for telling it as you see it, they do set these polititions up and then use it against them. I do believe that they have the goods on Trump especially after he started pushing the Mmr vaccine, he did it very hesitantly in my opinion. Unfortunately I do not see him as helping from the inside contrary to what a very few people here believe.

  5. here are multiple different government and peer-reviewed studies that do in fact prove there is a link between vaccines and autism. Although vaccines are not the only cause of autism, they certainly do play a significant role in many kids who have difficulties naturally detoxing (because of the MTHFR gene mutation). When people say, “We have exhaustively studied the potential link of autism and vaccines and have never found a link between the two, therefore the science is settled – vaccines do not cause autism and we should no longer be looking at vaccines to be its cause,” we need to remind these people that: 1) The science is NEVER settled, if we know anything about science, we know that nothing is ever definitive and we should be constantly asking questions and analyzing data; and 2) The link between vaccines and autism has NOT been exhaustively studied. Out of 16 vaccines, only ONE (the MMR) has even been looked at and out of 50 different vaccine ingredients, only ONE (Thimerosal) has ever been looked at – does this sound exhaustively studied? No, definitely not.

  6. The dispute between Cummings and Trump is allegedly about living conditions, but I think vaccines are involved. Whenever RFK, Jr. makes a press release, Big Pharma likes to bury it under a mountain of fluff news. Despite cover-up and lies by the CDC, the Children’s Defense Fund recently obtained the results of a CDC study comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated through the F.O.I.A. Compared to the unvaccinated group. the vaccinated group had 760% more autism and 3000% more boys in special ed.

  7. Thank you Tim for repairing that link. That history — detailed thoroughly in the judge’s order — is so outrageous, as to wonder whether the MD Licensing Board had a law team at all, and just planned to stonewall. Surely after the thrashing, the Board should have filed to have their lawyer relieved of his law license.

    OTOH the actual staff member designated to provide answers at the deposition, openly admitted that she never much listened at their own meetings [doing her laptop work all the while].. What lawyer would tolerate a client who was so indigent of conscience as that woman appears to be. Sounds more like the terrorizing Board is a lot of smoke-and-mirrors, just executing what the drug companies send as project literature to mail to all the MDs in the state, while reporting budget data to the state treasurer, or whomever. And taking animus reporting from some local MD [embarrassed by clients preferring some competitor] or by a drug representative checking which MDs are prescribing not-enough of his/her pharmaceuticals in the extensive data from the govt’s oversight of the flow of drugs.

    Strange vision of our local board of health where political appointees fill the seats around the table and the medical head drew a shortstraw [in the hospital MDs lounge] and is pushed by colleagues to volunteer his time to keep up appearances that there’s some holy leader with big credentials. ttyl

  8. @Einar Dale.. I recall the Jackson State Univ’s study a while back but that wasn’t foia iirc, so i googled and all i can find is a series of slides at Children’s Defense Fund comparing vaccinated groups and unvaxxed groups, but so far nothing about where these came from any foia… the first group i read through were all PUBMED.. and shocking… and all the others EXCEPT VERSTRAETEN’S [which was acquired by foia] seem to be out there in public in journals…

    The page with the full set of slides was at

    so i’m stashing that as well as sharing it with everyone i can think would benefit [or annoy] but that leaves me wondering if i’m still missing what you were reporting… ttyl

  9. The first slide shown is from a CDC study showing 7.6 times as much autism in the vaccinated group as in the unvaccinated group. This is a mathematical equivalent way of saying that the vaccinated group had 760% more autism than the unvaccinated group. The third slide is from a 2008 study that shows that boys receiving special ed. are 863% more prevalent in the vaccinated group than in the unvaccinated group. continued

  10. My claim that the difference was 3000% was an error. One slide did show a 3000% difference in affliction of the vaccinated over the unvaccinated, but it was for allergic rhinitis in a Mawson study published in 2017. I apologize for my mistake, but I doubt if some pro-vaxxer will chide me for overstating the 863% higher special ed. rate for vaccinated boys.

  11. Wow, what a weasel-worded solution — oh the vaxxes are proven safe but it’s your own stinking dna that makes YOU THE FAILURE of the science holiness and power to save you. Thank you Bob Martin for that look at the holy science plan of escape…

    1) the Canadian govt should put up the funds to pay for destroyed lives [assuming you can prove you were harmed, presumably the holy scientists have decided they KNOW all the ways you are harmable so your harm must match their list]… ignoring all the data on so, so many chronic diseases shown in the RFK,jr slide show linked above… no,no it’s only ONE IN A MILLION because we won’t acknowledge the rest of the existing research.. so people will be DUPED INTO GOING ALONG, THINKING THEY’RE **FULLY INFORMED**
    2) WE holy scientists are NOW starting to FIND HOW TO TAILOR VACCINES TO YOUR MISERABLE DNA… and yes we are already making progress… [perhaps they will next drag out the ROBOT THAT IS PROGRAMMED TO FIND BETTER ADJUVANTS — maybe supposedly]….. again to dupe the public to SUBMIT to being injected with a list of substances that have MSDS data that would make sane people run, BUT SUPPOSEDLY INJECTING THEM BY HOLY MONOPOLY MEDICAL AUTHORITIES MAKES IT SO TOTALLY SAFE…… Insanity…..

    On another recent Canadian scene……
    Seems to me there was a Canadian MD [McMaster U 2000] who had already been an expert in biological neurosciences before deciding he wanted to do medical applications, PhD in fact, named ANDREW MOULDEN who became a heretic to the Canadian licensing DRUG lords’ minions because he said HIS DATA SHOWED THAT **EVERYONE WAS DAMAGED BY VACCINES** and so they threatened to take away his license but he was undaunted and closed his practice and switched to doing consulting on AUTISM cases, SIDS cases, ShakenBaby court cases… the authorities offered to reinstate him if he signed a statement that said he was delusional when he made his claims, which he rejected out of hand… He apparently tried political action 2009 etc, but his inside-job 9-11 ideas and supposedly being a germ-theory denier and libertarianism didn’t get any traction so he resigns from political action and goes back to medical battles, then he’s suddenly DEAD. Suicide 2013 and a relative claims he was bipolar, BUT ‘somehow’ an extremely competent academic perpetual student with lots of credentials, added one after another to allow him to pursue his theory development with access to academic research resources, otherwise supposedly blocked.

    I just now downloaded a pdf that says they’ve collected his stuff — as best they can– and are offering it at their HEALTHY TRADITIONS website, and so far it seems his contention was that the body is damaged by those toxins in a way that is basically ‘stroke’ damage, that can occur wherever the toxin lodges — basically anywhere.. roulette like, including the individual’s ability to cope with it and what opportunistic disease that such a damage-weakness opens the door to..

    Canada surely is more interesting than the decade pre-1980 when we lived there, oy……. ttyl

  12. I wonder how overjoyed Moulden would have been to see this weeks explosive progress on his favored ‘quack’ idea of inside-job 9-11 agenda.. namely, in case you haven’t any chirping MSM crickets.. rotfl…………

    Here’s the UPDATE: there IS a LAWYERS FOR 9-11 INQUIRY filing in the hands of the U.S. Attorney for NEW YORK with a huge amount of exhibits and evidence — it’s using the claim that there are major UNPROSECUTED FEDERAL CRIMES and citing LAW-OBLIGATIONS requiring the office of the U.S. Attorney to OPEN A GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION OF SUCH CRIMES, so that’s afoot..

    AND the **NY FIRE COMMISSIONERS** have filed their own statement affirming that THERE WERE PRE-PLANTED EXPLOSIVES AND INCENDIARIES THAT CAUSED THE DESTRUCTION OF **ALL 3** BUILDINGS.. that was just settled as their SUPPORT FOR THE GRAND JURY yesterday.. https://www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org/2019/07/27/new-york-area-fire-commissioners-adopt-9-11-resolution/

    In case our own law-reading team here want to zero in on the proof exhibits.. Pgs 23-28 lists Forensics [1,2] then Expert Opinions [3-8], Eye Witnesses Testimony and Video Recordings [9-16], and lastly Anomolies THAT MAKE ANY OTHER INTERPRETATION IMPOSSIBLE [17-20]

    Those knockout ideas come after the initial wading through the issues of ‘what crimes in federal statutes’ and ‘no statute of limitations’ and ‘jurisdictions’ and ‘special vs ordinary’ grand jury and the obvious need for WIDE OPEN INVESTIGATION REQUIRED TO NAIL THE EXTREMELY WIDESPREAD NETWORK OF CRIMINALS clearly involved. They get down to STRICTLY the incontrovertible evidence zeroing in on THE 3 BUILDINGS, which is all they need to establish the EXISTENCE OF UN-PROSECUTED FEDERAL CRIMES that then opens the door to MANY, many now unspecified JDoes and JRoes.

    So let’s celebrate that progress at least. ttyl

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