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  1. KENT:

    Thanks for providing insight into how the “alternative” media is starting to build. All the real thinkers in this new media group are starting their own podcasts and building their own fan bases and eager to share. Many have youtube channels and other regular outlets for their stuff. They would be more than happy to hear what we anti-vaxxers are talking about. I urge readers of Bolen Report to start looking for these people and letting them know about how we are on a campaign to expose the VAX scandal. Keep up the great work!

  2. Kent:

    I doubt that any of the so-called “pro-vaxxers” gender-challenged operatives would even CONSIDER going over into Cernovich-land with Gorski heading the charge in his whiney “sissy-voice.” Not going to happen. Gorski can’t communicate in Twitter mode. He needs to write 14,732 sweaty words where 236 would do.

    Can you really envision ANY of the “pro-vax” sociopaths surviving for a minute in Scott Adams-land?

    Nope – the “pro-vaxxers” might be scary while attacking overworked, overstressed, mothers of vaccine damaged children – but in Cernovich-land they would INSTANTLY come up against the FULL-MALE of the American breed – those that are STILL charged with the NORMAL amount of testosterone and have a certain look in their eyes.

    And in Scott Adams land they’d find no-nonsense educated people that actually have a job…

  3. Kent, Bolen et al, should look at the August court decision in British Columbia. In that case, Penn State’s Dr. Michael (hockey stick) Mann sued warming sceptic Dr. Tim Ball for libel.

    In his defence, Ball demanded that Mann reveal (in open court) 100% of the formula he used to make his climate predictions in the first place, using his famous hockey stick figure. Mann refused, claiming this was “proprietary” information that belonged to him personally and not to anyone else.

    Mann lost his case over this, and Dr. Tim Ball was awarded HUGE court costs. Mann now is vulnerable to a host of criminal and civil fraud actions in the U.S.A. and elsewhere.

    The decision is not yet published, but it is coming. Here is the link:

  4. The prime evidence supporting vaccinations is alleged to be the “Danish Study”. Anti-vaxxers might use the same defense strategy that won it for Ball, if they are ever sued by pro-vaxxers in a slapp suit.

    If the defamation suit is filed in a state that has no Anti-slapp law, the defense might demand disclosure (subpoena) of this study and the various documents that show it was a hoax, from the plaintiff(s). I expect the result would be the same as for Dr. Ball.

    What say you, Kent, Bolen, et al?

  5. Where government takes an official position on an issue, I expect that a civil plaintiff would have a duty to disclose any exculpatory information in its possession, to the defendant, when it comes to enforcement of a state’s interest. Anything less would be malpractice by the DA, or the plaintiff’s lawyer in a civil case. It seems that way from the Ball case.

    Just my opinion

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