The Three Most Important Books of 2019…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

In one of those stunning coincidences of history, like Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln being born on the same day (February 12, 1809), the three most important books of 2019 are ALL being released on the same day, November 5.

The three books are PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, by Kent Heckenlively (that’s me) and Judy Mikovits, TRIGGERED, by Donald Trump, Jr. and LOSER-THINK, by Scott Adams.

Charles Darwin gave us new eyes with which to view the natural world while Abraham Lincoln gave us our second American Revolution.

In much the same way, the three books being released on November 5 (and all are NOW available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) will also change the world.

PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION tells the continuing story of Dr. Judy Mikovits…

…a courageous Rosalind Franklin type researcher with the quick wit one might expect of Erin Brockovich if she had a doctorate in molecular biology.  Her eyes were opened when she discovered a mouse retrovirus which had jumped into human beings (probably through vaccines), but she was unprepared for the widespread corruption of science in multiple fields.

From the lies told by our military/industrial complex about cancer rates around bio-weapons facilities, to cover-ups regarding breast implants, the truth about the AIDS epidemic, as well as a possible viral link to Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Mikovits has been on nothing less than a voyage of discovery these past few years.

And there is reason to hope that all of these conditions can be treated if only we have the courage to face the darkness of the past.  One must fight the long dark night of the soul to reach the new dawn of a bright future for human health.

TRIGGERED, by Donald Trump, Jr. is described in the following way on Amazon:

“No topic is spared from political correctness in Donald Trump, Jr.’s, Triggered, which will expose all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online “shadow banning” to fake accusations of “hate speech.”

No topic is spared from political correctness. This is the book that the leftist elites don’t want you to read!

You can see why TRIGGERED will be the second most important book you read this year!

The third most important book you’ll read this year is LOSER-THINK, by Scott Adams…

…the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, who talks about “talent stacks”, and has become one of the most important political and lifestyle commentators of our time.

The sub-title of LOSER-THINK is “How Untrained Brains are Ruining America.”  Here at BolenReport, we are all about training your brain.

This is the summary of LOSER-THINK:

What is loser-think?

If you’ve been on social media lately, or turned on your TV, you may have noticed there are a lot of dumb ideas floating around out there.

“We know when history will repeat and when it won’t.”
“We can tell the difference between evidence and coincidences.”
“The simplest explanation is usually true.”
“Stay in your channel.”

Wrong, wrong, dangerous, and wrong!

These false beliefs are the result of what Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic and a lifelong student of group psychology, calls loser-think.

Loser-think is the epidemic of sneaky mental habits trapping its victims in their own bubbles of reality. Even the smartest and most educated among us can slip into its seductive grasp.

If we’re not careful, loser-think would have us believe that every Trump supporter is a bigoted racist, addicts should be responsible for fixing the opioid epidemic, any form of gun control is a slippery slope to full confiscation, and that your relationship fell apart simply because you chewed with your mouth open.

While it’s true that PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, TRIGGERED, and LOSER-THINK are the three most important books of 2019, we are heading into election 2020, and the issues brought  up by these three books will dominate the media discussion.

Don’t think like a loser, or be triggered into not considering new ideas, and go onto Amazon right NOW and pre-order your copy of PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION.

And, if you want to pick up those next two books, I guess you could.

Or maybe you can wait until they come out in paperback.


By Kent Heckenlively, JD


6 thoughts on “The Three Most Important Books of 2019…”

  1. I will stay with the 3rd proposition. “The simplest explanation is usually true.” But I reverse the order. The truest explanation is usually the simplest.

  2. I read Scott Adams’ book Win Bigly, ridiculous wast of time. So Trump is a great communicator – wonderful! He can communicate dangerous and brain-dead ideas! How exciting! Lets ignore what those ideas are and praise him for being able to communicate them well. I would say that is ruining America. And I dont think that Trump has even communicated his ideas all that well since he has polluted the tweet stream while in the White house. He certainly has executed them into policy, except to dismantle any regulations that corporations dont like. Thanks, Scott!

  3. No, the most important book is “Bechamp or Pasteur?” It tells you that germs don’t cause disease, but disease causes germs. It’s a dangerous book, for after you have read it you will never ever be able to believe any kind germ theory again. You need to give up your fear for germs. And few people are willing to do that. But in case someone is interested, here’s a free download:

  4. eh? “cancer rates around bio-weapons facilities”?… you mean around Ft Detrick, and those who were around it before 1969, right?

    Or you mean the alleged US bio-weapons sight that Russia said was established in the Republic of Georgia, on Russia’s doorstep?

    Now the latter would be so much dynamite as to make it unlikely to get into print, alive [the author, that is]… so since you seem to be saying ‘plural’ sites, then it sounds like there was more than the latter, which in itself would be dynamite… Presumably the book reveals the physical locations, right? Not just the data collected by the DOD for their own uses, without ever revealing the ‘plural’ nature to the public??

    That is unfair to drag that teaser in front of us without better indications of what CORRUPTION this is about… medical corruption is bad enough, but the idea that it’s even worse is hinted… in your announcement… so which is it, that our dear Doctor Mikovits has stumbled onto….. ? ttyl

  5. Between water flouridation subtracting 5 to 6 IQ points from the unborn (mothers ingesting during pregnancy) as a recent study has reported…. and ‘Loser-Think’ being the default position for the mis-educated masses… I doubt if enough percepetion abounds to appreciate those other two books. !

  6. Releasing those suffering from the above syndromes, James, requires rather different techniques.
    What the books offer is better quality information for the “awake” to counter the nonsense of the narcolisers.

    Thank you very, very much Rixta.
    Before I did anything else, I downloaded that e-book and I would recommend everyone else to do likewise.
    I had heard of the book but had not been able to find one – just as with Julius Hensels “Bread from Stone” it had been removed from all libraries and even antiquarians could not find one for me. This tells you how important they are.
    I actually got my copy of Hensel’s book via a friend who has a friend who works in a large public library, in a department that officially does not exist but who photocopied it for me.
    Rixta has now given me this other tome of inestimable value.

    It goes, of course, into much greater detail than does my own book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” in English or in German which I published just over one year ago but my book is aimed much more at the layman who wants to find out what is going on and why rather than the greatly detailed expose authored by Ethel Dougls Hume and R.B. Pearson. If you have the necessary knowledge to understand this book then please do download it. You may also achieve much by printing it out and then handing it to your doctor – he/she’s never been told anything about it; of that you can be sure. If you don’t have the necessary training then go for my book for yourself.

    Best wishes to Kent, Donald and Scott and every success with their tomes. My books are not and very probably will not be available via Amazon but only online or via your local book shop.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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