Analysis – The GOOD And The BAD of Today’s “Anti-Vax” Movement…

Despite Well Funded Constant Assaults By Big Pharma, And Their Sleazy Minions,  The Worldwide “Anti-Vax” Movement Gets Smarter, Tougher, And Stronger – And Far More Knowledgeable, And Sophisticated, EVERY Day...

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There are ONLY three viewpoints about the Vaccine Programs on Planet Earth…

 (1)  The huge, and ever growing, “Anti-Vax” Movement – is made up of people who think about things and make up their minds about issues based on facts and reality.  They are people who have done their homework.  They are people who look their Pediatrician, or their politician, in the eye and say “YOU are beginning to piss me off, buster…”  They sound, and act, like angry Americans.

(2)  The “Pro-Vax” Mercenaries – Those who’s very financial existence depends upon them promoting the great vaccine lie:   like Pediatricians,  “Public Health” workers, and “Astro-Turf” organizations. 

These are people that connect themselves to the “Progressive” wing of the Democratic Party.  They are very often government employees who have no morality what-so-ever.  They are almost never family members. Few, if any, have children of their own.  Secular Humanism will be their guidance mechanism.  Several of their leaders have  recently been connected to child pornography.  Some of those are people who get government, or Big Pharma Grants, to argue the pro-vax position.

(3)  The biggest group – Normal, non-involved people who mistakenly believe that their government, their “Public Health,” and their scientific/academic community have their best interests at heart. 

These are the people who, almost suddenly, become part of the “Anti-Vax” Community after their beloved child gets a nine vaccine combo from their white-coated-Mercedes-driving Pediatrician.  Their beloved child turns into a screaming, high-fevered, clearly suffering, defenseless little one who will, from that pediatric moment on,  need constant 24 hour-per-day care.

It is a simple situation…

It is the classic battle between Good and Evil.

What Has Changed To Make The “Anti-Vax” Movement So Powerful?

It was one simple thing – a change in “positioning.”  Prior to the passing of SB 277 in California (Mandatory Vaccines for children) the movement that was then called Autism, had the attitude that they should plead their case POLITELY to the very people that were causing the problem to start with. “Autism” leadership, at the time, BLOCKED anyone from pointing out that vaccines were dangerous.  Their agreed upon  “positioning” was:

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)…

California was a battleground – and not just over the SB 277 legislation.  Internally, what was becoming the “Anti-Vax” Movement was involved in humongous infighting.  A huge counter movement, within the “Autism” world, was telling those that insisted that their argument “We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)… was a non-starter.

A huge fight ensued between the “personal choice” contingent and the “vaccines are neither safe nor effectiveactivists.  We lost the SB 277 fight,  but the “personal choice” people were forced out of a leadership role.

Once the “vaccines are neither safe nor effective” partisans began to punch their way through the “Autism” structure, everything changed.  Now there was a “positioning” that made sense, and provided  a common banner,  From there, from that point, an easily usable strategy began to unfold.  The whole movement dropped the “Autism” movement designation and went full-on “Anti-Vax.”

And THAT was the Good part…

All across America Anti-Vax” activists dropped the polite obsequious (whimpering) approach and not only went nose-to nose with their former detractors, like the internet trolls, and the Paul Offits of the world, but they battered those former tormentors, like “Orac, into the internet equivalent of “road kill.”    The organized “skeptics” became a common “chew toy” for angered “Anti-Vax” operators.  The “Anti-Vax” activists had found out how to make activism fun.

With the newer, and better message, “Anti-Vax” stuff began to happen at every level.  So much so that Big Pharma, in desperation contacted the World Health Organization (WHO) for help against us.  Then they (laugh here) got Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff to write a letter to Google, FaceBook, etc., trying to block our ability to communicate,

At that point Big Pharma was ADMITTING that the “Anti-Vax” Movement was, and is, ALL POWERFUL. (stand up and pound your chest…)

Now – Over To The BAD Part…

The “position” switch from We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)… to the new “vaccines are neither safe nor effective” argument was EVERYTHING. 

It enabled, literally, millions of activists to turn loose their anger and frustration over the vaccine issue – and it worked – scaring Big Pharma, and their minions into desperate action.

So, what is so bad about that?

The massive movement STOPPED at that point, and did not move up to the next logical step – the realization that the “vaccines” themselves were NOT the problem.

Too many “Anti-Vax” activists focused only on the problems of the vaccines themselves.  They did not, and do not, realize that there is more to this argument than just those little “Made-in-China” scum tubes.  The fact is that the vaccines, themselves, are the MINOR part of the problem. We are NOT going to solve “the vaccine issue” without acknowledging the bigger problems, and dealing with them.

What is “the bigger problem?”  Vaccines are NOT the problem.  The REAL problem is those groups of people, and entities, who are constantly coming at all of us with a loaded syringe in their hands.

Let me use an analogy here – suppose we were in a literal war situation where the enemy is shooting bullets (vaccines) at us, and we are hiding behind a protective wall.  We are NOT going to win this conflict by avoiding bullets (vaccines).  Sooner, than later, the enemy will win.  We have to do something about those people shooting those bullets (vaccines) at us.

Now in a real war, we would have some counter options.  We could activate our mortar teams, lobbing mini-bombs (mortar rounds) into the shooters positions.  Or, we could call in for an artillery barrage, pinpointing the enemy’s position.  If we can identify their Command Post location, even better.

The whole idea is to stop the enemy from continuing their aggressive behavior  by sending bullets (vaccines) our way.  When you think of the problem in those terms solutions almost provide for themselves.  If you want to win the war you have to kill those shooting at you, destroy their Command Posts, destroy their supply lines, and start bombing their capital cities.  THEN you start to get their attention.

So, who are these people shooting bullets (vaccines) our way?

That’s an easy answer…

There are three groups – easy to identify, and even easier to strategize against.

 Let’s look at them:

(1)  The vaccine manufacturers are a very profitable arm of Big Pharma.  As we know, even from the liberal news, Big Pharma constantly violates the law, and our government constantly fines then for their actions.  Attorney groups, except for vaccines, constantly sue Big Pharma to stop their evil ways.  Why do I mention these facts?  Because I want to emphasize that these people are not out of reach. In fact, they are VERY vulnerable to the right kind of attack.

(2)  US Public Health – The original intent of “Public Health” is to act as a structure for the public good.  It is made up of an arrangement between Federal, State and Local agencies.  Although it is sort of a “Communism 101″ solution, there COULD BE some good in it – if it were tightly  controlled.

But, “Public Health”  is NOT tightly controlled, at least not by “We the People.” They, virtually, operate on their own – and their funding comes directly, and indirectly, from Big Pharma.  Guess what THAT leads to…

The Public Law & Health Center says of them:

“The public health system in the U.S. is a complex network of people and organizations in both public and private sectors that collaborate in various ways at national, state and local levels to promote and protect public health.

The governmental public health system is made up of public health agencies from the federal government, 51 states (including the District of Columbia), 2,794 local governments, and 565 federally recognized tribal agencies.7
Because of the broad flexibility states have in defining their public health role, the governmental public health infrastructure throughout the U.S. is extremely varied.”

“Both state and local health departments serve critical roles in promoting and protecting the health of residents in their jurisdictions. State health departments provide many population-based public health services related to primary prevention, screening and treatment of diseases and conditions. Duties of a state health department often include (1) disease surveillance, epidemiology, and data collection; (2) state laboratory services; (3) preparedness and response to public health emergencies; (4) population-based primary prevention; (5) health care services; (6) regulation of health care providers and other licensed professions; (7) environmental health; and (8) technical assistance and training.  According to a recent study, their most common prevention services include tobacco (87%), HIV/AIDS (85%), sexually transmitted disease counseling and partner notification (85%), nutrition (79%), and physical activity (77%).

All Sound good? It is not. Once “vaccines” entered the picture everything changed.  The entire “Public Health” structure has become just one more sales force for Big Pharma.

“Public Health” is so arrogant that they don’t really hide this fact.  The more vaccines they push on Americans the better pay this bag of scum gets.  These people deceive the American Public by telling us all that they are here to protect us.  THAT is a lie.  They are here to vaccinate us.

“In addition, more than 90 percent of all state health departments perform vaccine order management and inventory distribution for childhood immunizations, and over 80 percent for adult immunizations.”

(3)  The “Astro-Turf” forces funded by Big Pharma – like  the “skeptics” , and even sleazier groups like Every Child by Two (ECBT).  J.B. Handley wrote a superb article about this situation called:

“How The CDC and Big Pharma use Non-profit Front Groups to Advance Extremist Mandatory Vaccination Policy Restricting Religious Freedoms”

In his article J.B says:

“Like many organizations that abuse the 501(c)(3) rules of the Internal Revenue Service, Every Child By Two (“ECBT”) puts on a front to the world that they are an independent, compassionate organization of parents — originally founded by Rosalynn Carter no less — dedicated to the important work of getting every child vaccinated.

In fact, the organization is really a sock-puppet mouthpiece for two masters: 1) the Centers for Disease Control and, 2) vaccine makers, their two primary sources of funding.”

And J.B also points out:

“Have you ever heard of a “Special Interest Dot-Org”?

It’s a front group for a special interest masquerading as a non-profit organization, and ECBT is one of the more notorious “SIDs” in existence — at least to parents of vaccine-injured children like me.

I first wrote about ECBT back in 2008, when nearly half of their annual funding came from the vaccine maker Wyeth.

Just a few months ago in late 2017, the British Medical Journal published their own scathing critique of non-profit, pro-vaccine front groups funded by both the CDC and vaccine makers, and specifically mentioned ECBT:

“IAC, ECBT, and AAP have a few things in common. They are all non-profit organizations with large online presences that promote themselves as sources of reliable information on vaccines.

They also receive funding from both vaccine manufacturers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, in their advocacy for compulsory vaccination, they all have in common a goal that pushes beyond official governmental policy and, in the case of influenza vaccines, the evidence.”

Above are our REAL Targets…

We are in a war people…

We need to, figuratively speaking, focus our energies on DESTROYING anyone, and everyone, coming at us with a loaded gun (syringe).  No mercy.  No prisoners. No settlements.  Public hangings, so to speak.   The “Anti-Vax” movement is strong enough, and mean enough, to get this done.  We just have to focus on specific targets, and begin the destruction process…

And, when we shift gears, you will find that we have even more allies than you can imagine…

I am a semi-retired Crisis Management Consultant in Health Care.  My specialty was/is the protection of cutting-edge (Alternative Medicine) health practitioners, and their innovative non-drug offerings.  I have always had to design campaigns to defend against, and attack, what seems like an overwhelming behemoth coming after my clients.  Victory was always easy once we changed the game.

Change the game?  Yes. NEVER fight on the enemy’s battlefield.  Lure the dumb bastards onto a killing ground of your own choice.  Prepare well – and watch the enemy walk into the trap.  Then press the button and watch their so-called “overwhelming force” die.

Am I joking?  Nope.  Every “overwhelming force”  has a soft underbelly.  Find it.  Exploit it. Cut it wide open so their entrails are in the dirt.  Then attack relentlessly.  Don’t let it get back up.  The “Anti-Vax” movement is PERFECT for this kind of campaign for the massive number of activists cannot be “overwhelmed.” 

Remember the Lilliputians in the “Gulliver’s Travels” story?  They had a very good way to subdue a big threat…

There is REALLY only one target – Big Pharma…

Want to win the vaccine battle?  Kill Big Pharma.

Everything else will fall into place.

More, Big Pharma has irritated way more than just the big, and powerful “Anti-Vax” movement.  Big Pharma is screwing, virtually, every American there is.  And, America is waking up pissed off.

Do you realize that BOTH political parties in the 2020 Presidential race want Big Pharma reined in?  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump SOUND JUST ALIKE when they talk about Big Pharma ripping off Americans.

The “Vaccine Solution” is simple…

If we can help Bernie and Donald to cut Big Pharma’s income by a significant percentage, they, Big Pharma, will NOT be able to fund their Astro-Turf” organizations.  Nor will they be able to pour money into the CDC, which goes on to the State and local “Public Health” groups.

Nor will they control our federal and State legislators any more.  They simply  will NOT have the money to buy them.

In essence, we are at the point where, as I showed in the war analogy above, we can completely destroy those shooting at us with bullets (vaccines).  We gave these Big Pharma assholes enough warning – let’s go get them.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

14 thoughts on “Analysis – The GOOD And The BAD of Today’s “Anti-Vax” Movement…”

  1. Tim, great discussion of strategy — now we need tactics to implement.

    A good example of the change in the Movement is what happened to RFK Jr, who started as a freedom-of-choice advocate and is now rapidly becoming an anti-vaxx, anti-BigPharma voice.

    We need to move from “vaccines are neither safe nor effective” to “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and ineffective.”


    Try this one on:

    And lawyers and legal researchers, we need your help here:

  2. Can we start with some questions about the researchers who gave us the horrendous Gardasil vaccine? I think it is time to reveal who these people are that come up with these execrations. The 2017 Lasker award recipients in medicine were Douglas R. Lowy and John T. Schiller. According to wikipedia they are credited with “technological advances that enabled development of HPV vaccines…”. People are getting paid and AWARDS given for products that maim and kill American children! Worse, in my mind is Dr. Eliav Barr a homosexual who oversaw the clinical trials for Gardasil. How could he possibly have trialed this horrible shot without noticing the destruction it was causing? You are 100% correct in the “war” analogy and it is way past the take no prisoners point. Obviously I am not advocating physical violence, but our ruined lives and the destruction of our children warrants sustained action until the “reign” of pharmaceutical terror is ended.

  3. There is a way to make the vaccine house of cards come tumbling down faster. Go to court to protest mandatory vaccinations using the reverse religious argument. It’s a sure win. I explain it in my blog

    Once it has been officially established that vaccines are not backed by the tiniest bit of science the scheme will get a very serious blow. Mandatory vaccinations will have to be abandoned and many people won’t bother anymore.

  4. Surely the easiest way to destroy Big Pharma is to attack the very reason they have so much influence in the first place:

    The fear of germs and contagion.

    Take that away and the whole system crumbles.

    Non-vaxers should be pointing out – over and over and over again – that doctor offices are filled with sick people germs. If these germs were dangerous then no sane person would visit them. If these germs are not dangerous then no sane person would want any of the concoctions that Big Pharma produces (vaccines/antibiotics etc).

  5. I agree with your article. The challenge is HOW to dismantle big pharma when they are so well funded?

  6. Love this piece. Been saying the ‘save the exemptions’ fight is a defensive week gladiator and we need to go on the offense with a RICO act lawsuit.
    Stay tuned because we’re also going for a unique Constitutional Amendment to the Constitution.

  7. To me, all of your comments and suggestions are correct.

    There are SO MANY of us that we could do All of these things, and more, at once.

    Some more things I know would help:

    (1) Make Big Pharma’s control of us an issue in presidential election 2020.

    (2) Demand that Congress pass the “Reduce the price of prescription drugs” legislation. They ALMOST did it last month.

    (3) Demand that President Trump cancel Direct To Consumer Advertising (DTCA) immediately. The US and New Zealand are the ONLY two countries on Earth that allow Big Pharma to advertise on television. They provide 70% of media’s income – so, of course they control the media.

    Can we kill Big Pharma – YES WE CAN – and we need to. The sooner the better.

    Not wound it – KILL it.

  8. The important NEXT STEP is to get the word out to the entire “Anti-Vax” movement that it is time to shift gears, and the target, once again.

    We here at the BolenReport only reach a few hundred thousand people.

    The “Anti-Vax” people are the ones to lead the fight to change health care into something real, and useful.

  9. Tim,

    Isn’t it interesting: I don’t think we need to tell anyone what we’ve ALL already realized and that is that the only “end game” is for one side to be totally defeated. We’ve learned that no amount of politeness, soft speech, or conciliatory gestures will stop a bunch of demonically influenced poison peddlers from targeting us and our children. Ending the pharmaceutical reign of terror completely is the only option. I hope you won’t make light of your “small” reach of a “few hundred thousand people”. I think there is a mass realiztion in progress that this is a moment when we need to protect our lives by every appropriate means. The people you influence can and probably do, influence many others. We are all in this together and will prevail together, too. God wins.

  10. What needs to go is the 1986 law shielding Big Pharma from the liability of their product. WHat incentive do they have to make them safe? zero. Most Americans do not know about this law.

  11. The “Bernie Baby” very sadly, died of SIDS, apparently. I mention this, because it is NOT okay for any politician to approve of mandated vaccines. Whether or not the baby (who was called the “Bernie Baby” because he was dressed up to look like Bernie) was killed by vaccine injections, his death reminds us that ALL American children are at risk of brain damage and death when the media and “medical establishment” cannot be open and discuss the risks experienced by our children from vaccines and environmental toxins.

  12. Finally, all Big Pharma is being targeted. Millions of people already see drug-peddling doctors as blasphemous quacks and avoid them. They live longer than suckers. If G-d or Evolution made it, you can’t patent it. Imagining yourself as smarter than either The Creator–or billions of years of unimaginable numbers of chemical interactions and whatever survived, survived!
    I help this fight by letting you know that there is another issue besides drugs and vaccines: “gun control” is a Big Pharma Defense mechanism. Not all mass killers choose guns–but all are on psych meds at the time of the crime. “Gun control” is a distraction to hide the real cause so they can make money at hideous expense to the public.
    It is similar to an earlier distraction that worked very well to save the sugar industry. The public had become aware that “sugar is bad for you” so they hired a monster named Dr. Ancel Keys to defend them. He did nothing to promote sugar. He distracted people with a famous “study” on cholesterol and heart disease. He got heart disease data and cholesterol intake data on over 20 countries and regions. There is no correlation. So he manufactured one by including only low cholesterol/low heart disease; medium cholesterol/medium heart disease; and both high. Eliminating most of the raw data, he ended up with seven data points that made a nice neat line with beautiful statistical correlations. Big Pharma sells statins to “control blood cholesterol.” Sugar sales are higher than ever, astonishing even. And statins are Big Pharma’s biggest sellers. Waking people up to that fraud would do a lot to cut their financial resources.

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