Paul Offit MD – The Pro-Vaxxer’s “CLOWN PRINCE”

This is The Best They Can Send…

So let’s give him a laugh…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The Anti-Vaxxer movement is so strong, so powerful, and so large, in North America that not one thing, nor combination of things, the Big Pharma thunder-funded pro-vax machine does to counter them works any more.

The best example of that is Paul Offit MD.  His sneering, condescending, arrogance in public, regarding vaccination issues has become a form of street theater – comic relief.  People wait for the NEXT stupid thing he’s going to say, his NEXT claim to expertise in something he heard about just yesterday.  He’s getting mocked openly everywhere he goes.

So, why, do you think, does Big Pharma keep sending him out?  Because he is the best they’ve got.


Seriously – where’s Offit’s backup?  Do you think, for even a minute, Big Pharma would send out into the public forum “Orac the Nipple Ripper” Detroit’s Cancer Breast Surgeon David Gorski?

Laugh even louder…

David Gorski MD – “Orac”

Gorski is like an overly-used wind-up toy.  Set him off (and that is EASY to do) and he’ll write 16,751 spittle-words overnight on his blog “sort-of” on the subject.  God help any woman scheduled for breast cancer surgery the following morning.  I hope the hospital has a prohibition against the use of chain saws in the Operating Room.

Don’t laugh at that…

What would be funny, VERY funny, is if we could convince “Orac” to have “just one more” double-double cappuccino before he went up on a public stage in front of video cameras we had access to.

We’d have MONTHS of laughter on the internet forums…

But, Back to Offit…

Lots of people have challenged Paul Offit to stand behind his “A baby’s immune system could handle as many as 10,000 vaccines.”  All they ask is that Offit, himself, submit to 10,000 vaccines at once – to see what would happen.

Seems reasonable to me…  He DID make the claim…

So, let’s, very pointedly, think about Injecting a little common sense into this issue…

Suppose we really did get Paul Offit MD into a situation where we could inject 10,000 vaccines into his buttocks all at once.  How could we arrange the logistics?

(1)  For instance, where could we get 10,000 vaccines at a good price?

(a)  There are probably a lot of polio vaccines left over from the big program in Pakistan a few years ago where the Bill Gates Foundation, working with the Pakistani government, vaccinated children they could find at GUNPOINT.  We could probably buy thousands of those cheap.  They wouldn’t be refrigerated but, hey, that doesn’t seem to be a problem…

According to an article in “The Refusers:  “Meanwhile, 5,696 cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) were reported in Pakistan last year – 29 times the number of polio cases.”

So, the Pakistanis, by now, might be interested in getting rid of whatever is left on the shelves of that injection that CAUSED 5,696 cases of polio – CHEAP?

(b)  China might have some extra vaccines laying around we could get real cheap.  There was that ongoing scandal of out-of-date vaccines being distributed.  Although the Chinese government claimed to have cracked down on that, there might be ten thousand of those left over – even after they sold most of the rest to California super-cheap.

(c)  Remember the scandal in Nigeria where the government, in league with the World Health Organization (WHO), set up to inject millions of Nigerian women of child-bearing age with a vaccine that would make them miscarry?  There is probably a whole lot of those laying around we could buy.  Cheap.

(d)  Last year’s US flu shot?  According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) ten million flu shot doses get destroyed after each flu season.

I suspect that “the ten million flu shot destruction process” occurs in the San Francisco Bay Area where the liquid residues are added to the local drinking-water supply.  I suspect also, that a large part of that water is bottled up and presented, free, to California Democratic Party legislators labled “California Union Made,” so they drink it in quantities.  That would explain a LOT.

I suspect we could get 10,000 doses of last year’s flu shot pretty cheap don’t you think?

Let’s go for choice number four (4) – last year’s flu shot.

Why?  A number of reasons –

(a)  We don’t have to bring anything through US Customs – and THAT could be a problem should a US Customs Agent OPEN the box, and look closely at those vaccines with strong reading glasses to find ten thousand little eyes staring back from each tube…  After all, those vaccines were on-the-shelf somewhere for a LONG time…

(b)  We know that US Flu shots are laced with Thimerosal (52% mercury) adding up to 25 micrograms of mercury as a preservative.  What could be better?  Paul Offit MD is one of those that stand behind the use of Thimerosal in vaccines – so he would have confidence in the safety of these flu shots, right?

(2)  Now, what about administration of the testing itself?

I think we could arrange it as a fund-raising Event…

If we sold tickets to parents of vaccine damaged children, say at $50 for each injection applied, we could raise $500,000 for a “Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated” study.  Each individual could give Dr Offit the shots (up to five).

We would want to charge a Penalty Fee however for each needle inadvertantly broken off in Dr Offit’s buttocks – say a $100 for the first one, $200 for the second one, $300 for the third one, $400 for the fourth one, with a limit of five “inadvertant needle break-offs” per EACH PERSON application.

In this way, assuming that Autism Moms and Dads (and Grandparents) have very little-to-no-training in flu shot administration that ALL ten thousand needle applications would break off we might raise as much as $3,500,000.

I think this idea has merit.  Ignore the fact, as pro-vaxxers do, that ten thousand flu shots containing 25 micrograms of mercury EACH would add up to 250,000 micrograms of mercury – after all Offit sees no problem with that.  So why should we?…

Of course Offit, upon leaving the Event, may have a problem going through TSA scanners at the Airport.  Mercury is going to show up white on the xray – Lots of white….  I’m sure he’ll have a ready explanation.

Then too, I’m sure he’ll have a ready explanation for those ten thousand broken-off needles in his buttocks, too.

You wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him on the plane ride out of town though.  You’d probably have to throw your clothes away at the end of the trip…

Does anyone have Paul’s contact information?  I think we should get started…

Quit laughing…

And stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

23 thoughts on “Paul Offit MD – The Pro-Vaxxer’s “CLOWN PRINCE””

  1. Good sense of humor Tim indeed The SOB would deserve this treatment to think twice, before start bubbling his nonsense pearls of wisdom. but, hey why not? People gabble anything as long as it is from highly touted “expert” like Offit himself.My little disappointment though, that his original figure of harmless vaccines were in fact 100.000. Later he modified this to 10.000. But, hey it is still good an amount. I personally would be content seeing just a modest 1000 broken needles sticking out of his arse, all over.He would match a porcupine and you definitely would not want to be near him at all.

  2. Offit originally claimed “an infant can safely handle 100,000 vaccines at one time” but then reduced it to a lesser, but still ridiculous, 10,000 vaccines. To make that claim with ZERO proof is the height of irresponsibility and stupidity. He’s a moron with a medical degree and for that statement alone, he should have his medical license revoked. Meanwhile, in Australia…

    Jill Hennessy’s 100,000 Vaccines Cover Up

    The Victorian government has taken down the infamous digital copy of the 100,000 vaccines pamphlet from their website which claimed that a child’s immune system could manage 100,000 vaccines at once! You can read the previous article on this matter here. 100,000 vaccines would be close to 50 litres of fluid. Yes, you read that right, FIFTY LITRES OF FLUID. There is zero evidence of this obviously and it’s irresponsible for anyone to claim such. Considering that claim coming from the Better Health Initiative of the Victorian Government, this should have consequences.

  3. PEDOVIAL (ped-ō-vile) noun
    Etymology: pedo–child, vial–poisoners
    Definition: Deviant and greedy pediatricians who aggressively, through abuse and intimidation, suppress vaccine choice for profit.

  4. Here’s the vaccine industry’s highest paid shill finally being honest about vaccines and admitting that the MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine can cause autism…

  5. Remember that movie “SAW” where the girl had to jump into that pit full of needles to find the key out of the torture chamber? That looked like 10,000 needles. I’d use horse needles though.

    I think there’s still plenty of the 2009 swine flue vaccines left. The CDC made pregnant mothers do that with the flu shot, then hid the stats on all the fetuses it killed. Wasn’t that POS on the CDC board that made that recommendation? Maybe 1/2 w/swine flu with that. That’s what I’d pay to see on Pay Per View if they throw in Brian Deer too. But the POS goes in head first.

  6. This is brilliant! And after all if you can imagine it you can have it. This is the Law of Universe! Lets do it all together! And don’t forget to feel it when you imagine it!

  7. So, assuming a 1 cc dose times 10,000, (*doctor*) Offal would be injecting about 2.5 gallons of fluid into a little baby. That poor baby would swell up to double his original size. The 100,000 dose, originally claimed would make for 25 gallons. But, silly me, the (*doctor’s*) claim is only theoretical regarding the effects on the immune system, which we know is nearly non-existent without the help of mother’s milk during the first year or so. I am so confused.

  8. Babies are born without a fully functioning immune system. I think he needs to go back to medical school and stop worrying about his pocket book. Maybe he can do that from the jailhouse?! That’s where he belongs for all the disinformation he’s spread around in the past 10 years or so.

    A world-class idiot with no conscience is a very dangerous thing.

  9. Quotes from article above:

    “Of course Offit, upon leaving the Event, may have a problem going through TSA scanners at the Airport. Mercury is going to show up white on the xray – Lots of white…. I’m sure he’ll have a ready explanation.”

    [MINE: Hopefully he would be to DEAD to worry about going through any TSA scanners.]

    “You wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him on the plane ride out of town though. You’d probably have to throw your clothes away at the end of the trip…”

    [MINE: I sure as hell wouldn’t want to sit next to him because I already have a compromised autoimmune system and those vaccines SHED. Every time I’m around someone who’s been recently vaccinated I get sick, sometimes more sick than other times. If he did manage to live to get on a plane he better pray they keep him and his weasel face far from me. Actually, I don’t fly so it would never be an issue!]

    “Does anyone have Paul’s contact information? I think we should get started…”

    [MINE: I’m pretty sure you could get this info from the CDC itself since they have no problem leaking UNIMPORTANT information . . . ]


  10. I have found out that as everyone gets older ones normal cumulative store and/or spike of mercury reaches a maximum saturation in ones fat cells and subsequent detox depletes magnesium (as well as selenium, potassium, zinc, iodine and B vitamins etc. This is enhanced by Roundup(glyphosate) and impacts ones immune system leading to a cascade of medical conditions for which a never ending list of recipes are administered with patented treatments that treat but never cure. This includes BP, Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes etc. including almost all Cancers.
    A simple search of Medline for “magnesium depletion” turns up almost every idiophathic (Cause unknown-according to profiteering pharma) condition known to afflict humans. (if you do not get over 200 hits -medline abstracts etc- someone is blocking you),
    Conclusion If you look for the real causes no pharma necessary’
    Looks to me that big pharma and allopathic medicine owe their vary existence to mercury poisoning.

  11. I made a list of adverse events as they are mentioned in the vaccine inserts, provided by the manufacturers. These are for the vaccines Australian children get up to age 18 months (flu shot not included). The list is not complete. (The list might be slightly longer or shorter depending on the country that you live in.)

    The Big Pharma trolls are not happy with me posting this list everywhere. It seems to be unfair, as parents who see it might decide not to vaccinate. Well, this list should scare the living daylights out of everyone.

    – abdominal pain/cramps
    – acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
    – agitation
    – alcohol intoxication
    – alopecia
    – anaphylactic shock
    – angina pectoris
    – anorexia
    – aplastic anaemia
    – apnea
    – arthralgia
    – arthritis
    – aseptic meningitis
    – ataxia
    – back pain
    – Bell’s palsy
    – bronchitis
    – bronchspasm
    – candidiasis
    – cellulitis
    – cerebrovascular accident
    – chills
    – conjunctivitis
    – constipation
    – cough
    – crying for long periods
    – cyanosis
    – death
    – dehydration
    – depression
    – diabetes
    – diarrhoea
    – dizziness
    – dyspepsia
    – dysuria
    – earache
    – ecchimosis
    – eczema
    – edema
    – encephalitis
    – encephalopathy
    – epistaxis
    – erythema
    – erythema multiforme
    – extravasation blood
    – fatigue
    – fever
    – flatulence
    – flushing
    – gastroenteritis
    – Guillain Barre syndrome
    – headache
    – heart failure
    – hematochezia
    – Henoch-Schönlein purpura
    – herpes simplex
    – herpes zoster
    – hypotension
    – hypotonic/hyporesponsive
    – Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
    – impetigo
    – influenza
    – insomnia
    – intussusception
    – irritability
    – Kawasaki disease
    – lethargy
    – leukocytosis
    – lupus
    – lymphadenitis
    – lymphadenopathy
    – malaise
    – measles like rash
    – migraine
    – mouth ulcer
    – multiple sclerosis
    – muscle weakness
    – myalgia
    – myocardial infaction
    – nausea
    – neck stiffness
    – nerve deafness
    – ocular palsies
    – optic neuritis
    – orchitis
    – pain at the injection side
    – pain/stiffness in arm, shoulder, or neck
    – pancreatitis
    – panniculitis
    – paresthesia
    – parotitis
    – peripheral neuropathy
    – petechiae
    – pharyngitis
    – pneumonia
    – polyneuropathy
    – pruritus
    – rash
    – redness at the injection side
    – regional lymphadenopathy
    – retinitis
    – retrobulbar neuritis
    – rhinitis
    – rhinorrhea
    – runny nose
    – seizures
    – serum sickness
    – shoulder pain
    – SIDS
    – sinusitis
    – somnolence
    – Stevens-Johnson syndrome
    – sweating
    – swelling at the injection side
    – thrombocytopenia
    – tingling
    – tinnitus
    – transverse myelitis
    – tremor
    – ulcerative colitis
    – upper respiratory tract illness
    – urinary retention
    – urticaria
    – varicella like rash
    – vasculitis
    – vomiting
    – weakness
    – wheezing

  12. I would love you to steer those steely eyes and rapier wit towards the clown princes of pro vax Australia, who calls himself Reasonable Hank and who hides his identity like a terrified child, yet does his best to dig up as much dirt and manufacture gossip and innuendo as he can on any ex-vaxer and put it out into the world as fact on is blog (of the same name). His vitriol against Chiropractors is also legendary. He is in the pocket (and quite possibly the employ) of Jill Hennessey, Victorian (a state in Australia) Minister for Health who claims there are ‘no risks’ to vaccinating your child… just Google their names together to find out more.

  13. They are still hunting down Nazi war criminals… I wonder if they have given that any thought? 😉

  14. Thank you , Sequence for: “This is brilliant! And after all if you can imagine it you can have it. This is the Law of Universe! Lets do it all together! And don’t forget to feel it when you imagine it!”

    This is the BEST IDEA! We are already doing this, my dear emotionally, spiritually, mentally, morally, and physically healthy friends – but let’s UP the ANTE —- USE your imaginations and emotions with powerful intent to inject and infuse the world with LOVE, WELLNESS, and SANITY. True Divine LOVE includes the concrete understanding that what you send out, you receive….Can we collectively imagine all our vaccine damaged precious individuals get “UN-VACCINATED” and those vaccines get reversed into the likes of the pitifully sick and corrupt vaccine designers and pushers like paul, bill, julie, dorit, richard, ann, etc. etc. – what a vaccine party they’ll have! Let’s continue to imagine our children becoming healthier while all those criminals suffer every last symptom of screaming pain, debilitation, and SHAME possible!

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