BOOM! – How to DESTROY a CORRUPT Vaccine Program…

Trump is doing it right now . . .

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I’m going to talk about something many people may find boring – STRATEGY.

President Trump may be the best long-term strategist we have ever had in the White House . . . and it is clear to me he wants to DESTROY THE CHILDHOOD VACCINE PROGRAM WHICH HAS GENERATED UNTOLD SUFFERING TO A GENERATION OF CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS.

The other day I just happened to be surfing through the Code of Federal Regulations, when something caught my eye.  (Yeah, I do that sometimes.)

A new regulation which took effect on March 15, 2018 should have everybody in our community jumping up and down for joy.

The regulation is entitled Final Revised Vaccine Information Materials for Varicella Vaccine (Chickenpox). [Docket No. CDC-2016-0029]

I didn’t have any expectations when I started reading, other than a sense of impending dread.  But very early on I realized this regulation was RADICALLY DIFFERENT.

In the summary section it read: “Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), CDC must develop vaccine information materials that all health care providers are required to give to patients/parents prior to administration of specific vaccines.”

Okay, since 99% of American parents don’t even know that something like the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act exists, much less the completely ineffective Vaccine Court, this sounded promising.

Further on in the document it detailed four requirements which must be contained in the vaccine information materials.

(1) A concise description of the benefits of the vaccine.

(2) A concise description of the risks of the vaccine.

(3) A statement of the availability of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and

(4) Such other relevant information as may be determined by the Secretary.

My mind started to explode at this moment.  Every parent before every vaccine will be given an informational handout by their child’s pediatrician talking about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?  I’m sure that will start the thinking process of many parents.

I explained this to my lovely wife, but she was unmoved.

“So a parent is going to get one of those forms with extremely small type?” she asked.

I printed out the new vaccine information sheet for the varicella vaccine.  It was all there in easy-to-read twelve-point font.

“Chickenpox is usually mild, but it can be serious in infants under 12 months of age, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems.”

In what looked like 18 point font was the following warning:

“Some people should not get this vaccine”

Tell your vaccine provider if the person getting the vaccine:

  • Has any severe, life-threatening allergies. A person who has ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction after a dose of chickenpox vaccine, or has a severe allergy to any part of this vaccine, may be advised not to be vaccinated.  Ask your health care provider if you want information about vaccine components.
  • Is pregnant, or thinks she might be pregnant.  Pregnant women should wait to get chickenpox vaccine until after they are no longer pregnant.  Women should avoid getting pregnant for at least 1 month after getting chickenpox vaccine.
  • Has a weakened immune system due to disease (such as cancer or HIV/AIDS) or medical treatments (such as radiation, immunotherapy, steroids, or chemotherapy).
  • Has a parent, brother, or sister with a history of immune system problems.
  • Is taking salicylates (such as asprin).  People should avoid using salicylates for 6 weeks after getting varicella vaccine.
  • Has recently had a blood transfusion or received other blood products.  You might be advised to postpone chickenpox vaccination for 3 months or more.
  • Has tuberculosis.
  • Has gotten any other vaccines in the past 4 weeks.  Live vaccines given too close together might not work as well.
  • Is not feeling well.  A mild illness, such as a cold, is usually not a reason to postpone a vaccination.  Someone who is moderately or severely ill should probably wait.  Your doctor can advise you.”

I believe Trump’s plan is to introduce instability into the vaccine program, protect the rights of those who might object (like parents and forward-thinking medical professionals) and then let a fair fight ensue.

Just briefly, let’s think of the ways a hypothetical patient or parent of a child might object to a vaccine.

  1. Could I see a list of vaccine components?  Oh, I don’t do very well with aborted human fetal tissue, mercury, aluminum, or animal tissue since I’m a vegan.
  2. My father has immune system problems.  No, thank you.
  3. His sister has immune system problems.  No, thank you.
  4. I have immune system problems.  No chickenpox vaccines for my kids, thank you.
  5. He’s not feeling well today.  No vaccine today.  Maybe next time.

And on the information packet under the section More serious events is the following:

  • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
  • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or the brain and spinal cord coverings (meningitis).

I think of that hypothetical mother in the pediatrician’s office being handed a form just like this for EVERY SINGLE VACCINE THE PEDIATRICIAN WANTS TO ADMINISTER.  What thoughts will cross the mind of that mama bear?

Let’s get this straight, Doctor.  The chickenpox vaccine, which is given for what is normally a mild illness, might give my kid seizures, pneumonia, or meningitis? 

What other wonderful information is contained in this document that starting on June 1, 2018, doctors MUST give to their patients BEFORE a vaccine is given?

Glad you asked.  Again this is direct from the CDC’s own handout.  If you suspect an allergic reaction, “the reaction should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  Your doctor should file this report or you can do it yourself through the VAERS website, (, or by calling 1-800-822-7967.”

And right after that section is this one:

“The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a federal program that was created to compensate people who may have been injured by certain vaccines.

Persons who believe they may have been injured by a vaccine can learn about the program and about filing a claim by calling 1-800-338-2382 or visiting the VICP website (  There is a time limit to file a claim for compensation.”

I think Trump believes the concerns of vaccine-safety community have been viciously suppressed.  He wants to make sure we get a fair fight.

And finally, I’m going to make one final appeal before March 27, 2018 for everybody to leave a comment on the newly proposed regulations for Conscience and Religious Freedom in Health-Care to make sure that the regulations include SPECIFIC LANGUAGE COVERING VACCINE SITUATIONS.

It will only take a few minutes.  We already have more than 30,000 comments.  Let’s see if we can get over 50,000.

1.  Go to:

2.  Insert into search bar, cut/paste: HHS-OCR-2018-0002

3.  Click on green “Submit a Public Comment Button”

4.  Insert your PUBLIC COMMENT, “Expand the Categories to include parents, adults, children, caregivers, legal guardians, and employees to file complaints regarding vaccine situations.”

5.  Add your information, your organization or

5.  Click the SUBMIT button on your form.  Thank you for helping to make a difference!

6.  You can also go to the website – under TAKE ACTION, file your own individual complaint (see CRF Division’s SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for filing vaccine situations).


By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



16 thoughts on “BOOM! – How to DESTROY a CORRUPT Vaccine Program…”

  1. Wonderfull! It will be historic action! Trump will have splendorous power when he will finish this job. The Good will win against The Evil ( Big Pharma) . I hope that European countries will follow Trump’s example.

  2. The lengths to which you jump to conclusions of boundless optimism and joy, sir, are confounding. Previous versions of the VIS forms have contained the same information you characterize as startlingly new, and the mandate to provide them to parents has been in effect for thirty years, since the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, yet they are rarely provided. No penalties were included in the legislation for such negligence, nor are parents routinely advised in the mainstream to request the forms, as obviously should be the case. Moreover, when they are provided, it’s by a doctor or nurse who’s lauding the supposed benefits of the vaccine and warning of the supposed dire threat to the infant / toddler / child of the respective infectious illness. Nothing in this current, ostensible revamp / revision atmosphere promises to significantly change that reality, or warrants the unbridled enthusiasm you convey.

  3. Hey there, Kent,

    What a wonderful ‘sharing’ of critically important information. I especially appreciate the links to get to the Federal Register and leave a comment. I thought I had already done so early on when the Protections ruling was first published in the Federal Register. Not being sure I have taken the time to read much of the FedReg 105 page document and to submit a comment this morning. THIS is so important that they receive as many comments as the time frame for commenting allows, which as you stated expires on March 27th.

    I am adamant about not doing vaccines and just wish that more of my friends and family would give me a listening ear. Even my sons, who are not slow of mind or heart look at my stance on this as though I am a rabid zealot when it comes to vaccines. So be it. I know what I know.

    After having served 10 years as an OSHA Industrial Hygienist that I did not know what was in vaccines and that has caused harm to me (the flu vaccine – a 6 week short-term disability as a consequence) or my adopted granddaughter’s severe reaction and now varying degrees of disability affecting her capacity to read and do simple math, blows my mind.

    I do as much as I am able with the many time constraints I have serving the needs of my daughter. So I want you to know that I am humbly grateful for the work you do, for your thorough communications and article. I have your books and they are stellar examples of well-researched investigation into these matters.

    You are a gem and most appreciated.


  4. I’m experiencing a sudden flashback to the one Batman movie where Oswald Cobblepot (aka The Penguin) suddenly succumbs or sucks in a storm of papers that stick to him like a snowball! So hopefully the overvaccination program will experience the same fate. I would also insist that we get some giant signage at every vaccination site, stating who should not get the shots given there. If processed foods come with ingredient lists, the shots should certainly get that and more. Now let’s keep pushing this snowball – further and further away from vulnerable kids and adults!

  5. Having just read the article at Kennedy’s WorldMercuryProject, the piece of the puzzle that the parent needs to know is ‘HOW MUCH ARE YOU BEING PAID TO VAX MY KID?!”

    Kennedy’s newsletter does some of the ways that doctors get paid… some of it directly, including a $25/vax ‘counseling’ fee, and some indirectly to the pediatric association, and some by insurers for each child at 2 who’s fully CDC vaxxed….. see for yourself…

    …and for the record the article’s parallels to opioids for which MDs are also paid, leads to another Trump campaign power, namely those states most ruined by opioids were strong Trump supporters.

    I’m still waiting for a reply from Kent on the 1986 law that gave the vax manufacturers free reign and whether that law gave any such immunity to those PUSHERS to do the dirty deed, even though they KNOW all those items on the CDC list, know they’re being paid and would be expected by the parent to hippocratically care for the child in front of them…….. granted Kent may not have yet gotten through his email, much less dug up the law… an MD,JD contact of mine said to never sue the hospital as well as the malpractice doctor, do the doctor only so the pressure is where it will do the most good.

  6. I have for a long period of time probably since 1968 when I first heard an Australian mother at a Kindergarten (Pre-School)meetingl in Ringwood Victoria Australia at a parents’ meeting describing the behaviour of her son and how doctors would not name the condition and she could not find any more than five mothers in Australia describing this condition now known as Autism. I met her ten years later when more publicity had arrived and doubts were being raised. The supremely sadistic behaviour of UK and USA medical professionals in England ostracised and condemned in order to de register Dr. W due to his belief that autism was linked to the giving of vaccines. Autism is connected to the increase in amounts and numbers of vaccines given without informed consent to newborn babies his sample for research was his own general practice. So this small sample was scoffed at. I saw the tape of a congressional hearing in USA about the behaviour of Merck Sharpe and Dome when it was discovered that they had used Thimeseral (a derivative of Mercury) in the suspension of vaccines. A sharp rise in incidence of the now recognised Autisma from 1:80,000 TO 1: 80 HAD OCCURRED OVER THE PREVIOUS DECADE. Senator KENNEDY JUNIOR LED THIS CAMPAIGN FOR A FEW YEARS. INCIDENCE OF AUTISM WAS DEMONSTRATED TO BE LINKED TO THIMESERAL BY MS &D SCIENTISTs. During THIS TAPED HEARING A SCIENTIST OF THIS FIRM DESCRIBED HOW THE DIRECTORS OF ms&d FORCED THEM TO TEAR UP THE EVIDENCE. IN THE GALLERY OF THIS USA CONGFRESSIONAL HEARING WERE PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN. At the time FIVE years ago I found this website easily now IT IS MYSTERIOUSLY no longer available. Senator Kennedy died in a mysterious plane Crash
    In OZ (Australia)about 2015 Ballarat Midwives in Victoria Australia imported the film VAXXED but the current Federal Health Minister (Female blonde ) Hennesy made them cancel the showing of this film. Freedom of speech no longer exists about Autism and its link to vaccines now up to 27 with myriads of chemicals. Newborn babies do not have the enzymes until 6 months to metabolise foreign material contained in these vaccines let alone the other enemy of babies cows milk meant for 100kg calves) …

    The current Prime Minister Turnbull (no medical background). when his wife (no medical background) was at that time on the board of Glaxo Smith and Kline vaccine producers) Malcolm Turnbull strangely takes part in ‘spruiking’ =promoting or ‘town crier’ style in Australia’ vaccines. In March 2011 he joined the Health Minister in Western Australia helping him to promote a new vaccine. All new vaccines are compulsory for unmarried mothers who have to work and study and put their newborns into Child Care Centres. My daughter worked in one in Cairns where autistic children with poor staff child ratios were permanent causes of work overload and insufficient staff.
    Beverley Walker
    RMH (MSN) Graduate 1960 and RWH Graduate 1962
    Frances Perry House private wing of RWH Staff member 1970 -1976
    Former Senior Teacher Mercy Hospital for Women(1983 to 1989)
    Retired Senior University Lecturer . (RMIT)1989 to 2002)
    M. Bioeth.(Monash 1956) B.App Sc. (RMIT 1989). Senior University lecturer. RMIT 1989 to 2002 and Midwife and nurse 1962 until 2002. B.E.V. inc. Birth Education Victoria – semi retired
    Mther of four grandmother of seven.

  7. Thank you for your information re vaccines, et al. I heard of 1986 law and could not get info. I did find out that “bounties” were paid for every vaccination but not the amount. My son received a second DPT shot at about 5 and a half months which two hours later erupted into three days of 105 to 107 fevers. Called my doctor [Palos Verdes, Ca] and he said I was a “nervous mother of six kids. Put him in the bath tub with cool water” which i did. Kept calling getting same info. Fever subsided third day. The horrible autism journey began. He is now fifty years old and I am still his caretaker. When I obtain all info I need then I will go public. Until now I was informing persons but didnot have a solid foundation of facts, figures and action. Also noticed many “new diseases” and wonder if they are a result of shots. Hope persons are chasing down that possibility. Like breach and heart problems. Thank you and God bless your work. Sandy Acosta

  8. I believe all of the inserts inform not to be used on sick people which is always disregarded by doctors. Vaccines don’t work, they do not immunize. Vaccines are the trade our governments made in exchange for alien technology. DNA experimentation in exchange for some tech such as computers and phones. The secret governments have higher, more advanced techs. We got the short end of the deal! Lifelong illnesses and death are not worth some technological advancement. 5G will be the beginning of the end as it activates the nanotechnology that is within us that we got from vaccines and our food. It will cause people to get lesions, get sick and then die.

  9. Why doesn’t Trump sign an EO to reverse the 1986 Vaccine Act and make pharma responsible for their products again. That would save a lot of children from death and injury.

  10. It’s unfortunate that this is mind exploding news to you (the author) or anyone. My family must be in the 1% who gets the federally mandated vaccine information sheet (VIS) from all of the pediatricians who see our children. The sheets, which are available online if a parent were to ask the doctors’ office ahead of time what vaccines will be given in the upcoming visit, clearly and in normal type explains the benefits, risks, what adverse reactions to look for, and whom to call if a reaction is suspected, including the NVICP.

  11. Paula, Trump can’t repeal it with an EO, the law was enacted by Congress in 1986 and Reagan signed off on it, so congress must repeal it.

  12. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I, too, just submitted a comment, although I don’t see any ‘public’ comments on the document page. Just a few days to go until they close commenting.

  13. This is the comment that I sent in:

    Standing up solidly strong to protect the rights of the individual for what medical procedures s/he chooses to accept – with completely informed consent and NO coercion is the hallmark of a free and healthy society. It is time to reclaim that human potential and RESPONSIBILITY to be truly conscious and autonomous without having corrupt and arrogant entities forcing their will on the people and micromanaging their lives with all their corrupt propaganda.

    Each and every person has this responsibility and privilege to stop being an “innocent bystander” which is an illusory concept that NEVER existed. If your salary depends on you keeping up the lies – you are no different than nazi soldiers who were “following orders”. You are a nazi collaborator. I’ve been explaining this concept to nurses who are vaccinating newborns without knowing what they are doing. Their “meaning well” and being “unaware” will not stand up for them in court – which each of us will have to confront.

    Think about it – you have the potential to make your world which includes me and every other human on this earth at this time a vibrantly healthy one or to continue to bring down our world to self-destruct.

    It’s your choice. I have my choice and THANK G-D – there are millions waking up!
    Trump or any government entity will NOT be the answer! It’s about educating ourselves and our children to THINK and stand up for ourselves. The Divinely provided web will work for US because the TRUTH ALWAYS RISES TO THE TOP – and even faster when we collaborate. Let’s put our hearts and minds together with MOMS ACROSS the WORLD and all our wonderful authentic scientists, doctors and immunologists who are MORAL and REALLY care to help us all achieve our PEAK HEALTH.

    Thank you Ken, Dr. Mercola, NVIC, Dr. Palevsky, VacTruth, thehealthyhomeeconomist, etc. etc., etc. – I will start my own blog and suggest that we all do and link to each other. Let’s make AWARENESS a truly contagious epidemic!

  14. Donald trump is s great man,a great president, American should be proud of him and yes I hope the European countries follow always need the first push or move and trump as started it if he sees it through and gets it rolling and also justice for so many families those innocent children that a been damaged by so many vaccines then he will be the best president of all time but America and the rest of the world will love him

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