BolenReport Terrifies Australian Government?

Does The Bolen Report threaten the downfall of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

The downfall of tyrannies often reveals itself first in small things.

When BolenReport publisher Tim Bolen went to share my last article to Australian anti-vaxx groups on Facebook, he was immediately suspended from sharing any further articles on other Facebook groups for a week.

Call it FACEBOOK JAIL.  Many individuals, like Mike Adams from Natural News are familiar with these actions.

Yes, it’s absurd in comparison to what we would call oppression in the past, but in this new digital age the access to Social Media is just as important as the public square of past centuries.

And so one must meet absurdity with absurdity.

Which is why when Tim told me this information I figured it was my job as a top writer for The Bolen Report to chase down this claim.

I contacted the Australian Embassy in our nation’s capital, located at 1601 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC  20036, phone number (202) 797-3000 and spoke to a lovely woman in their media department and asked about her government’s relationship with Facebook.

She was stumped by the inquiry and suggested I contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner with my question.  A little further research on my part found that until 2010 this department was known as the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner.  (I swear I am not making this up!  Fact check me, PLEASE!)

I guess that 2010 is the date at which the very concept of privacy died in Australia, but I will have to do some further research to verify this assertion.

The lovely woman in the media office at the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC suggested I simply address my email to “Media” since there is usually a good deal of turnover and she didn’t have a current name.  Besides, addressing somebody as “Media” probably translates better when dealing with international relations than the more common American term for the media, “Bozo” which can so easily be misunderstood by those with different cultural backgrounds.

It is with a keen appreciation of the intricacies of international diplomacy,

Especially considering my first attempt at negotiations with the Australian government resulted in being banned from Australia for a period of three years, (what George Orwell, writing in 1984, would call being made an “unperson”), I wrote the following email:

Hello Media:

I write for The Bolen Report and wanted to ask whether Australia has any type of relationship with Facebook which allows them to prevent information the government deems to be dangerous (like anti-vaxx sentiment or sympathies) from being distributed in Australia. 

For example, if somebody was trying to distribute anti-vaxx information in Australia through Facebook, would the Australian government contact Facebook (or possibly have a pre-existing relationship and set of procedures which covers such events) so that Facebook could immediately respond, and say suspend that poster for a week, to be followed by more draconian methods if the behavior continued?

All the best, Kent Heckenlively

I am sorry to report to my readers that I have not received a response as of yet from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

However, I will tell Tim to try and post again to the Australian anti-vaxx groups when his one-week Facebook jail term is up and see what happens.

And I would be remiss indeed if I didn’t remind the Australian government that President Trump has expressed anti-vaxx sentiments similar to many in our community.  Perhaps you should keep that in mind, especially since as I understand it, we have an amazing surveillance apparatus and he is probably watching just how you treat us.  (After all, we are his FAVORITE health news site!)


(And I pinkie-promise swear I didn’t give him that line in his recent press conference about legally prosecuting the pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid addiction epidemic!)

If any readers of The Bolen Report would like to submit their own questions to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, I provide you with their email as a public service.

After all…

Readers of The Bolen Report and those inspired by my most recent campaign have posted more than 50,000 comments to Trump’s proposed regulations regarding Conscience and Religious Freedom in Health-Care to demand that vaccines be specifically included in these new regulations.

Is it too much to ask that maybe 5,000 emails go to Australia, asking for clarification of their government’s relationship with Facebook?


By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



24 thoughts on “BolenReport Terrifies Australian Government?”

  1. Kent, you’re totally cool. Will compose an email shortly. I think they’re terrified of what truth will do to their portfolios.

  2. Here is the email I just sent:
    Dear Sir/Madam: I’ve just heard some shocking news, and wonder of you could clarify what has actually occurred. Does the Australian government have a policy of censoring scientific or medical information which calls into question government policy if it comes from outside the country (in this case via the internet)? Was it your government or Facebook who banned the recent Bolen Report by Kent Heckenlively? You have a lovely country full of good people, and if true, this would represent a lack of abiding faith in their native intelligence and discernment. Too many have suffered and died defending freedom for any of us who know history to tolerate censorship which only serves to protect government policy. Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards.
    Gary Ogden

  3. As a suggestion, ask Tim to post on FB Australia for something non-political to see if his name is flagged. Then is that works, ask someone else to post the same material. Do some “troubleshooting” and see if you can find out more about their patterns.

    If a government agency was censoring free speech via FB, do you actually think they would answer you? And if 5,000 people wrote them with the same request, do you think they would be more or less likely to answer?

  4. hmm… there are some really stunningly terrorizing ads at the facebook site Michigan for Vaccine Choice…

    So maybe the reality of vax damage is still allowed on facebook…. even when it’s outrage and sarcasm…. which then points to ‘irregular’ censoring…… agreed?

    of course the aussies were at least offering to rescue white south african farmers being targeted for severe harm… so maybe that would eliminate the aussies govt from diddling with facebook directly, as they must be rather busy at the moment…. agreed?

    Did you write a protest to facebook? Maybe they need some ‘guidance’……

  5. YouTubers, Tweeters, and Redditors are all making mass exoduses to blockchain platforms such as GAB, Steemit, BitChute, VOAT, etc. These platforms can’t be censored (so far), and still proclaim our first amendment rights for free speech. Just be sure you let us know where you go so we can follow 😉

  6. This is all very telling and bizarre. Truly Australia,it’s government lost the plot long time ago.I talked about this some time ago,but to repeat the latter age politicians are so deeply indoctrinated that they have no thinking ability at all. I must guess it’s the education system that is churning these no brainier’s out. Now on the note of FB. For some time now I experience some of my comments are coming back to me as spams. I have no political motivation, I have no agenda I just like the honest true word.Yesterday number of my posted articles been wiped off. I raised some noises about as can be seen still on my FB, lo and behold they were re-posted although in disarray in some instances. As is said here in Australia by the pharisaic leaders anti vaxxers are a threat to the “Good order of Australia”.How the Vaxxed team was treated and force confessed than finally kicked out not to come back any time soon(at least until they are in power) And huhh did not Kent learned a lesson too, not to meddle with these SOB-s?

  7. “I will also be approaching the leaders of some of the Australian social media outlets of the great global organisations to ask them to take all steps to ensure that dangerous messages, which can literally kill children and take their lives, are also clamped down on.” Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for Health, 7 March 2018.

  8. Elijah:

    When these Australian politicians act so stupid I just can’t help myself from making fun of them. Remember, the devil HATES it when you laugh at his lack of REAL power.

    Kent Heckenlively

  9. Here is my question to Australia
    What is the Austrailian Governments relationship to Facebook, Pharma and the illegal pay for play Clinton Foundation (now being exposed for all to see)

  10. `Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who has been controversially targeted by Labor over his extensive offshore investments, has updated his pecuniary interests to include a European investment fund that holds shares in pharmaceutical companies and cigarette maker British American Tobacco.’
    `Lucy Turnbull will remain Chair of Australian biotechnology company Prima BioMed. Prima BioMed is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company, currently in product collaborations with Novartis and GSK.
    She was re-elected Chair of Prima Biomed at its Annual General Meeting yesterday. – Family Report Writers Exposed

    Often forgotten is that Malcolm Turnbull was the Minister for the Department of Communications: the governments propaganda ministry and before entering politics, Partner at Goldman Sachs Bank.

    “Turnbull Pushes Mandatory Vaccination Rollout But Has Lucrative shares In Big Pharma”

  11. I love you, Kent!!! Well, your work, anyway lol.

    Yes, it’s truly bizarre and sickening how the govt here is treating the slaves. Apparently, we don’t have brains to discern what is truth so the all-loving govt has to do that for us. Isn’t it wonderful to not have to think for ourselves? …NOT!

    With the vast pharmaceutical holdings of the prime ass and its wife, there can be NO DOUBT who’s running the show over here. We have such an incredibly brainwashed population that LOOOVES the teLIEvision, football, beer and their enslavement.

    I just write and stay home because I don’t want the general stupidity and non-thinking to rub off on me. Yes, it seems contagious!

    The pot has boiled. The frogs are cooked through. All that remains is the clean-up crew.

    Thank you for bringing international attention to our predicament, Kent. And, thank you for ALL your work in raising awareness. Oh and please thank the outstanding human, Dr Judy Mikovits too 🙂

  12. We Aussies are known for our apathy and our love of sports, but we are also known to react when forced into a corner, probably a bit like the kangaroo; Co-operative, until cornered. Poor politicians are so conditioned by the Socialist agenda of the U.N. and the education system some may think they are doing the right thing to protect us, while others make all the money from the vaccines. It’s a bit sad really, when we were such a free and happy country, once upon a time, before greed and power took over and vaccines destroyed the majority. Can Trump save America? Who can save Australia?

  13. At least you Yanks have some hope to at least for a chance at this moment of better things to come.This is extremely vulnerable situation and the whole world’s eyes are upon you. Will you make it or break it? As for us here deep Down-under as is all mayor players in the political Arena are corrupted deceived beyond any hope what-so ever. Keep to your guns, for now at least. from us been taken away long time ago.Only criminals have guns here and are using them too, fearlessly.

    Thank you Kent for that remark.I’ll and many Aussies take this to heart.We see these clowns machinations for a long enough time now.

  14. Bev:

    Crocodile Dundee came to America and rescued us.

    The International Man of Mischief, Kent Heckenlively, will not rest until Australia is free!!

    Kent Heckenlively

  15. The question which no-one appears to be asking is “Which Australian government are you dealing with?” There are two of them!
    There is
    The Commonwealth of Australia
    and there is
    The Australian Commonwealth

    Now, you might think that this is just hair splitting until you research it. Then you find that one of these is the legitimate state and the other is a private company owned by American banks and listed on the New York stock exchange.

    Which one is actually in control of the country, with its own court system, bureaucracy, police and “government”?

    The American private company is the answer.
    Now do you understand why nothing that might in any way diminish the profitability of the ruling cartels can be permitted?

    This is a problem which the Australian people have to resolve for themselves as soon as they first recognise that they have such a problem.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  16. Karma Singh, how dare you know these hidden controversial deceptions, that the average Australian never would guess not even in his wildest dream.Yes, indeed we are being sold out big time.

  17. Australians have been dumbed down to the point of no return I feel, especially with the mainstream media blocking all intelligent conversation. If we had a civil war, hardly any would know what it was all about, and that is why it has never happened. We had our chance to get the truth out on the dangers of vaccines on social media, but now it appears that is being blocked as well and our speech being controlled by the hidden loonies on the left, obviously those who have no knowledge of history.

  18. The Prime Minister’s job is the 2nd most important job in Australia (as stated by PM John Howard) The most important job is Captain of the Australian Cricket Team. And he cheated. Talk about underarm bowling. Talk about cheating, about arrogance, ignorance and unfair play. Aussie leadership is stinky and not to be relied on.

  19. Australians need to vote for the The International Man of Mischief, Kent Heckenlively as our next PM. Either Kent or Trump. Why settle for our current drug pusher?

  20. Bev Pattenden … new platforms have arisen for those to capitalise on. All is not lost, FB was a child’s dream come true that worked til now. Now it will evolve into a better version and it is happening. Most sites now advertise themselves elsewhere. FB has lost respect and people. One generation has known nothing else, others have and will lead.

  21. People are getting sick of new technology anyway, especially those who know that the world can survive without it, e.g. those who throw their new smart phones in the bin and another who stabbed it with a screwdriver when on the job. I have an old dumb mobile and I don’t think I will update. Now I hear that old vehicles are becoming popular again as the new ones are not fixable. Young people don’t know where they are when their GPS breaks down. Did you hear of of young boys who phoned their dad when the ute (that’s half a truck/car combined) broke down to ask what to do when they had a flat tyre? They found the spare and threw the old one away because it was broken!!! That’s where we are folks. Time to stop this madness if we can.

  22. You see what you started Kent Huckenlively? you ruining the “Good order of Australia”. All Your fault.Instead of humbling yourself and accept the command, to stay out of the Aussieland, you are mixing the pot of sh.. for our beloved leaders. And boy, we going to pay for this.Our politicians ruining this country so professionally, in absolute unison, like a well trained football team, the unholy trinity Libs, Labs,Greens. Our Prime-minister ruling with iron fist like Nabucco did in ancient Babylon.We have a health minister Greg Hunt, and an AMA Boss Dr. Ganston who know virtually nothing about health and well being, they make us believe, vaxxing is the one and only and sure way to go about. Pharma reps told them to. and they keep ranting this mantra day and night to the Media and of course the ancient challenger of that disgraced Wakefield, non other than Rupy Murderoch. Well folks this is the land of the ancient Mother Ruling England’s dumping ground, the big isle of the far-far South seas.Inhabited with snakes and crocodiles. Beware, dangerous territory !

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