Why Do We Need Vaccines?

by Hildegard von Bingen

It had to happen sooner or later.  BolenReport Authors and articles are first rate, so, of course we attracted an official Roman Catholic Church Saint to write for us…


Let us consider the picture: Disease is something that happens that nobody likes.  It can be very dangerous.  Every year, untold lives are ended prematurely and unpleasantly because of disease.

What can be done to prevent disease is a question pondered by people of medicine since time began.

No one likes to get sick, no parent likes to see their child suffer, diseases can be dangerous—and, with the vaccine, science today claims to have found an approach that fulfills its expressed purpose.  Because of what they tell us, the public has grown to not question the holy sacrament of vaccination.  Indeed, neither have the scientists, who are currently working on hundreds more vaccines intended to be “fast tracked” upon the public (1).  Vaccines are credited with the eradication of many diseases.  But let’s take a closer look at what has actually happened.  What do the facts really tell us?  What have we not been told?

Are Vaccines Necessary 

Injecting foreign proteins into the human body is a medical intervention.  We know that medical error constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States. (2) With the convenience of the internet and readily available information, word is getting out. Medical science doesn’t have all the answers.

Healing traditions of indigenous cultures are getting a closer look by disgruntled recipients of managed health care. Ayurveda, herbalism, folk medicine, and homeopathy are just a few methods increasing once again in use and popularity. A recent study from Harvard University revealed that homeopathy has proven to be useful and deserves further study. (3)

The father of homeopathy himself, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered an effective method of disease prevention at around the same time as Edward Jenner, who is credited with the introduction of what we know today as the vaccine (4), was fussing with the pus from cowpox.  While Jenner witnessed many deaths from his experimentation, Hahnemann accidentally discovered that using homeopathically-prepared belladonna prevented scarlet fever.  At the time scarlet fever was endemic and ravaged entire communities. While treating one family member with belladonna for another condition, Hahnemann discovered that she did not contract scarlet fever despite the rest of the family suffering from it. He then gave belladonna to other members of the community and found that they too were able to avoid contraction of the disease, despite close exposure.

No deaths or any harsh reactions have ever been reported from the use of nontoxic homeoprophylaxis.

The royal physician to the King of Prussia, renowned physician, Christoph Wilhelm von Hufeland (1762-1836), was greatly intrigued upon learning of the incredible success Hahnemann was having with this prophylactic use of belladonna.  A study of his findings was published in 1829 in the still well-known British medical journal, the Lancet. (5)  And Hufeland ultimately convinced the King of the effectiveness of this homeopathic approach to disease prevention.  The King, who had nearly lost his son earlier after allowing him to receive Jenner’s smallpox vaccine (6), subsequently required the use of homeopathic belladonna as a prophylactic during future waves of scarlet fever (7).

Is the Vaccine Campaign Beneficial?  

A recent study in Switzerland by Andreas Bachmair, surveying the parents of 15000 children. (Results2007) showed that unvaccinated children are far less affected by common illnesses than vaccinated children.  His study is ongoing and can be found here: http://www.vaccineinjury.info/survey/results-unvaccinated/results-illnesses.html  along with results from a German study (KIGGS). (8)

No comparison of vaccinated and unvaccinated children has ever been conducted by the CDC. While this has been requested time and time again, the CDC coffers do not seem to have funding available for such a study, nor have they deemed such a study “ethical.”

We know that over $3 billion have been awarded to victims of vaccine injuries in the United States since 1986, when Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), relieving pharmaceutical companies of all liability.  These awards come from a tax imposed on each and every vaccine given, in other words, from taxpayers. Bailey Banks (2007) was found to have acute disseminated encephalomyelitis caused by vaccines. And in 2010 Hannah Poling was awarded $1.5 million plus $500,000 annually for continued care for her vaccine injury. (9)

Current Practice of Disease Prevention with Homeopathy 

Since these historical events took place, many applications of homeopathy have been used to prevent disease. The method is called Homeoprophylaxis, or HP for short.  HP follows the wisdom of high dilution methodology to render a source material harmless, yet highly effective.  Greater interest in HP is being generated worldwide as parents question the safety of conventional vaccines.

An international conference held in Dallas, Texas in October of 2015 brought together a number of experts and researchers to share information about the use of HP.  Dr. Isaac Golden, PhD, a forerunner in gathering international data on HP studies, presented compelling information. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD contributed pertinent information about the functioning of the immune system. More information about the speakers and events can be found here: www.HPWorldwideChoice.com

Stay tuned:  In coming issues of the Bolen Report, you will learn even more about homeoprophylaxis, its applications and actions, past and current studies continuing to validate its efficacy, where and how it has been being used, and more.

Hildegard von Bingen



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8 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Vaccines?”

  1. In view of recent developments in Germany, I am going to have to write at least one article on this.
    Vaccine damage is vastly more widespread and multifarious than has been believed until present.

    Due to the way in which the so-called vaccines are manufactured, the actual content of a vaccine ampule is, biochemically, very random. Not only this, but vastly more important, is the random informational content of the vaccine which can range from neutral to instantly lethal.

    This is why the pharmaconglomerate is trying so hard to ban homeopathy – before someone puts two and two together and shows why the informational content can not only cure but also kill.

    Taking a vaccine is paying to play Russian Roulette. You will never know which shot is loaded until they measure you for your coffin.

    Blessed be


  2. Then there is IV vitamin C or oral C to bowel tolerance which nobody dares to mention. Or how about ozone therapy to cure ebola and zika; B17 to cure cancer. They all work but your health insurance won’t pay for it.

  3. No more vaccines for me, however, I am older now and I feel sad for those who still believe the medical profession. Sad for the children. And very sad for those who have been maimed and killed by them. And so concerned and sad for those who have been duped by the medical profession and believe their bull crap.

  4. We would be better off if we focused on clean air, water, food and good hygiene. I also feel that natural immunity builds the strongest populations. Nature has worked this out for us. We need to protect that which we depend on to be alive and well.

  5. Medical error may be the third leading cause of death, but that doesnt include vaccines. Vaccines are safe.

    We know the government lies to us. But they dont lie to us about vaccines. Vaccines are safe.

    We know that up to 50% of published medical studies are fraudulent. But not studies on vaccines. They are all true.

    We dont know what is causing the massive increase in illness, allergy, immune health, autism etc in kids, but we know one thing for sure; its not the vaccines.

  6. Bless you, KS, dear child. It is clear that you haven’t seen the research that is available for all to see. May you be blessed as you research the information truly out there.

    – Hildegaard

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