Millions of California Children, Immunocompromised; Put at Risk by the California State Legislature’s Compulsory Vaccine Schedule

Opinion by Karri Lewis

Under the guise of protecting the immunocompromised, last year the California State Legislature passed senate bill 277 and senate bill 792.

Senate bill 277 took away people’s informed consent rights by eliminating the personal and religious belief exemptions for the vaccines required for a public and private education.

Senate bill 792, also targeted adults, which includes; preschool teachers, day care workers and parent volunteers, for removal of informed consent rights, in regards to compulsory vaccination.

The MOST ABHORRENT  part of this whole usurping of parental AND adult rights, was the claim that the immunocompromised, need UNRELIABLE, UNSCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN Vaccine-Induced HERD IMMUNITY for their protection.

‘Herd Immunity’: the misplaced driver of universal vaccination

Herd immunity is ONLY POSSIBLE through naturally obtained diseases, within the population. Vaccines, because they are unreliable, require multiple boosters due to waning immunity and inefficiency.  Vaccines can never contribute to natural herd immunity within the population.

See additional information regarding herd immunity here:





Despite the fact that live virus vaccines are KNOWN to cause VIRUS SHEDDING for a fairly long period of time and can be easily passed to the immunocompromised, the California State legislature passed sb277 and sb792.

There is NO WAY to possibly JUSTIFY FORCED VACCINATION among school children and adults, when the vaccines can cause and spread the disease that they purportedly are claimed to prevent.  


The vaccinated can spread vaccine-induced disease to the immunocompromised.

It will be interesting to see how long the California State legislature, largely democratic, will be able to justify such Draconian vaccine mandates in the face of such  information.


FORCED VACCINATION Mandates in California, have shined a light on CORRUPTION, UNSCRUPULOUS MORALS, and UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR within the state legislature.

How long will CALIFORNIANS tolerate such unmitigated, deceptive, immoral, and unethical  behavior from their state legislators?

It’s time to get rid of these money-grubbing criminals that are making laws that can and do harm children and adults.  Let’s vote these HEATHENS out of office!  It’s your move, California.

Opinion by Karri Lewis

4 thoughts on “Millions of California Children, Immunocompromised; Put at Risk by the California State Legislature’s Compulsory Vaccine Schedule”

  1. I must respectfully disagree with Kerri’s analysis, and specifically, “…Senate bill 277 took away people’s informed consent rights…”

    The crony corrupt CA legislature may have the power to abolish the religious and philosophical exemptions it created a generation ago, but is does not have power to restrict the right to Informed Consent. The bills to do so, including the laws signed by Gov. Jerry Brownshirt, cannot abolish the universal right of Informed Consent.

    Further, it is an “unconstitutional condition” to condition the receipt of a benefit (a so-called “free public education” as guaranteed by the CA constitution) on the surrender of a right.

    I urge all your readers to demand respect for the right to Informed
    Consent here:

  2. I signed it, Ralph. Here’s to hoping that it will do some good. Thank you.

  3. Having a daughter who is a very healthy and fit firefighter who just recently contracted measles from someone in her unit that was ‘coerced’ into taking an attenuated? measles booster gave me the incentive to read up on vaccine shedding. It shows me not only do those who take these vaccines spread diseases but also that all the measles shots she received before are still not able to keep her from contracting disease. Luckily she takes such good care of herself (otherwise) she was able to ‘put a little makeup’ (as she said) on the spots and go out and do controlled burning in 90 deg. heat for hours while her body fought off the viral attack, and after the body fever and later hours of chills is now *apparently fine*. I wonder, does she *now* have ‘real’ immunity (at least from that one strain)? Anyway,thanks for sharing buddy…. (To her vaccinated disease spreading co-worker!!!)

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