What If 800,000 Americans Didn’t Have to Die This Year?

Health Care “Fake News” Has Been Around for a Very Long time…

By Owen Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation


The US, and hence, the entire world’s health care system is badly broken.  Everyone knows that.

More, even isolated segments of the world’s population are beginning to figure our what’s wrong with health care, and what needs to be done to fix it.

Unnecessary deaths are happening,  and they have  happened for over 20 years. But the system ignores this simple fact – and goes on raking in the cash.

What if, besides the 800,000 deaths…?

Another 62 million Americans are being deliberately poisoned and maimed to fill the pockets of foreign pharmaceutical companies?

EPA rules have been manipulated to move strategic interests out of the United States?

There are agents of a foreign enemy first maiming, then killing, Americans from the inside the U. S. Government — killing Americans after first draining them of all their assets from unnecessary medical expenses.

Harsh words?  Keep reading…

This BIG LIE campaign to kill Americans documented below is propped up by an orchestrated propaganda campaign fostered by Big Pharma advertising revenues.

The Great Suppression of American Alternative Medicine…

Chapter  1 – An Opinion

Our  government makes laws that say only “drugs” can prevent, mitigate, treat, cure, or diagnosis disease.   Real drugs don’t generally do these things;  they are,  in fact, toxic and poisonous, which is why they require a prescription from a medical doctor.
There are a few exceptions such as  natural hormone replacements, e.g.,  hydrocortisone,  insulin, some antibiotics, and few others that are usually not profitable.
The profitable drugs are designed to perpetuate disease. Why?
Big Pharma and Big Medicine profit from chronic illness, not cures.
It’s a crime, in America, for a company or individual to tell the truth on a web site about a vitamin:  Doing so risks, guns drawn, FDA criminal enforcement.

Case in point: The Vitamin C Foundation nonprofit  had hundreds of studies about the “vitamin’s” ability to prevent, mitigate, treat, and even cure serious disease. 

Last year’s FDA letter to the Vitamin Foundation forced it to eviscerate its web site, take down these links to the science, or go out of business.
This information has long revealed a simple, effective and outright cure invented by one of the world’s leading scientists for America’s number one killer.
If this information had been publicized twenty years ago when it should have been, almost 20 million Americans would still be living, and the 62 million Americans diagnosed with cardiovascular disease would not be squandering their money for their treatments by a Big Pharma den of thieves.

The Big Lie Propaganda Campaign Against Medical Alternatives

Prediction:  When Pharmaceutical media advertising dries up, going the way of cigarette advertising,  the problem of Big Media’s participation in the Big Lie will end.

Many years before writing the following PROPAGANDA DISGUISED AS NEWS” article, which was published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, I was having lunch in a Chicago office building.

I started talking with a colleague who shared with me her knowledge of how the CIA manipulates the press to mold public opinion. She may have been a reporter herself. She said the CIA feeds reporters false news stories. If a reporter wants to keep the source in the CIA, the reporter submits the story for publication. For example, if the United States is planning to take military action against some country, the CIA feeds fake news accounts of atrocities in that country to build public support.

This data literally blew my naive mind: I had never considered the possibility of such a thing.

After waking up and seeing how the media is manipulated, we began to observe more.

In the TALE OF TWO STORIES, we outlined one case in which a major study of vitamin C’s value in treating arthritis was headed off at the pass by the story of a fake study, which appeared first. The news then became Vitamin C wasn’t very useful for arthritis. When the real story appeared days later, with the opposite result, it did not receive any press.

Lastly, we noticed that disparaging Linus Pauling “stories” routinely appeared just days before major dates in Pauling’s life, e.g., his birthday, or the anniversaries of his Nobel prizes.

The preemptive debunking strikes were apparently aimed at any wayward enterprising reporter who might be thinking of writing a positive story about Pauling.

We here a lot about “Fake News” these days…

But those of us in health care have seen it all for a very long time.  Big Pharma controls our media.

We need to drain the swamp.

By Owen Fonorow – President – Vitamin C Foundation


Published by

Owen Fonorow

Owen Fonorow is a United States Air Force Academy graduate class of 1976. He worked and retired from AT&T Bell Laboratories in 2001. His interests include orthomolecular nutrition and computer science. His primary research interest in the field of nutrition has been the therapeutic properties of vitamin C. In 1996, Owen founded the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation, along with his brother Michael S. Till, Sr. Owen has since written more than thirty articles and these papers have been published in assorted alternative medical journals including the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nexus New Times, Life Extension Foundation magazine, American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor, Florida ECO Report, International Council for Health Freedom Newsletter and Media By-Pass. Many of the themes in these articles have been incorporated in his book, Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease.

7 thoughts on “What If 800,000 Americans Didn’t Have to Die This Year?”

  1. Donald Trump are you listening? The Deep (Death by Medicine) State is killing Americans. During your impromptu press conference at the UN this morning you said you would have to act to save lives. This article shows you what is needed. Ban false pharma advertising! Allow natural remedies. Save lives.

  2. Unnecessary deaths are happening, and they have happened for over 20 years. But the system ignores this simple fact – and goes on raking in the cash.

  3. Society would do just fine without Big Pharma but the public is so deeply brainwashed in it’s necessity to the point of addiction. Like a baby being addicted to a dummy for comfort and security. Pharma invested heavily in it’s interests and is not going to give up any time soon. Will Donald be able to make a little Pharma out of it? This remains to be seen yet.

  4. Just “Stop Subsidizing Sickness” would be a great start — why should ANY tax dollars be used to support a multi-billion-dollar industry that is actively killing people like this? And that goes for the processed food too. So citizens just end up getting more depleted of their vital nutrients (and lives) the more of this “vaporware” they consume. We need to look at offering incentives to grow the clean healthy whole foods without toxic chemicals. Just today on the local KROS radio news I heard something about growing produce in vacant lots (which haven’t been mowed or maintained). Seems like this would be a good start. So we need to look at and advance free-market / voluntary solutions while we stay active combatting the Big Pharma beast!

  5. Mr. Fonorow~
    Thank-you for your story.
    Don’t blame this on the media. Most journalists want to do an excellent job reporting the facts. It is the business people at the top who are the problem. Did you know that like teachers, a college degree and experience is required, yet the pay is barely minimum wage? And standards have gotten worse because many journalists are doing the job of 3-4 people, fact-checkers are gone, leaving the sad tendency to just run with the press release.

    Even the New York Times has done this with their Public Editor, Copy Editors and regular editors. I see errors all the time due to the obvious loss of the wise editor’s oversight who is missing to prevent an error in a story.

    You are correct about the brainwashing of the media and public about the safety of vaccines, drugs and medical treatment. I fight this all the time on NYT health stories mandatin vaccines in particular. Take a look at their story pushing the flu shot… *Most* of my fact-based comments get through and it is obvious there is a hunger from the public to question the propaganda.

    Regarding vitamin C, there was recently an NYT story about a researcher who was paid by industry–throwing shade on the value of Vitamin C. Yet, even though NYT heavily publicized the Shingrix shingles vaccine, there have been no follow-up stories on those who have recently been harmed. Disappointing.

    We must get Big Pharma ads banished from all media and remove politicians who are in Pharma’s pocket. Dr. Pan would be a good start.

    We do know that medical practices/drugs/error are the third cause of death in this country.

    So, what can you do about your site? Have you thought of contacting Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC.org for advice in keeping your good info up and running?

    The problem is the power brokers: corrupt government, greedy Big Pharma and ad-starved publications.

  6. Ralph Fucetola JD, You and Dr. Rima should tweet and/or call the President and ask for a meeting. I’m sure he would. He needs your guidance.

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