Senator Pan’s 2020 Presidential Hopes SMASHED By California Governor…

The US Democratic Party’s “Presidential Poster Boy” Gob-Smacked by Governor’s Veto of SB 1424

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

In 2018 mainstream America the word “California” is used sneeringly.  It evokes the thought that the State of California is a haven for political Marxists, Alinsky-ites, full-on-Communists, America-Haters, Totalitarian-Regimists, Politically-Correct-Analists, and whack-jobs in general.  And there are plenty of reasons for America to think so.

I mean, really…

California’s, San Francisco (go ahead and sneer) is “Needle Central,” given it’s name from the simple fact that San Francisco’s Elitist Ruling Class decided that the solution to SF’s MASSIVE drug problem is to issue free needles – 450,000 a year I’m told, to SF’s junkies.

Their thinking?  (Play Twilight Zone music here) “Hey, the problem is not the heroin or the Fentanyl from China being imported over the border between the US and Mexico – it’s the fact that the junkies might use the same needle and pass on an infection…”

Yup – liberal thinking.

Now, don’t laugh, now they’re going to fund “Sanctuary City – Safe Spaces” where the junkies can go to get clean needles to inject their heroin and Fentanyl on site without those pesky law enforcement officers watching them..

Right now, of course, San Francisco’s streets, and massive transit systems are literally covered in used needles, and, of course HUMAN FECES.

Official San Francisco STREET FECES location MAP.  The NEEDLES, however, are being found everywhere, because the homeless junkies are living in public areas, especially the BART Terminals.

Yup, those liberals sure know how to run a society (sarcasm intended).

But, worry Not – The Liberals Have a Solution…

After a careful evaluation of the State’s top problems, they’ve decided to focus on eliminating plastic drinking straws in restaurants. Whew!

If that strange looking, non-English speaking waiter, gives you a plastic straw with your drink leap into the air, and scream for the police – for that waiter was clearly trying to undermine the New World Order.  There is a thousand dollar fine!  Demand an immediate arrest!  (sarcasm intended).

If you are a liberal, at this point, you can feel better already.  Your legislature is “on the job”…

Which Brings Us To The State’s Top Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidate – Dicky Pan…

Kamala Harris

I know, I know, lots of people think that California’s newest Senator Kamala Harris is being groomed for the run – but NOPE, I really think that’s a red herring.  The LAST thing the Democrats would want to do is to run another amoral power-bitch California copy of Hillary Clinton.  Not going to happen.

The Democrats would want someone who could deliver for Big Pharma – like Dicky Pan.

The Dems need the cash for the campaign – and Big Pharma has it.  That’s the Bottom Line…

But, It Looks As Though Pan’s Run Has Been Tripped Up By Governor Jerry Brown…

Dicky Pan, in 2015, was Big Pharma’s Kiss-Up Pro-Vaccine champion.

He managed to get Mandatory Vaccines (SB 277) for children through the California legislature.  The votes over the SB 277 measure were divided over straight Party lines.  The Dems couldn’t pass the bill fast enough.  The Republicans were simply outnumbered.

Big Pharma poured ship-loads of money, and promises, into Democratic Party coffers.

And, it worked – but ONLY in California…

Pan, Relying On His SB 277 Success, Moved On To Bigger Projects…

Dicky, apparently, had gotten Hillary’s attention.

Hillary likes to keep abreast of the situation…

Hillary, and friends, had decided to take control of ALL of California’s children so sponsored legislation with Dicky Pan.  It was called SB 18, and it was a bombshell that blew up in the Democrat’s face.

Our BolenReport writers investigated the SB 18 situation and reported on it.

In short. the photo below, sums up what Pan, and Hillary had in mind with SB 18…

The reality of California’s SB 18’s intent…

But SB 18 had a a FATAL FLAW for Democrats – there were no wheelbarrows full of hundred dollar bills being delivered…

It died – became a study – insert laughter here.  Pan was one for two on the scoreboard.

Richard Pan Did More for the Anti-Vaxxer Movement Than Anyone Else…

In 2015 California was ripe with opportunity for Big Pharma takeover.  It was simple for them to get one Senator like Richard Pan elected to office.  All it took was money, and the promise of money.  That’s what makes Democrats run.

In Richard Pan Big Pharma got a whole bag of goodies.  It is always nice to have well-placed lobbyists.  It is even better, in fact MUCH better, to have a combination Lobbyist/Senator – one you can place as the head of the Senate Health committee, for instance.

So, when the time came, and it came quickly, Dicky Pan performed, and he performed well for Big Pharma – in fact, I’d say far beyond their expectations.  SB 277 was a raging success.  And, the battle against SB 277 in the legislature was a not-funny joke.

The anti-SB 277 battle, designed and implemented by the so-called Canary Party/ Health Choice nitwits, cry was:

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)…”

With that idiocy as the counter-strategy we are all lucky that Big Pharma didn’t just add on Mandatory Adult Vaccines to the California legislation.  I think that under those circumstances, Big Pharma could have walked THAT through at the same time.  They just didn’t think of it.

However, the beauty of Richard Pan, is that he believed in his own importance, his own self-perceived wonderfulness.  His SB 277 message delivery was superbly flawed – he pissed EVERYONE off.  So much so that his SB 277 victory energized the Anti-Vax Movement, not just in California, but nationwide, and worldwide.   The Anti-Vax Movement grew from several thousand to tens of millions almost overnight.

Thank Dicky Pan’s arrogance for that.

However, when SB 18, the move to turn over control of California’s children to Hillary’s mob came up Pan’s influence waned abruptly.  He got his ass kicked all over the State.  Social Media was the tool used to mock Pan, and his network – and he did not react well to MASSIVE criticism and mockery.

So, Pan Decided To Take Control of Social Media…

I’m sorry – let’s take a moment here to laugh out loud.  Pan, a mental and physical pint-sized narcissist, in his self-generated importance and wonderfulness, decided to take control of the internet. 

He sponsored SB 1424, legislation to take control the internet by creating a requirement to have all news, on websites based in California, “fact-checked” by people sympathetic to his beliefs.

Yup – he really did.  Take another moment to chortle.

In Pan’s mind all news sources like, for instance, the BolenReport would have to submit ALL articles to a “fact-checker” of Pan’s choice, like, for instance “Snopes.”  We would have had to pay Snopes a five to ten thousand dollar fee, per article, for them to take six weeks to evaluate the article and issue “Appropriate
Warnings.” (Play Twilight Zone music here).

Well, even the Democratic Party controlled California legislature took a pass on SB 1424… 

They watered down the SB 1424 bill so far you couldn’t recognize it, changing it to “a study.”

Then, just a few days ago, California Governor Brown vetoed SB 1424 saying:

“I am returning SB 1424 without my signature.

This bill directs the Attorney General to establish an advisory group to study the problem of the spread of false information through internet based Social Media platforms.

As evidenced by the numerous studies by academic and policy groups on the spread of false information, the creation of a statutory advisory group to examine this issue is not necessary.”

Much more to come…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



5 thoughts on “Senator Pan’s 2020 Presidential Hopes SMASHED By California Governor…”

  1. Brown didn’t sign this bill. Great for us! But he did not because he really believe: “As evidenced by the numerous studies by academic and policy groups on the spread of false information, the creation of a statutory advisory group to examine this issue is not necessary.”

    He did not because he had to protect his own interests ($ and ideology) support of the internet giants. Such a bill would mobilize people against just as SB277. This media giants fall under “spreading false news” and sooner or later, justs like we, antivaxers did, the truth about their false news, fueled by $$$$$$ from Pharma, would be exposed. And yes, this measure would cost tax payers million of dollars, (increase in taxes) – this board would have to be non politically participants ( whoa) and no revenue in the dem/communist coffers, and most importantly it would cost them VOTERS IN THE NEXT CA GOVERNOR ELECTION AND IN THE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Pinochio Pan got too big , believing that this would enhance his chances for a bigger political future.

  2. So my question, is there a similar poop-map for Sacramento? If so, I’d believe that the darkest spot, with the deepest layers of poop would necessarily have to be in the legislative capital area!

  3. Cindy: As long as I can remember, which goes back to the ’50’s, the Capitol has been a cesspool surrounded by a lovely park. Brown doesn’t give a shit about the children, but the tech knuckleheads he’s willing to protect.

  4. ” the tech knuckleheads he’s willing to protect.”

    but as Tim has pointed out before, those people are mostly h1b-ers, whereas ‘the children’ were what… ‘the children’ should have brought in more voters, even if the h1b-ers are voting in the united socialist state of california, eh? suggesting that voting is not the same as counting, right? clearly pharma money has to be in this picture somewhere.. what about dear ol Bill Gates, he’s in line with Brown’s alignment,…ttyl

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