About “Vaxxed” – Are the “Skeptics” Trying to Provoke a Shooter?

Is the “Vaxxed” Team Safe?

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The really interesting thing about the world-wide “skeptic” operation is that they try, desperately, to justify horrific actions against those they HATE – actions unacceptable to normal people.

Meryl Dorey

We saw all that happen in Australia with the attack on the Australian Vaccination network’s Meryl Dorey where they threatened her, trying to get her to stop talking  about vaccine dangers, using a number of violent approaches including phone calls in the middle of the night to her children telling them they were about to die by fire.

Then, after we look carefully at what happened to Meryl, we are going to look at the attack on Dr Suzanne Humphries MD…

Lets look at that Australian “Skeptic” attack for a moment…

From the earlier article,  Rape, mutilation and death threats against Meryl Dorey  comes:

“On August 12, 2012, 6 (six) phone calls were received by Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network. These calls were made between approximately 2:15 and 3:30 that morning. Attached are recordings of two out of six of these calls  (please listen to Die in a Fire and Just burn at these links). As you listen, please keep in mind that making calls such as these is considered to be  a criminal act under current Australian legislation.

These two phone calls contain serious and violent threats to Ms Dorey and a police report was filed the same morning that the messages were received. At the time, Ms Dorey and her husband were in Bathurst NSW as part of a speaking tour in the Central West. Her children were home alone and she was quite concerned about their welfare due to the fact that someone out there had access to her home by phone and was obviously wishing her harm.

Ms Dorey traced the phone number from which these calls originated. Her trace indicated that they had come from the home of a person who is a manager of the Stop the AVN Facebook page. The police have done a thorough investigation of this information and have – as of September 28th, 2012, officially confirmed that the calls did indeed originate from this person’s home.”|

The perpetrator of this action was given the Australian Skeptics HIGHEST AWARD for his activity.

But that wasn’t all they did to Meryl…

In the earlier Rape, mutilation and death threats against Meryl Dorey” article I had turned off certain links to some things that had been sent to Meryl because they were very graphically offensive.  I have turned them back on for two reasons which will become obvious as this article progresses.

Here is an excerpt from that:

There is more than just the threat of death.

I am going to link you to four graphic images.  Go look at them if you want, but be warned, they are horrible images.  You will NOT find them on this page.  You will have to go see them, yourself, on the links.  I advise you to NOT have children around for this viewing.  Each of these images were sent to Meryl Dorey or her AVN group, obviously in an effort to dissuade her, and her group, from pointing out the dangers of vaccines.

(1)  The first photo is of a black man raping a dead white woman whose body has already been torn in half.  The message to the AVN, from the sender, is very clear, especially when taken into context with the following two messages:

(a)  the first message from Daniel Rafaelle:

(b)  The second message is:

From: fantasticfox5@tormail.org  (an anonymous emailer)

Subject: flu-reactions

Date: 25 September 2012 10:09:12 AM AEST

To: meryl@avn.org.au

meryl be warned we’re coming for you. and you will be sorry you filthy

baby killer. sharpening the knives now.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us

(2)  The second photo is from a Google search of the term goatsie used by Dan Buzzard in a Twitter message:

I suspect that Buzzard, clearly a Skeptic, picked this imagery due to familiarity.  This activity might well be a featured event, shared by the members, at every Skeptic, meeting.  In fact, it may well be the primary activity.

(3)  The third photo is of three older men engaging in homosexual sex. Meryl Dorey says of this:  “The same person who sent me the email message also posted the following onto the AVN’s facebook page.”

I suspect, as before, that the Skeptics are using imagery, in their hate campaign, familiar to their own life style.

(4)  The fourth photo is part of an anonymous letter sent to Meryl Dorey in the Australian mail.

These photos are just samples.  There are many more.

Have I Painted This Picture Right?

We need to understand who we are dealing with so we can make reasonable decisions on what to do…

Let’s Move On to the Anonymous Letter Sent to Suzanne Humphries MD…


Here’s a full transcript of the threat letter, courtesy of Mike Adams at Natural News, sent to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who has already filed a police report (and FBI report) over the threat.

WARNING: Extreme profanity and vulgarity:

“I’m gonna f#cking murder you, you stupid f#cking c#nt. I’m just letting you know, just to let you know that when it happens, you were f#cking warned bitch. You’re always puttin your location out there, so it’s real f#cking easy to get to you. I have a nice beautiful Desert Eagle that’s gonna be used on you. So keep thinkin all your health sh#t is gonna help you, cuz guess what, c#nt, it’s not gonna help you live another f#cking day.

I’m gonna step right out from the pedestrians on the street and blast you right in the f#cking chest. Not the head, cuz I want you to squeal, bitch. I’m gonna make you f#cking squeal and shake on the ground, flailing, bleeding out. I’m gonna kill as many of you f#cks as I can before I go down. You’re done bitch, do you understand me?

I’ve thought about how to do it for a while, and I have it pretty much down. I want to pull you off the road and torture you to death, but it’s just too f#cking hard to pull off. Another idea I had is when you’re doin one of your live things, I want to walk right to the door and shoot ya live on camera, so everyone sees you f#cking begging, c#nt, you’re gonna f#cking squeal so hard, cuz I’m gonna hit you in the chest, then the legs bitch, to make ya suffer before I finish you.

I want everyone to see how you go. I f#cking promise you I’m comin bitch. I just gotta decide how I wanna do it. Maybe when you’re giving one of your dumb ass talks, I’ll go sit in the audience towards the back and do it. But it’s not easy to kill all your dumb c#nt friends that way. No, it’s pretty obvious to me that I gotta come to your f#cking autism sh#t center and shoot you right through the f#cking door when you’re on camera. That’s how I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna kill every single one of you f#ckers. Do you understand me? I’m f#cking comin for ya. So be ready for it. I don’t wanna see any shock on your f#cking face when I’m at the door bitch. I’m [gonna] f#cking shoot right through that door with a shotgun c#nt, I’ll kill every single person in that house and then I’m gonna torture you good bitch. I’m gonna make you bleed til there’s nothing left of you, then finish you.

I just need to get a few things in order before I do it, but I’ve been wanting for a long time, and I’ve finally decided I have to do it, no more f#cking around. I want to make you scream so bad, to taste your blood and watch you scream bitch. I’m gonna kill you and I want you to know that when it happens, you could have done something. And you didn’t. That’s gonna be the best part you see, because I’m tellin you plain and simple. I’m comin now. Let’s see if you’re prepared when I get there for ya, or whether you look like a total deer in the f#cking headlights when I blow your f#cking head off.

See you in hell.”

So, Let’s Look at That FBI “HATE MODEL” Once Again…

The North American Anti-Vaccination Movement is HUGELY successful DESPITE Skeptic activity.  The Skeptics are obviously VERY frustrated.

We all watched the Skeptics attack Del Bigtree’s Highwire media operation.   You can read the first two articles about those Skeptic activities here, and here.

What, exactly, are the Skeptics up to?

“Triggered” skeptic?

We all know that the school shooters were all on prescription drugs.  And we know that there is a segment of American society that gets “triggered” by things…

So, just exactly WHAT are the Skeptics  up to?  Is this “domestic terrorism?”

Should we be taking action?

If so, what?

What comes to MY Mind?

US AG Jeff Sessions

In California, where FaceBook is legally based, Cyberstalking is a criminal act.

So is Conspiracy to Cyberstalk.

Inciting to Riot is also something to look at.  And “Domestic Terrorism” is something I’d like to sit down and talk about with USAG Jeff Sessions

Perhaps somebody should be “legally” talking to Facebook’s High Command about their platform being used, and abused, to facilitate the above.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

2 thoughts on “About “Vaxxed” – Are the “Skeptics” Trying to Provoke a Shooter?”

  1. The fact that the public has been lied to about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines for decades is finally coming out two larger numbers of people. There have been too many whistleblowers, some directly working on safety studies at the CDC, to be able to put the genie back in the bottle. Although Big Pharma, the CDC, & vaccine manufacturers are trying desperately to do this. I have vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases and have research vaccines extensively. Real science shows the problems that vaccines cause to people’s immune systems. Fake science publishes fraudulent reports to assure the public of things that just aren’t so. Since 1986, vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued. But the private vaccine court has paid out almost 4 billion dollars to families of babies and children who have been damaged or killed from vaccines. I’m proud to be from Texas where we fight to keep all of our vaccine exemptions alive. Government for darn sure does not know better than me what should go in my body. I have the highest respect for the brave doctors who speak out against vaccines and how dangerous they are. Finally, more doctors are speaking out. I pray that God keeps all of these wonderful people safe.

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