Meryl Dorey

Meryl Dorey is an ex-pat American, with four children,  who has lived in Australia for 29 years.

She used to be a ‘true-believer’ in vaccination until her eldest child was injured by his DPT shot and then by his MMR.

It took many years of research before she and her husband were informed enough to stop vaccinating completely.   Along the way, she founded an organisation called the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN) to help support and inform parents and to lobby against any form of mandatory or coercive medical procedures.

Today, the AVN is still incredibly active and works closely with groups around the world to protect health freedom and basic human rights.

Meryl was attacked by the Australian Skeptics and threatened with Rape, Mutilation, and Death by Fire if she continued her Anti-Vaccination messaging.  She caught the person who was calling her home and scaring her children – and took him to Court.  That person was given the Skeptics’ top award for his activities.  The story of that occurance is told here.

Meryl, and the AVN’s work to turn back the skeptics has been described here.

And then there is this self-explanatory four minute video you can find here.

In short the AVN is nobody to mess with…

And now she writes for the BolenReport.