Another “Skeptic” Exposé – Four Minute Video That Will Open Your Eyes…

by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Mike Adams over at Natural News has been doing a superb job of  pointing out who the “skeptic” leadership really is, and what they really are, with his exposé of top skeptic  “Orac” who’s real name is David Gorski MD.

Of course, I, Tim Bolen, am an expert on skeptics and their antics.  I don’t mind pulling the top off of the septic tank and doing an inspection.  Excrement is excrement.

But, our Australian friends have done one better, for now ( I promise to catch up)..  They did a video about the REAL skeptics, with all of the gruesome details.  It is so good it’s funny.  The point of this video is that an elected official, a member of a political party (The Greens) that one would think would be sympathetic, has gone full pro-vaxxer, and full GMO promoter.  In the video, the politician is speaking, throwing glowing admiration on the skeptics, naming them individually.

What is really interesting is that he is speaking to a virtually empty room, which becomes evident in the video.

Before you watch the video let me give you a little background.  The AVN and Meryl Dorey, were the subject of a hate campaign where the “Stop the AVN,” a skeptic committee, threatened to rape and mutilate her, and burn her house down with her children in it – if she didn’t stop talking about the dangers of vaccines.

If you want to you can read that story here.

As you can see in the video below, Meryl, and the AVN, haven’t slowed down a bit…


Join me in laughter – watch the video.

Tim Bolen

One thought on “Another “Skeptic” Exposé – Four Minute Video That Will Open Your Eyes…”

  1. I have always been a great fan of yours, but I’m starting to lose faith. I don’t much care for your new format because many of the people who now write for your blog simply do not have your ability surgically to cut to the point.

    Fast forward to this blog- your own- and I’m to sorry to say, I don’t laugh aloud. Frankly, the video isn’t that good. It may well be that it is all they have the funding and/or expertise to produce but although it clearly makes valid points, it really is sloppy.

    It may well be that time, or rather lack of it on your part, is the factor that dictates the change of format for your blogs and I can understand that. The problem is that we have come to expect better from you.

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