VAXXED II – A Saturday Night in Modesto…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Last Saturday night I made the hour drive to Modesto, California, a city in the Central Valley.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to meet face to face with VAXXED II director, Brian Burrowes, as well as reconnect with producer Polly Tommey, for whom I’d also written for her magazine, Autism File.

It’s a strange situation in which we find ourselves, parents of vaccine-injured children, simultaneously angry about what’s happened in our society, and yet hopeful that we might spark a movement for unimaginable change.

I can’t get to many of these events given the severity of the problems with my daughter, and so I do what I can, typing out articles in which I try to say something new.  I must confess I often feel a sense of loneliness, as if I’m somewhere remote, wondering if there are other human beings out there who will hear me.

Then I have the experience of going to the event, as I did last Saturday, seeing many people getting things set up, introducing myself with just my first name, telling them how great it is that they’ve put the event together, when suddenly they look at me and say…

“You’re Kent Heckenlively, aren’t you?”

I do feel a sense of pride when they say this, but it’s more than that.  It’s the feeling that what I’ve been doing over these past seventeen years hasn’t been in vain.  It’s the feeling I haven’t simply been putting my thoughts out into an empty void.

It’s a curious sensation to have people tell you they love what you write and that your articles make them think.  You see, I’ve always believed that what we really respond to in a writer is who we think they are.  The best writers make you feel as if they could be your wise-cracking friend, the guy you’d want to share a beer with, and the guy that if a bar fight broke out, he’d have your back.

Then you get to meet your personal heroes, people like Brian Burrowes, Polly Tommey, and Anu Vaidya, and find that you’re part of a mutual admiration society.

It’s sharing a stage with these people for an audience discussion after watching the brilliant movie, and when it’s over and you feel as if you’ve been as provocative as possible, having Polly Tommey lean over to you and whisper,..

“You can do a Q and A with me any time.”

And even though it’s late when the discussion is over, and Brian, Polly and Anu haven’t eaten all day and are exhausted, they take the time to record an interview with you because they want your thoughts on tape.  They take the time because I’m giving them something new, a perspective honed over seventeen years of making mistakes, seeing glimmers of hope, and what I believe is a narrow path to victory.


How we fight

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Posted by We Are Vaxxed on Saturday, January 4, 2020


The other side isn’t listening to us, and they never have. 

That’s a difficult thing to realize.  We must take back medicine and science from those who have corrupted it.  Most of us have never faced an adversary so evil.

I don’t believe in cowering before the pharmaceutical devil.  I believe in laughing in his face, mocking him, making him angry, so that he shows his weakness.  All of us are in a bar fight for the future of humanity and I really don’t mind throwing the first punch.  It would really be great, though, to know that all of you are right behind me.

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11 thoughts on “VAXXED II – A Saturday Night in Modesto…”

  1. Unfortunately, here in Asheville, NC, I have found churches in some adjoining counties (Madison and Yancy) subjected their congregations to “suggested” flu shots. I do not know how much harm the shots may have done, however, this should not be done in churches…EVER! Oh, I am a no -vaccinating Pharmacist. Never wanted the certification. The Pharmacy I did work in part time was the one that convinced people to get a flu shot. That was an extra source of money for the owner. Where was the moral standing of the owner on this? Follow the money. Oh, the owner closed the pharmacy in 2015. Thanks for the rant.

  2. Loved the visual on this,
    “All of us are in bar fight for the future of humanity and I really don’t mind throwing the first punch. It would really be great, though, to know that all of you are right behind me.”

    Yes we are behind you, around you, with you.

  3. Kent, your article brings me so many thoughts that I could almost not reply at this time and then I thought- well maybe I will say :
    The greatest evil- so well said. So true So unbelievable. Im 73 years old. People of my age may recall the disaster of thalidomide that (we thought) taught us never to give medications to pregnant women in the early months of pregnancy . Yes, about 6 months delay took place but Thalidomide was pulled off the market with a lot of fanfare and publicity. All those photos of children without legs and arms or little fingers growing out of their shoulders. It was awful- but it would never happen again……..

    Today? a million and more autistic children in America, kids with diabetes, cancer, severe allergies, asthma, ADHD but we juist wont talk about it . And in the Philippines, the government website states that contrary to what many doctors believe, it is indeed safe to give tetanus toxoid vaccines to women in the first trimester of pregnancy. And in the U.S. a baby who was born prematurely and is just barely beginning to feed, gain alertness, move about a little, is given 4 vaccines in one day . He loses all his new development in one day and seven days later………………..let’s not say the word.
    But in Japan a young girl has a bad reaction to the Gardasil vaccines and maybe there are other girls we have not heard about, and the Japanese government immediately withdraws support for the Gardasil vaccine.
    But who knows all this???? about the baby,? about all the sick children of America,? about Colton in Utah who chose to kill himself , apparently to spare his parents the burden of caring for him after Gardasil took away his ability to breathe on his own. about the million plus young people and children with autism ? Only we know
    And so, this past year we saw the scientists and doctors called together in a grand, impressive manner by the CDC, vote unanimously to approve the new Heplasave B vaccine, despite the fact that they knew that it had a “sign” for causing heart attacks. And later one of them asks, something like “When will we get data on the sign of heart attacks?” Actually, he does not say “heart attack”; he says myocardial infarction, so that fewer people will understand what is going on and everyone will be suitably impressed with the doctors .
    What has become of the nation that we thought was great.? Or perhaps I should say, What happened to the government. ? That government has a lot of nice patriotic songs, but if one understands the disaster of vaccines , one might think ….Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
    But we wont abandon hope. We will keep fighting for the truth.
    Thanks Kent for fighting for the truth.

  4. Kent, you’re one of my heroes and I’m a fan… I love your writing, both blog and book. Plague is a seminal work and I’ve purchased ‘Corruption’.
    And thanks for the phrase re ‘taking back medicine and science from the evil adversary who corrupted it’. I’m a naturopath who tries to stay objective about strengths and weaknesses in medical practice but really, this rings too true.
    Keep safe, and keep writing.
    Hugh, Australia

    those who have corrupted it. Most of us have never faced an adversary so evil.

  5. Like yourself, I have been asking questions for over 30 years.
    Having very high level training in science begs innumerable questions, as that is the only way progress is made.

    Vaccination is one of the three legs that hold up modern medicine. I have little issue with the other two except their overuse. At this time in history the fact that “progressive” lawmakers are the ones putting forth mandatory vaccine laws and ridiculing anyone who dares pose even a question like the right to self autonomy, or safety / efficacy issues, is a signal that the dissent has never been higher. The push back never greater. Well meaning people are hoodwinked and have deferred their health decisions to those whom they trust.

    There are countless dissenters to the vaccine mandates
    as the information only accumulates. Standing on the right side of history is the only option. We have far greater numbers than many of us believe!

  6. What a great article, Kent. It was a pleasure getting to spend some time with you and if we are in a bar fight, (I love the analogy), I’ve definitely got your back!

  7. Loved the video .. Wasn’t Vaxxed 2 great! I took several co-workers with me . I sat in the same Row with Kathleen Barrett ( Colton’s mom) We all had our breaths taking away with Colton’s last flight on his bike! You could sense the tears flowing.. I’m looking forward to reading your newest book . I had the last one at work when a Dr asked about it, I let him take it home to read.. Keep up the fight it’s 2020 and a perfect vision of truth is coming our way.. Thanks so much..

  8. How I wish to be more involved with this community. You, Kent, are more than deserving of recognition. I think I understand that these positive experiences do a little to soothe the pain of watching your child suffer. I am definitely remote, which is a double sword. On one hand, I want to affect change. On the other, I want to live a peaceful quiet life. Yet being isolated and meeting every day crisis is not peaceful. I’m asking a favor of you. Would you please mention my book to Polly the next time you speak? I met her once, before all my connecting the dots. I’ve sent a copy of Paul’s Prayers, but I haven’t heard if she received it. Sheila Easley took a copy to her, I hope. Sorry, for drawing attention to myself, but the longing for community is real. Blessings to you and yours.

  9. It was nearly two decades ago I got involved in this and I pleaded with non vaxers to stop trying to be conciliatory to the medical industry.

    It was clear from game theory and institutionalized behavior that doctors couldn’t, en masse, seek middle ground with us even if they wanted to and, according to game theory, their optimal strategy was to double down and fight. And of course that’s what they did.

    That’s why my strategy was my strategy. It was about smashing the paradigm in every single aspect.

    It was true because every aspect of the paradigm is an impossible lie. But it was also the optimal strategy for us.

    Read the first two pages of my document and you’ll never fear any germ ever again – let alone feel the need to vaccinate against them. The only kind of “inoculation” that anybody should use is to inoculate against the fear of germs.

    But no. Most non-vaxers – even now – are petrified of taking on the very root of the problem.

    “We will be called extremists”.

    “They’ll say we’re crazy”.

    “Come on now, doctors wouldn’t lie about the idea of contagion would they?”

    “My homeopath says I need to take lots of their remedies to protect me from all these dastardly germs”.

  10. The principle of liability-free vaccines has been criticized because it reduces incentive to develop safe vaccines. It’s worse than that. Elimination of manufacturer liability provides incentive to bring improperly tested vaccines to market as quickly as possible.

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