Mass Arrests in Hamburg, Germany as Fraud and Bribery in Cancer Therapy Disclosed…

The “Reality” Of “Big Pharma” Being Exposed, Worldwide…

From Germany – Opinion By Karma Singh

Following reports to the police by investigative journalists, on Tuesday 17th December 2019, 420 police and six state attorneys began searches of the premises of the pharmaceutical manufacturer, ZytoService in Hamburg as well as 47 other premises, including private houses, medical practises, pharmacies and one hospital.

This concerns the drugs for cancer “therapies” manufactured by ZytoService.

Because of the nature of these drugs, they can only be issued and administered by specialised pharmacies which, of course, creates a monopoly situation. It is this which ZytoService, according to police, used to defraud cancer sufferers in the Hamburg city area of an estimated 8.6 million Euros (approx. $9.5 million) since January 2017.

Many medical doctors received bribes, free “loans” and other expensive kickbacks for prescribing the ZytoService drugs rather than equivalents which are much, much cheaper.

Of course, it wasn’t the patients themselves who paid for the drugs but their medical insurers. As each treatment can cost up to 100,000 Euros ($111,000) this, of course, has an effect upon everyone else’s insurance premiums which, in Germany, are compulsory.

Such cancer treatments are known in the industry as “pharma gold” because an almost monopoly situation enables the unscrupulous to charge prices which may well be many hundreds of times their production costs.

How many of these $111,000 treatments a typical cancer sufferer will receive before they die is, at present, unknown to me. What is very obvious is that the $50,000 reported in my last article as being the typical “fee” per cancer death in 2006 has suffered a case of massive inflation:

Small wonder then that the pharma-cartel puts so much effort into and spends so much money on suppressing effective cancer therapies.

My personal opinion is that healing cancer rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars. In many cases, the necessary life-changes even show a profit on the investment so the healing cost is effectively zero! Some cases can be a little more expensive but more than four thousand dollars would be extremely rare.

The pharmaceutical cartel has nothing that it can offer in the way of proving that its methodology is effective.

In point of fact, the entire medico-pharmaceutical industry has NEVER been scientifically examined for suitability or effectiveness in health care.

As it would not stand up to scientific scrutiny, it has resorted to other methods to maintain it’s pre-eminent position. These include bare-faced lying such as the claim to have eliminated smallpox and polio, propaganda making false claims about their products such as chemo-therapy, bribery as we have seen above and the purchase of politicians to have special laws made guaranteeing their profits and criminalising effective healing methods.

Their three main sources of income are, in order of size:-

a. Vaccination for which there is not the slightest shred of evidence that it has ever done anything useful and has killed and maimed millions.

b. Deliberately poisoning people with heavy metals and other toxins in their “medications” and amalgam tooth fillings plus denatured foodstuffs in order to create a large pool of permanent customers for their quack nostra to suppress the symptoms.

c. Killing people with cancer.

As public knowledge grows, all of these become greatly endangered.

More and more of their effort has, therefore, become focussed upon forced medication and suppressing effective non-pharmaceutical methods and attacking those who propound them – such as Hoxsey. Presently, David Noakes and Lyn Thyer are sitting in prison in England awaiting extradition to France on a warrant which has long since expired to face a list of trumped up charges of which English courts have already acquitted them.

Let us be quite clear here: We are NOT talking about an industry trying its best to preserve the health of humanity but a mafia organisation interested solely in extortion at no matter what cost in human life and health.

What action can we take to ensure that last Tuesday’s event in Hamburg become a daily event until this international criminal organisation is finally removed from our planet?

Insofar as cancer is concerned you will need information about what cancer actually is, how and why it is formed and how it can be prevented. Please bear in mind that I can tell you this much but it would, in many countries, be a criminal act to tell you how to remove existing cancers – you may well, however, be able to deduce this for yourself. That is what this book is for:-

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “Mass Arrests in Hamburg, Germany as Fraud and Bribery in Cancer Therapy Disclosed…”

  1. The “Anti-VaXXER” Movement worldwide is learning very quickly that the “Vaccine Issue” itself is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reality of controlled health care.

    Vaccines are NOT the problem – those coming at you with a needle in their hands are the REAL problem – and they are the same problem that Cancer victims, and people in general face, worldwide.

    Time to solve that problem. We need to make “Big Pharma” into “Little Pharma…”

  2. The largest challenge is overcoming brainwashing to believe everything we’ve been taught regarding cancer and healthcare in general. Even when you seek to find answers, those around you will try to lead you back to the old mindset.

    Another challenge is finding useful information. It’s becoming more scarce, but I have found that quite a bit of information is provided for animal/pets, so that is currently a great place to gain insight. For example, dermatologists will tell you they don’t know why certain people grow keratosis, but if you research keratosis in dogs you’ll find that it is caused by dry skin. Research any other issue and you’ll find similar disparities in available information for animals and people.

    Thank you for being a consistent source of solid information.

  3. Sunshine, we agree, and had found in an online report by dairy veterinarians about the use of codliver oil as eye drops to cure eye ‘infections’ like pink eye… magical…. looks like the ‘invaders’ were just bystanders taking advantage of a deficiency weakness, because the vitamin A was missing in the calves winter feed, and the conjunctivitis was disappearing on its own once the cattle were moved to spring green pastures which is what inspired the veterinarians to dose them with the codliver oil in winter and save the suffering calves…. and our cat, consequently from hepatitis eye infections,…

    And similarly and also from organic dairy veterinarians [and reported on ] that we could have a chance to undo muscular dystrophy in one of our cats like they did with cattle….. guess which herd is worth a lot to some people, lol… AND IT WORKED……

    And Tim, that connection is forming slowly BUT BROADLY… as we see in so many other areas like TBI and PTSD and pain relieving, etc etc… ttyl

  4. Lyn Thyer was extradited to France last year.
    Imprisoned without trial.
    And subsequently immediately re-arrested and is back in prison again.

  5. Sunshine, I believe the way to understand all disease is to start with the very fact that you allude to – the fact that rashes are focused.

    For example, people can get rashes on both their left and right hands (and nowhere else). How?

    How would a virus do that?

    What is the only thing in the universe that knows that your right hand corresponds to your left hand?

    Your mind of course. So that is where we need to start looking to find out what causes all focused rashes (and the vast majority of rashes are focused (in some manner).

    Even for anti-vaxers the idea that there is no such thing as an “infection” (at least as we currently understand it) is anathema but it’s true.

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