The Health Care Disconnect…

The Problem With Bureaucracies…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I HATE “Big Government.”

It is, in essence, the enemy of America, for the bigger it gets, the further it gets away from what it was intended to accomplish.

A bureaucracy grows into its own entity, and becomes the problem not the solution.

Lawrence J. Peter says In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.” 


And that’s what we have managing US health care – a bureaucracy.

No wonder nothing works…

North American Health Care is in a shambles.  It simply does not work on EVERY level.

(1)  Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.

(a)  In cancer therapy for instance – providers charge $25,000 per month for a chemo that it took 82 cents to make.

(b)  For A GOOD MANY health problems, since there are no high-priced drugs developed for it, and surgery won’t help, there is NO TREATMENT offered.  As an example Cerebral Palsy, ALS, and far too many more…

(2)  The government agencies we have put in place to regulate health care have turned against us.  

Those agencies are working for the very industries they were supposed to regulate, not the American people.

For instance, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the parent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

DHHS has 11 operating divisions, including eight agencies in the U.S. Public Health Service and three human services agencies. These divisions administer a wide variety of health and human services and claim to conduct conduct life-saving research for the nation, protecting and serving all Americans.

But, the 2016 reality is quite different.  They are ALL just another division of Big Pharma.

(a)  Our DHHS approved US Billing Coding System SIGNIFICANTLY raises health care costs.

There are five million (5,000,000) legitimately operating health professionals in the United States.   Over two dozen categories of US health professions, representing over two million of that five million, are allowed by law, to bill directly for their services.

But the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has only authorized  billing codes used for Medicare, Medicaid, and the health insurance industry, that are developed by, and for, MDs – and NO OTHERS.

Worse, the majority of these MD codes represent THE MOST EXPENSIVE, DANGEROUS, and INVASIVE procedures available which are also, frequently, THE LEAST EFFECTIVE.

There are NO CODES, or inadequate billing codes, to process healthcare claims provided by the over four million health professionals who aren’t practicing conventional MD medicine.   How do these practitioners stay in business when they can’t bill?  They either work under an MD physicians (gatekeepers), their patient’s pay cash, or their care is capped by small annual dollar or visit limits – and no data is available on the cost-effectiveness of their care. 

For a complete explanation of that problem go here.

(b)  HUGE Corruption at the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).

They are so arrogant about it they don’t even try to hide it.  Bobby Kennedy Junior, in a speech delivered to the Maine legislature, pointed out that the CDC is a “Cesspool of Corruption” and cannot be counted on to regulate the safety of vaccines.  The CDC actually owns patents, and profits from vaccines, now.

(c)  The FDA is a not-funny-joke with a drug industry revolving door for employee exchange.

The FDA does little or nothing, to insure drug safety.  They DO NOT properly evaluate new drugs – they rubber stamp everything. In fact, they gun up, armor up, paper up, and raid competitors to drugs (like supplement companies) on the least whim.  The FDA is useless to America.  It is run as an adjunct to big pharma.

(3)  The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has WAY TOO MUCH influence over our elected, and appointed, officials.

Big Pharma needs to be Little Pharma…

(a)  In California, this last year, parents concerned about the State making Childhood Vaccines mandatory, found that the legislation (Senate Bill 277) author, newly elected Senator Richard Pan MD (supposedly, a licensed Pediatrician), had his entire campaign financed by big pharma through various devices, to the tune of 4.8 million dollars.  

More, the Senate Bills carried by Richard Pan were ALL for the benefit of the existing health care system, designed to protect them, destroy competition, and give them monopolies.  Pan is now, one of those elected officials who are actually paid lobbyists that have eliminated the lobbying step – and gone directly into the legislature.  

(b)  The Vaccine Division of Big Pharma is perpetrating a hoax on America and the world over vaccines – claiming the lie that vaccines are “Safe and Effective.”  They are neither.

On one hand they make this false claim.  On the other they got the US Congress to give them immunity to lawsuits over those same vaccines.  If they are so safe why do the vaccine makers need immunity to lawsuits?   Worse, all of these vaccines are “Made in China” with no testing what-so-ever, before they are injected in America’s children.

(c)  The US is only one of two countries on Planet Earth that allow Big Pharma to advertise their products directly to the public 

Pharma ads constitute 55% of all TV news hour advertising.  Consequently, they control the TV media, especially the news.  About a year after a new product is advertised on TV attorney groups advertise, looking for damaged Plaintiffs, from those same drugs – that were NOT properly evaluated for safety by the FDA..

(4)  Health Insurers are a BIG problem 

Experts have found that in an analysis, after the diffusion of managed care and the widespread adoption of computerization, “administration” constituted some 30 percent of U.S. health-care costs and that the share of the health-care labor force comprising administrative (as opposed to care delivery) workers had grown 50 percent to constitute more than one of every four health-sector employees.

(5)  US Dentistry is upside down.

In Europe, in order to become a Dentist you must FIRST graduate from a Medical School.  Then you can SPECIALIZE in Dentistry, which, focuses FIRST on mouth health.

In the US so-called Dentists go to Dental School and learn to make teeth pretty, with zero focus on health issues.  The real motto of the US Dentistry industry is “If your teeth are white you’ll get laid tonight…”

Only what’s known as “Biological Dentists” pay attention to health issues – and they are always under fire from the bigger Dental industry.

For a longer explanation – click here.

(6)  Public Health projects are making the population sicker.

One word says it all.  That word is “vaccines.”

(7) The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care..  

There is more than adequate evidence to prove that substantial funding is provided to the PsyOps network by government agencies.

US Health Care is NOT going to be fixed until we drain the swamp…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


11 thoughts on “The Health Care Disconnect…”

  1. US “health care” is NOT care at all! All those words could be put in one sentence. Allopathic medicine is not medicine. It just a way to make enormous amount of money on human suffering. I would fire all “doctors”, close all hospitals and left only ER rooms. All “illnesses” not happened out of nowhere. It is a food and life stile. People became sheepl and pigs. Those 2 categories go thru unnatural selection now. Maybe, just maybe world will be better without them?

  2. Wouldn’t it be a key to the solution — and be in Trump’s hands if we demanded it — to issue an Executive Order that said that ANYONE WHO HAS WORKED IN INDUSTRY CAN NOT HOLD A JOB AS A REGULATOR.. amazingly that simple statement would end vaxxing, end chemo, end the advertising dilemma, free the news media and put the lobbyists out on the street, including Pan… just visualizing consequences… nice analysis Tim, well done! ttyl

  3. There is a new book by Dr. Mary Ruwart called ‘Death by Bureaucracy’ so she would be a great choice for a future article. I think talk show host Richard Syrett may have even interviewed her. I bought her ‘Healing Our World’ book years ago and she was even being considered for the position of Surgeon General! Also I think it would be a good idea if we could come together and focus on the goal to “stop subsidizing sickness” (by downsizing the farm subsidies which really sabotage our health by helping to generate disease-causing processed foods). Form a left-right coalition to incentivize real instead of fake foods! Great job with this one and keep up the good work!

  4. Not only does chemo cost $25K to the patient and 82c to make, but all the real cancer cures have been suppressed. Any time a real cure comes along it is made illegal due to there being “no scientific evidence that it works”.

  5. At least Trump signed “The Right to Try Act”. Since cannabis essential oil is now legal In Minnesota, I’m going to start pressing the VA in Minneapolis for this on my COPD. They can’t use that old excuse that it violates Federal Law.

  6. With cancer, people need to watch The Truth About Cancer on yearly and all of the other health summits. They are fun and interesting and free (unless you choose to buy the series).

  7. It was the combination of Fishbein and Rockefeller in the US and Rockefeller money elsewhere which ensured not only that no option other than pharmaceutical medicine would even be considered for public health care but also that pharma-medicine would not be studied for effectiveness and safety (because it is neither).

    This is also why Rockefeller bought up the press to ensure that the truth would not reach the public.

    All this and much more, including scientific discoveries of the last decades which remove the entire foundation of pharmaceutical medicine and replace it with a completely new perspective on health and “illness” is in my new book presently winging its way to you, Tim. Look out for a green C5 envelope.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  8. I think regarding the on going fight against Fake News,

    1. they should make it illegal to read any vaccine inserts
    2. they should make it illegal to investigate vaccine ingredients (Engley & themiserol)
    3. they should raid the laboratory of experts in nanospectroscopy and seize all their work (Gatti)
    4. they should ban any film exposing any vaccine misdeeds at the cdc (Thompson-Vaxxed)
    5. they should make it illegal to mention the term sv40, Xmrv etc
    6. they should suspend any FDA report about to link formaldehyde with leukemia
    7. they should make it illegal to learn any knowledge about vaccination
    8. they should make Edward Jenner the patron saint of the human race & canonise all doctors
    9. they should offer the top job at the WHO to Colon Boyle
    10. they should have Julie Gerberding reading the 9 o’clock news every evening
    11. they should ostracise\persecute all scientists who finds anything incriminating (mikovits -exley)
    12. they should pay legions of ex military people to flood the net to fight the flood of truth
    13. they should make it law that people have to sacrifice their own children on the altar of vaccine lies

    Lets face it, its all about the fake vaccines (nothing else)
    And they have done all this and much more !

  9. Allophathic medicine is a global fraud to keep everyone sick til bankrupt then off us.
    A one two economic hit leading to sickness and reduced lifespan A medline search Magnesium Depletion : gives ample proof that mercury detox and recirculation is the core cause of all allopathic “diseases” and cancers because of the way it decimates ones immune system. No prescription treatments necessary . No allophathic doctors needed.
    Magnesium depletion is also enhanced by the binding effect glyphosate has on the nutrients in the soil and food grown in such soil..
    Then we have dentistry’s role

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