Is American Dentistry Killing Us?…

Is American Dentistry killing us?  Probably.  There are certainly good reasons circulating around the campfires to believe so. 

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

It’s time, I believe, for the North American Health Freedom Movement to focus on Dentistry, and its problems, because what happens in the mouth effects the whole body.

I believe that the American Dental Association (ADA), as the primary representative of Dentistry, is in “siege mode,”  meaning that their Modus Operandi, these days, seems more defensive of position than promotional of healthy Dentistry.

Why?  Because, I think, they are defending, like the tobacco industry did for years, untenable positions.  In fact, in my opinion, American Dentistry, as an industry, is far more deadly than tobacco ever was – and I’ll tell you why I think so.

(1)  American Dentistry’s official position on Mercury Amalgams.

If you listen to the nonsense spewed out of conventional dentistry, you hear, from them, that the only safe place to store the deadly toxin mercury is in the teeth.  The stories they make up to bolster this claim are ludicrous.

Mercury is OFFICIALLY mega-dangerous before it is installed in the teeth, and is OFFICIALLY mega-dangerous when it is being removed from the teeth.  But, according to Dental spokesperson Robert Baratz MD. DDS. PhD, it is perfectly safe while in the teeth –  Never mind that University scientists outright laugh at Baratz’s claims – he, and Dentistry in general, stick to their statements.

Two thirds of North American Dentists still install Mercury Amalgams.  Mercury leaches out from the teeth into the body causing serious health problems.  For information on this issue, there is a very good article detailing this problem called “The Dental amalgam Issue – A Terrible Sin Against Humanity.”

(2)  Cavitations – Dentistry’s officially ignored MAJOR health problem…

Susan Stockton MA writes, what I think, is the best article for the layman, about the “Cavitation Issue.”  It is clear and concise, and written from the patient’s viewpoint.  In her article called JAWBONE CAVITATIONS: Infarction, Infection & Systemic Disease” she makes the issue simple, and understandable.  You need to read it.  Below is a sample:

“Ischemic osteonecrosis (bone death due to poor blood supply) is a disease of the entire skeleton – i.e., it can affect any bone in the body.  It is best known as a hip condition, and yet it is actually more common in the jawbone, though unacknowledged as such by mainstream medicine and dentistry. 

A jawbone cavitation is simply a hollow space or pocket in the bone. It is not readily visible to the eye and often causes no local discomfort, though it can be the hidden cause of facial pain syndromes (hence one of its names, NICO – Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis).  The chief initiating factor is trauma to the jaw, often brought on by standard dental treatment.”

Of danger to North Americans is the ADA’s official position that “Cavitations do not exist,” an idea that denies basic science and years worth of teaching in Dental schools.  I suspect that their position may have a lot to do with the section written below.

(3)  Root Canals – Festering Death Modules…

To properly understand the idea of “root canals” we must first make a comparison.  A “root canal” is the process of removing the nerve tissue to a dead, or dying tooth, so that you don’t feel the pain.  Thank God that Heart Surgeons don’t think the same way as Dentists.  Imagine going to your MD with chest pains and having them say “No problem, we’ll just go in and cut out the nerves to the heart, and your pain will go away.”


Thank God we don’t let Dentists deal with brain tumors, broken arms and legs, bullet wounds, or depression.

One of the originators of  “root canals” George Meinig DDS, in a startling interview, tells the truth about root canals.  He says:

“Yes, a high percentage of chronic degenerative diseases can originate from root filled teeth. The most frequent were heart and circulatory diseases and he found 16 different causative agents for these. The next most common diseases were those of the joints, arthritis and rheumatism. In third place – but almost tied for second – were diseases of the brain and nervous system. After that, any disease you can name might (and in some cases has) come from root filled teeth.”

I read somewhere that “root canals” are a three trillion dollar business, so I don’t expect official Dentistry to give them up willingly.

There are those that say that “root canals” are a major cause of “Cavitations…” above.

(4)  Flouride in our water – One of the biggest scams foisted on Planet Earth…

The “fluoride issue” is explained in detail on the Fluoride Action Network webpage. There you can sign up for Paul Connett’s excellent free newsletter on the subject.

But, to get the gist of the issue from someone not involved in the fight, go read the article written by Devvi Kidd called “GERMANS & RUSSIANS USED FLUORIDE TO MAKE PRISONERS STUPID & DOCILE.”

Kidd says, quoting other authoritative research:

“It is a matter of record that sodium fluoride has been used for behavior control of populations. In an “Address in reply to the Governor’s Speech to Parliament,” [Victorian Hanstard, August 12, 1987, Nexus, Aug/Sept 1995], Mr. Harley Rivers Dickinson, Liberal Party Member of the Victorian Parliament for South Barwon, Australia, made a statement on the historical use of fluorides for behavior control.

“Mr. Dickinson reveals that, “At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent Charles Elliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farven chemical plants in Germany. While there, he was told by German chemists of a scheme which had been worked out by them during the war and adopted by the German General Staff. This scheme was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme, sodium fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain, and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. Both the Germans and the Russians added fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile.”

(5)  The  organized conspiracy to attack those who try to call attention to the problems above…

North America is known for its promotion of innovation in all aspects of society except one – health care.

In North America, health care has developed into a war.  On one side is the status quo, called “medicine.” On the other is “health.”  The two are far from the same.  The American public, with their buying habits, is rejecting “medicine” in favor of “health,” and despite massive drug marketing campaigns, and brutal raids against competitors to drugs (supplements, electro-medicine, oxygen therapies) by the Big Pharma controlled US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), “medicine” is being sidelined.

It is no secret, in North America, that an organization exists whose primary function is to murderously attack innovators in health care – literally burying them with venom, hatred, lies, and misinformation. It’s been going on for years.  The group calls themselves the “quackbusters.”   No studies have ever been done to determine how much suffering and death they have caused – yet.

The “quackbusters” are something of a cottage-industry.  It is a money making operation that makes mega-millions, if not mega-billions, for its client base – conventional medicine and dentistry.

I’ve written volumes about how the “quackbusters” operate in medicine, and I’ve helped set up legal cases defending against “quackbuster”assaults.  But, until now, I haven’t written a lot about how they operate in Dentistry.  Today is a good day to start.

The “quackbuster” hate brigades:

First let me give you a quick course on how the “quackbusters.”  operate in the world of Dentistry:

(1)  I have good reason to believe that the “quackbusters”  operation is run out of a New York ad agency, where targets are selected, and plans are made, and executed.  The ad agency is conducting a public relations “black ops” for its paying client.  Ask the question “who is the paying client?”

(2)  After the target is selected the actual attack begins by having the “story,” or accusation, appear on failed MD Stephen Barrett’s “”  website.

(3)  Then an article in the so-called “Consumer Health Digest is sent out to over 10,000 unsuspecting recipients announcing the “quackbusters”  accusation.  I believe that the recipients of this “digest” are government agency employees, insurance company employees, and lower level quackbuster minions.  So, who is the“Consumer Health Digest?”  As report author Stephen Barrett says:

“Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by Stephen Barrett, M.D., and cosponsored by NCAHF and Quackwatch. It summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement actions; other news items; Web site evaluations; recommended and nonrecommended books; research tips; and other information relevant to consumer protection and consumer decision-making.  William M. London, Ed.D, M.P.H., is associate editor. Items posted to this archive may be updated when relevant information becomes available.”

(4)  Then a complaint is filed against the Dentist, with a State agency, by one of several ways (a) a lower level “quackbuster”  minion, (b)  an insurance company,   (c)  another competing Dentist.  (d) by the State Board itself., all of which are recipients of the “Consumer Health Digest.”

(5)  The State agency is duped into believing that there is a real problem by being referred to “” believing that “” contains valid information from an authoritative, reliable source, when, in fact, it does not.

(6)  The State agency investigates the charges against the Dentist, and during the investigation, is deluged with a barrage of “helpful” emails and phone calls from“concerned citizens” (quackbusters in disguise) putting pressure on investigators to make a finding against the Dentist.

(7)  “Helpful” letters, and phone calls, from a self-styled “expert,  Robert Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, and others, arrive, putting more pressure on investigators to “find”against the Dentist.  Baratz is the president of the legally defunct National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).

(8)  Selected State Dental Board members are contacted, and asked to involve themselves in the case – to put even more pressure on State investigators to “find”against the Dentist.

(9)  The State investigator, either (a) fearful for his/her continued employment at this point, “finds” against the Dentist, and recommends that charges be filed.  Or, (b)  a “quackbuster friendly” investigator will subpoena a large number of patient charts, then while contacting those patients tells them that “they were defrauded,”referring those patients to “” for further information, and suggests that they, the patients, could “get their money back if they file a formal complaint with the State Board, and testify in the case, against the Dentist.”  Once there is a patient complaint the investigator “finds” against the Dentist, and recommends that charges be filed.

(10)  An “Accusation,” gets filed against the Dentist based on the investigator’s report.

(11)  The accused Dentist hires legal representation, and the Administrative Process begins.

(12)   The “Accusation” against the Dentist is put on “” and a notice is sent out to the over 10,000 recipients of the so-called “Consumer Health Digest.”

(13)  Local media is contacted so as to get the “Accusation” in front of the Dentist’s patient base – so that he/she loses business and cannot afford an attorney to defend himself/herself.

(14)  Robert Baratz MD, DDS. PhD is brought in as the do all/be all “expert witness” against the Dentist.

(15)  The Administrative Hearing takes place in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  In small to middle size States, the ALJ may share an office, a desk, a carpool, a bed, or a Supervisor, with the Attorney prosecuting the case against the Dentist.

(16)  The ALJ makes a recommended Decision and sends it on to the Dental Board for a final decision.

(17)  The Final Decision in the case is made behind closed doors, without the Dentist or his/her attorney present, where the Board member(s) mentioned in (8) above leads the decision to a conclusion against the Dentist.

(18)  The Dentist’s attorney, if he/she is savvy, knowing that Dental board cases for cutting-edge Dentists are pretty much “kangaroo courts,” set the case up for appeal right from the start – and files a formal Appeal with a higher Court with a Motion for a Stay of the Dental Board’s decision.

(19)  The Appeal Court reverses the Board decision, sending the case back to the Dental Board…

(20)  Etc., etc., etc.,…



Looking at the daunting process above from the viewpoint of a Dentist under assault it seems like “a no-win situation.”  For at best the process is exhaustive of money, energy, and time – and the easy solutions, like “giving in,” or “settling the case” have a lot of appeal.  But Dentists that seriously believe in their cutting-edge work don’t find it easy to accept “giving up” those beliefs.

So, we’ve had to develop, and use, more practical cost-effective counter-measures.  So far they are successful, and a lot less expensive.   And, there is no reason to expect that they won’t continue to be.

I’m not going to tell you, at this time, what those strategies and tactics are – for the “quackbusters”  all read my newsletter, and I’m involved, in my role as a Crisis Management Consultant, in a few counter-measures right now.

However, if you are a health professional under attack, and the method I outlined above looks familiar, call me.  To find me, click on my name just below the title to this article.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate