The “Trump Effect” Crosses the Atlantic…

You are about to enter a brand new world...  The US Health Care System is BASED on what transpired in Germany after WWII. Today we have added on a European Correspondent (Karma Singh) for good reason.  We will begin by explaining what is happening in Germany RIGHT NOW – then maybe we can explain how health care works in Europe.  Big Pharma has its roots in Germany.  Big Pharma is the essence of globalism.  The “Populist Uprising” is not just in the US – Tim Bolen

Defeating “Globalism” At Its Center…

By Karma Singh

Major events are unfolding here in Germany. Corruption in the “highest places” as “business as usual” is being challenged.

German investigators have named a Tunisian refugee, Anis Amri, as the jihadist whom they suspect carried out Tuesday’s mass-murder attack. Amri is believed to be the man who drove a truck through a Christmas festival in Berlin, killing twelve and wounding four dozen others in an atrocity reminiscent of the attack in July, when 86 people were killed at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice.

The first major revelation broke at the weekend. The government agency responsible for assessing asylum seekers (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge – BAMF for short) had just waved many through with no investigation, including 80 known terrorists to which German security had raised objections. This, was, of course, already known and had appeared in the press several times over the previous days.

What IS new is that Merkel herself knew of this and personally approved giving known terrorists free entry to the country!

In the German parliament, there are now calls for the calling of a Board of Enquiry into Merkel’s activities (many other criminal acts were recorded in Parliament last November). This is a necessary precursor to what is known in America as “Impeachment”.

The response from Andrea Nahles, the leader of the Sozialistische Demokratische Partei (Social Democrat Party), the partner of Merkel’s party in the coalition government, was to try to play the whole thing down, “This is just normal business. There’s nothing to get upset about.”

Many “Abgeordnete” (members of the German Parliament) are furious; not only about allowing known terrorists to have free access to the whole of Germany but also about the attempts to play it down as though it were of no importance.

The event which caused all this to blow up…

…was the discovery that in one office of the BAMF in the city of Bremen (shown in the photo above), many thousands of applicants received asylum status with little or no investigation.

It now transpires that this problem is widespread and by no means limited to Bremen. It is also clear that the head of the BAMF personally informed Merkel of this and other problems several time during 2016 and 2017. She did – nothing!

Two days ago, on the 4th June, the US Ambassador in Berlin announced…

…that he wished to personally help and support “conservative” elements in German society. He continued with words which many construe to mean that he wishes to see a sort of revolution in Germany by which the Merkel, banker controlled, regime is replaced by something much more aligned with Trump’s policies.

A point which does need to be made clear here is that “conservative” and “liberal” have quite different meanings in German culture to their meanings in America:

Conservatives are for maintaining the Status Quo so, in the German sense, Merkel & Co. are the conservatives.

Liberal means reducing regulations and government control to the barest minimum. The only liberal party has a mere tiny toehold in the German parliament but they, despite the name, often support Merkel. The only party which pursues policies similar to “our Donald’s” is the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). This party was formed by disaffected members of the other parties who could no longer stomach the rampant corruption and exploitation of the nation for the banker’s benefit.

So, for American “Liberal” read German “Conservative”, i.e. Merkel & Co. For American “Conservative” read German AfD.

I do hope that the American Ambassador, Richard Grenell is as aware of this distinction as he needs to be.

So, upon what legal premise could this “interference in the affairs of another state” be based?

It is a widely known fact, even publicly acknowledged by the AfD, that Germany is not a state but an occupied territory…

…ruled by an administration authority created by the allies after the second world war; a war which, on paper, still exists. In 2009 in a speech to US troops near Frankfurt, Obama bin Barak himself stated, “Germany is an occupied land and will remain so.” Perhaps President Trump is making moves to end the Second World War as well as the Korean War?

The German independent news channel to which I am a regular contributor, ExtremeNews, has requested an interview with Ambassador Grenell which I will probably be translating and will certainly let you know about via The BolenReport.

There is further confirmation of this from another quarter.

The High Court in the Royal Courts of Justice, London has accepted that they do have jurisdiction over Germany and will soon begin hearing civil complaints of fraud and malfeasance against Merkel and the German banks relating to the seizure of property without payment.

When I left Germany, last Thursday, 1742 people were participating in this collective legal challenge. Although it has been “officially” ignored by Merkel & Co. Inc., there is the interesting phenomenon that documents mailed from Germany addressed to the court in London appear to be blocked by Deutsche Post – an act which, in The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, is defined as a crime! I am, therefore, carrying some documents with me to deliver to the court by hand.

I will be keeping an eye on this case and let you have progress reports as things happen.

Not even Britain’s most senior judge, The Master of the Rolls, can give a ruling on this and the case is certain to go to the House of Lords before it is completed. Several million pounds have been gathered to bring this case through to the final judgement.

Great things are happening. I wonder who Trump has got covering the other bases?

How does this effect world-wide health care, including  the vaccine issue?   Stay tuned…

By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “The “Trump Effect” Crosses the Atlantic…”

  1. I’ve got a feeling Trump will be closing some of our “NATO” bases in the near future. I also seen the Swiss are exchanging there paper gold for the real thing through Deutsche Bank. Deutsche lost about 90% on there stocks in the last 10 years. BOOM?

    Has anyone noticed if you put a little cookie duster on Merkel, she looks just like as the Germans say “Him”!


    We have them on the run !!!
    A new billboard placed in Perth has sparked controversy and outraged doctors.
    A woman is pictured holding texts books with a question next to her asking – do you know what’s in a vaccine?

    It then provides a link to a radical American anti-vaccination group called ‘Learn The Risk’.
    The Australian Medical Association is now calling for the billboard to be pulled down immediately.
    It says not only is it a public health risk but it is also misleading and conspiracy theory garbage.

    The State Government also wants to see the billboard banned with Health Minister Roger Cook asking the Department to investigate whether powers under the Public Health Act could be used.

    He says the anti-vaccination lobby is once again spreading dangerous misinformation, with vaccines the best way to prevent children from potentially deadly diseases.
    The AMA says international anti vaccination lobby groups are not welcome in WA.

    But lawyers say given our freedom of speech rights in Australia, the State Government will have a tough time getting rid of it.

    At just 32 days old, Perth mother Catherine Hughes lost her baby boy Riley to whopping cough.

    He was too young to be vaccinated.

    She says given the nations strict advertising laws, she’s flawed it’s slipped through.

    The City of Vincent is now trawling through records to determine whether the billboard was approved for installment.

    The City said in a statement that they did not approve the anti-vaccination advertisement on the billboard.

    “The City of Vincent is strongly opposed to the advertising material on the billboard and we are advocating for its urgent removal,” they said.

    “We will do whatever we can to support the State Government in this.

    “We have already submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau requesting that they deal with the content urgently. We will contact the owner of the billboard to alert them to our concerns and to strongly lobby them for its removal. “

  3. Go for it Hans.
    the reaction of the vaccine lobby can only be perceived as confirmation that vaccines are dangerous and useless.

    They have zero science backing them and cannot, therefore, win any reasoned argument. All that they can do is try to shout down the truth – just as they have been doing for the last few decades.

    Are you in Australia? If so, I’d like to mail you a copy of the book I sent to Tim yesterday. If you’re in Germany, the German edition should be out by the end of the month.

    Blessed be


  4. Finally we addressing the real head of the monster: Globalism that is funding and directing the actions of the Enemies of Humanity through infertility, autism and a host of other injuries to the people of United States and the world by means of vaccines, addictive meds who o only address pain , GMO, poisoned water.; indoctrination of the masses by fear . After the article of Mr Singh there is no need to give details how this is unraveling.

    All I have to say finally we have open our eyes to Globalism and the UN as the instrument of execution. Does anybody know who was the writer of the Globalists Agenda?

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