20 Reasons Why We Need A Vaccine Safety Commission…

By Celina Trevino

The United States is in desperate need of an independent Vaccine Safety Commission, whose task would be:

“to ensure safe vaccines and to protect the citizens of the world from death, or a lifetime of disability from vaccination.”

Why Do We Say That?  Here Are Twenty Very Good Reasons…

(1)  There is no enforcement of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act regarding physicians who fail to report adverse events from vaccination. So while they are required to report, no one is making sure they actually are.  A task force assigned to regulate and check up on physicians to ensure they are indeed reporting all adverse events properly would put some teeth in the law.

(2)  At the time of this writing, the US government has paid out to victims, through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program 3.6 billion dollars[i]

(3)  Physicians are not taught how to diagnose vaccine injury in medical school curriculums. Mandatory vaccine education could be brought about by a Commission.

(4)  Currently, our Medical Examiners do not test and do not know how to test for vaccines as a cause of death in an autopsy toxicology report. A Vaccine Safety Commission could provide the data for a new testing standard. Currently, a parent has to tell the Medical Examiner what to look for.

(5)  The Vaccine Safety Datalink [ii], part of America’s vaccine safety surveillance system, does not allow public access to their data. Their data is private, so the only way scientists and physicians can use their data is by conducting their own study.

(6)  The list of reportable events on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is incomplete and limited.[iii]  

Vaccine manufacturers continuously update the adverse event section of their package inserts based on new data. 37 years after the MMR was introduced, adverse events such as acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy and transverse myelitis are being added to the package insert .[iv] This shows an inadequate surveillance system is in place to protect the public.

(7)  Vaccine package inserts are not given to parents before or after vaccination. Parents should be given the package inserts with ample time to read before making the choice to vaccinate.

(8)  The first textbook on Vaccines and Auto-immunity has come out recently: Vaccines and Auto-immunity by ‪Yehuda Shoenfeld, ‪Nancy Agmon-Levin, ‪Lucija Tomljenovic in 2015[v].

(9)  There is no pre-screening in vaccination. Currently our medical system does not have a way to check whether babies are healthy or could be immune-compromised, so the baby is assumed healthy. Only those with cancer, HIV or on immune suppressant drugs are considered immune suppressed, and yet physicians have different standards of care for who is considered immune compromised.

(10)  When making the decision to vaccinate, family history is not regularly taken into account by the physician. Even a family history of severe reactions or death from vaccines, is rarely considered as part of the decision to vaccinate.

(11)  We are vaccinating babies at the same specific time when it is known that they are most susceptible to death and neurological injury. [vi]

(12)  The CDC has never done a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study due to the assumption that all vaccines are safe and effective. They purport that long-term studies “aren’t practical” and those for the un-vaccinated are “unethical”.[vii]

(13)  Pregnant women are increasingly advised by the CDC to take vaccines: currently a Tdap and Flu vaccine for each pregnancy. [viii]

!14)   Some cases in the Vaccine Injury Court Program are settled out of court, therefore, we will and can never know the true injuries that occur. This is because all the files become confidential and plaintiffs sign non-disclosure agreements, promising never to talk about details of the case in return for a sum of money.

(15)  The Hepatitis B vaccine is given to infants at 12 hours old even though their mothers are pre-screened[ix] for it before giving birth, and determined to be negative. There is an unnecessary and over vaccination of infants with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

(16)  Kaiser, whose data is part of the Vaccine Safety Datalink, recently (allegedly) did not follow two safety protocols[x]. How can we be sure they are keeping accurate records that the public depends on for safety assurance? A Vaccine Safety Commission would make sure the same people responsible for ensuring safety are actually following vaccine safety policies.

(17)  The CDC uses the study of Dr. Paul Thorsen, a wanted criminal, as a standard for autism.

In a hearing of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Congressman Posey questions officials from the CDC over Autism research and vaccinations…

FL Representative Bill Posey mentions Paul Thorsen here at the 2:46 mark.

FL Representative Bill Posey addresses Congress with CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson’s statement:

Congressman Posey speaks on the House floor about a CDC whistleblower exposing deception at the CDC. July 29, 2015:

Despite Bill Posey’s requests, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee has refused to look into Dr. William Thompson’s claims.

(18).  Girls in Colombia are suing Merck with a class action lawsuit, due to injuries from Gardasil. [xi] More studies need to be done on this vaccine before it is added to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule.

(19)  Independent labs recently tested vaccines for heavy metals [xii] and  glyphosate [xiii]. Test results were sent to the CDC, who has refused to acknowledge the findings or suggest their own investigation.

(20)  The CDC’s pediatric vaccination schedule exceeds the FDA’s limit of Aluminum in infants. [xiv] [xv]

The Situation Is Getting Worse, Not Better…

With the CDC’s most recent figures of Autism incidence in the U.S. being 1 in 59 [xvi], how much longer can physicians and scientists say to parents:

“It’s a coincidence.”

“We don’t know why this happened.”

“It can’t be the vaccines.”

The science on vaccines is clearly not settled.

Let’s protect our country and put us on the track towards prosperous health.

By Celina Trevino



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12 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why We Need A Vaccine Safety Commission…”

  1. OK, provided that it is not loaded with X-Big Pharma Politicians, Bureaucrats and Medical School “independents”…

  2. I’m of the opinion that vaccines are the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon humanity. They never worked. They were all introduced when diseases were almost all eliminated. (Thank you plumbers!)

    There will never be a “safe” vaccine because there can be no safe vaccine. Preservatives alone cause issues never mind the mutant strains of the disease created in production that shed and create outbreaks that only involve the vaccinated. Additionally, the vaccine industry is rife with fraud, corruption and other criminal activity. They’ve proven that they can never be trusted no matter what “the safety commission” says or recommends.

    BOTTOM LINE: Ban all vaccines. And for those who think vaccines have any value at all, go at it. But mandatory vaccination should never be allowed.

  3. It is just puzzles me how adult people can’t get a simple fact – there are NO safe injectable vaccines! Period! And never can be!
    If we talking about safety we can just use very simple inexpensive and existed for quite awhile homeoprophylaxis vaccines. It is oral, has only 2 ingredients, one of which water. We don’t need to invent new bicycle. It is here, now, just use it. Why we need another expensive, useless government agency what eventually become corrupt as well as others??? What a stupid idea!

  4. I got a blog from Jon Rappaport today about nanoparticles and nanodust metals being put in vaccines. Of coarse with the pesticides, it’s not the label either. This can’t be by accident! This is intentional! I believe this is part of Agenda 21’s plan to mass exterminate almost 7 billion people on the planet! We all know about Bill Gates plans to use vaccines to reduce the population of the planet.

    Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

    Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in the manufacturing process, with many small particles of metals that are toxic to humans when injected.


  5. Great points. We also need an end to politicians practicing medicine by remote, many of them without a licence, and somebody to ensure that the doctor-patient relationship is not being tainted (spoiler – it is). Doctors are required to act with honesty, and when there is conflict between policy and the needs of the patient, they are supposed to put the patient first, but fear is preventing many from doing so. This form of malpractice is rife and needs enforcement. Whatever public health policy may be, helpful clinical guidelines should never have been allowed to become central kontrol of clinical decision-making, but they have.

  6. Learning more everyday. There is no way I can ever turn back, or dismiss , because of lack of evidence. It is in fact because of the lack of evidence (because of the lack of scientific study), that I don’t trust the status quo. Not being a scientist, I know enough to make me mad. The immature brain barrier in infants is enough for me to be a red flag, coupled with the insane list of vaccine ingredients. Absolutely, we need a vaccine safety commission! Thanks for this article.

  7. Thanks for your good and informative posting Ted.. Best wishes from Iceland..sorry..maybe I should say “mini America” and not in the good way…

  8. Dear Celina, your suggestion is although noble but unfortunately is out dated.These suggestions ought to be implemented, than, in 1986 when Pharma got loose in this murderous criminology. Too late, now the damages are obvious, and a terrible guilt of negligence rest on the shoulders of those responsible for this tragedy to come about. No more experimentation with our children, no more sacrifices we are allowed to do. It is clear as the daylight, that the whole vaxxinology is a big scam. I utterly agree with all your readers comments, they do know obviously what is at stake and what are they talk about. No, definitely, no more monkeying with our children. enough is enough, in fact too much to bear. We all must raise up against this tyranny, send them a message, clear and straight forward. Or else…our case is getting lost and we cannot afford this – or can we? It’s up to us. we must understand that we are being sold out, both, by the politicians and the medical establishment.

  9. We are ALL waiting …… Scott Pruitt, Nancy Beck, Richard Yamada, Molly Block


    Pressured by industry, U.S. EPA slows formaldehyde study release: documents

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, under pressure from the chemical (vaccination) industry, has delayed release of a study detailing cancer risks from formaldehyde, according to internal communications seen by Reuters, potentially keeping important health information from the public.

    Democratic senators Ed Markey, Sheldon Whitehouse and Tom Carper last week wrote to EPA chief Scott Pruitt to ask about delays to the report and request communications between the EPA and ACC related to the formaldehyde assessment, saying they were concerned the agency was bowing to industry pressure.

  10. The fact that Poul Thorsen is wanted for embezzlement casts doubt on the integrity of his findings. But it is a bigger embarrassment that Thorsen has not been taken into custody. He has not been taken into custody because he knows too much about the liars at the CDC. Certainly bringing Thorsen into custody would be messy. But it could be more messy not bringing him into custody. It is a risky business for those in the justice department to be accessories to the crimes of those in the CDC.

  11. Whatever the outcome will be for all this mess, the more delays the messier it get. One thing is for sure, there is too much dirt been swept under the carpet already and is getting more with passing times. How will the CDC, NIH,FDA will fair,is rather intriguing.

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