The Bullshit About a “New” Alzheimer’s Treatment

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

It’s not often I call bullshit on a news story.

However, I call ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT on this story.

HIV drugs may help people with Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome, says new hypothesis on Alzheimer’s origins

Do you want the bullshit first, or the truth?

Okay, I’ll give you the bullshit first.

If you read this article from the San Diego Tribune, you’ll learn the scientists have found some sort of genetic reassortment is taking place in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, and that is the reason for this disease which affects about 5.7 million people in the United States, including my aunt.  This “genetic reassortment” is also evidence by the presence of an enzyme known as reverse transcriptase, and the action of this enzyme can be treated with drugs developed for HIV-AIDS.

If I learned nothing in working with Dr. Judy Mikovits on our groundbreaking book, PLAGUE, it’s how to tell when you’re dealing with bullshit.

She taught me that any reasonable scientific explanation requires an explanation of A, B, C, and D.  If I leave out any part of the explanation, I’m deceiving you.

Let’s look at this in stages.

Part A is that there is some sort of genetic rearrangement taking place in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.  Good, so far.

Part B is that an enzyme called reverse transcriptase provides evidence of this genetic rearrangement.  I agree.

Part D is that drugs developed for HIV-AIDS can prevent the production of reverse transcriptase.  No problem.  That is solid science.





Please, look that up if you doubt me.

Reverse transcriptase is smoking gun evidence that you are looking at a retrovirus, just as Dr. Mikovits found in chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, cancer, and now, yes, even Alzheimer’s disease.

Where do these retroviruses come from?

Well, let’s see.

The HIV virus which has caused more than 30 million deaths around the world in the AIDS epidemic came from monkeys.

The XMRV virus which currently infects about 6% of the general population (even the skeptics agree on this number) and causes chronic fatigue syndrome, autism and cancers (the skeptics do not agree on this) came from mice.

It was shown that HIV-AIDS first appeared in the African villages which received the first polio vaccines, which were grown in monkey tissue.

Dr. Mikovits and I found undisputed evidence in medical journals that the first outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome, among 198 doctors and nurses working at Los Angeles County Hospital in 1934-1935 during a polio epidemic, received an experimental polio vaccine which was . . . grown in mouse brain tissue.

What kind of a retrovirus might be implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease?  I don’t know.  Maybe a pig.  That’s another animal that’s used a lot in medical research and drug development.

Because you see, when you’re injecting animal tissue directly into the bloodstream of a human being you are doing something nature never intended.  The actions of the digestive system have been beautifully designed to break down pathogens from what we eat is completely bypassed.

When a witness stands up in court he has to put his hand on the Bible and swear to tell, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

The scientists who published this garbage without letting people know what’s really going on should be ashamed of themselves.

If you want to read about a real scientist who doesn’t shade the truth, pick up our book, PLAGUE.

There’s a reason why four years after we published it is still often number one on Amazon in the Virology section.

We tell you the WHOLE TRUTH.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD



Kent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



18 thoughts on “The Bullshit About a “New” Alzheimer’s Treatment”

  1. Sorry, but there are things that don’t add up here. All I see is that certain things happen at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that A causes B. It could just as well be that B causes A. The (never proven) assumption here is that viruses exist and that they cause disease. But what if disease causes viruses? Whether viruses actually exist is open for debate. Considering that nobody can see a live virus I give them the disadvantage of the doubt.

    But some 150 years ago the genius scientist Antoine Bechamp thoroughly proved that germs don’t causes disease. Disease causes germs. So if viruses exist, then they will very likely also be caused by the disease and not the other way around.

    The problem is that virology is one big hoax and always has been. That doesn’t mean that all virologists are charlatans. Most of them are simply misled.

  2. Very timely info Kent. The book “Plague” Dr.Mikovits and you wrote is breathtakingly revealing, not just this extremely puzzling phenomena of CFS, that mysterious ‘new’ disease suddenly popped out of nowhere and of course the number of different ailments that is plaguing the modern world need to be investigated and dealt with in a proper manner. But, those who are mainly entrusted with these matters,as the book reveal this, are having different things in their minds. Corruption would be a strong word for them? Not by the book. The milking of the system just for their job safety, wasting taxpayers money for their own luxurious lifestyle and disinterested in human’s untold miseries, whereas could help, if would wanted to, how punishing the honest fellow scientists even falsely accusing and sending to jail without a charge. How the vaxxing mania by the Government and the Medical community tainted the human genome with their ‘unsafe and unnecessary’ vaccines. And of course all must be covered up as if nothing sinister is being done and is still getting done to ourselves but worst, to our precious children, who having no voice in this issue at all. How the whole world is mislead with falsehood and fake science and fake news. These are our lots in this corrupt and corrupting establishment. Much kudo to Dr. Mikovits for standing up and risking all privileges and daring to say no, to corrupt bosses. Even being forbidden to enter the NIH building and facing arrest if she dare to enter there.We are deeply appreciating your tireless and fearless efforts to bring all this to light.Keep up your good works and never to give up. Sincerely thank you Kent and Dr. Judy Mikovits.

  3. Quick! Investors! Get in on the ground floor!

    [Small print: Five to ten years from now there may or may not be a result. It makes no difference to us, the entrepreneurs who set it up, because next time you check, WE will have already sold our stake and long-since moved on to another venture based on the next promising breakthrough. For us, the money is in the initial start-up. The tame researchers willingly battling with this dead end will be happy just to have had a job all that time.]

    Ever wonder why so many cures just around the corner don’t amount to much? This is how. The money is in the hope, not the result.

  4. According to Anthony Williams
    Medical Medium (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE READ HIS BOOKS – there’s priceless information in them)
    Alzheimer’s is 100% mercury caused. Mercury absorbs into the cracks of the brain. He goes into much detail on how to prevent it and what foods to incorporate to help remove mercury and foods that you should avoid due to high levels of contamination.

  5. An excellent explanation of Alzheimers Disease has been elaborated by Dr. Dale Bredesen in his book The End of Alzheimers. I think Dr. Bredesen would say that you are never going to find one single cause of Alzheimers.
    Regarding statements here about HIV, I feel that anyone touching these topics has to be able to refute the many statements and arguments made by Dr. Peter Duesberg and Dr. Kary Mullis, and others, who have pointed out the many unproven statements that have been accepted as truth for the cause of AIDS being a retrovirus.
    Additionally, I might add that anyone may be interested to see the great desperation of the pharmaceutical industry . This industry had hoped to make their next, best selling drug for Alzheimers, even if it could have been proven that it did just a little bit of good to some small percentage of patients. They could not even achieve that much, but nevertheless, they keep alive the idea that a single great drug for AD will be created soon and they find every way they can to spread their background messages to keep the populace ready to ignore other AD treatments , such as Dr. Bredesens protocol and ready to leap to use the drugs that they are trying desperately to create.

  6. Is Alzheimer’s really so complicated? I’ve seen what happens to old folks.

    They shove them in overheated airless homes under fluoro lighting in front of round the clock TV together with others with whom they have nothing in common. Outdoor space is rarely accessed, and if it even exists is usually just for decoration. They feed them a mass-cooked depleted diet full of cheap inflammatory ingredients prepared by people who know little about health. They deprive them of minerals and vitamins, and heaven forbid they be allowed a single molecule of saturated fat. They give them every vaccine in the arsenal (including the notorious flu shot) and so many pills that they rattle.

    So, are we surprised many of them lose their minds? The mystery is why some do not. How about we address all of the above, and then whatever is left really may turn out to be complicated. Until then, I don’t think this looks like rocket science.

  7. Here is the next piece that nobody is talking about – whenever anyone gets a UTI over the age of 50, the drug of choice is Cipro(R). And the side-effects of Cipro I have observed for years (my mother, a friend’s mother, dad and Godmother, my sister and many more) to be sudden-onset dementia. Which becomes progressive and permanent.

    These are known and very common side-effects of Cipro(R) which I’ve confirmed in the manufacturer’s insert, drug monographs, and independently confirmed it with a Doctor of Pharmacology who taught mental and nervous system side-effects of drugs as a professor at a major university school of medicine. This Pharm.D. even went so far as to say he considered getting a medic alert bracelet made up to say he was allergic to Cipro, because of the mental side effects he had seen repeatedly from it – that look JUST LIKE ALZHEIMERS.

    BigPharma not only knows of these side-effects – of all drugs, including vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals and more- they pointedly hide them from and actually indoctrinate doctors and patients against knowing these side effects. Then they can create more “miracle drugs” that are never a cure, more foundations to “find a cure” – which is NOT the agenda, and dangle more carrots that Medicare (i.e. taxpayers) pays for that will NEVER stop the creep of drug-induced long-term suffering. It only compounds it all.

    Cipro is just one drug that creates these symptoms. And I’m sure that since there are “known similarities” between Alzheimers and autism, there will now be a push to get kids with autism on this new wonder drug. And it will fix nothing. Just keeps the pharmaceutical stock price ever higher.

    When we stop worshiping the Medical Deities (MDs) and start worshiping the One True God Who created man able to heal himself with what is on this earth NATURALLY then, and only then, might there be some respite. But I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.

  8. Absolutely Cindy. Whenever my mothers MD put her on drugs for incontinence, cholesterol, blood pressure etc – anything in fact – she would become distant and forgetful. When she came off them she was herself again.

    The trouble is, both my mother and her MD seemed to forget these things, and every few months I would find her back on them, despite writing increasingly stern letters insisting they put something in my mother’s records about this reaction and a statement not to prescribe them.

    My mother has an excuse for forgetting important clinical information – she was on drugs that manifestly affected her memory.

    The MD has no such excuse, and is one of a new breed that are rabid medicators, never miss an opportunity for a drug, however slight the indication, and are in complete denial about any downside.

    Lastly, I would say that for the last 20 years no doctor has ever done a single thing for the actual health of our parents, and they have without exception been scornful of our attempts to do so and in fact downright obstructive. It wasn’t always like that. There is some dark stuff going on the in the health system.

  9. Many years ago there was a book called ‘AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief’ by William and Donald Scott — which outlined how AIDS and CFIDS were actually part of a government program. So why are taxpayers being forced to finance profoundly unhealthy processed foods, dangerous drugs and vaccines? It’s definitely a money-go-round and Baked Alaska had it spot-on about the nursing homes. We lost four of our relatives in a row there, and no wonder, with all the junk they are being fed and dosed with. We definitely need a revolution or at least an awakening to stop all the health destruction taking place today, and then incentivize the raising of clean healthy whole natural foods. Thank you for fighting the good fight! P.S. Let’s call it The Poleshift O’er the B.S.!!

  10. Alas Brent you are right, it does need some kind of revolution, asking nicely doesn’t work. After seeing what I have seen I take quite seriously the idea that there is a determined de-population agenda already well underway, consisting of many strands.

    Who are the UN and what are they really for?
    Who is Paul Erlich?
    Who is Bill Gates?
    What is planned parenthood really doing?
    What is Agenda 21?
    Why does the world turn a blind eye to forced human organ harvesting in China?
    What is the truth about population bombs and global warming?
    Who put HCG in the vaccines?
    Why is this stuff Stevia suddenly everywhere, and why is this novel substance nobody had heard of a few years back, traditionally used as a contraceptive, being welcomed by the health food industry all of a sudden? If it were made by Bayer it would be called a ‘dangerous uncontrolled mass experiment’.

    What we must understand is how advanced, well-organised and determined these programs could be

  11. Folks and Folkesses,
    I see that this is a hot topic.
    To put everything that we know into the comments here would be both a very long comment as well as almost certainly not get the readership it deserves. I’ll be sending Tim a full-length article on this very soon.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  12. One small thing, however,
    sales of the so-called “anti-AIDS” drugs are falling because the most common effect is to create AIDS and kill the patient.
    How to boost sales. Hmmmmmmmmmm, let me see.
    Invent another use for them on people who’re going to die soon anyway. Prima – deserves a super pharma-bonus.

    Blessed be


  13. @Baked Alaska, You have described the current situation perfectly . And this is why, I myself as an older person of over 70 avoid doctors and keep researching what I can do for myself. I try to do the same for my husband who has Alzheimers, and I found the many suggestions of Dr. Dale Bredesen useful, although my husband cant do everything suggested because he is often allergic to foods and some ddrugs or supplements.
    I think the one word you have glaringly omitted is ARROGANCE , which is so common to doctors today and also
    GROUP THINK – meaning that you sit in the cafeteria with the other docs and talk about how stupid the patients and their relatives are. Things are no better even if you are a doctor yourself ! Someone known to me had a baby of 9 months of age with ” infantile anorexia” – He suddenly stopped drinking from his bottles and refused all types of semi solid food that he ate before. He would only drink his mothers milk readily, although his mother noticed that when the creamy type of milk came through her breasts, he would start screaming. So here you have a very delicate baby facing starvation and what did the doctors suggest ????? Surprise: Stop breast feeding the baby. ! The mother, a doctor herself refused to do this and her comment years later was, ” All the doctors were against me” This little boy made it through to normality in a year or two , but other babies I have seen with infantile anorexia have not done well. One had a nasogastric tube for years and one ended up with bowed legs and a weak spine. so the one mother who did not listen to doctors did the best . In today’s world mother after mother will tell similar stories. The young doctors are sure that everything they were taught in med school is correct. It takes them years to realize that there is more to life. Today, I tell all the young parents- ” Start now, reading about health, even if you have no science background, Get on to the health websites. You may not understand many things at first, but after a while you will find things more comprehensible . You have no options- few doctors are going to be really useful to you and few of the drugs cure anything- they just give you side effects and damage the normal functioning of your body. Many of the answers lie in nutrition “

  14. Infantile anorexia?!?!

    Holy wow. Like infants get anorexia? Just… get… anorexia…? Like the human body after millions of years of evolution has just acquired all these ways to commit suicide without those brave doctors to fix it. And thus, medicine is the route to chronic disease because it creates an external locus of control mentality.

    I have read medical physiology textbooks. And I have noticed a theme, which goes like this:
    1) physiology just happens
    2) until pathology just happens
    3) at which stage the body’s natural compensatory mechanism is drugs

    Perhaps not explicitly thus, but a serious lack of implication about the environmental aspects of health and disease. A diversionary tactic in doctors’ education?

    Who wrote these textbooks? Tortora and Grabowski – not a single scientific reference. I kid you not. But many expert sources. In other words, the opinions of people with jobs to keep. This stuff is the culmination of a century of Rockerfeller domination of medical training. A lot of it may be very unsound indeed.

  15. Cherry Misra says:
    November 29, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    Have you tried waters high in silica for your husband ? (Chris Exley)
    I would be interested to know if that helps ?

    A neighbour of mine has told us he has parkinsons (we already knew a year or two ago) and I have told him to try the volvic, fuji or acilis waters but these brainwashed types have only one default route for their knowledge, so he is unfortunately unlikely to ever listen to me. In the US I suspect they add fluoride to bottled water though.

  16. Hans Litten- Thankyou ! That is a good idea. I was telling my daughter to give fiji water to her son who must have got a lot of aluminum through his vaccines, but did not stop to think of my husband.
    Baked Alaska- You and othrs may find this interesting- Go to the old copies of Discover magazine and read the articles which are about medical sleuthing- as in What is wrong with this patient? The articles are excellent and the doctors do a fine job of figuring out the unusual diagnosis. I remember that when I was younger, I used to be so impressed ! But now, I notice something else- The brilliant young doctor rarely goes on to ask the question, “What caused this?” His approach to treatment is more like, ” Well, lets see what the book says as protocol for this disorder”
    Baked Alaska, in your description of causes of AD , you are getting somewhat close to Dr. Bredesen’s approach !

  17. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016 there’s a herbal foundation in Cape Town they cured my husband  Alzheimer’s disease . Pm me i will give their details. People can search about them on Google or youtube (Multivitamin Care ). My husband faced many difficulties and was in several depression, Trouble understanding visual image, aggression ,so many,. This thing happened to him at a very crucial stage of our life. The biggest help we had was from multivitamincare .org

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