Alzheimer’s – a Mad Hatter’s Tale?…

There’s an expression in English which has gone somewhat out of usage over the last few decades; “As mad as a hatter…”

From Germany By Karma Singh

When I first heard it in junior school, my thought was “why should hatters be mad?” When I went on to grammar school (I think that’s high school in American) I learned that 18th & 19th century hatters used mercury compounds to treat mole skins from which they made hats. The mercury fumes, I was taught, made the hatters mad in the way in which Lewis Carroll portrayed them in “Alice in Wonderland”.

The only perceptible difference lies in the name change from “Mad Hatter’s Disease” to “Alzheimer”. The symptoms displayed by a Mad Hatter as in “Alice in Wonderland” and modern “Alzheimer” sufferers appear to be identical.

Almost the whole of the so-called “health care”, i.e. sickness industry is controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel which is in the business of selling patented chemicals to be added to the human body. Telling you to improve your diet (bad diet being the cause of at least 40% of all health issues) or, in this case, to use various (non-patentable) herbs and spices to help remove mercury from your body is not going to earn them one penny so they don’t tell you. To maintain their “infallibility” status granted by Papal Bull in 1484**, however, they have to at least appear to offer solutions to all problems. This is the origin of the proposal to “cure” Alzheimer by giving you AIDS! See this article on the BolenReport for details of this:-

Not only is there no hard evidence to back up the hypothesis of viruses…

Germany’s highest court ruled in December 2016 that the existence of viruses is not proven.  There is also no scientific evidence to support the claims that they might cause disease. On the contrary, Gaston Naessens showed that the human body will produce its own micro-organisms to destroy informationally-damaged cells before they can spread their malady. This is your body’s most often used second (after your skin) line of defense. The microorganisms are not the disease but part of the solution which is why the so-called AIDS medications will often kill you by preventing this natural defense system from functioning.

Mercury, however, is not the whole story:

Although I have not heard of any Alzheimer cases without mercury poisoning, many who have large amounts of mercury in their bodies (amalgam tooth fillings, vaccines, etc.) do not develop Alzheimer. In part this is due to the blood/brain barrier which exists to prevent toxins in the body reaching the brain. Putting amalgam fillings into your teeth so that you are constantly chewing mercury can, over time, get sufficient mercury into the brain to cause problems. The other way of doing it is to inject it into very small children before the blood/brain barrier is completely functional.

So, what other factor(s) are involved?

At this juncture, we must take cognisance of the fact that Alzheimer and Parkinson are, to all intents and purposes, identical! The small difference which causes the variance in the displayed symptoms lies in the sufferer’s subjective perception of his/her life. In both cases, the root problem is a childhood indoctrination to suppress all feelings and especially never to display anger; instead, be “Mr. Nice Guy” – anybody remember Ronald Reagan?

In the Parkinson variation, the nerves are given conflicting signals either simultaneously (which causes the rigid version) or sequentially (which causes the shaking version). The conflicting signals are “hit out now” and “hold back”.

The liver has the ability to store anger which makes it steadily hotter and harder but, at some point, the “store” becomes full and the shaking or rigid symptoms begin.

In the Alzheimer variation, the sufferer copes by suppressing the memory of the event which has triggered her/his anger. Gradually, the amount of things that the sufferer is “forbidden” to remember will include his/her own name, address and a whole host of other stuff.

It is the presence of large amounts of mercury…

…which cripples the Alzheimer/Parkinson sufferer’s ability to gain a new perspective through which the anger can be processed and released.

As is common practice in the medical fraternity, instead of identifying and tackling the cause(s) of a problem, one of the effects (called symptoms) will be blamed for all of the other effects thus resulting in the medical merry-go-round of chain medication.

“Chain medication: One pharmaceutical to suppress one symptom followed by a second to suppress the “side effects” of the first followed by a third to suppress the side effects of the second and so on ad nauseum. Chain medication is a major cause of death amongst the elderly according to the British magazine “What Doctors don’t tell you”

Up to 22,000 die from prescribing error in England every year…

Around 237 million medication mistakes happen every year in England, and about 72 per cent of them are harmless—and some are detected before the patient even gets the drug—but at least 26 per cent of the mistakes have the potential to cause serious harm or even death, say researchers from the University of York.

They estimate that 66 million “clinically significant” errors happen every year that result in anything from 1,700 to 22,303 deaths. The most vulnerable are the elderly, those taking multiple medications and patients in care homes…

With the Alzheimer/Parkinson syndrome…

…one of the effects of the hardening of the liver is to tighten the neck and shoulder muscles so much that they can feel like oak-wood instead of muscle tissue. This greatly restricts the circulation into and out of the brain which, in turn, causes a reduction (due to inadequate nutrition reaching the brain) of dopamine production amongst much else.

The medical fraternity has leaped upon this dopamine deficiency as being the cause of Alzheimer/Parkinson although, as we have seen, it is merely a quaternary (fourth level) effect. So, for years, they have been trying to increase dopamine production without doing anything at all about that which is causing the dopamine deficiency. This, of course, is foredoomed to the lack of success which it has experienced.

A long time ago, like about 1980…

…before the pharmaceutical cartel realized that it had to own all governments in order to survive, some research was carried out in Australia. It showed that 86% of Alzheimer sufferers returned to a normal cognitive state following the removal of mercury from their bodies.

Mercury poisoning and deliberate poisoning with other toxic materials included in medications as well as in processed foodstuffs may well be the biggest part of the pharmaceutical cartel’s business: First poison people and them sell them more quack nostra to dampen the effects of the poisons for the rest of their lives; a trillion dollar business?

The next question which is going to be asked is, “How do I get the mercury out?”

This depends to some extent upon where you are and how thick your wallet is. The best of the biochemical methods known to me are partially (USA and Canada) or totally (Australia) illegal outside Europe for the simple reason that it works and, thereby, frees people from pharma-dependence.

At this time, The Clearing Transmissions are not only legal everywhere (so far as I know) but may well also be the cheapest option.

The transmissions function by breaking the normal creation/dissolution cycle (for mercury this is around 130 times per second) resulting in the mercury being dissolved into free energy which is sometimes experienced as a localised fever. Over a few weeks, by using the transmissions for the brain, the spinal cord, the kidneys, liver and intestines, almost all toxins will be dissolved in this way.

I have written a lengthy article for the BolenReport on the development of the technology behind the Clearing Transmissions which I hope Tim will decide to publish soon.

Blessed be…

From Germany By Karma Singh

** See Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P. for full details on this:-

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

11 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s – a Mad Hatter’s Tale?…”

  1. Did you notice that Alzheimers in seniors looks very much like some forms of Autism in children?

    My, my….

    Aren’t drug companies special? (sarcasm intended)

  2. That’s it Tim : Alzheimers- Autism of the elderly.
    Until I read Dr. Bredesens book The End of Alzheimers, I would have thought that mercury is the cause of Alzheimers, but it turns out that there is more to it. However, one question that I have never heard answered by Dr. Bredesen is this “What do you think is the leading cause of Alzheimers in the United States ?” Just my guess- that he would probably consider that to be mercury, but sensibly he may not say it. Further, the aluminum scientists feel that al. is involved in Alzheimers also, and why not – Aluminum, has its own toxic talents, one being that it makes mercury more toxic. How clever of our pharma masters to put both together in some vaccines.

  3. Karma:

    What a fabulous article. As mercury screwed me up most of my life,
    I am quite familiar with the brain function issues mercury can cause. Getting rid of the stuff (mostly from dental fillings) has been a lifetime project and is the reason I am committed to real health care reform.

    I now am faced with a new challenge to keep my brain function up to warp speed. Last summer I experienced what they call “heart failure”. I ended up in a hospital for a week, a week in a rehab center, then weeks of home care to tend to my needs.

    I am still not well. Why? Because I am taking two popular anti-high pressure drugs that are not only obliterating my brain, but rendering me so frail I can’t walk across a room without a walker, get up out of a chair without holding on to something as my legs are so weak, carry on a conversation because I forget what we are talking about in the middle of it, or balance a checkbook. I am losing my hair and am frequently depressed for no reason. Sometimes I suddenly have a bout of fatigue where I either stare into space or need to take a nap. While I have windows of coherence, as I have now as I write this, I am dependent on others to get through my day.


    So, what can I do to restore my health? Just so you know, there is a cadre of forward thinking MDs and other natural health professionals who know heart issues can be dealt without drugs by lifestyle changes and dietary supplements and not drugs. For me, I am currently working with natural health professionals to safely wean me off the drugs and have found a local cardiologist who is happy to work with me so I can go all natural.

    Dr. Stephen Sinatra is the most prominent in this movement and has an institute to lay out how to support heart health without drugs.

    As with everything else, common sense is key. Don’t just take grandma off her drugs. There are deadly risks involved. Do your homework and find professional help.

    Thanks again, Karma, for this article. I’ll be expanding on all this in future articles on The Bolen Report.

  4. What an eye opener article!. My mother and 3 of her sisters developed and died from Alzheimer (only 1 sister escaped) All three had extremely life altering emotional upheavals in their life. My father died from complications of Parkinson. He had as a child and as adult extreme life altering emotional upheavals. So I had an up-close intimate view of their progression into Alzheimer and Parkinson. And I have to live with their specter on my own life. Fortunately I am now fully awake to what American medicine has done to me, and no longer take any of their medications or vaccinations, On the merits of this article I will seek to be tested on my level of Aluminum and Mercury. I doubt that my current health insurance will do them. but I will find another way.


  6. Elissa,
    there are two interesting things to note here:
    A old friend of mine in Ohio saved her husbands life with a natural compound when the medicos wanted to put him in a wheel chair and told his wife to pick his grave plot.
    There is a most excellent natural remedy made in Hungary which helped me repair my heart.
    We are not allowed to import the American remedy into Germany and you would not be allowed to import the Hungarian one.

    Drop me an email and I will give you my contact in Ohio and you can ask her where to source the remedy that saved her husband.
    Do also please give me your postal address so that I can send you a Clearing Transmissions DVD to get rid of the toxins you’ve accumulated.

    I think that you will find that Heavy Metal Detox in New York will do the tests for you.
    Then get yourself a Clearing Transmissions DVD to get rid of them.

    Blessed be


  7. thank you Karma, I live in So California; aren’t they heavy metal test labs that you can recommend?

  8. I bet chelation of these metals would also help with MS, and the radio host George Noory also takes a chelation formula to stay healthy, which might be found on his Coast to Coast AM Radio website. Also there is a nurse who was able to help one of her relatives with Alzheimer’s, by using coconut oil. So let’s keep sharing the good news that natural remedies are often readily available and we don’t have to stay on the pharmaceutical conveyor belt to an uncertain fate. Take health into your own hands and set you and your loved ones free!

  9. Moin Alicia,
    I’ve never followed this topic as, living in Europe, I have no need for such laboratories. I only know of Heavy Metal Detox because I met them on an exhibition in England some years ago. Maybe they know of a lab. in CA? Worth a ‘phone call I would say; the worst that could happen is that they say, “no we don’t”.

    Very true, Brent,
    Multiple Sclerosis (maybe I should do an article on this next; what do you think,Tim?) is 80% mercuric poisoning and 20% a very problematical relationship with the mother.
    I had a bookkeeper a few years ago who was in a wheel chair and then began researching herself and discovered that the mouth full of amalgam plus taking every vaccine on offer had put her there. Cutting a long story short, six weeks later she was out of the wheel chair and the last I heard of her she was a demonstrator in a fitness studio.
    Chelation, I’ve been told, can be difficult to use as it must be precisely dosaged for the user and too much can cause toxemia.
    Chorella algae and Wild Garlic** amongst other herbs are very good at helping to remove mercury but can’t, usually, get it out of the brain. Here’s where the Clearing Transmissions come into their own – there is nowhere that mercury and other toxins can hide where the transmissions will not find and disintegrate them.
    ** Wild garlic is NOT the same garlic that you buy in your food store. It has many other names in English but the botanical name is Allium ursinum.

    Blessed be


  10. Thank you dear Karma: My Google search found quite a few labs in my area. Once that done,, the Clear Transmission treatment!


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