German Television Says President Trump Can Time Travel!

The Protests In France Are Not Just About Forced Vaccinations…

Although the French Vaccine Issue has people VERY up in arms.  Is an armed revolution in France imminent?

From Germany by Karma Singh

As in most of the world, Germany has many television channels. One is a joint German/French channel called “Arte.” It has a well-earned reputation for honest reporting and independence from German and French politics.

On Saturday 24th November 2018 at around 7.25 p.m. German time, Arte broke with this “tradition” and joined the ranks of “Trump bashers”.

On the same day that…

…the BolenReport published a detailed article on the California forest fires and how Obama directed mis-management had caused them,  together with a video showing how the government owned forests are a tinder keg because around 30% of the forests consist of dead trees waiting for the first spark, Arte blamed President Trump directly for the forest fires because he stepped out of the Paris climate accord.

Insert laughter here…

Using a variety of mini-film clips of uncertain origin…

…Arte than went on to claim that the US economy had suffered billions in business and job losses because Trump is refusing to recognise global warming.

Continue to laugh…

The massive increases in business turnover and almost the lowest unemployment level ever, since Trump took over the reins of power are “not worth mentioning”.

In a week in which Natural News revealed that the whole Global Warming hoax is based upon a “simple” mathematical error, Arte claimed that reduced snow falls in the Rockies between 1998 and 2009 devastated the skiing industry.

“But just a cotton picking minute here.”

Was not a certain Nobel Peace con-man Obama bin Barak then the incumbent in the White House or does Arte mean that Donald Trump went back in time to stop the snow falling?

In any event, why are snow-fall figures only included up to 2009? Could it be that this minor blip in temperature variations stopped in 2010 and Colorado Skiing is again in full swing?

Again and again…

…although real science shows that carbon dioxide could only ever have a minuscule effect upon global temperatures and that increases are readily taken up by living plants for which carbon dioxide is an essential nutrient we are told that it is a toxic pollutant so poisonous that minuscule amounts will destroy our planet.

Keep laughing…

The minuscule (almost too small to measure) increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by human activity has helped to increase production of foodstuffs. This is where CO2 goes – it plays no role in changing global temperatures. The major factors which the Globalists are asking us to ignore are the amount of energy given out by the Sun and changes in Earth’s orbit around our star.

Many will recall in Mr. Gore’s “Inconvenient Lie…”

…how he showed a graph about 20 feet long in which, through many thousands of years, the geological record showed a constantly repeated pattern of global warming and increases in carbon dioxide. True so far as right now for Mr. Gore then goes on to say “There are a few mathematical problems but the connection between carbon dioxide and global warming is incontrovertible.”

You will note that Gore never said what those “mathematical problems” were. I am here to tell you right now that the mathematical problem is that the geological record shows, without exception, that the temperature went up FIRST and THEN carbon dioxide levels rose!

So, just why has Arte decided to join the ranks of those lying about Trump?

Just a few days ago, President Trump was in Paris and told President Macron in no uncertain terms that “he is an idiot leading his country into civil war.”

Could this be Macron’s petty revenge?

No laughing matter.

Stay tuned…

From Germany by Karma Singh

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

7 thoughts on “German Television Says President Trump Can Time Travel!”

  1. The earth is cooling down rapidly and it’s felt everywhere. Here in Australia it’s supposed to be almost summer, but this morning I wore gloves when I took the dog for his walk. And that’s not just the odd day. It has been a very cold spring so far and it wasn’t much different the last two years.
    Climate “scientists” are professional cherry pickers. They must be to keep their story going. I have no idea why so many people still believe this story. It’s so obviously untrue.

  2. It’s because, Rixta, we good obedient people in Germany stole your Spring to keep our November warm.
    Last week we let it go and so you should be warming up soon unless bin Barak and his friends in Australia have other ideas.

    Blessed be


  3. Trump is right 99% of the time – my money is always on Trump. All the others have a monetary interest in their comments and predictions.


    Seeking to cast doubt on Ayoub’s credibility, the prosecutor brought up a different issue.
    Was it true, she asked, that Ayoub believed Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a charity funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to increase vaccination rates in poor countries, was committing genocide? “That’s right,” Ayoub said.
    The prosecutor asked if Ayoub believed that Gavi — along with the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and UNICEF — were using vaccinations to force sterilization on people in third-world countries. “Yes, that’s my belief,” Ayoub said.
    As evidence, he cited a 1972 report of a commission headed by the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller III and a 1974 study overseen by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, warning about the dangers of population growth.
    It’s “no leap of faith” to believe that vaccination is being used to carry out this agenda, Ayoub said.

  5. Mr. Singh, may I ask what exactly your credentials are (education)? And what exactly is this “clearing” technology? What does it consist of? Is it for sale?

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