Severino at Health and Human Services (DHHS-OCR) WANTS You To Complain About Vaccine Mandates!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Since I published my article claiming that the new Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom at Health and Human Services is the PERFECT  vehicle to challenge mandatory vaccines (and read by more than 130,000 people) I have been besieged by people asking if I really believed it.

I did.

But now I have PROOF I was on the right track!!

Now you have to get off your ass and help me (and yourself).

I have come into possession of an email from somebody who has met with the new director, Roger Severino, formerly of the Heritage Foundation, and the answer is an UNDENIABLE YES!!!  I have put in italics the section from the person who MET with Severino, and in bold the call to action from the lovely person who sent me the email.

“The new director of this civil rights section at HHS is Roger Severino.  He came to our meeting yesterday morning and briefed us on the new release.  Severino was formerly with the Heritage Foundation.

He mentioned some very interesting points.  One point that stuck to me was this: In the past it was always necessary to go to Congress if you did not like an agency regulation.  With this new administration things have changed.  One can go directly to the agency and file a complaint, and his staff will take it up and handle it.  He recommended religious groups who are experiencing problems file complaints with HHS.  He said they have the power to change regulations.

Following his talk I met with Severino personally and asked him about the mandatory requirements for kids to have the full battery of vaccinations in California, and that they were not granting religious exemptions.

I told him that a friend of mine had just moved her entire family to Utah, as she refused to have her kids do the full battery.  He was very interested, knew a bit about it and said that his office was looking into it, and that the person should file a formal complaint.  In this way the machinery to do something could be activated.

I think we should encourage everyone we know, who has experienced discrimination because of a refusal to vaccinate, or an invalidation of their religious or personal belief exemption (fits under “conscience”), or an inability to file a religious or personal belief exemption, or difficulty in having the exemption accepted, to file a report with the new HHS Office for Civil Rights.  Flood the office, and let them see how widespread the discrimination is!!  It’s happening, in varying degrees, in every state.  Let the Feds know how widespread this religious and personal belief discrimination is, so they can change it!

I’m getting so many things right these days I should go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Here is the link:

For California residents I think every parent should file three separate complaints.  One against Governor Jerry Brown who signed this abomination into law, one against Senator Richard Pan, who created SB 277, the draconian childhood vaccine injury law, and your local school district which is enforcing this terrible law.  Maybe you even want to add your local pediatrician.

JUST FILE, FOR GOD’S SAKE!  I did it in five minutes.  Just answer “Yes” to all the questions and proceed.

You have the permission of Roger Severino who WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Again, please feel free to modify what I have written for your own individual circumstances.

“In 2015, a law entitled SB 277 was enacted in the State of California that eliminated Religious and Personal Belief exemptions to vaccination for children to attend school in California.  This law has also served as the basis for many pediatricians refusing to serve children whose parents have not wanted a modified vaccination schedule or declined vaccines altogether.

So, as of 1/1/2016, the children of parents with a religious or philosophical objection to vaccines were denied access to a public education or have been denied access to medical care from their preferred physician.

The recent establishment of a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services has given hope to millions that these and similar affronts to religious freedom and conscience may soon be addressed on a federal level.

You may or may not be aware that many vaccines are cultures in aborted human fetal cells and that as an inevitable part of vaccination these aborted human fetal cells in injected into both infants and adults.

There are those that find having biologics injected into human bodies that were created from and contain remnants thereof of aborted human fetal cell (lines) to be a violation of their religious OR philosophical beliefs, and should not be discriminated against by not being allowed access to a public education because of that objection, or be denied medical care from their preferred physician. Most vaccines have the MRC-5 cell line – some have RA 27/3 and WI-38 cell line as well.

Now, this is not exclusively about any particular religion or belief system but this link:   … takes you to position paper written by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA PRO VITA) in 2005 on this issue.

With the exception of the vaccine for German measles, the position of the Vatican on this issue is for parents to object to vaccines that have these aborted fetal cells and that parents should not be coerced to act against their conscience. And that everything possible should be done to create vaccines that do not have these moral issues.

These religious and philosophical concerns are not simply limited to those who profess a “pro-life” position.  Muslims and Orthodox Jews object to the ingestion of pork products, but many vaccines are grown in cell cultures containing pig cells and these pig products are being injected into Muslim and Orthodox Jewish children without the knowledge of their parents and against their religious practices. 

Many in California espouse a “vegan” lifestyle based upon their own moral concerns, and yet vaccines are grown in animal cells.  Vegans do not consume any animal products, but these are being injected into their body without their knowledge or consent.

Many parents, after conducting their own research, are horrified to discover that vaccines for children have never been tested in combination, or that no federal studies have been done comparing the long-term health outcomes of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children, or that pharmaceutical companies have complete legal immunity under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

For all the reasons listed above, I believe it is the duty of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of Health and Human Services to declare that under the First Amendment of the US Constitution that there is a national right for Religious and Philosophical exemptions to vaccinations in all fifty states and that any violations of these rights is a violation of an individual’s civil rights.”


Here is the link again:

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


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23 thoughts on “Severino at Health and Human Services (DHHS-OCR) WANTS You To Complain About Vaccine Mandates!”

  1. It would be better and easier to just file one complaint and name all three: Gov. Brown, Senator Pan and the child’s school district superintendent.

  2. I will be preparing a form and instruction on how to do this in my Facebook group “Vaccine Fight – Ricardo Beas” within the next week. You are welcome to copy and share. The documents will be downloadable. Bolen and you are welcome to join.

  3. It is vital that everyone that has been effected by SB277 in ANY way file a complaint.

    As a note: In this article and many other articles regarding SB277, it is stated that children can not receive a PUBLIC education unless they are fully vaccinated. This is incomplete information because, SB277 denies education to children in California in public and PRIVATE education. Yes, children at religious schools who have a religious objection to vaccines are denied to attend their religious private schools unless they vaccinate. THIS is a violation of religious freedom to the utmost.

  4. Ricardo – I think Richard Pan deserves SPECIAL attention. We are working with someone who is cataloging Pan’s lies to the California legislature to get them to vote for SB277.

    Then we also have someone making lists of each school district that went out of their way to make life difficult.

    Then there are those health departments, like Santa Barbara, that crossed the line, trying to delicense doctors writing legitimate vaccine exemptions.

    Yes, I like the idea of a general complaint – but there are, literally, THOUSANDS, maybe tens of thousands, of INDIVIDUAL complaints in California alone.

    Tim Bolen

  5. Please, no mandates, why create a problem whereby those who want to stay HEALTHY must do it against the law. Study as to all the info on vaccines and all the riches of the pharmaceutical beneficiaries. Thanks.

  6. I sincerely hope you’re right about this, Kent. Severino may sound sincere when he states CA parents should send in their complaints, but the fact is that within that statute, they state right there that this new division is not handling complaints regarding educational institutions!!!

    Does he say why this discrepancy then? Why didn’t they just insert ‘educational institutions’ into the statute then, given what you’re now stating above?

    Lest we forget, recall if you will all the promises that Jason Chaffetz made to Del Bigtree, to Andy Wakfield, etc., and nothing ever happened; or the hearing a few years back – that went nowhere as well.

    I don’t mean to sound like a wet dishrag, but I am so sick and tired of having my hopes dashed every time someone dangles that carrot.

    Does this mean that federal law trumps (no pun intended) state’s rights when it involves vaccine/state mandates? Are the feds now stating that they will be abolishing ALL state mandates regarding school entry vaccination programs?

    I still smell a rat. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t trust this.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. I just sent mine .. I reread my complaint and I probably should have put it under a HIPAA violation ! I did give you folks the credit when asked where I heard this from .. So hats off to you folks who are on the ball with the “ Bolen Report” Keep up the great job..

  8. I just re-read the above article – for the third time. What’s sinking in with me is that this person, who met with Severino, has stated that Severino is ‘interested’ as to what’s happened out here in CA, and then encourages folks to write their complaints re the SB277 issue.

    Perhaps Severino has good intentions. But I did not read anywhere within that comment, Kent, wherein Severino promises that these complaints will be taken, not only seriously, but that these complaints will be remedied.

    To me, and this is just my opinion, if these folks at HHS were truly serious about remedying the rights of parents who do not wish to vaccinate due to religious and/or philosophical reasons, that violation would have been written into the statutes.

    It was not. The statutes clear state that complaints may NOT be filed re educational institutions. Period. It does not say that even though this is written as it is, feel free to go ahead and submit your complaints anyway.

    I really feel for the CA parents who are now faced with this fairly new law. Our son graduated just before this new law took effect, so we’ve not had to deal with this issue. We signed our blue card in our son’s school enrollment packet and that was it.

    So if what Severino is saying, does this mean that this new deal with HHS will effectively abolish all vaccine mandates in every state? If CA parents can simply submit their complaints to this new division, what about parents in other states? Can they?

    How will these complaints be handled once they are in the hands of someone over at the HHS? Who reviews them and then who makes the ultimate decision as to whether a remedy is granted or not?

    Time will tell how this all works out. But I’m not going to be one of those jumping for joy until I see with my own eyes, that they finally start honoring their promises to us.

    I’ll gladly eat crow if they do…

  9. I’d be looking in to (ethical) veganism ASAP if you want good health.
    The same lies have been, and continue to be, told by BigFarma and BigPharma as there’re being, and have been, told about vaccines: meat, dairy and eggs are bad for our health and always have been. The treatment of sentient beings today is more diabolical than ever in many ways, and therefore far worse for us than historically.
    Our bodies, the starvation of others, and our very sick planet have come about because of our lack of unconditional love from egoless creatures; it’s kept us violent since the day someone decided it was faster to kill another species than collect food.
    There’s nothing spiritual about any of this (but it fits perfectly); there’s just fact: cause and effect – if you’re violent, you receive violence. And why not? Why should our appalling actions against defenceless animals lead us to peace? We certainly don’t deserve any.
    The world will turn around when our attitude to other species takes a 180° turn; and we’d better hurry up – it’s not looking good.

  10. I would not use the pontifical letter. Instead I would use quotes from the Bible, God’s direct word, as the implication of the letter is that vaccines are good and necessary to safeguard the community, which we know is false. Refer to my Biblical Quotes on my Natural Law Church of Health and Healing+webpage, at

    I would also recommend you quote my Vaccine Class Action Complaint which is also pending with HHS Civil Rights, and which supposedly would be moved to the new Division . My complaint shows the dangers and the conspiracy to harm us, at HHS ID number noted in complaint

    I would

  11. Beverley Walker VB Victoria. Australia M.Bioethics and law retired Senior University Lecturer. Midwife fifty years. IBCLC. says:

    In Australia single parents are forced to give their babies vaccines in order to enter childcare and make mother enable full time work and part time study =latch key kids. Home alone. I believe our spruiking PM has shares in Vaccine companies. Wife is it was chair of board of Glaxo Smith &Kline. Senator Kennedy Jr. Raised the vaccine/autism kink in Congressional hearing with a 1:60 link to autism previous ratio 1:60,000.Senator Kennedy Jr and new bride died mysteriously in plane crash. Scientist in USA Hearing stated MS&Dome had forced them to shred evidence of Thimeseral mercury extract ‘s presence in vaccines and link to autism increased incidence. Weblink to hearing disappeared from internet.

  12. Please do not forget about SB792! If you have been told you cannot volunteer in a pre-school class, or you are a pre-school teacher, or a daycare provider, then you have a reason to file a complaint against The State of California. SB792 is the draconian legislation introduced by Tony Mendoza that made vaccination of daycare and pre-school workers mandatory.

  13. Clicking yes is not a factual or correct method of answering the questions for those of us in California with conscientious or religious reasons for not vaccinating. I have a son who has a valid vaccine medical exemption because he almost died from the dtsp vaccine. However my daughter has no vaccines (and coincidentally has never been sick in 3 years), but cannot be admitted to school in California. When I attempted to complete the complaint online, I cannot click yes to all the answers because I am not complaining about an employment situation or denial of a health plan… when you click no because that’s the correct answer for those of us in California who have children who are being denied entry into school due to no vaccines, it rejects my complaint. You should be clear with your readers about this issue. It does us no good to make false complaints.

  14. Molly:

    When Martin Luther King, Jr. had his activists sitting at segregated lunch counters, he was breaking the law. This is simply clicking yes to a poorly worded question, in light of the direct words of the new director that he WANTS TO HEAR COMPLAINTS ABOUT MANDATORY VACCINATIONS.

    People get angry when I say they act like sheep, but you need to stop acting like it. Try acting like a lion. Children are being harmed every day, and you are letting a yes/no button on a government form stop you? Is that the example you want to set for your descendants?

    If you still can’t get over acting like a sheep, just blame me and say I misled you. However, I hope the majority of your anger will be focused on those members of the medical establishment who are bringing about INJURY AND DEATH TO OUR CHILDREN.

  15. Kent,

    You have stated you’re an attorney, correct? Did you READ the language within the statute prior to posting your articles? You are indeed misleading parents when you imply that their complaints re SB277 will be remedied by this new division within the HHS.

    That statute specifically states that complaints will not be heard regarding educational institutions. Period. It does not state that parents can file their complaints regarding educational institutions anyway – we’ll read your complaints and get back to you.

    To imply that those of us pointing this out to you means somehow that we’re sheeple infuriates me. You have no idea what some of us have had to deal with in our lives and that includes me (and I’ve shared just a bit of that with you in a private email).

    Your bluster about this initiative, while perhaps coming from a well intended position, may backfire on you if/when this new division does not come through for all the parents you are telling to file their complaints.

    I have always been a stickler for telling the truth, and I care a great deal about our movement and about the parents who have had to deal with vaccine injured children and/or loved ones. I am on your side, Kent. But to start calling calling those of us who have issues with some of what you are implying – sheeple – because we dare to point out some of this to you, isn’t acceptable.

    I understand you are angry, Kent; you have a right to be righteously angry because of what happened to your daughter. But please quit with the name calling and perhaps get back to us with some answers to some of our questions about some of this. How about that?

    How about contacting this ‘person’ who wrote this email and ask him/her some of the above questions?

    For example – If Severino professes to be ‘interested’ in complaints by parents regarding school vaccine mandates, how will this translate into action by this new division? Who will be reviewing these complaints? What is their procedure for reviewing complaints about a subject matter not even included in the statutory language?

    Further, one could extrapolate that (from your statements above in your article) that all parents in all states can now write in with their complaints about school vaccine mandates. At least, that’s what this sounds like to me (surely you’re not suggesting these complaints come in from just CA parents). So what does this mean? That they’re considering abolishing all state school vaccine mandates? That all parents will need to do is submit a complaint to this new division and presto! No more issue! Johnny and Susie can now go back to school, whether public or private – no more vaccine mandates?

    I just have a lot of reasonable questions as to what you’ve been implying and when dared to question some of your assertions (nicely I might add), you call some of us out as sheeple.

    I understand your frustrations, but rather than resorting to name calling, how about actually answering some of these questions and then getting back to us in a reasonable and mature fashion?

  16. Further:

    …”That statute specifically states that complaints will not be heard regarding educational institutions. Period. It does not state that parents can file their complaints regarding educational institutions anyway – we’ll read your complaints and get back to you….”

    How about Severino putting out this notice about parents sending in their complaints regarding school vaccine mandates – PUBLIC? How about issuing a public statement asking parents to submit their complaints about school mandate issues.

    Then I might be more prone to accepting what this person states in the email you happened upon, rather than accepting via third party what was allegedly stated by Severino during (I would imagine) a private setting.

  17. Be a lion or be a sheep.

    MLK, Jr. BROKE laws.

    Gandhi BROKE laws.

    Nelson Mandela BROKE laws.

    I am asking you to click “Yes” on a poorly worded question.

    Respond as your conscience allows, knowing that MILLIONS OF CHILDREN ARE BEING INJURED.

  18. Kent,

    Your response lacks substance. Clearly, and sadly, it would seem as though you lack the ability to answer the questions put forth in my prior comments.

    I would suggest you pose these questions to the person whose email you came across and ask if Roger Severino can either answer some of those questions (which are reasonable) and/or if either he or one of his reps will state publicly that parents may submit complaints regarding vaccine mandate issues to the new HHS division.

    That would be a great start, Kent.

  19. Hope you are right Kent but I have become very suspicious as well. I guess we will see. I don’t live in California. Last vaccine I had was in 1990 mmr for college. I didn’t know then the risks or problems or anything about exemptions.

  20. Dear Mr. Heckenlively,

    Thank you for this article. I shared it with a local radio station yesterday. They broadcasted the information regarding where to file a complaint at HHS. However, it is clear that folks, at least in my area, do not understand how to get past the “three yes’s doorman” to let you into the formal complaint club. This, evidenced by a caller who went to the website on air only to state something along the lines of “no, they don’t accept these types of complaints”.

    I am sure that MANY people understand what you are getting at in your article and the creative tactics that must be employed; there is obvious interest to do something, especially here in CA with SB277. However, people do seem distrustful and reticent. We took a humiliating hit when that bill passed.

    Still, with regard to the questions that you must answer prior to being able to file a formal complaint, I suggest that parents in particular, who are opposed to SB277, consider filing through the eyes of their child/children and remember that they (the children) have a job they are required to go to everyday. They must show up. They must be productive. It is their work. As such, a child who does not wish to receive vaccinations is subject to workplace discrimination here in CA. Their employer, that is, the one that employs or makes use of them (Merriam-Webster: 1st definition) is their public school, which receives x amount of dollars for their daily attendance. A public school can easily be considered a social service (an activity designed to promote social well-being, Merriam-Webster: 1st definition) as it is design ostensibly, to create individuals who will contribute positively to society. This is one way of understanding the questions, so that you can proceed with the obligatory “yes”s. The point is to get in and get the attention of someone who can help.

    Mr. Heckenlively, KSCO is an independent radio station in NorCal. I wonder if you would have the time or inclination to speak on air with someone? I know a couple of the hosts who I believe would be very happy to have you as a guest. Please, email me or contact the radio station directly if you are at all interested.

    Many, many thanks.

  21. These are my children I made them in my body they came from me, their flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood and nobody I mean Nobody should have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my child!! And that includes vaccinations!

  22. Here’s how to put in a public comment – very important.

    HHS-CRF Needs Response for Vaccine Situations
    After speaking with Arina Grossu, the contact for the Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division at Health and Human Services (HHS), Arina called me back to tell me, THEY WERE WILLING TO ADD VACCINE SITUATIONS. HOWEVER, we need to TAKE ACTION and do our part:

    We must participate in the PUBLIC COMMENT on the Federal Register by March 27, 2018. Clear itemized instructions are listed below (Steps 1 thru 6). We need to make a request to “Expand the categories to include parents, students, and children to file complaints regarding vaccine situations.”

    THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM EVERY ONE OF US so they will expand the categories to include our concerns.

    Here’s what you need to do. It takes only a few minutes:
    1. Go to:
    2. Insert into search bar, cut/paste the Docket No. HHS-OCR-2018-0002
    3. Click on green Submit a Public Comment Button.
    4. Insert your PUBLIC COMMENT, “Expand the categories for parents, students and children to file vaccine situation complaints.”
    5. Add your info, your organization or
    6. Click the SUBMIT button on the form. Thank you for helping make a difference!
    7. You can also go to the website – under TAKE ACTION, file your own individual complaint (see CRF Division’s SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for filing vaccine situations).

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