The Fight is NOT Just About Vaccines…

The United States ALMOST Came To An End…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There is NO question in my mind that the US anti-vaccine movement elected Donald Trump president of the United States November 8th, 2016.  We did…

The US Vaccine issue is VERY important.  The damage ALREADY done to American society is significant.  Autism is undeniable – the science is on our side.  There is no doubt in my mind that the entire generation of Americans known as “The Millenials” are, as a group, vaccine-damaged.  We can see the signs in their development and actions.

During presidential election 2016, the objection to “Mandatory Vaccines” was the unifying argument.

But, in reality, the more important of the two words in “Mandatory Vaccines” was “Mandatory,” rather than “Vaccines,” but not by much.

“Hillary” made it clear, in grandiose sneering terms, that EVERY man, woman, and child in the United States was going to be required to be vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule – 72 vaccines for children from 0 to 18 years, and 96 vaccines (so far) for adults.

“Donald,” on the other hand, had his picture taken with Andy Wakefield MD, and had a meeting with Bobby Kennedy Jr about a “Vaccine Commission”, sending the liberal (Big Pharma funded) media into schizoid frenzies – and Americans to the voting booths with clear choices.

But, although Vaccines were the tool, they weren’t the real argument…

The argument was about freedom. 

The real choices were:  “Should the government run Us, or should We run the government?”

Christina Aguilera with Hillary Clinton keeping abreast of the situation..

On the one hand “Hillary” was the incoming “Empress Incarnate” – the epitome of big government running every aspect of American life.

Within a year of her election (had America made that mistake) EVERY Man, woman, and child American would probably have been torn out of their homes and FORCE-Vaccinated while her assault troops seized our families’s guns…

“Hillary” was VERY clear on her intent.

But, “Hillary,” greedy, power-and-money-mad-sociopathic-nutbag that she is, didn’t get to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate without the COMPLETE backing of the globalist elite controlled US Democratic Party leadership.  Her presidency was going to be the FINAL LOOTING of America by that Globalist Elite.

But, WE, the American people, said a resounding “NO” to that…

We elected Donald J. Trump as president…

In one year, despite the shrill HATRED of the liberal media, the Deep State, and certain members of Congress, Trump and his “bag of deplorables” have turned America back into its role as Planet Earth’s leader.

“We the people” have rejected the US Democratic Party’s efforts to turn America into a strife-ridden-Third World Country full of HATRED of each other.  In short, we rejected “Agenda 21…”

We have no intention of allowing the globalists to kill 95% of our population by the year 2021, nor as re-scheduled, by 2030.

So, the globalist controlled Democrats are frustrated….  And, act like it.

Too bad…

The “deplorables,” already had a list of America’s problems and had prioritized them.  What we are seeing with Trump, even though the Big Pharma controlled liberal media refuses to report on it, is an organized assault on America’s problems using business techniques.  And EVERYTHING is working.  We are pulling America away from the globalist precipice…

How long before we get to the Vaccine Issue?

The Trump Team going to take US Health Care as “one problem.”

As anyone can see, the Trump Team is going at some of the more obvious issues, like opioid abuse, and price-fixing of generics, with a legal bludgeon, and criminal prosecutions (I am VERY pleased with that).

The US Health Care problem is immense.  US Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.

I have outlined seven of the problem areas in our “Call to Action” section.

So, WHEN, will we do something about the Vaccine Issue?

Pay attentions to the signs and portents.  More importantly – DO NOT WAIT for Trump to do everything.  Keep attacking anywhere and everywhere he is giving us new opportunities.

The drought is over.

Smile.  Watch for the Tweets, and…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “The Fight is NOT Just About Vaccines…”

  1. The criminal legislations against our freedom enacted by a communist Isis lover and his horde of clones are now, one by one, being eliminated.
    Another promise kept by OUR PRESIDENT!

    As I expected he has not waged the war against Mandated Vaccine but smart as he is, his war is aimed at the sources of this evil.

    I have written many time to leaders of the different factions on the anti demanded vaccines war. As well intentioned their motives are, by holding to their fractioned efforts, they will not get anywhere. Unfortunately their territorial and sometime political ideology (against demanded vaccines and against our President) agenda does not permit to present a united front. Much could be achieved by uniting their efforts. OUR PRESIDENT’S GOAL IS AIMED AT THE HEAD.SOURCE. A United front of these organizations would severe the tentacles of this monster called Pharma.

  2. I’m a nurse practitioner, a vaccine advocate, and a consumer of healthcare. I can no provide healthcare because of our government. No one I’ve told can quite believe that it is law unless I show them the documentation. All because I wanted to practice safe healthcare. It not only happened to me but others as well and it’s statutory so no hope of fighting back. The government does not protect its citizens…it abuses them by enacting legislation that would be unconscionable in other countries.

  3. Thank You Tim Bolen. I had to get so sick I became so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. That’s when the scales came off my eyes and I suddenly saw that the current medical system not only didn’t know how to help me they were the ones making me sick. I cured myself from the information I gathered from the internet and my local farmers. I threw away my meds 13 at the time and never saw those doctors again.
    Meanwhile I look around and everyone is sick and I am daily looking for signs and portents. I enjoy your updates and your energy. You are a good sign

  4. This is well done, and so important. Our President was left with a 30-40 year plot of world and health destruction. Most of us don’t realize that it’s “we the people” that have to fight against what we allow them to do to us. We cannot sit back and “wait” for our President to cover it all. The buried in him in 18 hour days. Our health is our problem, and we cannot allow for the vaccines to destroy us. Everyone has an obligation to fight against this on social media. People are still so uninformed, and they all for the “scare tactics”. It’s only those that make blogs or videos, that awaken everyone. And we have to forward and share all of this, it is not just up to Trump, it’s up to us. And we must fight to win back total control of our lives. Trump also signed the religious freedom executive order, so that people can decline these vaccines and shots, abortions, etc. instead of having to be subjected to them. I put your blog, onto this blog, we all have to keep informing everyone of how to save our own health.

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