Drop a NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates!!!

Take Back Your Freedom!  TODAY!!!!!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

The recent establishment by President Trump of a DIVISION at Health and Human Services dedicated to “Conscience and Religious Freedom” gives us a vehicle to smash vaccine mandates which run counter to the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Here is the linkwww.hhs.gov/conscience

I suggest that whatever your issue (or if you simply want to complain, you go to the site) and make your concerns known.

How to File a Complaint…

There are three quick questions at the beginning, and I encourage you to answer them in whatever way your conscience allows.  (My own opinion is that the questions are poorly worded if the true intention is to determine the level of civil rights abuses being conducted against conscience and religious beliefs.)

For example, in the press conference announcing the new division of HHS they repeatedly brought up the issue of Catholic nuns who had been forced to purchase birth control under ObamaCare.  I’m pretty sure the nuns would have listed GOD as their employer, rather than any part of the state and local government.

I think we need to BOMBARD this site with complaints about California’s mandatory vaccine law, the problem of nurses who are being fired for refusing the flu vaccine or need to be masked, and the actions of pediatricians in refusing to serve the children of parents who alter or decline the vaccination schedule.

Here is a simple fact of which you need to be aware…

And that I do not think the HHS web-site fully addresses at this point – The provision of a SINGLE FEDERAL DOLLAR to any person or organization requires them to follow the law as if they were the federal government.  That means your local hospital, school district or  local pediatrician stands in the place of the US government if they participate in ANY federal program.  (Dirty little secret – I’m sure they probably do.)

I have provided you with a SAMPLE of what you might say. 

Please feel free to take in its entirety or modify as you see fit.  I leave it to your conscience and religious sensibility as to the best course of action to take.

When thousands of California parents brought their vaccine-damaged children to the California State Capitol – the Democratic Party controlled California legislature SHUT DOWN IN THEIR FACES to celebrate GAY PRIDE – delivering a CLEAR message about where their political interests are…

“In 2015, a law entitled SB 277 was enacted in the State of California that eliminated Religious and Personal Belief exemptions to vaccination for children to attend school in California.  This law has also served as the basis for many pediatricians refusing to serve children whose parents have not wanted a modified vaccination schedule or declined vaccines altogether.

So, as of 1/1/2016, the children of parents with a religious or philosophical objection to vaccines were denied access to a public education or have been denied access to medical care from their preferred physician.

The recent establishment of a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services has given hope to millions that these and similar affronts to religious freedom and conscience may soon be addressed on a federal level.

You may or may not be aware that many vaccines are cultures in aborted human fetal cells and that as an inevitable part of vaccination these aborted human fetal cells in injected into both infants and adults.

There are those that find having biologics injected into human bodies that were created from and contain remnants thereof of aborted human fetal cell (lines) to be a violation of their religious OR philosophical beliefs, and should not be discriminated against by not being allowed access to a public education because of that objection, or be denied medical care from their preferred physician. Most vaccines have the MRC-5 cell line – some have RA 27/3 and WI-38 cell line as well.

Now, this is not exclusively about any particular religion or belief system but this link: http://www.immunize.org/talking-about-vaccines/vaticandocument.htm   … takes you to position paper written by the Pontifical Academy for Life (PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA PRO VITA) in 2005 on this issue. With the exception of the vaccine for German measles, the position of the Vatican on this issue is for parents to object to vaccines that have these aborted fetal cells and that parents should not be coerced to act against their conscience. And that everything possible should be done to create vaccines that do not have these moral issues.

These religious and philosophical concerns are not simply limited to those who profess a “pro-life” position.  Muslims and Orthodox Jews object to the ingestion of pork products, but many vaccines are grown in cell cultures containing pig cells and these pig products are being injected into Muslim and Orthodox Jewish children without the knowledge of their parents and against their religious practices.  Many in California espouse a “vegan” lifestyle based upon their own moral concerns, and yet vaccines are grown in animal cells.  Vegans do not consume any animal products, but these are being injected into their body without their knowledge or consent.

Many parents, after conducting their own research, are horrified to discover that vaccines for children have never been tested in combination, or that no federal studies have been done on the long-term health outcomes of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children, or that pharmaceutical companies have complete legal immunity under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

For all the reasons listed above, I believe it is the duty of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of Health and Human Services to declare that under the First Amendment of the US Constitution that there is a national right for Religious and Philosophical exemptions to vaccinations in all fifty states and that any violations of these rights is a violation of an individual’s civil rights.”

I’m hoping we reach a thousand complaints by the President’s State of the Union Address on January 30, 2018.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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10 thoughts on “Drop a NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates!!!”

  1. It is not an easy task to overcome the effects of eight (8) years of an Obama-Nation, but we need to persist. And, we are doing quite well.

    All during those eight (8) years we were bombarded with anti-religion/conscience propaganda designed to implement and enforce a new lawless/Godless/(anything goes) State Religion called “Secular Humanism.”

    As a nation built on the Judeo/Christian Ethic it is time to re-evaluate our “Tolerance” policies, perhaps defining and drawing new lines of “Permissiveness.”

    Why? We almost lost our Nation…

  2. As a note, neither SB 277 nor its predecessor AB 2109 even mention a religious exemption at all, and I contend because they know it is against the US and CA constitution. They tried to trick people to make them believe that the Personal Belief exemption encompassed the religious exemption, which is not the case, as can be seen in Supreme Court cases making the obvious distinction. See my Vaccine Class Action Complaint filed on July 2, 2017, with President Trump, DOJ Civil Rights, DOE Civil Rights, and presently pending with HHS Civil Rights. Here is the link and it has the reference numbers for such filings, http://tinyurl.com/Vaccine-Class-Action-Complaint

    Ricardo Beas

  3. There is a danger in referencing the Vatican as the pope can and does change the official position of the church. Better just to cite “goes against my religious beliefs” than to nail it to any particular dogma.

  4. Is this the substitute for the promised appointment of RFK, Jr to head the commission to investigate, and deal with the vaxxing disasters…?

    Or will RFK only be called in if this complaining exceeds the level that the HHS can *claim* to deal with…? When was the last time that a federal power grab was relinquished…… ttyl

  5. Kent/All,

    I think before people start getting too optimistic about this (and not that this new Division isn’t a good start), it may serve to step back for a bit before we start feeling this is going to be a gateway for those of whom have lost their ability to the use of philosophical/religious exemptions.

    First, you need to actually read the statutes which are applicable re the above. This link may help also:


    From what my husband (an attorney) states, from what he can see when reading thru the statutes, it seems as though this new division MAY help those in the healthcare field(s), not necessarily those of whom are seeking resolve over the use of philosophical and/or religious exemptions re vaccine mandates.

    It is unclear when reviewing the statutes, how this may help kids who may not have a religious exemption (or philosophical exemption) for school.

    I have learned to always adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach whenever the government says anything, most especially as it pertains to the vaccine issue. I’ve seen far too many instances (such as hearings which go nowhere) wherein various promises are made and then those promises aren’t fulfilled.

    Make no mistake, I think this MAY be a step in the right direction, but I think we just have to wait and see how they put this into practice.

  6. The Florida bishops violate Canon Law, Florida Law and the First Amendment and kick my son out of Catholic School. I sue bishop and lose on the circuit level. Then I appeal at the state level and lose that too.

    What can possibly be done next? Back to the courts? There’s precedent now against us there.

    How can the individual take advantage of new presidential action? What vehicle is available to the individual for this?

  7. My son has been injured by vaccinations. He struggles with ADHD and Hypothyroidism along with chronic fatigue. His health really took a plunge after his MMR in middle school. I found out way to late the harm they caused and I myself struggle with the guilt of putting him through the madness. He is now Homeschooled and I will not allow any more shots. Thank you for all the great passionate work you are doing to get this mess dealt with appropriately. God Bless you and give you much wisdom as you fight this battle for the good if many children and parents!

  8. Here is the response a friend of mine received from HHS regarding the new division:

    …”Please note that the statutes state that complaints may be filed against health care or social service providers, not educational institutions. Health care and social service providers include:

    • Hospitals and health clinics
    • Medicaid and Medicare agencies
    • Alcohol and drug treatment centers
    • Extended care facilities
    • Public assistance programs
    • Nursing homes
    • Adoption agencies
    • Day care, mental health and senior citizen centers

    *Please note the above wherein it states that complaints may NOT be filed against EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.

  9. Let’s leave religion and politics out of it, shall we? The strength of this proposed division derives from science and law. More specifically, from bringing an end to the violation and defiance of existing law and science.

    Science and law. That’s the proper venue for this discussion. Riding roughshod over decades of individual state laws regarding vaccine exemptions, proposed legislation similar to CA SB277 now in many states, will have a more difficult time shoving the empty-headed opinion of the unlettered majority down the throats of everyone else. Of course this majority are free to give any many vaccines as they choose to their own children. Just don’t make the rest of us slaves to your programming.

    The extravagance of all the new draconian vaccines edicts lies in the cancellation of medical freedom of choice for those who choose to actually educate themselves on the subjects of autism, neurotoxic adjuvants, and vaccine injury.

    Up to the present time, state and federal legislators, prepared to go beyond the day-to-day quid pro quo of voting dynamics, and do some actual reading about the real science behind vaccines — these have been as rare as hens teeth. Or even to say one word against any proposal that furthers the reach of vaccine mandates – no one wants to stand out..

    This news is a breath of fresh air, unseen in the vaccine world for the past 20 years – an introduction of sanity and logic into a atmosphere of rigid, illiterate orthodoxy, reinforced by the deepest pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

    For once, someone had the courage to step forward and do the right thing – an event that has all but vanished in the ethos of modern American politics.

    Common sense has come to sound radical to out ears. What? We’re going to actually look at the details of the science behind the 69 vaccines now mandated for American schoolchildren? And in an unbiased forum, by authorities wholly unconnected with the global vaccine manufacturers? Unprecedented.

    One president in the past 50 years has dared to call the princely pharmaceutical taskmasters onto the carpet, and require that they explain the science that has increased mandated vaccines for school children in the US from 20 in the 1990s to 69 today.

    Only in one country on earth.

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